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    Ah, some random internet dude says that COVID-19 is overblown and doesn't cause death by itself. His work, is (a) not peer-reviewed, (b) been criticized heavily (see links) and (c) discordant with the vast majority of published literature. For example, here. Once again: my medical degree trumps your google search. Now GTFO before I ban you for being an insufferable git spreading baseless conspiracy theories in the midst of a pandemic.
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    Post-1.9 Balance Changes

    Shhh, get out of here with your logic. that has no place in the WG balance department
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    Isn't that along a similar line to saying it was the concussion / fireball that flattened Hiroshima, not the nuclear bomb. footnote, What are you trying to achieve by pushing the "This isn't as serious as everyone is saying line."
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    All life ends in death. If people always die at the end, why not abort them before they are born?
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    Wonder if there's a correlation between support for current government from older citizens and the country's response.
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    I think we need to take a moment to appreciate the absolutely radical, extreme reverse-powercreep that we are witnessing with the KV-1S. First it was hiding in the shadow of its absolutely terrifying, crushing, monstrously powerful counterpart; the tier 6 KV-3 Then the KV-3 got moved up a tier, and the KV-1S stood shoulder to shoulder with the M18 Hellcat as being one of the most overpowered tanks in the entire game, a tier 7.5 medium masquerading as a tier 6 heavy. Then it was booted down to tier 5 where it has been resting as a completely solid, competent but balanced tier 5 heavy. Now its getting booted back up to being a tier 6 heavy and its absolutely horrendous. Easily the worst tier 6 heavy in the game. All the Wehraboos are whining about how bad the VK. 30.01P is going to be rebranded as a tier 6 heavy; its still going to be way better than this. Its like if you took an M6 heavy and.... made practically everything worse. Its armor only works against tier 4 mediums and the gun would be unimpressive even on a tier 5 heavy. Its so bad its actually funny.
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    @FlorbFnarb heres the math: http://gabgoh.github.io/COVID/index.html
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    Post-1.9 Balance Changes

    Can't they just look at lower tiers than t10 and notice tanks there have more weakspots and those tiers actually work?
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    i wonder if the is4 is 3markable below 50 games on patchday
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    Diriz0n's Forum Promotion

    Having only been relatively recently exposed to his levels of retardation I am going for 00000000000000 as a suitable expression of my shock and disgust
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    sr360's Non-potato games

    A Skoda T27 ace, and more T-34-85M goodness
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    Strv K (T9 Swedish HT)

    Seems very agile th0ugh. The tank will just ab0ut never get flanked unless 0utnumbered Has m0re HP/T than T10, and absurdly better track traverse that st0mps even fast heavy tanks like AMX50B. Turret traverse is als0 like a medium tank. We d0 n0t kn0w the terrain resistances yet, but if we can expect s0mething estimate-able such as the rest 0f the Emils like 1.15/1.25/2.01 it basically is a medium tank. generic things that lend t0 decent supp0rting r0les like VR, -GD are there t00.
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    Strv K (T9 Swedish HT)

    Kran van hull. N0t Emill ll. The arm0ur is 90/70, n0t 80/60. Als0, Emill ll has a pike shape, with sec0nd step ''sh0ulder pads'' like 0bj 430. Kran van d0esn't, and with the visuals pr0vided s0 far, l00ks certainly like Kran and n0t Emill ll. I am n0t sure if it is g0ing t0 have the Caern ''Centuri0n'' turret, 0r the Centuri0n turret 0n Cent7/1. 7/1 has a much better gun mantlet.
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