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    To prove that arty is hard to play I've decided to run two WoT clients of test server and simultaneously play two arty battles. Never again. I'm not a super human to do it one more time. That focus, this skill. I've almost shit my pants because of stress. Check video and please, don't do it to yourself.
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    Your list would be much shorter if you mark good players. Just assume everyone is an idiot until proven otherwise, because that's usually the case.
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    What happened to this game: my opinion

    You happened to this game. You and your cronies clubbed and killed whatever was left of the NA playerbase since release. Stop pretending it's not your fault that the game has been on life support before it even came out, because you sure as fuck didn't help when everybody else predicted the effects of your overfishing.
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    The Lansen (tier 8 Swedish Medium Premium)

    Please don't let this Be a premium. I want it to be part of medium line. We already have two Swedish premium Meds. What we now need is a line to make use out of them.
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    ASIA MM Test

    They should roll this test out to the other servers. Anything is better than what we have currently.
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    T-50-2 Returns

    https://worldoftanks.asia/en/news/game-events/10yrgiveaway-26nov18/ Like getting a bouquet of roses when you were expecting domestic abuse
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    T-50-2 Returns

    This is what I was thinking about. It's long, narrow, and fast. Come Wednesday every mid tier game will be a map littered with T-50-2s on their sides rotating turrets in circles crying "help", like a civil war battlefield where the cries of the wounded and dying become a steady drone.
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    both of which walmart managed
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    Even QB?!

    TMW the mobile version of your game is less of a monetary parasite than the real one
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    What happened to this game. The long story is the same as the short story. It sucked ass more than it didn't and no-one wanted to play. The people who did want to play found that getting continually reamed by Bandet and his chums was about as fun sticking your dick in a wood-chipper and all moved on to better things in life. In a sense, Bandet should be commended as he helped those of us who did play WoWP move on with our lives to better things. TL;DR: Bandet won, everyone else lost (and then won by moving on to less cancerous things...hopefully)
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    T-50-2 Returns

    Played a round. It's very fast and more agile than I expected. It bobbles constantly, nearly flipped myself in the first minute, the turret is huge and makes it top heavy. The length of the tank is a double edged sword, it makes it harder to flip than it should be but also renders it really unstable. Can't use a vert but doesn't really need it. Gun is tickle tier with no pen, alpha, or DPM. Fast enough to be hard to hit, but big enough to not be that hard. On an open map it would be fun. There are no open maps. It doesn't make premium tank credits and the gold round is absurdly overpriced, so it's one of those "lose money or be useless" tanks. A.k.a., shit. Throw it on the pile of unplayable garbage now forming a 50 ft cone of rusting steel and oil leakage behind my garage.
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    Do you remember when marathons had understandable rules and were actually possible? pepperidgefarmremembersmeme.gif
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    IPIP300 Personality Test

    You are not supposed to take the results of any online self-test seriously. Especially tests that should only be administered by professionals trained to assess you and interpret the results.
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    EDIT: Seems to be an issue with formatting in terms of spoilers. Unfortunately I do not understand why this is the case. If that could be fixed it would be appreciated. VK 72.01 (K) - The King of Heavy Tanks Introduction In a meta-game that has devolved from the historically dynamic gameplay of vision, flex, and map rotations to a primitive style of brawling in lanes and corridors, the relevance of medium and fast heavy tanks has severely diminished. As vision, flex, and map rotations became less important, the ability to survive, deal large amounts of damage in a single trade, and anchoring of positions has become paramount to dominating games. Many players still have conflicts as to which tanks reign supreme. The top 1% will argue that given the afore-mentioned parameters, the Object 277, Object 705A, Super Conqueror, 113 or WZ-111 model 5A are the optimal heavy tanks for this shift in the meta-game. I regret to inform you that none are correct. It is the VK 72.01 (K) - the King of Heavy Tanks. That’s right teamoldmill. Germans are #1. My Qualifications Literally the highest win rate by a large margin in the VK 72.01 (K) on NA/EU according to DPGwhores.com whilst having competitive DPG with the top 10 players and at least 150 games played (data is outdated on DPGwhores). No one comes close in terms of win-rate. At the time of writing the guide, I am currently at 240+ battles in the VK 72.01 (K) with a win rate of 75.83%.
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    Even QB?!

    So I was browsing Youtube and I stumbled on this: Well he sort of put into numbers what we said. If WG analized their data they should have fired Murazor with a cannon as WG downfall started with him. I still dont like his fake gentleman attitude but the data he "collected" and the research he did is interesting. It also points out WG's agenda and how they do things. Nice to know their marketing department is great (not for the game though). Thoughts?
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    ASIA MM Test

    I see no thread on this so I'll make one. MM has shifted to different priority in making matches: 2 tier spread/single tier/3-5-7. 2 tier spreads range from 4/11 to 7/8. This has made tier 8s actually playable, you are no longer shafted into bottom tier games every time you ready the battle button. The main side effect of this change has been queue times in tier 10. The wait times on the HK cluster with more players online varies from instant to about 3 minutes (that could just be due to the winter event) and the wait times on ANZ cluster with 1000-1500 is impossible. Sometimes you get in a few times, sometimes you timeout multiple times. It has been possible now with the winter mission but that's because every one and their dog (literally, judging by the standard of play) is spamming 10s for the SU-130PM. General consensus has been extremely positive, besides the tier 10 complaints. Honestly, I can work around the tier 10 complaints by playing on HK but some others can't. Others however have taken this opportunity to actually grind tanks.
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    source: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/12/05/supertest-the-lansen/ "The Lansen C is a Swedish Medium Tank. And get this: it goes really fast. The power-to-weight ratio is outstanding: 28.4 hp/ton with a top speed of 50km. While the top speed isn’t anything to necessarily write home about on its own, the substantial power-to-weight ratio allows it to hit that top speed quickly and maintain it on soft ground. Additionally boasting solid firepower on a 10.5cm cannon with 320 average Alpha. While 320 Alpha is above average for a Tier VIII medium, its accuracy and aiming parameters prevent it from being a reliable sniper. Coupled with the relatively low armor values, this will likely place the Lansen C into a Flex Support category, similar to mid-tiered US Mediums. On paper, I would liken the vehicle to a Tier VIII T20 with better mobility. You need to rely on your mobility and the excellent Gun Depression angle of -10 Degrees.The vehicle will excel at claiming key map positions early, engaging in some active scouting, then flexing to another flank for support. The Lansen is a ‘social’ vehicle – it fares better in a pack than it does in one-on-one engagements, so laying down solid, punchy, mid-range supporting fire is the name of the game. As always, stats are subject to change based on testing." Hopefully this is an early sign of a possible Swedish medium tank line, otherwise its just another premium tank to add to the roster.
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    WoWP was DoA, I remember trying it for a few hours in beta and shortly after release. I think I quit it after 2 days and never looked back. It's been so long I can't remember any details, just that it was pretty ass in general and seemed like something they hardly bothered supporting to begin with. It also didn't help that WT was doing all of it better with way prettier graphics while being able to run at 60 FPS on a TI-86. Frankly, if you look at how they treated tanks and boats compared to planes, it's kinda baffling. I'm almost certain that WG did it to stick it to Gaijin and nothing else, since WoWP came out 6 months before WT tanks. Maybe they marketed it harder in NA, I don't know, but as an EU player I didn't see shit about WoWP outside them pushing it cross-client for a bit.
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    A nice little carry. Basically me vs 3 at the end
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    As someone with a wife, kids, full time job, I can relate to what you are going through. You can't just play a game to death, get bored of it, and just move on. One thing I have found is trying to achieve mission goals can rip me over the edge. I need to stop caring about the missions. Just, have you made any friends through tanks, will you lose contact with any of your friends when your account is deleted, will you feel left out if your friends want to have a session of tanks and you don't have an account?
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    Adrian you realise they've tweaked the mm so 8s don't see 10s very often right?
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    Farwell Yue Yang, you beautiful bastard

    Only tier for tier, the Leopard 1 hasmore health, better gun handeling, more DPM , slightly better gundepression and more viewrange. If the tanks had the same MM the Leo1 would be considered superior. As for the Chung Mu vs YueYang the situation is different as it would now be considered a sidegrade at best, a downgrade at worst even if they were at the same tier as you lose quite a lot for very little gain.
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    w o o t

    I wonder how long before the first bot Kolobonov?
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    what would you know about competitive playing tier 3? btfo lol