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    WG Anonymizer has a wicked sense of humour.
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    techno trance from yours truly, (don't dj high, but it went fine sorta )
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    Pretty happy about this one

    Pretty happy about this one
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    Bliss.... You've chosen to ignore content by Diriz0n. Options You've chosen to ignore content by hazzgar. Options You've chosen to ignore content by Diriz0n. Options You've chosen to ignore content by hazzgar. Options You've chosen to ignore content by Diriz0n. Options
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    did it again after the buffs, expected more resistance but this went smooth af lol now to kms with the e6
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    Hard carry lmao

    Hard carry lmao
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    we did it reddit

    we did it reddit
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    love you

    love you
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    dealt and spotted 2/3 of the enemy teams HP pool in dmg on my own lol
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    85-95 in 9 games.. lol

    85-95 in 9 games.. lol
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    My first (legit - capping in an old school T49 on the Port map in 2013 hardly counts) Kolobanov's medal: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5290110#steppes-snoregasm2-bat_-ch_tillon_bourrasque
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    Gotta represent

    Gotta represent
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    This decal is coming in patch 1.8. Thought you should know.
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    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fsq0koo5wiir1r1/AAACgYef3uKCz8W1T_TIeMmWa?dl=0 m60 session replays for whoever wants it
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    Happy new year bois

    Happy new year bois
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    Merry Xmas!!!!!!

    Merry Xmas!!!!!!
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    Merry Christmas, everyone! And if you don’t celebrate it then have a wonderful day instead.
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    Did you assholes here forgot about annual festive hats on your avatars? Put them right the fuck back on.
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    I present to you plebs, muh new Car
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    https://i.imgur.com/gk45xAO.png Had to share with somebody, second match in the thing
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    changed profile pic to reflect my wot status now that carbon's gone
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    Just 3 marked my first ever tank, the Charioteer. Can we get a moment of silence to mourn all the tier 6 and 7 tanks that ate premium HESH rounds and allowed me to accomplish this? http://wotreplays.eu/site/5008837#highway-echo9835-charioteer
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    Lets make a gofundme for Dirizon so he can get a keyboard with a functional 0 key.
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    haha yes very good

    haha yes very good
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    Whee, realised I finally saved up enough bonds for a second piece of improved equipment for my T49 (improved optics). Now a long grind to go for that third piece...
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    Thanks for inspiration to do this. Im not gonna trade it just because of that look
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    >cleaned all the fans >finally I'll have some silence! >gpu fan: LET ME SING YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE!
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    Done did it!!! After watching a few games of people being a boss in the E4, finished T-55 TD15 (albeit, without Honors, which I will chase). 6,313 damage, 2 kills on Westfield, which I call the Harry Potter map (train, castle in the top left, looks like Hogsmeade village). 3/3 females in the Kranv & Udes 16. WEeeeeee
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    22 games in the Udes 16. Fully upgraded, top gun from the first game. Can't get this fucking thing to work. 32% WR (yes) and 1900 dpg (2k on the tie 8). Every game with tier 10s that are mostly dumber than the tier 10s on the other team. This is a rather long-winder way to say I'm chatbanned again...
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    the more I think back on it, the funnier it is to me that people would join a clan to specifically play with redditers
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    hey kolni finals are coming up you should study me, with a hordeolum and a need to study: 28h wot session with the sole goal of: mark is around 3,3k, it sorta makes sense because you can farm so well if you shoot sides but holy shit this is by far the most frustrating tank to play in the game, half the tanks you face are literally unpennable for you i have some sleep to catch up on, but it's nice adding this to the collection since there's only 2 of these marks on the server now
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    @Assassin7 i hate wg

    @Assassin7 i hate wg
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    Almost 10k spotting damage in my T57 on Prok LUL
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    I know its rude to brag about penis size but I one hit rammed an EBR FL 10
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    if anyone has a 0.9.5 client heres a lovely nostalgic replay of @Private_Miros getting one hit team killed by a clicker
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    A Wargaming employee on the forums said you need to flank instead of fight higher tier tanks forntally. Are we supposed to flank to the other corridor or drive out into the open where our tank will be destroyed the instant it gets spotted?
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    imagine your game being so dead that you have to give every shitter in the game a free tier 10
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    Don't really care much for studzianki as a map but dat witcher music tho
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    Genuine question: Can I do a replay contest on WoTlabs and If I did do one would anyone be interested in participating? There would be a prize that I would buy and gift to the winner(s).
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    After almost 24k games I believe last night I had my first game where I was called a "total dumbass" and "pussy" by a player while pulling off over 1400 base xp and winning
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    Just got my 11th ever Radley-Walters from a successful 1v3 carry. I rarely pull that off and it was satisfying.
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    First time playing frontline in forever, wheeled tanks have absolutely ruined it
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    Lol this forum is ded

    Lol this forum is ded
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    WTF is going on in Frontlines? Game after game I barely make Captain before the game is over, defend or attack. I used to average major (so equal number of captains and generals with a bunch of majors) but it's slipping away fast. Not sure what's going on but perhaps this boost to heavy tanks has given Steve the incentive to drive heavies and they are just too slow to stop caps and attacks on objectives. This is a terrible development....
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    I'm not sorry

    I'm not sorry
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