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  1. CandyVanMan

    Tomato reporting

    Welcome, hope you find some enlightenment here. Unfortunately the activity level is pretty low nowadays, but there are tons of good guides that are still relevant floating around here.
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  2. Nearly 4 years without reply. I cannot help but feel partially responsible. Recently I was recruited to play this game again by @sr360 . He was my commander. We've been experimenting with high camo LT builds for the anti-EBR meta. LNE is a pretty good piece of equipment, especially if you can deal with crappy gun bloom! I'll hopefully have some replay content soon, as we're working on a method of recording video with voice-over, working around my shitty hardware!
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  4. I just unlocked the T-54ltwt recently and saw this post and thought I'd give it a shot, even though I'm obviously not a particularly good stealth light-tank driver, plus a cheapskate who doesn't use food and doesn't have the best crews etc. but wow, so far this build works pretty damned great even for a scrub like me. I'm running Optics in the specialist slot (cause bad crew and no food), CVS and LNES as per the suggestion. Just below 40% camo (39.something) with 465m view range with this setup, as above, no food and situation awareness is not maxed out (only about 68% so there is a bit more v
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  5. Istanbultaye

    ASTRON Rex 105mm

    Do we really want them to be in the mode where every new premium is more OP than the last? I'm pretty fine with what they've been doing with prems lately, as they've been fairly balanced and unique. Frankly, most of them have still been better than most of the tech tree tanks.
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  6. That awkward moment where you remember you actually bought a CDC
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