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    WHY arty sucks ass, by a unicum

    In conjunction with the recent poll showing unica hate arty (duplicating my results from two years ago, btw), I decided to explain why arty sucks. I realize most skilled players know this, but many potatoes and tomatoes don't really get why unica hate arty or why. 1. Arty forces Bad Gameplay. Because arty can project massive alpha anywhere at any time, tanks are forced to constantly be in hard cover. Moving fast is no insurance against clickers -- massive splash can track you even on a bad miss, or they can just get a good click on a moving target. Its honestly not that hard to lead shots -- this is considered a basic skill among tankers, why do clickers think its so hard? Likewise, camo is no panacea because sooner or later you WILL be spotted. This makes large stretches of most maps unplayable because they are death traps. Its no coincidence that each map has a few, tiny spots where tanks always go -- these are places where they are the least likely to get shit on by retard mode. And that's not all. WOT's probably worst system is its gimmicky spotting/camo system. Yet arty puts gimmicky drive by spotting and suiscouting as good gameplay. That's just stupid. Without arty, WOT is a game where position is key -- hull down, flank attacks, peekabooming, sniping, and so on all have a place. With arty, WOT is a game where 90% of the map is unused because of retard mode, and the few places were the game is playable have 6 tanks humping a wall clicking at each other, because no other tactics are possible. Its night and day. 2. Arty has excessive alpha. The ability to one shot is always bad. This is true for the T18, the KV-2, or the 183. Alpha rewards camping. Arty is no different, and worse, arty oneshots are least common against the very tanks that arty was intended to counter - instead of one shotting the camping E-100, arty one shots the batchat who can't dodge fast enough. Somehow, WG concluded that the solution to camping heavy tanks was to introduce a class that always camps and counters soft, fast tanks who actually try and leave cap. Meanwhile, the people who sit in base and spot as their clickers click do just fine. The stupidity of module/crew rape is also dumb as shit. 3. Arty is low skill, luck based gameplay. Tanks need to get good position, aim at weak points, lead targets and so on all while being aware of return fire. Arty just needs to click and hope the RNG favors them. This is inherently shitty -- why should people playing chess be put in the same match as people playing checkers? 4. Arty is unhistorical. This has been debated at length, but arty as currently designed in WOT is a completely unrealistic abomination. 5. Arty is unfun to play with or against. Literally everyone finds arty unfun. Its boring to play -- long periods of sitting there waiting to reload followed by a random chance of watching your shot fly off wildly. The only people who can enjoy that are those who are extremely mentally slow and can't get better results by skill. Its unfun to play against -- long periods of humping rocks followed by watching the clickers drive into the water just before you arrive. Its so much less active, interesting, and fun than tanks that its sickening. Note some things I didn't say: 1. Arty is OP. Arty is probably technically weaker than a typical tank at this time. This was certainly not always true -- arty HAS been OP in the past. But with more and more unfavorable maps, low DPM, and so on arty doesn't carry as hard as a good regular tank. That's also completely irrelevant, because what makes arty awful is it promotes bad gameplay, not the fact that it is OP. 2. Arty takes no skill. Arty takes LESS skill, not no skill. It also has less of a skill ceiling. But so do heavily armored tank destroyers. This isn't the damming feature of arty, nor would it matter. The key is it makes gameplay worse. 3. You're just mad arty clicked on you!!!~ Of course I'm mad -- retard mode shit up my skill based tank game and turned it into whackamole. But that's irrelevant -- my rage has nothing to do with why arty is cancer. Look at my fucking stats -- I can obviously dominate with or without arty (and in fact, as a scouty medium I possibly even with MORE with arty). I say arty is bad for gameplay for the same reason I say the VK4502 is inferior to the E-75 -- because it is, not because of one game, my feels, or anything else. 4. Without arty, TDs will dominate!!!~ If you attack them head on, TDs SHOULD dominate. That's what they do -- they sacrifice a turret, speed, and HP for firepower and frontal armor. They should do well at ambush gameplay (mid tiers) or holding a choke (high tier). The solution to defeating these powerful tanks in good positions is not randomly generated bullshit, its skill. Specifically, light tanks should counter campy, cloaky TDs by skillful scouting with their superior view range and moving camo giving the short view range TDs fits. The counter to hard frontal TDs like the T95 is flank attacks and weak points. 5. Without arty, how can you assault (insert badly designed map X). The solution to campy turtle play is already in game -- flank their position or cap them out. Now I admit, many maps are badly designed. WG map designers are dumb as shit, and frequently create maps with the cap having major camping spots right around base (complete with hard cover, soft cover, and great lines of fire/spotting). These maps need to be reworked. Every good defensive position needs to be vulnerable to flank from multiple paths. Every cap needs to be exposed, so that if a camping team is forced to turtle and hide, they risk losing the game. But again, the solution to bad map design is to rework the maps, not inject randomly generated bullshit from space. 6. Its part of the game! Its content! They will never remove it! Its part of the game that makes the rest of it worse. Only a fool keeps something because they can -- keep what makes the game better, toss the crap. And as for WG's "working as intended" line...remember they work for you. You crook your finger and WG's income drops 10%, Serb will be sweating bullets. WG's culture tries to promote a command and control structure (you take what I sell, ya comrade! AND LIEK IT!), but watch how quickly the cave when the community demands something (like an arty nerf). If you glance at Warthunder, Serb's mortgage gets called in. He knows this, although he doesn't want you to know it. The failure of wowp has scared them shitless, I can assure you. You say jump, serb will bitch and moan...and then start jumping. And if he doesn't jump high enough...warthunder will. TL;DR -- REMOVE_ARTY_FROM_THE_GAME
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    Edit by Rexxie: Okeano decided to let me take over this project for him due to inactivity, so from now on I'll be trying to keep this updated for you guys. If I get one more team of 10 tanks sitting by valley of Cliffs, I may kill something. This is a comprehensive guide on where NOT to lemming to on maps. Disclaimer, these spots do usually need a few people spotting or guarding, and some unica may find success there, but they are by no means where average or above average players should gather. Bads flock to these spots because they feel more "safe" and protected; it's the main reason that when there's a right way and wrong way to go on a map, bads always pick the wrong one. Any WoTlab user should not be at these spots, unless there are just absolutely no one there. Some spots don't even require any tanks at all. This is not meant to be an advance guide covering advance spots on the map with high risk and high reward, but a guide on where to avoid at the start on maps with noob traps. See for detailed attack routes and tactics. As a starting step for improvement, start by avoiding the red and yellow spots. Someone on another site was wondering how I came to the conclusion of which area on the map is bad. One person guessed that I looked at data of teams having more tanks in these area losing more. No. Nothing of this guide is from any data or heat map. Everything is from the personal experience gathered throughout my 23k+ battles. There is no database of any kind that I can use to update these, so as maps are changed, I need to relearn them before I can update them on this guide. I placed circles on the maps and color coded them according to explanation in the following paragraphs. These areas apply only for initial deployment. The entire map can be used depending on the situation as game develops (well, not for all maps. I’m looking at you Erlenberg, go die in hell). Red areas should be avoided. These are either deathtrap or offer nothing to the game play. Going here at the start will result in death or minimum contribution. Yellow areas are either questionable or limited in ability to influence the battle. They’re the “grey area” and I will explain my opinion on them for each individual map. Green areas are key spots on the map. They are usually where the main conflicts happen and where the match is decided. You will notice that most of the greens are in elevated parts of the map, which follows the fundamental battle tactic that high grounds are usually the key. Arrows are there to indicate direction of movement. They’re used to clarify from which spawn you’re moving into the area. The red lines are the “conflict lines”. These are where the major conflicts usually happen, and where you should be expecting to meet the enemy. On your side of the lines would be considered your side and crossing the lines would be venture into enemy side. These are not set in stone and may very well change depend on the deployment (fast movers may very well blow past these line and change the point of conflict), but they are the general guide line on where you would expect to see the enemy. It can be a rule of thumb that staying behind these lines can be considered being defensive and going pass these would be the start of an offense. Like other spots, the lines apply at the start of the match and initial engagement. For some maps, it’s one single line across the entire map, and for other maps it’s segmented. I will go into these for each map individually. You’ll notice that the conflict lines usually divide up green areas. This is to be expected, as you’ll want to be at or near the conflict points to affect the battle. A few maps I left out because either I don’t feel they have major dangerous area, or I don’t them well enough yet. Abbey (current) Airfield (current) Arctic Region (current) Cliffs (current) El Halluf (current) Erlenberg (current) Fjords (current) Himmelsdorf (current) Highway (current) Karelia (current) Kharkov (current) Lakeville (current) Live Oaks (current) Malinovka (current) Mines (current) Mountain Pass (current) Murovanka (current) Prokhorovka (current) Redshire (current) Ruinberg (current) Sacred Valley (current) Sand River (Outdated) Serene Coast (current) Siegfried Line (current) Stalingrad (current) Steppes (current) Swamp (current) Tundra (current) Westfield (Outdated) Widepark (current) Windstorm (current) Removed Maps
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    Introducing WoTLabs 2.0

    After much teasing, here's the big news! A complete redesign of the website, along with some awesome new features and more information! With this redesign, the most important information is displayed prominently on your profile, showing your WN8 and Win Rate, recent and overall, along with their respective color. Along with this, it's introduced the WN Rank. The WN Rank shows you where you stand on the WoTLabs WN8 ranking, and the color for it is assigned based on the percentile you fit. The WN Rank follows the same criteria as the Top 10 Tankers list: You must have at least 5000 battles to enter the rank. For clans, their average recent win rate and WN8 are show showed by default along with the overall information. Members have their clan position listed as well. Also as a new feature suggested by Dlur, you can now type in a player or a clan in the search bar and press Enter. The system will check if the name typed is a clan or a player and will redirect you to the page accordingly. It's important to note that clans take priority, so if a player is searched that has the same name as a clan tag, the clan will be shown. The old buttons are still present though, so you can easily go to the correct page. Also suggested by Dlur, the search input is automatically on focus when the page loads, to quickly search a player or clan. Of the new layout itself, it was made to be fluid, adapting to a wide range of screens to make the most of the space available. Even better, soon the mobile version of WoTLabs will be available, where it will have a layout made specifically for mobile users. Overall, this is a more modern design, following good usability and responsivity practices. And that is pretty much it! It was great teasing you guys, and I hope you enjoy the changes Of course, as it's brand new, there's bound to be a bug somewhere. Please let me know if you find anything!
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    ** LAST UPDATED 26/03/2017 ** XVM updated for micropatch INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Make a backup of your "res" and "res_mods" folder in "..\Games\World_of_Tanks\" Delete the "res_mods" folder in "..\Games\World_of_Tanks\" Copy the contents of the "Mod Files" folder into your BASE World of Tanks directory ( "..\Games\World_of_Tanks\" ) meaning both "res_mods" and "mods" Merge & overwrite if/when prompted Register at http://www.modxvm.com/en/ every 14 days . DEFAULT MODS INCLUDED: XVM v6.5.5 Enemy Direction Box Contour Icons by Korolins PMoD v24-5 by P0LIR0ID Safe Shot Extended sela's configs/tweaks/translations USAGE TIPS: Spotted XVM Players Panel Markers: Red frowney face= never spotted Yellow meh face = was spotted but is not currently spotted Green smiley face = currently spotted v9.17.1.2 DownloadPREVIEW SCREENSHOTS Contact me if you need help via post or PM. Please tell me your OS, include screenshots if possible, and what alternate or other mods you are using.
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    With the plethora of "Looking for a clan" etc. threads, I thought it would be a decent idea to consolidate some info so as to help people who may be unsure and don't want to go through every single clan's description, etc. These are of course, not meant to be taken as set in stone and are more towards very general guidelines. I have no familiarity with other servers whatsoever in regards to this but I am familiar with NA.This'll be meant to provide options and help people who aren't familiar with the plethora of known/popular clans in regards to choosing one to join that they would roughly fit in. Purely arbitrary so if any of you think that anything could be changed, please mention. All requirements listed are presumed recent stats. Keep in mind that requirements are NOT set in stone and you will probably be asked to platoon so recruiters can gauge if you are a good fit. CW Active Clans For most of these top clans, 3000+/65%+ recent is what I would recommend but you will definitely be asked to platoon with recruiters in most cases. Quality is subjective and is used only to refer to how good the clan is in CW. Top Clans [BULBA] : 3400+ WN8, 3+ Tier Tens, 10,000+ Personal Rating recommended [OTTER] : 3200+ WN8, 5+ Tier Tens [MAHOU] : 3200+ WN8, 65%+ WR, 4+ Tier Tens [CHAI] : 3000+ WN8, 3+ Tier Tens, Ability to speak Mandarin [VILIN] : 3000+ WN8, 6+ Tier Tens \ [R-7] : High Quality [THUGZ] : 2450+ WN8, 5+Tier Tens [CLAWS] : 2400+ WN8, 5+Tier Tens, 3+ Days [FOXEY] : 2300+ WN8, 60%+ WR, 3+ Tier Tens, 3+ Days [RDDT] : 2200+ WN8, 56%+ WR, 5+ Tier Tens, 3+ Days Decent Quality [BT] : 2500+ WN8, 4+ Tier Tens, 4+ Days [ORDER] : 2200+ WN8, 3+ Days [NARWL] : 2100+ WN8, 53%+ WR, 3+ Tier Tens, 3+ Days [BUNNY] : 2000+ WN8, 4+ Tier Tens, 4+ Days [_NPC_] : 2200+ WN8, 3+ Tier Tens, 4+ Days [SNOO] : 1800+ WN8, 53%+ WR, 3+ Tier Tens, East, 3+ Days
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    Color Scale Updated

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    Good day, evening, morning, and night. I'll cover them all considering I don't know where everyone reads from. No thread like this has ever existed on the forums before. Has it ever needed to? Does this one have to? No more or less than any other thread I feel. However, I write this at a personal risk. A personal risk, I take every time I write this, say this, or tell this to anyone. More on that will follow. I don't ask much of anything from the readers beyond polite indifference. You may not agree with me, you may downright think I am disgusting, and evil. Your opinion is your right to have. The only thing I ask, is that you give me not acceptance, not kindness. But the common courtesy of indifference. Even if you choose to post your opinion that differs and stands against me. Do so politely, that's all. You may question "why is she doing this?" The reason is simple. I have nowhere else to do it. Nowhere else I'd rather do it. World of Tanks, and this community is, was, and always will be a milestone for me. It was the first place, the first major competitive game. That I was ever myself in. I have made friends. I have made a lot of friends. They know who I am. Some know who I was. None have left me. I could post this somewhere safe, somewhere I'm guaranteed to have entirely positive reactions and pats on the back but.. This has never been of help to anyone in the long run if that's all they get. Something I have always found here, is a differing of opinions, presented civilly that more than one side can learn from. I value that more than the risk of pain or rejection. We must always be willing to hear a differing of voices. We must always be willing to hear other peoples stories. We must always be willing to *LISTEN* to what someone else has to say. To close off our minds and ears to another human being, is to deny them their existence to an extent. Compromise, understanding, and civility are in short supply. Here, however on these forums we have them in spades. Also a mod team that 150cm's the shit out of anything that doesn't. I will get on with it now, as I have outlined what I'd like to see from this. Along with a bit of humor, if it can be found. My name is Erica. I am a Transwoman. I have been on this Earth for thirty years. For the vast majority of those years I have spent living in states that were less than happy. Starting with confusion and fear. Leading to anger, hatred, and suicidal depression. I will tell you, there is nothing more sobering than hearing the hammer strike the pin, and have nothing happen, paired with the rush of anger that nothing happened. Followed by the utter despair that is knowing you're too much of a coward to put the pain away forever. That somehow, you always manage to misplace the sleeping pills. Somehow, just by accident, you remember something to do at the last minute before you actually use that knife. I went on like that for nearly fifteen years. From fourteen, to twenty eight. I was mistaken. These were not signs of weakness and cowardliness. They were signs of someone, deep inside who wanted to live. I just had to understand her. She'd always been there. Screaming at me. Well, I can spare some of the further details for posts later if anyone asks. It took me until I was twenty eight to finally snap. I broke down. I couldn't handle it anymore. The facade of who I was fell apart like broken glass. All that anger. The hatred I had for myself, that I expressed onto other people. It exploded. The thought of dying like I was, horrified me to the point of illness. Two years ago in January, I told my wife. It still brings her to tears to remember how much pain and fear I expressed to her that night. She's still with me, and will always be with me. Something I'm eternally grateful for. From that day forward, I began taking the steps to change what I was, into what I should have been all along. I'll get on to the point of this thread. I've always liked to think about the way things work, and the way things happen. The entire prospect of what I've been embarking on at my own plodding pace is nothing short of amazing to me. That we can change so much about our bodies just by altering the very chemistry of them, or by surgical prospects that have been nothing but improving over the years and years. The trans community in the past three or so years has come much more into the spotlight. Reports of young children now being identified and helped. This is more controversial than ever. All I can say? Is I wish someone would have been able to identify me as a child. I wish that I had not suppressed everything I felt to avoid my mother and fathers wrath. Their anger, became part of me as I grew up. It made it even harder for me, to hear these stories on NPR, in the news, everywhere and know that I was still stuck and hiding. That all changed. I have begun the process of changing my hormonal balance/ Suppressing what was, and replacing it with what should be. This step is important, and where I felt I should begin my major documentation as the changes have begun. Because it has real permanent changes. After a time, there is no going back. There's no backsies. No get out of jail card. Things about my body will change. Forever. This process is joyful to me, and at the same time so fascinating (Spock'd) that I want to share this. The feelings I am experiencing. The way my mind is changing. With the blocking of testosterone, and the prevalence of estrogen in my body. I used to feel trapped, claustrophobic in my own skin. Like I wanted to peel it off with my nails and find something beneath it that was covered by it's disgusting presence. The rage, and jealousy upon seeing other women that would come at random. The feeling of disorientation and confusion, has all but faded away. It began to lessen the more I let myself be who I was. However the "dysphoria" never was quiet forever. Now, I feel comfortable. Confident in what I have, what I'm doing, and know that there's no going back. This thread, if it survives. Is to allow for the direct communication and conversation with me, about any questions, curiosities, and suggestions you the reader may have. If you don't understand this? Ask me. If you do and have questions? Ask me. All I ask, is that you be polite. Show me the same courtesy I would show you. This is a life long project, and for the next few years it will be absolute center stage in my life. All the pain of laser hair removal. All the joy of seeing myself become more and more acceptable. To the fear of surgical prospects and what they mean, and what their results may be. I share this because I want to risk it. I want to always be part of this community, as who I am. Good, and bad, to whoever may feel that way. Many of the transmen, and transwomen in our community are quiet when it comes to people asking them questions, and I understand why. This is a deeply personal part of their lives, and my life. I choose to do this because I do not want to be silent. I do not want to simply stick to my own group of support. More often than not, when a transman, or transwoman becomes just that man or woman they have always needed to be. They simply stop being anything but that. I will *always* be a transwoman. There are immutable facts of my life that simply cannot be cut, or pill'd away. We need people to always be unafraid to say "This is where I came from". So that people who are lost, and confused? Might find a voice, and find someone to talk to that can help them on their way. If there are any of you reading this. PM me. I'm always willing to talk. Let the discussion begin. Thank you for reading. If I need to edit any of this I will. I know most of my posts can be kind of meandering, but it's kind of how I am. This has nothing to do with Tanks, but it has everything to do with the people I've met, and the community I've come to love. Thank you. Erica - Transbunny. P.S. Like all things, eventually all of this will without fail lead to boob pix. Cause that's a celebration for everyone to enjoy.
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    Dissidence's Guide to Competence in Tanking For Baddies (<49%) I realize I've never really put in the effort to write out a whole guide before, so this one will be my first (and lengthy) one. I'm putting this together because on the WOT forums and here in two days, I've seen a number of players with bad stats ask about improving...which is awesome. There are a lot of amazing guides out there for how to play specific tanks, and a lot of time has been spent on guides for making the jump from a good player to a great one (something I'm still working on, I might add). But I intend this fully for people who are just first starting out to improve and want to win more and tank better, and I intend it to be holistic in its approach since I don't think all this information has been put into one place. First, a little bit about me: I wuz once a baddy. I started playing in 0.6.7 (aka the 6.7 patch). 46% and probably 500 efficiency (although it might have been higher since at the time old efficiency was in use, and I was great at padding cap points early, even when they didn't mean much). My survival rate was below 25% in every tank I played, my average damage hovering around the 100 mark as I reached tiers 4 and 5 for the first time, and my average battle time was under 4 minutes. I averaged less than a kill every two games, and did about 60% of my own HP in damage. I continued playing stupidly like this until I had almost 2000 battles under my belt, believing that the goal was to progress up the tiers as fast as I could, and that dying and readying up for the next battle in a new tank was the best way to do this. I played under the old (pre 8.0) matchmaker, so once I reached Tier 6 (stock), I got the joy of fighting Tier 10's. Another statistic was my hit rate. At one point with over 1000 games, it was 28%. The first line I went up was the American line because I wanted a Sherman. I hated the T1 Cunningham and did horrendously in it, rushed through the M2 LT and T2 MT, learning nothing in the process, suicide scouted like a boss in my M3 Stuart (8 kills in 50 games, 2 of them by ramming!) before I gave up on that line completely (I got a scout medal! I'm gud@tanx!). I'd tried the Leichttraktor, done better than in the Cunningham, but the Panther, Tiger, Maus and all the tanks I really wanted in that line were far away so I'd stopped progressing on that line until I got the Sherman. I tried the MS-1, but nothing more, as I was going to "wait" to play the Russians since they had really inaccurate guns. If I could barely hit the target in American tanks, surely the Russian tanks would be so much worse. I'd tried a few tank destroyers (side note: today they are statistically my best class, although I haven't played any past Tier 7, a spot I will be correcting in the coming months), and found them utterly pointless with no armor and no turret. I'd tried arty, but it bored me, and I didn't really know what to do anyway. Every now and then I'd lolshot something, but it wasn't as interesting to me as blowing things up with direct fire. When I got to the M3 Lee, which had a decent HP pool and didn't feel like a one shot to everything it faced like every other tank I ever played seemed to (could it have been me?), I began to understand TD play a little, as well as the value of using bushes for camo. Unfortunately, I did not learn how to properly use bushes for camo when actually firing my gun. So generating my first 4 kill game was nice when the (somehow even worse) baddies stayed still in the open and allowed me to keep shooting them even after I'd revealed myself, but generally in the Lee, I'd get spotted after my first shot and promptly blown to pieces. But at least I'd learned something. Still, I sucked. But I was progressing in the game, so it wasn't all that bad. (IPLAY4FUN GUYZZZ !!!) By this time I'd gotten to the Sherman (FINALLY! THOZE THINGZ ARE SO OP! I CAN'T KILL ONE IN MY M3 STOOART...ZEE AP ROUNDZ...ZEY DO NAHHH-TING!!!). I'd also progressed in the German line to the Pz IV and Pz III/IV, and the Russian line to the T-28 and A-20. I hated the A-20, boy I hated that thing. Still do. It was the last tank I ever suiscouted in, but I wanted a T-34. At this point, with lots of battles, I was sick of getting one shotted/killed and began taking steps to improve. I began setting a few goals: Survive 25% of the time. 40% hit ratio. Kill 5 tanks in a game. Positive K/D ratio in a tank. 0.5 Kills Per Game overall These were the very first goals I ever set for myself in WOT. Very modest. I began playing more conservatively, staying to watch good players play, and learning a little bit about the maps. I also stopped hoping for armor to work and praying for the enemy to be stock, and started learning how to use it, or how to not rely on armor and just avoid getting hit. By the end of the T-28, I'd achieved 40% hit ratio. My Sherman exceeded 25% survival rate and had positive K/D ratio, and I'd successfully killed 5 tanks in game twice - once in my T-28, and once in my PzIV, which was actually amazing once it was fully upgraded. I couldn't believe I had ever hated it, I mean who thought that the PzIV would suck stock, right? I finally reached Tier 6. Still a baddie at 47%, with thousands of battles. I still hadn't spent a dime on the game. WOT, it should be added, was and is really the only "game" I play. Every now and then I fire up the PS2 to play old classic, and I'll play games with friends if they have them, and once in a blue moon on my computer I'll run NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 07 (best hockey managerial sim ever, shame they stopped making it), but WOT is really it. Finally I made a conscious choice to begin improving. This is the part where I started Googling, reading the forums, and lurning abowt tanx. I also invested in a premium account to shorten my grinds, and started training my tank crews (a personal choice to do so many times since I collect tanks in game and have over 50). I bought my first 2 Tier 8 premiums, a huge mistake at the time based on early returns, but a humbling experience that showed me I had lots to learn before I could ever hope to be ready for Tier 8 gameplay, which is why they collected dust in my garage for months after until I'd felt I'd learned enough about the game to try them again. Garbad's posts in particular were enlightening. Here was a guy who was good at the game giving tips and advice to bad players like myself. I read through his and some of the other posters' threads - many of whom post on this site now as well, and some who have already quit the game altogether. The main point that stuck with me was this - tanks should do at least their HP in damage every game. My ratio was around 60%. Clearly I was doing it wrong. From that point on, I set out to improve my win rate to 50%, and someday get my damage ratio over 100%, which was going to take a VERY long time because of the amount of damage I had to deal to catch how much damage I had already taken. Now, thousands of battles later, I've reached true 52%, and my efficiency and WN7 are finally green (although my efficiency can easily go back south with a bad night...but it is trending upward!), so I write this guide so that others who are in that <49% range can take the first basic steps needed to get their win rate over 50% and their Eff and WN7 over 1000 (what I believe to be the benchmark for a "competent" player). Once you get there, look to players more talented than I for how to improve further, as I believe only the 56%+ and 1700+ crowd can truly help you with that. Part One: Statistics - Recognize the Problem, Pay attention to stats. Self explanatory. You've recognized the problem, but you don't really understand what you can be doing better. The first thing you need to do is understand how your performance stacks up against others. World of Tanks is actually horrible at this. You can play tens of thousands of battles without ever having a clue you are bad unless you use mods, the internet, or the well hidden (for beginners) community features like the in game chat to compare your statistics with someone else's. Of course, this is because stats don't appear in game AT ALL (unless you add a mod). To start tracking your performance, there are a number of great tools you can use: -Download XVM. I don't have a one stop link like I used for the 8.5 patch (side note: you will have to reinstall a new version of XVM for each patch, so keep current on it when your game client updates). However, despite the negativity surrounding it, XVM will teach you who the good players are on both sides. If you should die while in battle...do not leave...watch the good players on your team and see what they do. You will improve just by watching these players play. Second, XVM will also show you your own performance relative to others in battle. But don't be a dick. Don't troll someone with bad stats - give them a chance to suck first, before you do. Likewise, when someone suggests something that your future experiences will teach you is stupid (ie a Tier 8 premium tank with <1000 battles telling everyone to rush valley on Lakeville), you can use stats to try and end that argument in the hopes your team will discount the stupid advice. But in short, don't be a dick. Use it to measure your performance, figure out who the key tanks you have to try and kill are, and see where your gun might be needed in battle. Also, ignore the "odds" if your version of XVM has them enabled. To begin improving your play, you're going to need to learn how to beat the odds to claim victory in a match. <50% chance to win does NOT = a loss. If you can manage the complicated install instructions, XVM is available at http://www.curse.com/wot-mods/worldoftanks - there are several different versions of XVM available, each is set up slightly differently. -Use WOTLabs.net to track your performance: http://wotlabs.net - simply enter your username, and you will see your overall stats, as well as your 24 hour, 7 day, 30 day, and 60 day stats. This is vital. As you improve, you want to see a lot of green in the 24/7/30/60 columns. If you're failing to progress, you'll see red (indicating your performance is trending downward). The most important numbers are win rate, efficiency, and WN7. Average damage, while hugely important in game, is not very important on WOTLabs unless you are playing the same tiers, since your damage will tend to trend upwards as you reach into higher tier gameplay. -Use World of Tanks Dossier: http://wot-dossier.appspot.com/ - This app allows you to upload your dossier (directions are included for where to find it) which tracks ALMOST everything you do in your tanks. It does NOT track potential damage received (aka your ability to use armor effectively), nor does it track damage from spotting. However, it will show you damage, kills, cap points, defense points, enemies spotted - a complete breakdown of anything you've ever done in any of your tanks. You can also filter the results to only show you certain tiers or tank types. This can show you the detail of your performance. -Use Tank Tracker: http://www.vbaddict.net/wot.php - If dossier tool is 2D, this is 3D. This allows you to upload your dossier to the site where your performance will be tracked over time. You can also download an app called Active Dossier Uploader which will automatically update your dossier on the page and individual battles as well for even greater detail. This is like an even better version of WOT Dossier, as in essence it allows you to compare your Dossier from today vs. yesterday, to show if you made any improvement in gameplay. It also allows you to view the server wide performance for each tank, so you can compare your performance to the average player, and see how the top players do in that tank. There are other tools you can download, but these are the ones that worked best for me at that point in my tanking experience. Unfortunately a fifth, WOTstatistics for Greasemonkey, has not been updated in some time, and with the changes to how Wargaming displays player profiles on worldoftanks.com, is no longer workable. Part Two: Set Goals This is important. Pick an admirable series of short and long term goals that work for you. Here are some suggestions, and things you will want to focus on for each. -Hit Rate: If your hit rate is low, focus on hitting more tanks. This will encourage you to stop wasting ammo firing low probability shots (which is punishing financially at higher tiers), and will also allow you to be loaded when a good shot presents itself, instead of reloading because you jumped the gun early with a risky shot. -Survival Rate/Average Time of Battle: If your survival rate is low, you are probably rushing out and dying too fast. Do you have a high average tanks spotted per battle and low survival rate with low average battle time? Stop suicide scouting. Be more patient. When you are bottom or middle tier, try supporting your biggest tank by hanging with it and helping it. If you get damaged, retreat, and stay alive. See if you can find ways to damage enemies without getting shot in return (like when they're looking away from you). If you are playing heavy tanks and not surviving, are you angling your armor? -Damage/Kill Rates: If these rates are low, you're not playing well offensively. These could indicated a lot of things - are you missing the target? Are you not shooting enough? Are you failing to penetrate? Are you using the correct ammunition type for your gun and the targets you are facing? If you have a high damage rate and low kill rate, are you not finishing off tanks with low HP? If you have a high kill rate and low damage rate, are you leeching kills or failing to engage same tier targets in battle? Why do you not do more damage? -Spotted (Detections) Rate: If this rate is low, it often doesn't mean a lot, but if it's very low, it might. Are you sitting near your team's base the whole game, "protecting" it? If so, you are not helping your team. Yeah it's great to have a defender there if the enemy starts to capture your base, but more often than not, once that happens, the battle is already lost. You may be cursing at bad teams, and finding yourself with good damage done alone against 6 tanks each time, but perhaps things might have gone differently if your gun was at the front, putting the hurt on and delaying those tanks before they could finish off your teammates. Likewise, perhaps you might have absorbed a few hits, and possibly even taken some damage, but perhaps you doing so might have kept a teammate alive a little longer, who could have helped damaged the enemy some more with you. ^^^These are the #'s 1-4 things bad players do wrong in the game. The first step to being competent is not doing them anymore. Part Three: Learn Gameplay Mechanics In Depth While WoT itself does a terrible job explaining how gameplay works, the World of Tanks Wiki explains all of these: http://wiki.worldoftanks.com/Battle_Mechanics Go there, read that, study that like it's your bible, and begin to apply what you've learned in battle. Also start learning the parameters of YOUR tank and the tanks you are fighting against. If you have questions about any of the mechanics, feel free to post here in the forums, and someone will clarify the mechanic in action for you. Also, if you have friends on the game, make a training room and go play around to test what you've learned from the Wiki in a real scenario. Remember, repairs are free, even if ammo is not. In the M3 Stuart with the top gun (37mm M6 gun, standard rounds), you have a 56 average penetration gun which does 40 average damage. Damage therefore can range from 30-50, and penetration can range from 42mm to 70mm at 100 meters distance assuming a 90 degree angle of impact. Under no circumstances can it penetrate the front of a KV (now, KV-1). This was a lesson I did not learn as I drove that tank at that time, which seems rather stupid now in hindsight. Knowing the parameters of tanks will help you a lot. It might have saved from getting blown up by A LOT of KV's. (As an aside, the M3 Stuart is the tank I use to illustrate my noobery vs. improved play in a then vs. now. Then: 50 battles, 18 wins, 8 kills, 38 deaths 0.3 damage ratio. Since: 36 battles, 23 wins, 38 kills, 23 deaths, damage ratio upped to 0.6 overall. It took me forever to get top gun in this game, and when I finally did it was with the PzKpfw III. My second one was in, you guessed it, the M3 Stuart. Both were on Prokhorovka.) However, the parameters are not hard on fast. Just because the listed "frontal" armor value is higher than your penetration does not mean you can't damage the tank from that angle. All tanks have weakspots. http://wotguru.com/weak-spot-guides/ will show you some of them. You don't have to memorize everything, but learn the key ones on the most heavily armored tanks in the tiers you are fighting, and it will help you a lot. In time, you'll find penetrating for full damage easy. Part Four - Stop Gimping Yourself This is extremely important: Every single tank you run, even Tier 1s, should have a first aid kit, repair kit, and a third consumable (usually a fire extinguisher, but fast tanks may want high octane gasoline/lend lease oil or a removed speed governor (learn how to use it before mounting it though). When and how often you use them will depend on how the game is going, and what tier. Obviously 3000 credits is a steep price to pay every time your MS-1 gets tracked. You'll only want to use it in situations that can potentially decide the battle. But you want it available, just in case it's the difference between life or death, or victory and defeat (especially that fire extinguisher!). STOP using Free XP to unlock tanks. Free XP should be used ONLY to unlock important modules on tanks once you've used regular XP to unlock them. If I need 30,000 XP to unlock a tank, and I have 25,000 XP on its predecessor, and 5,000 free XP - I should WAIT to unlock that tank. Once I unlock it, I'll have more than 5,000 free XP which can be spent to unlock important modules on it. Maybe it's a scout with a horrible stock engine, and I'll want to put the top engine on it to improve maneuverability. Maybe it's at the weight limit and needs the tracks before it can mount the good gun from the tank before, so I'll want to free XP the tracks. Maybe the stock gun is horrible, so I'll want to free XP a better gun for my new tank. Using free XP this way will save a player from the unfortunate experience of going into battle with a tank that is seemingly worse than the tank it was researched from. Don't run stock tanks if you can avoid it. Free XP is how you avoid running bone stock tanks. Getting to Tier 10 is not the point of the game. Tanks don't really get "better" as you go up in tier if you don't get better. Each tier is rewarding and fun in its own way. Seal clubbing is not the point of the game. That said, don't just stay in the same tier to pad your stats. Truly talented players are good at ALL tiers, not just low tiers farming players who are new to the game. Play tiers because you enjoy them, but keep trying to get better at the game, which means progressing towards tier 10 and learning the nuances of each tier's gameplay (some of which is discussed later). Stop running with a 50% crew, or a crew for the wrong tank. Convert your crews if you don't plan on keeping the previous vehicle, and some cases even if you do. At MINIMUM, you should be using the crew training for credits option, but if you have gold available, crew training is a good investment. Once you reach 100%, start training your crew in secondary skills. The specific ones you want will depend both on your playstyle and the tank in question - and other guides cover this in more detail than I care to since this is about improving your play overall, not just in specific tanks (plus that would make this even longer). But not having to have a completely n00b crew in every single new tank you play will help a lot. It means shorter reloads, better tank acceleration, agility turning, offroad performance, and turret rotation. It also means shorter aim times, less aim dispersion when you move your tank, and better view range and radio range. By extension this also includes better accuracy when firing on the move. If you plan on keeping a tank that you enjoy and play often, run it with equipment. Every advantage helps. It may cost a lot of credits, but for all of my heavy tanks and TD's a couple hundred thousand dollars in fake money is worth being able to put out 10% more damage per minute. Instead, learn something from every tier. Every tier in the game teaches you something different about gameplay: Tier 1 - How to hit targets, and how to move to avoid fire. Basic vision and camo mechanics. Base capture and defense. Tier 2 - How to use mobility (most lights and mediums) or armor (French tanks) to your advantage for the first time. TD's will give you a superior gun and teach you how avoid being easily killed by the enemy, since you will lack both mobility and armor (except for the T18). Artillery (SPG's) will teach you how to click on things. Lyke a baus. Tier 3 - For lights and mediums, this tier is an extension of how to use mobility, but also will begin to teach the importance of flanking attacks. Most Tier 3's can do almost nothing to the enemy Tier 5's they'll encounter from time to time in battle when they engage them from the front. To do damage, you'll have to get behind or beside the enemy (or aim for weakspots). The light tanks will also begin to introduce the concept of scouting for the first time. TD's continue their lesson of good gun/not a lot of mobility/no armor if any aka stay hidden and shoot stuff, but get more powerful guns. Arty continues mouse clicking 101, although some of the artys will learn to be lazy since they can hit most of the map in this tier and thus never have to leave base. The ones that don't will learn this invaluable skill in Tiers 4-5. Tier 4-5 - Varied tiers. Tier 4 light tanks (especially scouts) will have the scouting lesson drilled home in fire and blood so that they either come out as seasoned Tier 5 scouts ready to queue up against the highest tier tanks in the game, or as noob suicide scouters with just an extreme gluttony for punishment. For this reason, I recommend for new players trying to improve their stats NOT to go up dedicated scout lines in the tank trees unless they are VERY knowledgeable in the vision mechanics and their gameplay style is such that they aren't just WILLING to scout but actually PREFER it to any other tank type. Tier 4 mediums will be given adequate guns to continue their flanking/aim for weakspots lessons against Tier 6 tanks, and will still lack an HP pool (they'll get this in Tier 5), but not as badly as at Tier 3, so they will learn to use their HP pool as well as become jack of all trades tanks, not strictly support - they may have to lead, hold a flank sometimes, or flex back to the base to reset a capture. Tier 4-5 TD's are well balanced. Most will have a good combination of armor, mobility, and firepower, though still lacking a turret. They must learn to balance having all 3 for the first time with the desire to play like a medium - a mistake that is not forgiven often, even in pub matches. Camo is key except when top tier, where tanks like the Hetzer, SU-85, and T40 can decimate the opposition. The B1, the first heavy tank, doesn't really teach much, although it can give you your first exposure to having a tank with armor. But the Tier 5 heavy tanks will teach much: how to lead a true push, absorb shots with armor (aka angle armor to bounce, and hide weak points). If you want to learn the basics of heavy tanking, get a KV-1. You'll find the gameplay changes when Tier 5 tanks are involved, as there is less aimless running around, and tanks will start to cluster near obvious choke points. Tier 6 - A continuation of lessons from tier 5, except you'll find longer reloads, more expensive ammunition, less mobility, and more armor generally speaking. Tanks are bigger, and will begin to have better armor, albeit with weakspots, so you'll have to start shooting for them. Several tanks in this tier are equipped with outstanding guns (such as the KV-1S, SU-100, and even the Jagdpanzer IV when it is top tier), so in addition to teaching shot prioritization, it will also teach players how to "avoid the big guy" and capitalize to kill a tank while it reloads. This is the first tier for a nonpremium account where horrible battles will lead to a credit loss. Tier 6 also introduces the first autoloading tanks (excluding autocannons), unique because of their fragile armor and long clip reloads, and difficult to counter because of their high burst damage. Tier 7-8 - Armor and weakspots become MUCH more important here, as is the specialization now of each individual tank, as opposed a class. At this tier, each tank will have a specific role it performs best on the battlefield, and roles it is just not suited for. HP pool increases significantly, so the pace of battle will slow down, and become much more measured. The importance of trying to stay as artillery safe as possible will be drilled home at these tiers, as arty starts to actually hurt a lot at these tiers. Where previously you were prone to getting one shot, but arty often missed, now arty misses will begin to take significant HP and cause critical damage. You'll find you can just exchange shots on favorable terms with tanks to get kills as you could in previous tiers, you'll actually need to do damage without being hit back as it becomes a marathon, not a sprint. In contrast to the generally slower pace of battle at these tiers, light tanks of these tiers move freely throughout the field often, countered only by other enemy light tanks or mediums, so scouting as well as counterscouting is critical at these tiers. These lights tanks actually have HP though, so they'll actually have to be countered. You can't just 1-2 shot them as you can with lower tier scouts. They also have the ability to dish out some real hurt, so you need to be aware of where they are at all times. With much longer reloads, you'll need to take advantage of your enemies' RL, while making your own shots count. Ammo becomes very expensive at this tier. Repair costs begin to get heavy at this tier. Nonpremium accounts will consistently lose money if they perform poorly. Tier 8 is the first tier where premium accounts will lose credits for horrible battles, although it is possible in Tier 7 with team damage etc. Tier 9-10 - These tiers reinforce and magnify everything you've ever learned about the game, but add on an additional challenge: Carry harder. To win at these tiers, you will have to get in the middle of the fight and force the outcome. No more "camping" no more "support"...it's put up or shut up. This is the most unforgiving tier, the pinnacle of gameplay, and tier 9-10 tanks actually have the lowest performance spread of any 2 tiers. So a tier 9 in a tier 10 fight can still carry the match. Here premium accounts will often lose credits except for the best of matches (especially at Tier 10). It IS possible to make money at these tiers, just extremely difficult. Learn these lessons from each tier and apply them, and you'll be really on your way. Part Five - Apply what you've learned, then step up the challenge You don't have to devote your life to this game to be good at it, even though it seems that way sometimes. Just the simple application of what you've learned in your battle thinking will improve your gameplay. Now, time to step it up. Now you understand how the game works, and what individual tanks are capable of, and have set goals for improvement. Once you reach them, set harder goals. Do the following: Watch and analyze your replays - especially your losses, especially close battles. What did you do wrong? What could you have done better? Watch good players - their wins AND their losses. See what they did well. Note it and copy it. See what they did wrong. If you can point to it watching a replay, see if you can catch yourself in battle when you think of something (dumb) before you actually do it. Learn the maps in and out. The good players do. When you watch a good player's replay, see where they set up, and which terrain they abuse. Try going to these spots yourself in a suitable tank, and try it for yourself. For example, a lot of players don't know that you can shoot under dead tanks (I've reset caps this way) and under train cars, and cry "HAX!" when you do it to them. Platoon with good players. The good ones will offer map strategies, sometimes carry you to victory, and point out your mistakes when you play with them. They may also create situations where you can put out extreme damage amounts. Take advantage of them. Before you can learn to create such opportunities for yourself, you need to learn how to take advantage of one when it's handed to you. Set harder goals and keep going. Part Six - Actual Gameplay Some basic things that will help you as a sub 49%er. These are more strategic in nature, by design, as understanding battle mechanics will help you with a lot of the tactical play that occurs in the various skirmishes that play out in each battle. Every single one of these things is a mistake I made when I was new to the game. Scouts/Lights/Mediums/M18 Hellcats: Stop rushing out early and dying. A good scout stays alive till the end of battle, and only dies if it was a sacrifice necessary to eliminate the enemy's artillery. If you are new to scouting, use the "active scouting" technique. Rush towards the enemy in such a way that hard cover like terrain or buildings can serve as nearby cover. Once you hear the blip that indicates you've spotted an enemy tank, without stopping rush towards that cover, and away from the enemy so you will not die. A good point on this was someone posted on the WOTforums that I remember, always move from cover to cover. When you are moving, know where you're going next so you won't get caught in the open. Lastly, M18 Hellcats obviously are TD's, not scouts, but I say this because of their speed so many players die stupidly in them. M18 Hellcats should not be rushing to the enemy at the start of battle. They should be using sound TD principles such as camouflage and support fire to stay hidden and deal good damage. Their mobility is an asset in that it allows them to move flexibly across the battlefield and easily change position if a secondary flank needs support. Heavy Tanks: Stop camping/otherwise being in the back. From your knowledge of maps, figure out where the enemy is going to be, and get to a good choke point as fast as you can in a good defensive position. Odds are enemy tanks will amass in this area, and you want to meet them on the most favorable terms. Your heaviest tank should be in front. Especially a no no - NEVER camp the artillery. Not only are you not "protecting it" (artillery is protected by protecting all the routes to it...once it is spotted, it's already too late), but your gun is completely useless all the way back there. TD's: Get your guns in the fight. Look for places on the map where you can deal damage on enemy tanks at the main choke points. Just because you're a TD doesn't make this a game of tower defense where you must sit at base on a hill and wait for the enemy to come to you. Sit back, away from the heavies, but have line of fire and be able to hit enemies. Be near a corner or somewhere you can easily retreat if you are spotted if in a city map, or somewhere that you can retreat behind terrain if on a more open map. Medium tanks: Stop bouncing off the heavy tanks' front armor. Since you have the most mobility, you get to go to more open areas (within reason - stay off Malinovka field please) where most tanks dare not go...especially towards the end of battle as the tank counts are winding down on both sides. You are most valuable to your team by doing some of the following things: #1 being flexible, able to shift to where you are needed... #2 flank attacks on the enemy's heavies. when you shoot them they must turn their turret and/or hull to you (thus allowing your heavies to penetrate their weak side/rear turret armor), OR they must ignore you and continue facing those heavies, OR they must move to a secondary cover, allowing your tanks to advance in the right circumstances. This is the Sophie's choice every medium tank driver wants to make every enemy tanker deal with. This is how a flank can be turned from a standoff into a landslide victory. #3 countering the enemy light tanks. you are fast enough to stay close to them and have good enough rate of fire that if you miss them they're not by you and into the base automatically...keep them away from friendly artillery / the base area. Medium tanks require the most cumulative skill to play in my opinion, and success in them in my opinion gives a player more battlefield influence than in any other class, and reflects/rewards the most skill. Autoloaders: Stop dying really early, and stop wasting your shots. Just because you can fire rounds in rapid succession doesn't mean you should. Also, manage your clip. If you know you're going to be away from enemies for a while and have a partial clip, press C and reload so you'll have a full one the next time you encounter an enemy tank. Strategic Thinking: Start doing it. First is the concept of FOCUS FIRE. Focus fire means all of your tanks shooting one of the enemy's tanks until it is dead, as opposed to shooting individual targets, all of which stay alive to keep shooting back at you. This can mean using chat to encourage teammates to finish that nearly dead tank, but it can also mean for you, shooting the most damaged tank when you have that chance (ESPECIALLY if it yields a kill shot, and especially if that is a top tier tank on their team or driven by a very skilled player - which is why I had you use XVM). Second is understanding maps, and knowing the tactically important areas, and how your tank is best served in battle by looking at your composition, and the enemy's. Avoid lemming trains...where tanks all line up, form a column, and go one way on a map. Usually this strategy is doomed to failure, because they will encounter enemy tanks and either die one by one, or they will STOP, and play "peekaboom" trading shots one for one until one side or the other wins...which tends to take a while, leaving the lightly (or un-) guarded flank to fall very rapidly and enemy tanks to be in your base rather quickly. You may be able to encourage the team to push rapidly all at once (which does occasionally work), may encourage some tanks to come back and cover the other flank, or you may actually go to the other flank and stall the enemy just long enough. Third, rotate damage. If you are damaged, get out of the front, and towards the back. Stay alive, keep your gun in the fight, and let others take hits to spread the damage around and stay alive. Your gun does just as much damage when you have 1 HP as it does when you have full HP. This can also mean if a teammate is heavily damaged and an enemy tank has a killshot lined up, put yourself between the two to keep your teammate alive. Once he fires, and you've taken the hit, move back out of the way and your teammate can shoot him too. By keeping that tank alive, your team gets 2 shots at the enemy tank whereas otherwise, you would have only gotten 1 (yours). Fourth, situational awareness. When facing an enemy tank of even tier, take shots when the enemy is not looking at you as much as possible, unless the engagement is on very favorable terms (discussed below). If, after you've shot, the enemy turns to shoot at you (watch his turret and tracks), pull back into cover before he does. If he rushes you, in most cases, you will have already reloaded by the time he gets to you and you'll get a second shot in. Fifth, engage enemies on favorable terms. Don't just go toe to toe with their most similar tank to you. Either outnumber the enemy tanks in a given force, OR outtier them. Granted that doesn't mean 5 tier 6's will take out 4 tier 8's, but 5 tier 6's will certainly take out 1 tier 8 in a brawl, and maybe even 2 if the players know what they're doing. Utilize cover to minimize your exposure to enemy shots from various angles, and keep the enemy in front of you (and your teammates, as much as possible) at all times. If you can't engage on favorable terms, retreat to cover, or to teammates so that you can. If you're the last tank standing, get to the most advantageous position you can and make as heroic a last stand as you can. Sometimes it actually works. SUMMARY: If you are a sub 49%er and you begin doing these very basic things, when you check WOTLabs.net you'll see a very noticeable improvement in your performance over time. I know I sure did. I still have lots of things I can improve on, but hopefully some baddy out there reads this, decides to improve, and writes his/her own guide someday, because that's what this game is all about. I no longer have the free time to play sports like I used to, so this game fulfills my desire for competition, and I take improving at the game seriously because winning is more fun than losing. So good luck, and happy tanking. Dissidence's Guide to Competence In Tanking For Baddies.doc
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    Note: This actually happened about a year ago, but WG concluded this was against some rule. They also concluded it was against the rules for the guys who platooned with me to poast about it. No clue why, just a combination of badly trained volunteer forum janitors acting capriciously, most likely. MY NIGHT PLATOONING WITH DARK REDS: So, a guy contacted me and said he wanted to hire me to platoon with him. At first, I tried to pass him on to sela, as I don't usually do mentoring stuff (I'm not the most patient of men). I told him others would be better, I told him it was probably a waste of his time and money. But he insisted, and finally made me an offer I couldn't refuse -- he gifted me an IS-6 and the $100 gold package for 1 hour of platooning with him and a friend. So we meet up. He and his friend are both VERY dark red. Like 300 wn8, 43% win rate after 10k+ games dark reds. Both were older, military types. Both were plainly interested in improving, had money and time to spend, and wanted to win. Both were decent enough gents to talk to, had good computers/internet, etc. Both knew they were terrible, and admitted they just couldn't figure out how to win. But they wanted to. Given the context, I decided to spend a bit of time going over equipment. We had agreed in advance to play t8 premiums (both for limited MMing and so I knew they weren't stock). I noted both shot gold full time, which for that era, was unusual. Both also ran full gold consumables. But both of them had terrible equipment choices -- toolbox + camo net + optics on their IS-6, I believe. So I told them to put proper gear on, and why. They nodded through this and said it made sense. I also told them my ammo/consumable layout if they wanted to save money. Both chose to run max premium anyhow. Next, I talked about the basics of individual play and teamwork. Kind of to my surprise, both of them had a working understanding of weak points, concepts like angling, hull down, and sidescraping, and other game mechanics. They didn't really know those things on an in depth level, but they had read wikis/guides and had some idea of what they were. They also both had a theoretical knowledge of things like suppressing fire, flanking attacks, focus fire, and so on. They talked a little about their military training with regards to those things. To be honest, this kind of surprised me, as I virtually never see evidence of this kind of thinking in dark red pubs. My impression of dark red pubs is they just fucking sit there. So then we started playing... ...and it was a catastrophe. At first, I let them deploy and fight as they saw fit. That went about as well as expected. Next, I tried having them move and fight in the same general area as I did. That also went terribly. Finally, I just started having them both sit in a choke and stall as I fought the enemy alone. But it was a long, rough night. Some things I noticed. 1. They were extremely slow to react. Right away, I saw they were very slow to react. It was common for them to take hits and not notice or react. If I told them to follow me or whatever, it would often take at least a minute before they started to do so. They had very long periods of inactivity, evidently just from not being sure what to do, or just processing what was going on. During this time, they OFTEN got bitch slapped very, very hard. 2. They could not do two things at the same time. In a void, they did fine and looking at minimap or driving or shooting or angling. But once combat actually started raging, it was pick one and the rest wasn't happening. They would rarely notice a medium on their minimap moving around them as they were peekabooming, for example. They could only angle armor if they weren't aiming their gun. And so on. This combined with their lack of good judgement of what was important -- one thing I tried to tell them was if you aren't able to do everything, at least do the most important thing given the situation at hand. But they didn't know what that was. 3. When they saw things (or were told things), they had no idea how to react to them. No matter what happened around them, they did the same things (usually whatever had worked for them in some past game, or what I told them to do, or just drove to some random spot and tried to see what happened, or followed the herd). When a situation changed, even when they noticed it or I told them, they had no idea how to react. I mean literally none. Not even a glimmer. Even ideas like crossfire didn't work -- they knew it was a good thing, but didn't have the slightest idea of how they could create the situation. This baffled me, to be honest. I could ask them between battles things like -- "under what conditions is an IS-3 better than a medium?" and they could answer correctly. But when they loaded into a map and had the option of either brawling with the mediums in town or fighting them in camo games in an open field, they blanked. Even on the most basic level, adjusting tactics to fit the situation just didn't happen. 4. Their individual skill was poor, but not unworkable. They were slow at aiming and not very good at using their armor and such, but this was primarily the result of #2 and #3. In a void, I could tell them "ok angle as if you were peekabooming a tank in front of you" or "tell me the weak points of a KT" and they could generally do it. But putting it into practice broke down really quickly. 5. Battlefield "intangibles" meant nothing to them. At one point I started talking about the importance of early damage. They got that right away -- the obvious snowball effect. But when I talked about using a light tank to herd people into an area to trap them, to identify hostile movements to give you the ability to counterattack, morale, to think ahead about what the effects of a given strategy would be, and so on they didn't even know what I meant. I decided to pick my battles, and just focus on trying to get them to carry their weight. But even in extreme examples -- such as heavy tanks going ditch on lakeville instead of town, they couldn't really understand why that was a bad idea. They could memorize what I said, but the rationale meant nothing to them. BUT HERE'S WHAT THEY COULD DO: 1. ZERG, ZERG, ZERG! One thing that did seem to click right away -- the value of mass tank pushes. They understood right away that if 5 tanks peekaboomed with 2, the 2 might just win. But if 5 tanks all rush around at once on 2, the two die horribly and quickly no matter how good they are. They were afraid to do this with pubs, as they expected the pubs wouldn't help them, but once I pointed out a three man platoon can do the same thing a lot of the time that really seemed to click. This was one of the things that helped. I told them a simple rule: 1. Find a spot with fewer tanks than you. Preferably just one, or a couple of weak tanks. 2. Next, check to make sure that tank isn't in a place where he can be supported by too many unseen snipers. Be especially careful of camping TDs in bushes. 3. If not, zerg him -- hardest, highest HP tank first and facehug him, other tanks flow around him and smack his sides. 4. Get to cover, reevaluate. Using that, they were frequently able to at least do their HP in damage, although they often were still unable to judge #2 very well. But once they learned the basics they got a lot better quickly at zerging down isolated tanks with relatively few yoloderps. So there was that, at least. 2. Make the other guy beat you. They lost peekabooms pretty much all the time. I tried to encourage them to get better at that, but also I told them this as a basic fallback plan. At first, peekaboom with the hostile. If he pens you 1-2 times and you aren't penning him, stop peeking. Make him advance around in the open and come dig you out. Even if it means just sitting there, as long as you are tying him up that's ok. Its better than getting killed and having him move around anyway. Or if you have to, back off 50-100m and force him to come out of his good position or not be able to fire. This is particular useful for dealing with tanks that are extremely strong in some situations (sidescrape IS-6, hull down T29, etc). That made sense to them, and if a peekaboom didn't go their way, they just tucked in cover and waited. A lot of the time, the hostiles would get bored and derp, giving them back the advantage. 3. Stay near the fight, even if you can't be in the fight. I stress the importance of keeping your gun hot. They tried to do this, but it often failed. They simply lacked the judgement or execution to stay alive in hard situations, and when they tried to duplicate the way I attacked they got murdered. But we found a way to get some of the gain in a way they could handle -- simply be near the action. Don't sit in back, don't pick a rock and camp, advance until you are within firing and spotting range, then stay safe. At a minimum, you force the opponents to deal with you, or risk getting popped in the back when they try to look away. Even if its slow, and lower output than attacking, its a hell of a lot safer. So I told them to just be a threat, even if you spend most of the time hiding. It seemed to work. CONCLUSION: And that's about it. I felt like I ripped them off, frankly, but they assured me how valuable it was and how much they enjoyed it. They've tried to get me to do it again a few times but I feel like I'm cheating them and won't do it. But I do note that in the last year, that player has gone from 43% to 48%. So that's something. He still averages only 0.8 kills per game, but its a hell of a lot better than he was. Its a start. Hopefully some of you tomaters find this interesting.
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    This is something I never wanted to do, nor hoped I had to, but given the sheer size and severity of the problem, policy has been amended to crack down specifically, and systematically, on arty related rule violations. It is broken down into two categories: Arty raging/sperging is defined as a useless post, typically laced with profanity, to the discussion at hand either condemning arty or the people who play it. This rule does not apply to the Venting Room except in the case of attacking a particular person. Arty baiting is defined as someone using arty, or their play as arty, as a way to stir the pot and attempt to evoke the above for cheap amusement. The policy is as follows with minimum punishments listed, they can be increased on a case to case basis at the discretion of the moderating team: Automatic warning for first offense Automatic 24-hour RO if there is a repeat offense within 14 days of the first Automatic 7 day for third within 14 days of the first. Automatic 14 day for fourth within 30 days of first. Why am I doing this? Quite frankly, the behavior of people in this community toward arty is downright disgraceful. We can hold logical, meaningful discussions about practically anything but arty and that which attempts to take place is destroyed by emotional, ridiculous posts. That ends today. I don't like arty, odds are if you are reading this you don't either but it is a part of the game, it is a mechanic within the game and as such it deserves to be discussed rationally along side all the others. Whether we like it or not is irrelevant. Arty isn't going anywhere any time soon if ever, raging about it here does nothing but make us look like fools, Minsk doesn't give a damn if you hate it. I'm not trying to tell you to accept arty, or like it, I'm simply telling you the amount of arty hate, the weight of all the seemingly uncontrollable rage hurts this community. It drives people off, gives us a bad reputation and defeats the goal of this place; to help people get better. That includes arty for as long as it is in the game. If an arty one-shots you, and you want to post about it. Take it to the venting room, that is why it was made but there will no longer be a tolerance for blind and poisonous hatred of a game mechanic, whether it is horrible, good, hated or liked. UPDATE: Use to express your hatred if you must. UPDATE 2: Yes, this includes status updates. UPDATE 3: Status update enforcement is now relaxed, but going off the deep end will get your stuff nuked.
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    In recent days, Tioga, a rather infamously bad member, was unbanned at the behest of an admin, those who regularly visit our forum know of the damage his second run has brought, both to the forum and to the staff. I am here to do what the title says, in that order, so it is time for disclosure: The mod staff, and I, had a range of very little to nothing in terms of knowledge about why this occurred, we were not consulted, we were not informed in any direct or formal manner about why this was happening, it was not until hours ago why became obvious. The why of it is not important at this time, what is important right this second is that we are doing our best to fix the errors that were made to lead to this. Clarification will involve exactly what we are going to fix this, this is both simple and complicated. Primarily and as the logical first step, Allurai and Wandorf have been removed from their positions for their active participation in the conspiracy, and I hate using this word because it is not entirely fair both in connotation and direct meaning, to unban Tioga. This represented an undermining of confidence in the community of our ability to manage these forums as well as actually undermining our ability to manage this forum, as well as damaging trust across all boards. In short, it was a problem I once only joked about to other mods, it doesn't seem so humorous now. I understand if many of you do not trust the system now, and I do not blame you, if I were in your position I'd be doing this thesis at a railing of the staff and I am not asking you to have faith in us to fix that, rather, we must earn back any such damage to that confidence that has occurred, and that can only be done with time and action. The former is guaranteed, the latter I promise. The apology is simply an apology for letting this happen in the first place, for the negative experience it brought, I am not apologizing on behalf of the staff, simply myself, As the moderators are clear of blame sans one and he is no longer one, Never has enough plates to juggle and cannot be implicated in blame for his, this responsibilities are the reason I am even here to act as a check against such a thing, I should have seen and known about this sooner, I did not and as I result I failed all of you, for that I apologize.
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    Elevating your Gameplay

    I've written up a sorta brief guide on some stuff that I've garnered over the past year or so, at least, the stuff that I can remember. There's no reason why anybody can't go from this below, to where I am now. <-- Lel (WN7 when I took the screenshot) Some of this might seem really obvious and easy, but when done right, and done correctly (not so obvious and easy) I think it can make a decent difference when incorporated into your play. Deployment and Reading Team Comps. You can completely wreck teams with proper deployment at the start. Familiarize yourself with the maps. Optimally, to a point where you preemptively know the terrain and all lanes of fire so you don't waste time looking for these in the middle of a battle. You should NOT need map guides for this. IMO they don't cover anything and you end up relying on them, instead of actually paying attention in the game. Team Comps. Deployments This doesn't belong in any section but just a word of advice. Attack the enemy team at its weakest point. There's no need for you to go out of your way and derp just so you can get that kill on the purple player. For all intents and purposes, he may have let you kill him on purpose just so the rest of his team, could work that much faster. Sometimes, it's better to just hold a position rather than to try and push to get damage. Stalling an important area, can let your team (provided they aren't complete retards) work the rest of the map that much faster. Mechanical/Situational Skills These two things pretty much go hand in hand. The difference between coming out of an engagement with 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP, or Full HP. This section won't be as much of a guide as it will be some tips and points that I've discovered. Angling Autoaim Snapshot Corner Peeking Autoloader Strategies Auto-aiming Tips Overextending Reading the Minimap In regards to learning how top players do this, I recommend Zeven. Out of all the streamers that I've checked out, he's the only person who bothers to explain where he's going, what he's doing, and the most important of all, why he's doing all of it. Hearing him explain things can give you a very good sense of what you need to do, and the next time you watch another streamer, you'll be able to understand why they reacted to X or why they went to Z. Doing this effectively can end up helping you win a lot of matches where you simply went to the wrong place. Deathpig_Jones has written an excellent guide on the essentials. I think doing this should honestly get you all to at the very minimum, blue, if we're aiming for a color. It's that simple. You go to the wrong side by accident and you've already lost a minute that you could have used to spot/get early damage off. Sorry beforehand if I sound elitist by saying this. Apart from something unfortunate like a disability, there's no reason why people can't get purple. On my worst days, or even when I'm grinding some shitty low tier, I never fall below 2800/60%. So I've kind of gotten ignorant of people who say "I've maxed out at green, help!". No you haven't. You're seriously doing something wrong/not catching on to something. If you're watching someone like sela stream but can't go past green, seriously re-consider how you try to improve. You're not doing yourself a benefit if you just imitate what they do only to die and not even understand why. Granted, it took me nearly 14,000 games. I'll add more stuff to this guide if something comes to mind.
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    All credit goes to Worstplayer_NA Warning: wall of text and positive thinking bullshit ahead Lately I've been noticing a large increase in the amount of salty players in the world of tanks community. Lot's of rage, lot's of frustration and not that much fun. I've seen people have anxiety/panic attacks about their stats and people who just EXPLODE In ts/chat with rage. To me that's fucking hilarious. I can honestly say that I've raged a total of TWICE in the 17,500 games I've played. I''ve been one shot by arty countless times, and I've never raged at that, I've had retards refuse to reset cap costing a game... still no rage. Sure you can attribute it the liberal amounts of that dank herb, ascending you to the prototypical "don't worry be happy mode", but honestly most of my superb anger management/laxness can be attributed to the fact that I realized at a young age vidya gaems r 4 funz, not rage. Intro: You are better than your stats. Why? Because your stats are the AVERAGE of every game you played. Some games you play worse, some games you play better. If you put your mind to it and play at your best, you are better than your average. This is a very common truthism in league/dota 2. A simple realization that you are better than your stats can change your mentality immensely. I was giving this advice on the league subreddit and it helped me jump from 50th percentile in skill to 99th in a matter of 3 months in league. Instead of being bogged down at where your stats are now, just make the effort to play at your highest and ignore what your average is/what you want your average to be. Some psychological feel good bullshit, but the change in mentality works. 1. Stat Anxiety: Stat anxiety is real and it affects everyone, whether they are purple or not. For some reason people put a ton of emphasis towards e-jerking stats in this game when they are very arbitrary in the first place. I've long stopped giving a fuck about my stats ever since I got unicum stats, but there are still certain tanks where I care about the dpg of (whereas they are competitive for top in the world and it becomes a race to see how long you can maintain a high dpg). All it does is create frustration and it stops you from playing some of the funnest tanks in the game. Games become a race to get your damage quota, or else your oh so holy dpg drops. Everyone is guilty of that and it's fine, you just have to accept that instead of aiming for a dpg that will impress the world (guess what unless you are pulling russian god status of like 6.4k dpg in a waifutrager, no one will give a fuck). Instead aim for a dpg that impresses you and don't fuss about it. Set personal goals instead of gloating about how you can't compare to the best of the best. My leo 1 gameplay is quite cancerous, I honestly don't give a shit about winning in it, all I want is to maintain 3600 dpg in it. I've come to realized that's fucking so stupid, who cares if I can't beat posnik something something from ru server (he has 4900 dpg in 600 games!!!!). If I can keep my goal of 3600 dpg in check that's good enough for me. No reason to moan about every game where I do "only" 3k damage The most common issue of stat anxiety is everyone feels the need to compare themselves to others, rather if you are seeking to improve your stats, don't compare yourself to others. The rush of doing well (you know what I mean when you pull something like 90% w/r over 20 battles, or having a high wn8 over a long stretch), shouldn't be coming from having to compare yourself, but rather what makes you feel gud. Seriously, change your mentality of saying I HAVE to get X wn8 or X w/r for the night, rather try your hardest and see what you get. Once you shift your focus from pure stat focus to just trying to do well without specific goals, you shall find a lot of "stress" is gone. Some players don't want to play because they feel like they won't do well, and any competitive player will tell you that's bullshit. You don't get better unless you put in the time. IMO I don't think the "ranked anxiety" is as bad in tanks as it is in per say DOTA2/League/Cs/Sc2, where individual games have more effect on your stats, but the problem is still real in tanks. Every single pro league/dota/cs/sc2 player can tell you the best way to improve is to just play a lot, after all the principle is that you are better than your stats as explained in the intro. 2. Confirmation Bias and Self Reflection: Rng is in this game and it's here to stay. Everyone has been one shot by arty, and everyone has bounced off some 20mm light tank before. It's human instinct to selectively pick out the outliers. When you count the massive amounts of shells you hit and receive the amount of pens/bounces/one shot by arty/ not being one shot by arty should actually come very close to standard deviation. And there is nothing you can do about it, shit happens. You can spend the entire game whining about rng/arty but it still won't change rng. Wasting your time raging about it won't change the fact you got fucked by rng/shitters in arty. Just move on and learn. Speaking about learning, it's pretty important in my opinion to reflect instead of rage. After every loss, I take a small mental note to see where the match went wrong and how I would I go about differently next time. Now I have a bank of experience where I can do some unusual shit in matches to turn them around. As toxic arty is to gameplay, most of the time you get artied is because you got lazy. I played in arty heyday, where every tier 10 match had 4+ arty each side. I would be paranoid of getting shot and that paranoia has lost it's effect over time. Most of the time I get smacked by xvm-whoring arty I just got lazy or too greedy. That's something I"m really trying to change right now, getting my arty dodging mojo back. (basically if you are purple and you are light, expect to get shot). Some players just rage non-stop about MM/Arty/RNG, but really what can you do? Your rage has no impact on the future of the game, so there's no need to explode at every instance of you personally getting fucked. (still arty is disgusting and needs to be changed) 3. Playing on Tilt/Knowing when to quit Tilt is real, and everyone is guilty of having played on tilt before. The trick is not to fucking play on tilt (oh wait thats hard). So the nights not going good, you've been 1 shot by arty 3 times and you have a 33% win ratio. Just stop, don't try to salvage your w/r or wn8 for the night. Just put all your willpower into stopping. When you tilt you play worse, that's it and you are more likely to get frustrated. Most of my super bad wn8 games come from either being super tired or coming home @ 3am fucking wasted and deciding to play 30 games of arty while fucked up. I'm pretty sure that's the case with most people, so just learn when to not play. Most of my nights have been, doing fantastic for the first 20 games (80-90% w/r in tier 10), then getting tired and continuing to play and losing because I can't think. If you are serious about doing well, play when you are concentrated, go take a jog/shower some shit and get refreshed instead of slogging games after games half asleep. 4. Raging and your teammates. No one likes a rager, unless they are the extremely rare "funny rager", it brings down the atmosphere of the platoon whilst being unhealthy imo. Some people use video games as a outlet to rant, which is fine, but if you have issues where you fucking explode every single game, then you need to put yourself in check and stop playing. Everyone knows of locker room cancer, aka "that player" who brings down a sports team because all he creates a toxic environment. When he starts to vent in the locker room, everyone else usually shuts up and teamwork breaks down. I've seen it happen multiple times in real life when I played varsity soccer. Kid starts raging, everyone gets tense and we get smashed even harder. Same thing happens in vidya games, I've had tourney teams where 1 rager loses the tourney for everyone by sending virtually everyone on the team on tilt. Platoons where everyone starts doing bad because somebody won't shut up and stop criticizing his own platoonmates. If you think people tolerate you as a rager, unless they genuinely like you as a person they probably don't. I've seen PLENTY of shit talk about how someone rages too much and has issues. Don't vent your frustration on your own platoonmates, vent it on arty/rng/pubs w/e. Raging at your "friends" won't help them play better. I'm completely immune to this because I've dealt with mega assholes irl sports, but others really get triggered when you call someone out for their every mistake. 5. Conclustion TLDR: worst's principles for less rage/salt and more fun You are better than you think you are, if you try Set goals not to impress others (chasing the impossible unless you are god @ tanks), but satisfy your own craving for improvement/accomplishing goals. Raging over shit that happened won't reverse it, just get over it. Don't play on tilt, just stop if you are having a bad string of games and you're getting frustrated. Don't try to salvage the night, just take a break and come back later. Don't rage at your own platoonmates ( you can joke around, but when you actually start getting salty.. oh boy) If you are finding yourself getting mad moreso than actually having fun just stop playing the game. If you really have problems with raging, just block chat in the game options, play your favourite/best tanks and just go for it. If you find yourself still getting mad, maybe it's just time to quit. Say what you want, but I actually have fun EVERY GAME I PLAY IN TANKS. I don't rage ever and I'm far better off for it. Just try for a day to use my principles and see if it works. Just tonight I had a retard batchat refuse to reset cap because "unicum bullied me by telling me where the enemy is and what to do", instead of getting angry like my platoonmates, I just assumed he's dumb and doesn't know better. No point in getting angry over a video game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzpndHtdl9A I'll leave with one vital tip my soccer coach gave me: before you get frustrated, think about this... will you remember this game in a few years? If not, why the fuck are you getting angry?
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    The Clickening

    So every few patches I download the test server, to test out some tier 10s and see what I want to grind on my live account etc, but another function I use the test for is to play clickers. The reason not being that I enjoy it, I despise it, I play arty on the test server as a way of improving my arty avoidance skills on live. I get to see what the limitations are in terms of various map positions and the kind of shots they allow for, along with what maneuvers are most difficult to predict, which arty is most effective, exactly how long their reloads are, etc. I highly recommend people do this, its incredibly informative for me and I always notice an improvement in my arty avoidance following the test server shenanigans. My thoughts on the current tier 10 artillery pieces: Conqueror Gun Carriage: This thing is just so motherfucking broken... After I had my first game in this shitlordwagon I immediately understood why I always get completely fucked over by these things. The accuracy, aim time, ridiculous arc, huge splash, enormous damage all make it stupidly powerful. Definitely the strongest arty in the game. However, it tends to do better in slower games, for example when a brawl down a lane stagnates. Obj 261: This is another very powerful artillery piece, the exceptional accuracy and low arc make it great for shooting AP, smacking your targets with 360-pen-quad-digit-alpha-rounds is very easy. I found that all I had to do was shoot AP for the first half of the battle when everything was high HP, then load up HE and just clean-up everything with >700 HP. The low arc definately limits it on a lot of the new maps, but usually a little bit of re positioning allows you to keep shooting. While this arty is not as good overall as the CGC, it definitely performs very well, particularly on open maps and fast paced battles. BC 155 58: An arty with an autoloader... The reload on this thing is just so fucking painful. Other than that, I think this is a pretty strong arty although it struggles against the heavier targets like E100/Maus, its very good at dealing with mediums because of the autoloader and lesser armour. I didn't play much, but I found that I was able to dish out an abnormal amount of crew and module damage, which I put down to the repeated hits on targets. T92: This is a bad arty... It took me 5 games before I actually caused a single HP of damage. The terrible accuracy, aim time and bloom just make this a very ineffective arty. Obviously it still gets the stupid RNG rolls that just fuck someone over, but these are not common. GW E-100: Meh arty is meh. Everything is very average on this clicker, average accuracy, average splash, average damage, etc. Arty avoidance movements: What I found was that very sudden stops are probably the most effective at avoiding the clickers, because the low shell speed (particularly on the GC) mean that once he fires you have a few seconds to make an unpredictable movement. Also, make weird course adjustments, instead of going as the crow flies. Nothing will save you from RNG though. Now this is going to be a discussion whether you like it or not, what I want is for people to discuss what they have found to be most effective at avoiding the sky pigs. I would like people who play arty to also join in and educate us on how best to be arty safe. THIS TOPIC IS ABOUT DISCUSSING ARTY AVOIDANCE, MAPS, ARTY, CLICKERS, AND CLICKENINGS. All of this has been deduced from about 5 games in each, I could not stand much more. A lot of the time I spent was just clicking common arty bushes on the opposite side. I had like a 50% hit rate doing that, its funny how they sit in the most obvious spot and then cry when I just clicked him. "I DIDNT EVEN SHOOT YET WTF HACKER NOOB??" Here's a clip of me playing the GC, I think this was my 3rd game or something. Fucking shittermobile. Discuss.
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    So you want to be a Gorilla...

    So message you to apply?
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    Being "on Tilt" In World Of Tanks

    Credit goes to Darkshaunz,I'm merely copying it over because I think its a good article and would benefit many here. Original thread : http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/17678-being-on-tilt-in-world-of-tanks/ Pic related,sort of : ___ This is a discussion about the concept of being "On Tilt" in World of Tanks. I think it's important to explore this concept because it can have adverse effects on the enjoyment of the gameplay. This is also more directed at players that are more proactive in their self-evaluation and assessments after each game - but it can apply to any player. I've not seen this term being used here, so maybe "Tilt" can be used as nomenclature to describe "abnormal game performance". What is Tilt? Tilt is originally a poker term used to describe a competent player beginning to perform well below his capability after a bad game or two. Tilt is caused by emotional frustration clouding the judgement of an otherwise calm and consistent player. The resulting emotional response results in increasingly aggressive play, frustration and pessimism - which ends in an irreparable losing streak. Why is Tilt relevant to World of Tanks? World of Tanks is inherently a competitive game, where you engage other individuals in pixel tank combat. AFKers and bots notwithstanding, this means that you are essentially pitting yourself against human beings that are governed by emotional reactions. As many of you know, the actions of a few can really swing the influence of a match - especially those players that place a high value on good winning performances. As such, the higher your own expectations of your own performance - the greater the effects of tilt that you will potentially experience. So here are my own observed qualities of tilt: Tilt is relative, depending on a tanker's individual self-expectation of what is considered to be "normal performance/expectations" (ie: WR/WN7 etc.) Tilt is governed by an emotional response to a situation, and is triggered by an event outside of normal expectations (usually a very bad round of tanks). Tilt is a downward spiral that continues to get progressively worse until corrective measure are undertaken (ie: Loss streaks exceeding five or more) However, I posit that even the best players suffer from tilt - except the better performers will know how to mitigate the effects of tilt itself (more on that later). Hence, this concept is important because everyone has the potential to suffer from it - and will find the consequences on their stats and enjoyment adversely affected. Am I on Tilt, or are the pubbies just bad? The most important thing is to recognize whether or not you may be on tilt to begin with. The pilot can't pull out of a stall over the ocean at night if he doesn't have the instruments to assist him out of the uncontrollable dive. So in essence, you'll have to calibrate your own instruments to determine whether or not you may be experiencing a negative/destructive emotional response to a particularly bad round. Pubbies being bad is something you will have to do your best to compensate for - and the blame will almost always fall to the random players on your team. Some of it is due to actual fail by your team, personal ego or even partly affected by mild symptoms of FG_'s Dunning-Kruger effect. This is just a normal function of the human brain, but let's focus on some tilt symptoms: Symptoms Nasty streak: Losing more than five games in a row Unnatural aggression: Opting to rush the enemy in situations, taking unnecessary hull damage to hasten the game and take a quick win at all costs Scapegoating: Exponentially angered by the actions of the platmates/allies, even though they are not doing anything particularly wrong Self-Loathing: Performed below self-assigned WR theshold (ie: must achieve 55% WR or higher for the day) Loss of Control: "Ah who cares, clearly everything is down to luck anyway! my losses so far prove that!". Player stops trying because he believes he cannot recover from the losses. As from the list above, those are based on my personal observations - but I invite everyone to add to the symptoms. We've also experienced at least one, two or more of the symptoms of tilt - because a lot of the forum warriors tend to be more sensitive and alert to their own game performance. As I've just covered the symptoms, let us explore some of the potential triggers of tilt in our server: Triggers Time of day: Playing very early in the morning or extremely late results in poor MM (and randoms). Losses incurred have high chances to make the player experience Loss of Control. Stamina levels: Playing whilst tired and fatigued results in a shorter temper fuse and poorer acceptance of mistakes. Seeing a lemming when we're tired makes us a lot angrier than when well-rested. Harsh self-expectations: Playing with a high WR benchmark (Say 75%+ or whatever) makes it easier for you to move into Scapegoating and Self-Loathing when something goes awry. Guilty dive: Failure to carry a game, failure to cover a platmate, or missing easy shots (RNG, curse you!) can result in a tilt trigger. Especially if the person feels they have failed a comrade. Taunting: Doesn't often occur with the mature performers here, but taunting and inciting can lure solid players to deviate from their usual game-plan. This can result in an unexpected loss. How about some suggested ways we can mitigate tilt? Methods of mitigating Tilt Thinking about this section, I realized that it depends on the player's own preparation and steps they take to win a match. It also demands that the individual is honest and self-aware about their own emotional thresholds. Just how reactive and proactive are you in ensuring you don't fall into the trap of Tilt Spiral? Reactive Measures Stop Playing: "Maybe the next game I will win for sure!" No, just step away from the PC and do something else. Clear your mind and re-approach the game after you've calmed down. Analyzing Gameplay: Take a good look if you were using a non-optimal strategy. Yes you got top damage, but did you sacrifice map control to do so? What adjustments should be made? Venting Anger: You have to take out and manage that frustration somehow. Some people seal club in loltraktors and some make an angry thread on the forums. Find a way that works for you. Proactive Measures Reasonable Goals: Don't go into a day with unreasonable expectations, increase your goal milestones step by step. To some people that's 52% WR, and others 70%+. Everyone is different. Maximum Loss Thresholds: Set a personal "You shall not pass!" barrier of losses. Be fair, if you lose five games - then make a commitment to take a break and do something else. Positive Mindset: Make the best out of a situation, and play your hardest - tilts are a temporary phenomena. Platoon if that helps you maintain a more social and relaxed mindset. I know there's an explosion of words here, but I would like to know what you guys think about applying the concept of tilt to World of Tanks - and if you believe it is a relevant phenomena on our server. I also invite additions to not only the symptoms of tilt, but also ways to mitigate tilt based on your experience in public games, tank companies and clan wars. Cheers!
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    Greetings, newcomers. As this is the first place new people have access to, I'd like to go over a few things that will greatly enrich your time here. First of all, know that those who contribute to and moderate these forums are players who are dedicated to performance. We strive to play well. If you are a person who is an average tanker, or even a bad tanker, you are still welcome here. However, we have little tolerance for excuses. We welcome players of all skill levels who wish to improve their play. Blaming anything other than yourself for your failures will quickly get you removed. But if you want to get better, you will not find a more helpful resource. Bear that in mind when asking questions. Instead of saying something about some hacking invisitank killing you, ask how an enemy was able to kill you without being spotted. We know how the game works. We can help you know how the game works. We can help you be the person that makes other people run to the forums to cry about hacks. Grow a thick skin. If you're bad, we will tell you. We will likely not spare your feelings. We're not kindly old school teachers here, we're hard-ass drill instructors. We won't kiss it and make it better, but we will turn you into an instrument of death, praying for war. Keep discussions civil. Even unica have differing opinions. Irate posts will get nuked fast. Discuss and argue points. Leave the ad hominem attacks for the Official forums. Finally, remember that we all play for fun. Some of us just prefer that we have our fun at the expense of the enemy team.
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    CHAI garage Mod!

    From a reputable source, all CHAI players are required to have this garage mod as a constant reminder of their mission. Can Pity confirm/deny ?
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    IOC_5 = IOC

    That's right fellow tonkers (except Relic), we've evolved all the way from lowly IOC_5 to IOC [Main]. Several changes will be coming down the pipes: Relic's days are no longer numbers. Relic's days are now however, numbered. SIMP, Vilin and D-O-S, your days are now numbers. Every new member to IOC will be credited enough gold to convert into credits, to equip all heavies with camo nets. I am declaring War on IOC_1 through whatever they have left now. I am declaring a state of emergency for my sanity. More to follow.
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    I love you all

    Like, a lot. Seriously though, I do. Happy late christmas and happy early new year. K bye
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    OP Shot Traps Guide

    If you like this post, make sure you like my YouTube video as well. It makes me as happy as other people agreeing with me on how OP the IS-4 is
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    I've finally lost it.

    This game has always held some fascination for me. The random battle system promised that no matter how bad this match was, next match could be a monster. It's the same impulse that makes people play slots or lotto. The same impulse that makes you try something you've previously failed. The same reason you keep cheering for a losing team. That eternal hope that the next attempt will be better. Today, I lost that. 8 matches into the night, I was sitting at over 4k average damage, over 2.5 kills per, and exactly 1 win. Also had an average of 7 players per team at or below 45%. At tier 10. Not newbs, people with 10, 15, 20 thousand games or more. Players who consciously accept that repeated mediocrity and failure are somehow fun. I loaded into battle number 9, and saw it all over again. A 37, a 40, and various other shades of red. The will completely left me. The mask of civility cracked. I had a Shan Yu moment, and the pubbies finally got to meet the man. I clearly stated my intent: to kill anyone under 45%. A pubbie challenged me to try, and thus became my target. His platoonmate tried to exact revenge, but 44 is as 44 does, so his shot missed. Mine did not. Two teammates down, and you know what? It felt fucking amazing. To all of the reds and yellows out there, wherever you are, I want you to know that I hate you. I have always hated you. The tolerance that I have shown you here and elsewhere was a sham. An image of how I thought one should act in public. Skin deep politesse, that I should have reserved for people who actually give a fuck about the real people who attempt to enjoy this game. It is a facade that I can no longer maintain. So if you don't see me in game, or on the forums, you know why. Much like a tired Barry Sanders, after a decade of trying to carry terrible Lions teams, my desire to not play has eclipsed my desire to play. Full chat, for any interested: Also, I finished that battle with 5 kills and over 4k damage, even after showing the pubs my true feelings. Because I'm Deus-fucking-mortis, and that's how I operate.
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    Fame Point and Clan Fame Point Math

    Final 3000th Fame Point Value 85914 Final 5000th Value 19561 Total Tanks Awarded 3000 Total Camo Awarded 5000 Last Update: End of the Campaign (12/16) History done on Google Spreadsheet now, less cluttered and easier to keep track of: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jS1HAtGD16Aj6muHmzK91NR_zZUVxMIsHYZ58Ml5MY8/edit?usp=sharing This is my reply to a question about fame points vs clan fame points, but since it goes into very specific mathematical detail I figured I'd make a topic out of it to help those who are bad@math but good@tanks, or to help newer clans/players who haven't fought in a campaign yet. Or of course, if you just can't read WG's poorly written rules that span 3 different pages for some reason... Set in a spoiler for length Total CLAN Fame points for this game for [sHIT]: The fame points for every member in the battle = 4719*15 = 70785 The fame points for capturing a convoy, +40000 = 110785 Total Clan Fame Points for [sHIT] for this match = 110,785 Total Clan Fame points for [GOOD] The 40k xp for capturing a convoy goes to the CLAN Fame points, and has no effect on PLAYER Fame points. The only effect the convoys have on PLAYER Fame points is if you beat a clan that has AT LEAST 1 convoy after the results of said battle. This is a x1.1 coefficient. Landing Mission fame points. These are a bit harder to calculate because you don't just have to fight in the battle, it accounts for your total contribution vs the clans total contribution. For Landing Missions, the clan is awarded the stated CFP (http://worldoftanks.com/content/third_campaign/3rd-campaign-regulations/#5-8) and then players are awarded the FP based on this formula: Total Fame Points Earned = (Fame points Awarded)*(Fame Points Earned)/(Clan PLAYER Fame Points Earned) Total Fame Points Earned = The Player Fame Points you get for having participated in the Clan's Landing Mission Fame Points Awarded = Specified here http://worldoftanks.com/content/third_campaign/3rd-campaign-regulations/#5-8 Fame Points Earned = ALL of the Player Fame Points you have earned from ALL battles since the beginning of the campaign or since finishing the last Landing mission Clan PLAYER Fame Points Earned = ALL of the Player Fame Points YOUR WHOLE CLAN has earned from ALL battles since the beginning of the campaign or since finishing the last Landing mission As an example for this, lets say that somehow you miraculously battle in EVERY battle your clan fights in, you will have X fame points, and your clan player total will be exactly X*15 fame points If you complete the largest Landing Missions (100,000 FP), you would get 100000*(X)/(15X) FP, this is the absolute best scenario and has almost no possibility of happening, but your Total Earned Fame points would be 6667 (Even if you have less than 15 players in your clan (or less than 15 contribute), and you somehow complete a Landing Mission, the total xp has a 1/15 cap. Second Stage Changes The second stage brings little change to the calculation of fame points from the first stage. The formula is as follows: Total Fame Points = (Total clan xp for battle/15)*(campaign stage coefficient)*(battle type coefficient)*(coefficient for Supremacy)*(coefficient for Offensive Reconnaissance)*(coefficient for Hall of Fame)*(Coefficient for Defiance) campaign stage coefficient: x1.5 for Stage 1 | x1.1 for Stage 2 | x1.0 for Stage 3 battle type coefficient: x1 for landing tournaments/riots NOT with owner | x5 for everything else coefficient for secondary missions: (all stages) Supremacy: x1.1 if you win and the opponent clan has MORE clan fame points than your clan (all stages) Offensive Reconnaissance: x1.5 if you win and this is the FIRST time your clan has won on this map (Malinovka, Ensk, etc./NOT Provinces) for any reason (landing battle/province battle/riot landing battle etc.) (stage 2) Hall of Fame: x1.1 for all battles inside a fortress (not including landing battles (Bridgeheads)) (stage 2) Defiance: x1.2 for all battles inside a fortress with the current owner of the citadel The stage 2 missions are the only changes for player fame points during stage 2 from stage 1. However, several changes were made to Clan Fame Points. During the second stage a clan is able to earn more fame points by battling inside of a fortress. For each approach province a clan gets a one time 100k, 200k, or 300k CFP bonus depending on fortress type, Bronze, Silver, and Gold respectively. The clan gets a x4 bonus applied to these once they own the citadel. Meaning if a clan can land on a fortress, fight through 1 approach province, take the citadel, and then while holding the citadel, capture the other 3 approach provinces, the clan will earn a total of 1300000, 2600000, or 3900000 CFP. This is based on the example given in the rules, where there are 4 approach provinces, until the second stage rolls around, and we see fortresses pop up, we won't know if some fortresses will have more than 4 approach provinces, which would mean an even greater potential CFP bonus per fortress. All of these bonuses are for Clan Fame Points only, the players will get no additional Fame Points. The Third Stage The G coefficient is the 3rd stage change. It adds a multiplier based on the number of provinces you have (minimum of 1 even if you have 0) vs. the number of provinces your opponent has (once again, minimum of 1 even if they have 0). This multiplier is tagged onto the end of the Fame Point equation the same way any of the other stage coefficients were.
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    Roadmap for new players

    So, I hear a lot of players say they regret their first xxxx games. Such regret is usually driven by the fact that they had a good old time during those games and thought little of winning/losing or the larger game as a whole. At extreme levels, it drives a player to "re-roll". Personally, I think getting to wound up over stats is counter-intuitive to game play in general, and I think re-rolls are silly, but I do understand why they happen. In order to avoid that tragic sequence of events, I thought I might lay out an informal "roadmap" for new players. The roadmap provides some insight and lessons from players who've gone through the process but hopefully doesn't ever quite squeeze all the fun out of tanks. Btw, obviously I can only speak from my own experience. Hopefully others will chime in here and I can incorporate additional tips into the roadmap. Here we go: Tier 1 Recommendations - First, have some fun. Go blow some shit up. Pretty much do anything that strikes you as fun, and interesting. Indulge your curiosity. - When that phase wears off, try the following: Count to ten before moving your tank once the battle starts. Your teammates are going to go off and make a big mess. Start trying to think as the cleaner. Tier 2 Recommendations - Try to stop using the spam cannons as soon as possible. You won't be able to completely avoid them, but in my opinion they form bad habits and the sooner you leave them behind the better. - Try a tank destroyer - Try an artillery - In general, try to get a sense of what kind of player you want to be. The only way to do that is to try all the options in tanks. When you start getting to higher tiers, it's probably better if you focus for a while. Personally, I recommend medium tanks because I believe they make learning flexing, situational awareness, and map knowledge essential, but it's up to you. Tank Recommendations: - I had a lot of fun with the Pz35t, but I recognize it might be a harder tank to drive. - All the american tanks are pretty good at tier 2 - BT2 for speed Tiers 3-4 Recommendations: - Start focusing on trying to live to see the end of matches - Start reviewing replays, especially in games where you die, and understand WHY you died and what you might have done to avoid it - Start looking for the important tactical locations on each map, for each tank type, and under varying situations. This includes the artillery "shadows". - Resist the temptation to buy a premium tank at this point - Depending on your economic situation, you can start experimenting with modules and equipment. Understand what each module does and how they should be used on different tank. Personally, I would avoid investing too many credits in modules and equipment at this point, but you should know what they do so you can avoid bad purchases. Tank Recommendations: - Marder II, even after the nerfs - T82, to learn the challenges of low velocity guns, and the joys of one shotting enemies - Chi-ha Tiers 4-5 Recommendations: - The crazy, free for alls of the lower tiers should start settling down and even the least aware players will probably understand generally where to go on most maps. It's time to start asking yourself: What do I think the enemy is going to do in this battle? Do this at the start of every match. See if you can anticipate them. - I would generally recommend avoiding scouts until you have a couple thousand games under your belt, they're just that hard to play well, but you should at least try one scout for a while. Maybe you're a scouting prodigy. I don't mean try the tier 5, end-game scouts. I mean the beginner scouts. - You should start trying to learn the weak points on tanks by this tier. - At this point, you should also understand crew skills, how to generally start a new crew, at what points to retrain, and what skills to use in which tank types Tank Recommendations: - M8A1 and T49. Lesson: stealth play with TDs. Highly recommended. - Grille and SU-26 for artillery - T28. Lesson: Fast, weak tank, with good gun. - T1 Heavy. Lessons: Hull down play, artillery avoidance. - T-50. Lessons: Fast scouts - AMX elc, M7. Lessons: Camoflage management, learning the idiosyncrasies of the sight model Tier 6 Recommendations: - Start joining some medium tank companies, even if you have to join bad ones. Even with the bad ones, you'll find the organized play teaches a lot of lessons, too many to list here. - You may start to feel that you're getting the hang of things, especially if you've managed a win rate > 50%. You may start to get clan invitations. You may have even received them earlier. My advice is to politely decline. Anyone who's going to invite you to a clan at this point is just dredging for numbers. As far as the social aspects of a clan, virtually any clan offers that. You'd be hard pressed to find a clan completely filled with assholes (this is where someone jumps in with an objection), so you want to make sure you're joining a clan that can teach you things. Basic rule of thumb: Don't join any clan where the field commanders or officers don't have tier 10s or aren't as good as you are. Tank Recommendations: - KV1s, OP for the tier - Hellcat - Cromwell. Lesson: Fast tank, weak gun. - VK36.01. Lesson: Trade off between the guns, premium rounds, economics. - AMX12t: Lesson: Autoloaders. Tier 7 Recommendations: - It's probably time to decide which tier 10 you'd like to get first. Unless you're heart is set on heavies, I would probably recommend the Soviet medium line, for the T54, and the T62a, which is, in my opinion, the most balanced, flexible tier 10 medium - If you are set on heavies, I'd recommend the T110e5, again for flexibility. - Warning: You're going to hit a bit of a wall in tier 7. The match making will generally see you fighting tier 8s and higher, money is going to start getting tight, and the grinds get longer. - You can start considering buying premium account time at this point. I would try to avoid it earlier than this unless money is not a concern. - You can start considering buying a premium tank at this point - By this point, you should know your tanks, their weaknesses and strengths, and the maps. Start looking for similarly skilled players to platoon with. Avoid the temptation of platooning too often with players of significantly greater skill that you. Being carried will boost your short term stats, but you'll also be able to avoid learning some important lessons and that's going to hurt later. - Start reviewing some of your replays to critique play, especially rounds where your damage < tank hit points. Tank Recommendations: - T29. Generally recognized as OP. Lessons: Hull-down play. Slow firing, slow moving heavy tanks. - T71. Lesson: Playing a fragile tank at high tiers. Autoloaders - Tiger P. Lesson: Playing a tank with strong armor. - SU-152: Lesson: Tanks with high alpha Tiers 8-9 Recommendations: - Start joining champ tank companies, whenever able. Again, the idea is the lessons you can learn about organized team play. Also, medium tank companies tend to be pretty narrowly focused in terms of tanks allowed. Champ TCs tend to be a bit more varied. - Consider a premium tank for credits. Recommendations: IS6, Lowe, SU-122-44 Tank Recommendations: - IS3. Generally considered OP. Lesson: Highly mobile heavies. Dealing with poor gun depression. - T69. Lesson: Managing magazine reloads in an autoloader. - AMX 13/90. Lesson: Managing magazine reloads in an autoloader. - T54. Considered OP. Lesson: Premium rounds and managing money. - Tiger II. Lesson: Slow heavies with high probability of fire - AMX 50/100. Lesson: Autloading heavies - WZ 120. Lesson: High alpha mediums. Tier 10 Recommendations: - You can begin considering clan invitations. Look for clans that are actively involved in clan wars and, ideally, are capable of holding some land and can field multiple teams. This is assuming that clan wars is something that interests you. - You can begin to seek out better players to platoon with. By this point you should not require a lot of hand holding and are able to recognize and absorb some of the subtleties that top players can show. Be polite and don't pester them. - Read the posts on the forums by purple players on tactical play, etc. - Join absolute companies, especially if not in a clan or participating in clan wars Tank Recommendations: - T62a - Batchat - T110e5 As you can see, the roadmap gets a little fuzzy after tier 7. The assumption is that, by that point, if you are serious about playing well, you should have most of the fundamentals down. All that should be missing is experience with higher tier tanks and play at higher tiers. You should be a thinking tanker at this point and, given that, a roadmap becomes less useful. Use your head. The roadmap clearly shows my lack of experience with artillery and tank destroyers, post-beta. Feel free to comment. I hope this roadmap helps newer players tune their game "adventure" without turning what's supposed to be an enjoyable pasttime into work. Edit: Updated to add elc and M7 to tier 5 recommendations, for learning camo and sight mechanics. Fixed Marder III.