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    Is this forum dead?

    Nevermind, I'm saltier than bacon sometimes. You have a great and joyous day my friend
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    Is this forum dead?

    You see good sir, the OP is not actually a new user. I recognized the name and knew there had to be something amusing behind it. Lo and behold I found it. Of course, you are more than welcome to platoon with a player who parks his KV-1 behind a TD and then is surprised when said TD is upset that he was blocking their retreat. xoxoxox
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    this is something ive been worried about ever since last year, marathons get harder and harder but its w/e. but them slowly nerfing lootboxes each year is pretty shit, and they think no one will notice. all while they continue to lock brand new tanks/mechanics behind it. lootboxes are the best thing this game has ever seen outside of maybe Frontline (for the sake of credits). but soon enough even that will prob be shitty in terms of value
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    Polar Marathon - Object 274a

    Haha visa card go brrrrrrr
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    Supertest: Kpz 07 RH

    Tanks a lot WG I can finally get my own German CDC
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    Is this forum dead?

    I'm both.
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    Is this forum dead?

    These kinda answers make me kinda wanna ddos the site and never look back so you assholes can move on with your lives. To the original poster...it used to be a good site but now its just filled with hateful people comparing epeens. I would suggest just reading through old content on the forums as thats still useful and never typing a word on the forum or you'll be driven away like above. Theres still some good pointers from old threads but these fools are gonna drive away all the new users and related ad revenue relentlessly until people get tired of donating money to Never to pay for this site and it goes off the air. I mean wtf guys even the WoW site this forum was based on wasnt this bad at the end and i would know i was a member of that one too.
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