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    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    This is a topic instead of an update simply because there isn't a thread on it yet and sharing information could be good on these mechanics so was thinking that it could be a general thread for this mechanic in particular. I don't actually have anything of value to share besides some trivia on how they coded it. I was watching Niall play the EBR, and if you activate the boost mode mid-air your speedometer increases but you don't actually accelerate. Obviously you shouldn't, but it does mean that they used IRL mechanics of a speedometer similar to cars where your speedometer is linked to your tire rotation, and that the km/h increase is because the tires don't have resistance during flight so they simply rotate faster. Also, boost on aggressive slopes and you'll easily clear 50m in air, you can make it from the Glacier ship into the water on the south side which is over a 150m jump to clear. This is absolutely ridiculous. At range these tanks also move too fast that to hit a shot with a slow shell velocity (E 100, FV4005 and so on) in x8 sniper mode your turret either moves too slowly, your bloom resets because of how aggressively forward you have to aim to lead, or you have to aim in x4 because your lead has to be so much that you can't actually see the tank in x8, and close up your turret rotation doesn't hold up to catch them. More gamebreaks, at least you make arty players quit arty by yoloing them into quitting the class altogether since nobody'll be able to hit you for shit. On test server I've made it to arty alive and killed it without the enemy being able to shoot me while driving straight through them all with some minor turns. There's also supposed rumours (have yet to see any myself though) that using this to boost yourself on top of buildings can break the game and make you clip into them xD 1.4 will be the patch that kills the last shred of competitiveness the game had you get stupid stuff like this, on the brightside doing races on maps and trying to do certain flips is kinda fun, but this is game is not WoT anymore when these tanks come into the game
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    It only took them 7 years
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    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    Sadly these will be the yolo scouts that pubbies have always dreamed of. Actual scouting is far too difficult for the bulk of the player base. WG’s willingness to completely break their own game needs to be commended. What little structure that exists in random battles is gone as long as one of these borderline untrackable things can yolo run through at 105kph. But the TD and arty players tears...
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    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    This is what I've been worried about, and why I was surprised when they decided to actually introduce wheeled vehicles to WoT. I used to imagine they'd save them for another game. Vehicles that move this fast break the fundamental pace of this game. They don't belong. I'm kind of hoping this will be true. Otherwise it seems like some of these vehicles will be cancer.
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    dark mode yet

    dark mode yet
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    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    First iteration to get the hype going. Just before release WG will probably nerf them just like the Swedish heavies.
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    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    outside of the ridiculous boost potential the tiers 7-9 seem relativity balanced. Another case of the Italians IMO where they will only be good in the hands of a knowledgeable player. the tier 10 is another topic of discussion though. While the rest of the tanks fully kitted can only reach around 400-420 VR, the tier 10 can reach 445 by normal means and higher with bonded eq and directives. this is concerning because it contradicts WG's statement of these not flat out replacing lights: with the EBR having the speed, camo/camo bonus, and decent gun (HE memes as well) and also good VR with a good crew? i think it comes real close to crossing the line of that statement...... still the tanks are loads of fun tho
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    Well, if it's any consolation for you, you`ll get decent pen, as well as decent DPM and shell velocity once that grind is finished. The tank will remain derpy as hell though. Accuracy is a meaningless statistic.
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    Your first mistake was to return
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    Interesting bit of news... http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/25886/russia-just-imported-more-world-war-ii-era-t-34-tanks-than-they-will-buy-new-t-14s-this-year
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    Patch 1.4 Notes - Supertest 1st Iteration

    Wot has been multithreaded since 9.14. 9.14 The sound engine was split off to its own thread. 9.15 The Sound, Graphics, and Game engines have their own threads. AMD CPUs, especially the older FX 6 and 8 core CPUs got a huge boost in performance. 1.0 The game used at least 4 threads if you have at least 4 cores or 2 cores with hyperthreading. 1.4 the graphics engine uses more than one thread and the rest of the multithreading was improved further.
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    Played a few battles in the tier 10 french wheeled one and got 3 battles where they were only 2 lights of this kind (one of them was me) and in this matchup (+open map, malinovka + prokhorovka) it is just indescribable. I mean I did 7k combined (3k+4k spot) doing nothing just going and rolling around with 100km/h and occasionally push the X button to aim. It will be very annoying to play against, similar to fight against a tier 8 elc amx which (in my opinion) is already painful when that little spot runs around and if you play a slower tank or your turret cant turn that fast you literally can't do anything. Watched Dakillzor play 5k games also with him circling and shooting 277s, 140, batchats and is7's from a distance or just running around for minutes - they could'nt do a thing. Definitely going to be a thing in advances and cw's too, probably the next predecessor to the t100lt. Also, in randoms it can just roll into the enemy base and spot the entirety of the enemy team and they can't even hit it once (happened when I was in a e4 and he just rolled into our base 20 seconds into the battle and then ran away spotting 10+ tanks). The problem will not be its bad viewrange but the ludicrous speed and acceleration. I feared this update because of these new vehicles and I think they will be just another nail in the game's coffin. When they implement (if they are) the premium ammo nerfs - and they will not nerf the superheavies so you just can't pen them but they can hit you back - the game will be dead as it is. So sad.
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    Certainly the only reason the AspX is currently the king of deep core miners is the surface deposit/abrasion blaster feature/bug, where every blaster that hits a surface deposit generates a separate chunk. The Clipper/Python/Krait all have larger cargo capacity and more self-defense ability, but the AspX can generate chunks much faster, and currently makes more %%%/hour. The rest of them have such wide hardpoint placement you can at best get 1 or 2 chunks from each surface deposit, while the AspX regularly gets 4/5 chunks if you put enough abrasion blasters on it. Once Frontier changes that, the AspX's only advantage will be price; it will no longer be the ideal miner. I agree regarding space, but when mining in or near the Bubble, you don't have to have a fuel scoop. AspX has a Class 5 fuel tank and fairly low weight, so it runs quite a long while on a single tank, especially if you're sensible about how long your jumps are. I only run 2 limpets at a time - I reserve the Class 6 spot and a Class 5 for cargo, and so my collectors only run two at a time. I'm not having any problem getting 4/5 hits regularly. I never managed to get more than two, maybe three if I got lucky with the Python. Once Frontier changes things I'll probably mine with the Python just for the cargo capacity and self-defense ability.
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    WoTLabs TeamSpeak and In-Game Channel

    Hey guys, just an FYI. You can now connect to the WoTLabs TS without the port number, just typing in ts.wotlabs.net
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    I should add that I prefer Python over Clipper or AspE? You can always do a Cutter. There are few more points aside from landing pad issue. Although less agile (particularly yaw) and slower than AspE, it has 17 MLF so it wont get mass locked by pirate, if they spawn a conda just outrun it. Having 3 Class 6 means equally as much cargo as a Clipper at 196, stock 130 limpets meaning you can do lesser restock as not all outpost has it. Another perk is 2 Class 5 internals (Clipper has non, AspE probably spare for cargo rack), you certainly want a single 5A collector limpet because dual 3As only add 1 more active limpet at a cost of a slot, so the spare Class 5 will be the all important Fuel scoop, which you will be so glad you have brought it. Out of the three, Python have the best shield modifier, with 3 boosters it will achieve 299MJ with a 3A shield while Clipper only has 202MJ (269MJ even with a 4A), AspE only has a 181MJ (333 with 5A). Might not seem a lot, but when 3 collector limpets hit you they can take away a ring if not more, let alone 4 if you run dual 3As Last thing is hardpoint, Seismic launcher is a Class 2 (or M), Abrasion blaster is a Class 1, in order for the bug to work you need to align the surface so all your blasters hit at the same time. Annoyingly for AspE, the Class 2s are aligned with Class 1s as the bottom, whereas the upper Class 1s are slightly further back, therefore trying to get all 4 blasters to hit at the same time requires more micro adjustment (also range), you cant only swap one Class 2 as blasters because either one has to be Seismic launcher. So for most of the time you will only get two blasters aligned to bug yourself double. As for Clipper, aligning shots require longer range shooting as a result of further apart hardpoints, similar issue if you run a Cutter. Python's Class 2s are relatively close, even at 500m range the shots are close enough to trigger the bug. Maybe you prefer not to bug, then I think having two Class 3 Beam lasers to cheese smaller pirates are definitely more preferable than having two Class 1 weapons. By the way, Down to earth astronomy (D2EA)'s tutorial is definitely helpful.
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    ASIA server as it turns out is the superior server.
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    >implying an M53/55 player has any sort of valid opinion on what is and isn't a fail platoon
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    New US Prem tank destroyer the TS5

    Okay, what we have here is an absolutely fucking idiotic design. I can already tell that this is going to be absolutely awful to play, more so than other slow as fuck turretless TD: 0.44 accuracy, wtf? It's only 0.04 more than SU-152 derp. It can't even play mid ranges properly, let alone snipe. It's turretless and slow, which always sucks ass. Ridiculous casemate armor and apparently has a LFP weakspot makes me think it plays like tier 8 E3...or it's supposed to play like that. ...yet it has -5 gun depression (wtf) It has 400 alpha which isnt very good but it has ridiculous DPM. So how the fuck will this thing play? It has no turret, it's slow, it can't even outtrade a lot of heavies because of alpha and it has LFP weakspot (or well, supposed to have). Fighting up close, which is what this thing is supposed to do (apparently) is going to be so wonky with this thing. T95 and E3 can, because of 750 alpha, and T28 can also do it to an extend because of it's weakspots being small. So one would think that you play this thing like E3 (or more accurately, like Badger), aka sit in a ridgeline, use your casemate armor and good firepower. Thing is, problem with Badger is that it will shoot once and it's target will never push it after that. E3 at least has alpha. This thing is like Badger...but with -5 gun dep, so you also need extremely specific positioning, and then you have this fucking abysmal accuracy stat. The accuracy means it can't use DPM from middle ranges unless RNG favors you, and slow, casemated platform with LFP weakspot means it can't use it up close either unless it can actually push a tank head on. And it's obviously a terrible sniper, not to mention it's taller than T28 which would imply that it has shit camo. Ridiculous. And this is without taking into account the fact that it's a tier 8 that will meet a lot of tier 10s and the moment it does it's completely fucking useless. It can't brawl, it can't snipe, it's just stupid. Oh and to add extra idiotic thing to the mix, it has extended sprockets like T28 so you cant even permatrack and damage it. So it's a slow as fuck casemate TD with gun that has abysmal accuracy for 400 alpha but minmaxed DPM so it's situationally strong but only with RNG, that also has -5 gun depression, probably bad gun arc and shit. It takes the classic "unfun to play, unfun to play against" to whole fucking new level. How the fuck is this thing supposed to be enjoyable to play? And this is coming from a mongol who enjoys superheavies and 3 marked the TOG. They literally just slapped random stats and called it a day. They already did that with the IS-3A, looks like thats the direction with new prems.
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    Official forums are that way, take your shitpoasts there.
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    Marine's Simple Replays

    Thanks for the Italian replays. I'm grinding through now and really enjoying them.
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    Basic Equipment layouts

    Current 1/6/19 A basic explanation of Equipment! and obviously, the "Improved Equipment" for bonds is way better. Directives are useful but a one off boost. Unless you play Tier X a lot and earn more than 1 a match, its almost a waste. Run Food instead. Got a tank and you can't decide what to run on it? check out http://www.vbaddict.net/tankstatistics/overall and find your tank on the list and then check out the Equipment tab (its right next to the crew skills tab also mentioned by me ) Gun Laying Drive vs Vertical Stabilizer Always always always Vert stab. 20% against ALL movement penalties. This means smaller bloom on turret moving, smaller bloom on hull rotation, smaller bloom on the move, Smaller chance of a miss overall. If you aren't running a Vert stab, it should be that you can't equip one. ALL scouts/lights can carry a Vstab now so there's no excuse. why start at 1.7x when you can start at 1.27x? It's a much tighter reticle and you still beat the GLD to minimum bloom by .3 sec? Obviously both are best but Rammer - Vstab - Optics are the Trifecta. Gun Laying Drive 10% faster aim in! Generally only useful for snipers and arty. To be used only if a Vstab isn't available AND you are planning to playing a non-peek-a-boom style. Generally not for heavies but sometimes, its what's there. Binocs vs Coated optics. Optics over binocs. simple. The sole practical advantage that bincos have is the free swap out. Bincos give you +25% while stationary for 3 seconds, Optics gives you +10% always. Why optics? because unless you are a TD/SPG/stationary tank with a decent spotting range doing you own spots (like you solo holding a side), you aren't going to be sitting still for very long and if you are like most TD's (not the UDES and above), you are going to have to shift your hull occasionally for shots, which breaks the bonus. Your 'on the move' spotting is the spotting that counts the most in almost every game situation. Whether on initial deployment, or you vs 3 of them in a last stand, chances are you will not be sitting still for long no matter what. The extra 30 yards of spotting on the move can save your life. TL;DR: Binocs when Kemp Boosh! Vents +5% to all crew skills. Only for closed top turrets sadly, but this does stack with BIA and food! Due to the math, it gets figured in as a 2.2% overall increase in direct skill efficiency. (not to be sneezed at!) Gun Rammer 10% faster shell loading times. sadly not for autoloaders. Does what it says on the box . more pew pew, always a good idea! Generally a #1 slot pick Now, class specific equip loads and uses: Heavies! Vstab/GLD - Rammer - Vents. Optics are less a concern here but they have their place in high base VR heavies (T-10, etc) Mediums Vents - Rammer - Optics. This is less a rule of thumb than the other classes. Meds are a widely varied class and the equipment needed varies between vstab/rammer/optics and gld/vents/rammer and can even vary from gun to gun on a single tank. (This still holds true for the Itallian auto-reloaders) TDs GLD - Rammer - Vents/binocs (especially for the swede TDs) Lights/scouts Rammer (or vents) - Optics - VStab (for autoloaders or single shot) Vents - Optics/Binocs - camo net (for certain personal missions) SPGs GLD - Rammer - Camo net.... Chemo therapy.... (I kid, I kid) Binocs are a viable option on this class in certain SPGs with good base VR and the potential for clutch shots (like Clan wars) It's worth pointing out that if you are self spotting a target, even if it was initially spotted by someone else, will help to maximize your Exp. Since radio spotting for your dmg splits the EXP between you and the spotter. If you can see it "yourself" you get more exp for hurting it.
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    Never™ is about as credible as Soon™
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    E25 will never be on sale ever. Mutant will never be on sale ever. VKK and 907 will never...
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    I'm playing T49 so I don’t get it
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    Facepalm - winter edition

    WG Logic: Hey we power creeped everything so Defender is balanced now