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    Baby girl on the way, coming in June
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    Pretty happy about this one

    Pretty happy about this one
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    FYI, Major terrorist attack on two Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Australian born gunman killed 49 and injured 50+, mostly muslims. This was the worst massacre in NZ since 1943. He livestreamed the shooting to facebook. Two car bombs were also found and disarmed. 4 arrests made. Main gunman survived and was arrested. Incase people were worried, @PityFool and his family are safe, since he lives in christchurch.
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    my g29 wheel platform/rig has been completed but i kept forgetting to take a pic of it. its nothing fancy but it works for how small my room is and the space it has to fit in. https://imgur.com/yo7Nj6G
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    dealt and spotted 2/3 of the enemy teams HP pool in dmg on my own lol
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    85-95 in 9 games.. lol

    85-95 in 9 games.. lol
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    Missing the x1.15 twitch love already.
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    dark mode yet

    dark mode yet
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    This year I gave you my DIY... An epoxy resin + wood + good YT channel = home made pendant for a fiancee.
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    oh boy who is this I spy?

    oh boy who is this I spy?
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    Due to my profound love of the VK7201 and (assuming normal schedule) the campaign around the corner, I've been wondering... does anyone want an in-depth VK7201 guide/review from the guy with the highest 150+ game WR NA/EU in the VK7201?
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    "Because you liked "The Shining" we recommend you these movies and tv shows: Friends" - Thanks Netflix.
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    soon i will be a furry smut artist look at what classy individuals wot creates
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    Lets make a gofundme for Dirizon so he can get a keyboard with a functional 0 key.
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    haha yes very good

    haha yes very good
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    Whee, realised I finally saved up enough bonds for a second piece of improved equipment for my T49 (improved optics). Now a long grind to go for that third piece...
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    Thanks for inspiration to do this. Im not gonna trade it just because of that look
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    >cleaned all the fans >finally I'll have some silence! >gpu fan: LET ME SING YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE!
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    Done did it!!! After watching a few games of people being a boss in the E4, finished T-55 TD15 (albeit, without Honors, which I will chase). 6,313 damage, 2 kills on Westfield, which I call the Harry Potter map (train, castle in the top left, looks like Hogsmeade village). 3/3 females in the Kranv & Udes 16. WEeeeeee
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    22 games in the Udes 16. Fully upgraded, top gun from the first game. Can't get this fucking thing to work. 32% WR (yes) and 1900 dpg (2k on the tie 8). Every game with tier 10s that are mostly dumber than the tier 10s on the other team. This is a rather long-winder way to say I'm chatbanned again...
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    the more I think back on it, the funnier it is to me that people would join a clan to specifically play with redditers
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    hey kolni finals are coming up you should study me, with a hordeolum and a need to study: 28h wot session with the sole goal of: mark is around 3,3k, it sorta makes sense because you can farm so well if you shoot sides but holy shit this is by far the most frustrating tank to play in the game, half the tanks you face are literally unpennable for you i have some sleep to catch up on, but it's nice adding this to the collection since there's only 2 of these marks on the server now
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    @Assassin7 i hate wg

    @Assassin7 i hate wg
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    now this is the wr i'm cool with can't tell if it's a good or bad dpg either, tank feels pretty good sometimes and really shit sometimes
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    Wheeled vehicles are a new type of cancer for WoT. Prove me wrong.
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    >coming back home from a little shopping >turned into my street >I hear some cronching sound to my right >I take a look >about 2 meters away there's A. FUCKING. BOAR. >I let out the most silent O KURWA ever as I flinch >boar looks at me >I look down my path and continue on my way without increasing pace FFS I almost poo'd myself. I've seen boars crossing my path or on the other side of the fence, but this is the first time I was caught by surprise and so close.
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    Do not fuck with KV-2. Just don't.
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    FFXIV and a month of sub time is free on twitch prime atm. You don't get the expansions that make it the best currently running MMO, but you do get to roleplay as a horny cat girl.
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    Measles epidemic 20 years after most countries declared it eradicated because of vaccine use, here we go ._.
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    Apparently 60TPs get an extra 200mm of armour on their LFP when they're played by sub 50%ers, two full 50B APCR clips bounced off of it back to back, didn't hit UFP or beak, just straight up LFP bouncing straight on, it is actually not possible according to tanksgg but I guess the game'll bend its rules to fuck me over like normal
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    Finally discovered the E50, a few years too late.
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    This shot, this freaking shot though lol. I tried to guess where the Skorp G was and blindshoot it, and got this instead...
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    friendly 277 drives side out on malinovka hill encounter, instadies and we're losing turns out he made a real good shield for my 113 and i finally broke the 11k dmg barrier i've never done before
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    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, When I listen to Metallica, My neighbors do too.
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    3rd cancer of WoT after arty and xvm is map desing. In HD red line campers have lines of fire at most of hot zones. Sniping 500+ is now a meta. Fuck WG map department.
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    High Quality M44 picture

    High Quality M44 picture
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    I T-49 derped 3 arty, plus 1 shit an ELC Even
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    The "Go Away Arty" Song

    The "Go Away Arty" Song
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    Have been watching Sh0tnik on the RU server. Highly recommend it to anyone who understands Russian (and even those that don't). He is an ex-pro who played for the famous team NSS for most of his career. The dude is simply a fantastic player but wait, there's more. He actually describes (as he plays) in very good detail what he is doing and why he is doing it. It's like getting a lesson in tanks every single stream.
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    well it's relevant now.

    well it's relevant now.
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    Anyone else get homicidal feelings from WoT? This is the only thing in my life that gives me such feelings.
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    I just got into Elite: Dangerous, found a very handy tutorial on how I can outfit my Cobra for core mining. MFW I reach the end and realize you wrote the damn thing. Small world huh.
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    Interesting bit of news... http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/25886/russia-just-imported-more-world-war-ii-era-t-34-tanks-than-they-will-buy-new-t-14s-this-year
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    I have to say, I love the redesign of the player statistics page and how smooth it looks along with a lot of helpful information regarding what nation you do well with and what tank class you do well with.
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    Made a small 2018 edit for When I'm SerB
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    Trying to do operation excalibur where i have to cap the base and my team keeps getting off the damn cap. Idiot wg for making cap missions and pubbies. FUCK
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    Welp, Article 11 and 13 have been approved by the EU. The free internet was fun while it lasted. F
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