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  1. In conjunction with the recent poll showing unica hate arty (duplicating my results from two years ago, btw), I decided to explain why arty sucks. I realize most skilled players know this, but many potatoes and tomatoes don't really get why unica hate arty or why. 1. Arty forces Bad Gameplay. Because arty can project massive alpha anywhere at any time, tanks are forced to constantly be in hard cover. Moving fast is no insurance against clickers -- massive splash can track you even on a bad miss, or they can just get a good click on a moving target. Its honestly not that hard to lea
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  2. Edit by Rexxie: Okeano decided to let me take over this project for him due to inactivity, so from now on I'll be trying to keep this updated for you guys. If I get one more team of 10 tanks sitting by valley of Cliffs, I may kill something. This is a comprehensive guide on where NOT to lemming to on maps. Disclaimer, these spots do usually need a few people spotting or guarding, and some unica may find success there, but they are by no means where average or above average players should gather. Bads flock to these spot
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  3. Tioga's access to the WoTLabs API has been revoked. Sorry tioga.moe sig fans, but this is not a person I'm willing to spend my server's resources on.
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  4. Never

    Introducing WoTLabs 2.0

    After much teasing, here's the big news! A complete redesign of the website, along with some awesome new features and more information! With this redesign, the most important information is displayed prominently on your profile, showing your WN8 and Win Rate, recent and overall, along with their respective color. Along with this, it's introduced the WN Rank. The WN Rank shows you where you stand on the WoTLabs WN8 ranking, and the color for it is assigned based on the percentile you fit. The WN Rank follows the same criteria as the Top 10 Tankers list: You must have at least 5000
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  5. DISCLAIMER: There has now been even more changes to the light tanks, with the introduction of tier X light tanks - so this guide is now no longer up-to-date. However, you can still use it as a guide for how to compare different sets of light tanks with each other. There have been quite a few changes in relation to the tier VIII scout tanks recently. Three new scouts were added not too long ago in patch 9.3 and the newly released 9.6 patch has rebalanced/buffed some of the scouts. Recently a question was asked in the Ask a Purple Poster-section about what scouts were the best. This q
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  6. So, hi guys. I've been very inactive the past few months, and I probably should have made this post a while ago, but well, here it is. The reason I've been so far from pretty much everything is that, to put it bluntly, my health is going to shit. I've been to the doctor more times than I can count in the last 3 months. I've been having chest pains and sometimes I can barely breath. If I don't change, I'm going to die. And that pretty much put me in a pretty bad depression. Then when I remembered WoTLabs and everything I promised everyone I'd get done, I'd feel worse and worse. W
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  7. ** LAST UPDATED 26/03/2017 ** XVM updated for micropatch INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Make a backup of your "res" and "res_mods" folder in "..\Games\World_of_Tanks\" Delete the "res_mods" folder in "..\Games\World_of_Tanks\" Copy the contents of the "Mod Files" folder into your BASE World of Tanks directory ( "..\Games\World_of_Tanks\" ) meaning both "res_mods" and "mods" Merge & overwrite if/when prompted Register at http://www.modxvm.com/en/ every 14 days . DEFAULT MODS INCLUDED: XVM v6.5.5 Enemy Direc
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  8. Preface I recently hit purple stats on both my recent WN8 and WR so I thought it was about time to take stock of my progression and the things I've been doing to improve – I hope it helps someone. It's quite long and isn't intended for reading once; rather it's more a reference of tips to come back to when things go wrong. If people find it useful then I'll look at recompiling it and structuring the content in a way that's easier to digest. – Rawkes Disclaimer I use the term unicum as a literal definition for someone with WN8 over 2,450 My recent statis
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  9. Howdy, folks. I guess you all pretty much know me so introductions probably aren't necessary. Considering where we are I'm reasonably confident that the questions aren't likely to be "Jingles, what's the best way to drive a T-62A?" so I'm a little curious as to what kind of questions I'm going to get, but there's only one way to find out so let the AMA begin! See this post for update details. - Solono
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  10. With the plethora of "Looking for a clan" etc. threads, I thought it would be a decent idea to consolidate some info so as to help people who may be unsure and don't want to go through every single clan's description, etc. These are of course, not meant to be taken as set in stone and are more towards very general guidelines. I have no familiarity with other servers whatsoever in regards to this but I am familiar with NA.This'll be meant to provide options and help people who aren't familiar with the plethora of known/popular clans in regards to choosing one to join that they would rough
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  12. Good day, evening, morning, and night. I'll cover them all considering I don't know where everyone reads from. No thread like this has ever existed on the forums before. Has it ever needed to? Does this one have to? No more or less than any other thread I feel. However, I write this at a personal risk. A personal risk, I take every time I write this, say this, or tell this to anyone. More on that will follow. I don't ask much of anything from the readers beyond polite indifference. You may not agree with me, you may downright think I am disgusting, and evil. Your opinion is your rig
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  13. So tonight I figured I should make something like this, I didn't find anything about it so here we go. Most of the people here know about macropositioning, the general area of where to go on maps, so I thought I'd break it down a bit more, I'm not especially good at heavy tanks (been trying lately, rip wn8) so my spots will be mainly for mediums. Unfortunately you can't go into a training room on your own so I only have a few spot to show for the moment, but it'll be more coming up soon, and you're all very welcome to critique and show your own spots! Edit: Now that we have 10 pag
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  14. Never

    4 Years of WoTLabs

    Holy shit. Huge thank you to everyone for making this possible.
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  15. The Challenge: Score using the pickup line: "I'm a super unicum, fancy a bit of damage whoring?" The Rules: - The pickup line MUST be the first message sent to any potential poor, desperate, lonely soul. - You do not need to actually go through with anything, you merely need a confirmation that the person is willing to meet up. - Screenshot proof. - We must use Xen's picture as the profile picture. - New account, name: "Xen" - When asked about our main interest, the response is "ponies". - "It's your first time" - Start time: 12h00 4/06/2015 GMT - No swipes before this ti
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  16. So in order to find out why my comment about cheating was erased i sent email directly to SS asking the reason why that happend here is the (part of) transcript: SS: Of course there are people banned from comments, about a dozen or so, usually people who came throwing insults at me in an uncivilized manner. I have no idea who you are, a lots of posts end up in spam due to presence of insults (word filter) and such as well. Me: Interesting.... i guess skill is an offensive word nowdays. My post was nothing but list of facts like: 1. superuni streams 2. thous
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  17. Dissidence's Guide to Competence in Tanking For Baddies (<49%) I realize I've never really put in the effort to write out a whole guide before, so this one will be my first (and lengthy) one. I'm putting this together because on the WOT forums and here in two days, I've seen a number of players with bad stats ask about improving...which is awesome. There are a lot of amazing guides out there for how to play specific tanks, and a lot of time has been spent on guides for making the jump from a good player to a great one (something I'm still working on, I might add). But I intend this full
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  18. So one eventful summer evening, while playing L4D with friends, I noticed another friend playing this game called "World of Tanks." By that point I haven't really played any other multiplayer game other than L4D, so I thought it was worth a try, despite remembering seeing the tacky name in random internet banner ads. Thinking I won't try to screw over my friend in his tier 5 at the time, I decided to solo grind through this game. Obviously like many who started this game, my goal was the Tiger I. Going through the early German line was just a blur as I was constantly suiscouting with my PzIIIA
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  19. Note: This actually happened about a year ago, but WG concluded this was against some rule. They also concluded it was against the rules for the guys who platooned with me to poast about it. No clue why, just a combination of badly trained volunteer forum janitors acting capriciously, most likely. MY NIGHT PLATOONING WITH DARK REDS: So, a guy contacted me and said he wanted to hire me to platoon with him. At first, I tried to pass him on to sela, as I don't usually do mentoring stuff (I'm not the most patient of men). I told him others would be better, I told him it was probably a
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  20. Holy crap so many stats! Each tank now displays detailed statistics about your performance in them, including damage dealt, average damage blocked, frags, WN8 and more! Hope you guys enjoy it!
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  21. This is something I never wanted to do, nor hoped I had to, but given the sheer size and severity of the problem, policy has been amended to crack down specifically, and systematically, on arty related rule violations. It is broken down into two categories: Arty raging/sperging is defined as a useless post, typically laced with profanity, to the discussion at hand either condemning arty or the people who play it. This rule does not apply to the Venting Room except in the case of attacking a particular person. Arty baiting is defined as someone using arty, or their play as arty, as
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  22. In recent days, Tioga, a rather infamously bad member, was unbanned at the behest of an admin, those who regularly visit our forum know of the damage his second run has brought, both to the forum and to the staff. I am here to do what the title says, in that order, so it is time for disclosure: The mod staff, and I, had a range of very little to nothing in terms of knowledge about why this occurred, we were not consulted, we were not informed in any direct or formal manner about why this was happening, it was not until hours ago why became obvious. The why of it is not important at this ti
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  23. _Dia

    Elevating your Gameplay

    I've written up a sorta brief guide on some stuff that I've garnered over the past year or so, at least, the stuff that I can remember. There's no reason why anybody can't go from this below, to where I am now. <-- Lel (WN7 when I took the screenshot) Some of this might seem really obvious and easy, but when done right, and done correctly (not so obvious and easy) I think it can make a decent difference when incorporated into your play. Deployment and Reading Team Comps. You can completely wreck teams with proper deployment at the start. Familiarize yourself with the map
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  24. I did this so I might as well do the same in this patch. When tanks go HD, often times they get some armor adjustments - usually slope - and it's not always obvious and often overlooked on things like rita's blog/ftr/etc. I think I nabbed everything, but there may have been some tiny details I missed. T32: Huge buff. LFP buffed from ~160mm at mid range to 190mm. Cupola buffed from 160-200mm to 220-270mm. Cheeks made slightly more pronounced, but still 330mm+, so only a factor against T9/10 TDs with gold. Rest of tank relatively unchanged. Wolverine: Large armor nerf. UFP nerfe
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  25. All credit goes to Worstplayer_NA Warning: wall of text and positive thinking bullshit ahead Lately I've been noticing a large increase in the amount of salty players in the world of tanks community. Lot's of rage, lot's of frustration and not that much fun. I've seen people have anxiety/panic attacks about their stats and people who just EXPLODE In ts/chat with rage. To me that's fucking hilarious. I can honestly say that I've raged a total of TWICE in the 17,500 games I've played. I''ve been one shot by arty countless times, and I've never raged at that, I've had retards refu
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  26. PityFool

    The Clickening

    So every few patches I download the test server, to test out some tier 10s and see what I want to grind on my live account etc, but another function I use the test for is to play clickers. The reason not being that I enjoy it, I despise it, I play arty on the test server as a way of improving my arty avoidance skills on live. I get to see what the limitations are in terms of various map positions and the kind of shots they allow for, along with what maneuvers are most difficult to predict, which arty is most effective, exactly how long their reloads are, etc. I highly recommend people do this,
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  27. So message you to apply?
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  28. In a probably useless effort to mediate the ever returning threads of often mediocre players demanding the addition of expected values for their new toys (in the vain hope their stats will get an insignificant boost to a value no one cares about), I will compile in this stickied thread the reasons for their loss. Most of this information is originally from our resident statistical lump of gold, @RichardNixon 1. Why are new tanks not giving me stats: - WG does not always immediately release the stats of newly added tanks in the API, meaning that WoTLabs cannot read the data to be
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  29. Credit goes to Darkshaunz,I'm merely copying it over because I think its a good article and would benefit many here. Original thread : http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/17678-being-on-tilt-in-world-of-tanks/ Pic related,sort of : ___ This is a discussion about the concept of being "On Tilt" in World of Tanks. I think it's important to explore this concept because it can have adverse effects on the enjoyment of the gameplay. This is also more directed at players that are more proactive in their self-evaluation and assessments after each game - but it can apply to any player.
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  30. I feel the need to post this because I think it's relevant to something I'm seeing a lot around here lately. Not to call anyone out, but I'm seeing a lot of statements lately saying something along the lines of "everything below X WN8(usually >2.5k, if not >3k) is shit". Here's one example that exemplifies this: There's a reason pubbies sometimes talk about us like we're a bunch of elitist pricks(aside from the fact they're idiots); we can be on occasion. I'm guilty of it as well. We talk a lot about how the Dunning–Kruger effect prevents bad players from recognizing their incompetenc
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  31. Greetings, newcomers. As this is the first place new people have access to, I'd like to go over a few things that will greatly enrich your time here. First of all, know that those who contribute to and moderate these forums are players who are dedicated to performance. We strive to play well. If you are a person who is an average tanker, or even a bad tanker, you are still welcome here. However, we have little tolerance for excuses. We welcome players of all skill levels who wish to improve their play. Blaming anything other than yourself for your failures will quickly get you rem
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  32. Introduction This is a WN9 candidate based on an idea of bjshnog's from a few months back, shortly before I quit forums to finish another project. WG are still ignoring requests to add assisted damage to the API, so it's not ideal, but I think it's still a sufficient improvement to be worth posting. The general idea is that instead of using a full set of expected values for each tank, you have a single set per matchmaking type, or in a simplified version, per tier. Per-tank adjustment is only added at the last stage. The principle (for what it's worth) is that the value of a point of damage, f
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  33. TheMarine0341

    CHAI garage Mod!

    From a reputable source, all CHAI players are required to have this garage mod as a constant reminder of their mission. Can Pity confirm/deny ?
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  34. That's right fellow tonkers (except Relic), we've evolved all the way from lowly IOC_5 to IOC [Main]. Several changes will be coming down the pipes: Relic's days are no longer numbers. Relic's days are now however, numbered. SIMP, Vilin and D-O-S, your days are now numbers. Every new member to IOC will be credited enough gold to convert into credits, to equip all heavies with camo nets. I am declaring War on IOC_1 through whatever they have left now. I am declaring a state of emergency for my sanity. More to follow.
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  36. Due to leadership dissonance between JKLB Mafia commanders the most active of the LIMBO playerbase has dropped tags. This is a bittersweet outcome for me. LIMBO was an adopted baby I helped build from the tattered ruins left over from the original JIMBO split and first RELIC exodus. The ultimatum I was given forced my hand in joining this new exodus and helping to lead the top and most active players on a new endeavor. LIMBO est Mort... You may press "F" to pay your respects at any time. LIMBO’s core has been ripped out of its chest. It is now LIMBO only in name.
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  37. So given the resurgence of cancer, and particularly the battle assistance mod, I thought maybe we should consider making an equivalent tool. Something like this (I believe this is all possible): - Show each click on the minimap, along with the reload timer they have (or shots clicked as a bat) - Show last known location (same as XVM) with a beam coming out showing which direction they are looking - Use tracers to show possible last location (IE, they are in the south east, even if never lit) - Going by where they clicked, show on which side of the map they are to help get in cancer fre
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  38. Thread locked/archived: - Posting for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums - Naming and shaming - Disputing Moderator decisions - Inappropriate language / general insults - Non-constructive - Hard to read - Inappropriate image host - Scammer - Spam - Attempting to dent my public image https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk3T0Nx4utk
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  39. Never

    I love you all

    Like, a lot. Seriously though, I do. Happy late christmas and happy early new year. K bye
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  40. Valachio

    OP Shot Traps Guide

    If you like this post, make sure you like my YouTube video as well. It makes me as happy as other people agreeing with me on how OP the IS-4 is
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  41. Deusmortis

    I've finally lost it.

    This game has always held some fascination for me. The random battle system promised that no matter how bad this match was, next match could be a monster. It's the same impulse that makes people play slots or lotto. The same impulse that makes you try something you've previously failed. The same reason you keep cheering for a losing team. That eternal hope that the next attempt will be better. Today, I lost that. 8 matches into the night, I was sitting at over 4k average damage, over 2.5 kills per, and exactly 1 win. Also had an average of 7 players per team at or below 45%. At ti
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  42. Hello! A few hours ago I decided to put PadderBot, the statistics bot for my Twitch channel, in a dedicated server so it can run 24/7 without relying on my own computer. Since it's now always up, I'd like to offer it to all streamers. Basically what PadderBot does is get statistics from players. This is done by typing the following command in chat: !stats SERVER NICK For example: What do I need to do? On Twitch, go to PadderBot's channel. Give him a follow (not really part of the procedure but he works hard, he deserves it) and type in the chat: !join <twitch
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  43. Its late, I'm bored and once again I'm browsing WoTLabs to pass the time, as I have for almost 3 years now. I had a little moment where I went back over my time here and felt the need to say thank you. Thank you to everyone here. I cannot even begin to explain how much I have learnt during my time here, from things about how I handle conflicts, disputes, and people in general, to things about medical conditions and interests/hobbies that I previously didn't even know existed. I've met some incredible people along the way who, while I will probably never meet IRL, but will always be consid
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  44. Final 3000th Fame Point Value 85914 Final 5000th Value 19561 Total Tanks Awarded 3000 Total Camo Awarded 5000 Last Update: End of the Campaign (12/16) History done on Google Spreadsheet now, less cluttered and easier to keep track of: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jS1HAtGD16Aj6muHmzK91NR_zZUVxMIsHYZ58Ml5MY8/edit?usp=sharing This is my reply to a question about fame points vs clan fame points, but since it goes into very specific mathematical detail I figured I'd make a topic out of it to help those who are bad@math but good@tanks, or to h
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  45. So, I hear a lot of players say they regret their first xxxx games. Such regret is usually driven by the fact that they had a good old time during those games and thought little of winning/losing or the larger game as a whole. At extreme levels, it drives a player to "re-roll". Personally, I think getting to wound up over stats is counter-intuitive to game play in general, and I think re-rolls are silly, but I do understand why they happen. In order to avoid that tragic sequence of events, I thought I might lay out an informal "roadmap" for new players. The roadmap provides some insight and le
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  46. Hey guys, your friendly-neighborhood unicum vetro here hitting you with a spicy guide on how to solo at 86% win rate. This trick is 100% guaranteed to work and you'll be on your way to making Garbad's ghost jealous of your purpleness in no time! The first step is to buy a T26E4 Super Pershing and load 100% APCR rounds. The second step is to hit battle and proceed to shoot all red tanks until they are dead. Do this enough times and you will be as good as Gasai__Yuno, but without the anime! Thanks for reading my guide, and please don't mention small sample size. This is 100% statistica
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  47. So, I might have gotten my hands on an XVM camo account. This guy has 14500 battles, 48.5% WR and 770 WN8 (recent stats 47% and 800WN8 before he abandoned his account). The account has an IS-7, Obj 140 (with 33% WR after 40 games), WTF E-100, BatChat and T110E5 and an FCM 50t, Type 64, E 25, Slöwe and T34 as premium tonks (as well as a few low tier prems). This is a guy that deals 900-1000 avg damage in tier 10 tanks (except WFT, where he does 1700 because balance). Anyway, if all goes well, I'll make a 500-game analysis playing on this account, to compare solo matchmaking to my ma
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  48. As the previous thread has been won, and cannot be topped, all further naming and shaming shall be done here. This hollow church shall doubtless never emerge from the shadow of last thread's cathedral, but importance lies in the effort. For those too young to know why this exists: People make mistakes. Sometimes, people don't realize they make mistakes. In order to improve, one must be made aware of their mistakes. Wargaming does not let us point out mistakes. We are not Wargaming. Post here to highlight astounding stupidity. See your name here? Don't like it? Don't build
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  49. Just curious... because... well...
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