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    Equipment 2.0 Builds

    In maps with little to no foliage, LNES > CVS. LNES is applied first into the total tank camo and then CVS works against that new value. So when CVS is fighting against a LNES user and assuming that both users have them in the bonus slot in open spotting scenarios - a 12.5% reduction to moving camo vs +8% camo. You can do the calculations directly and find that the LNES user has a 7% camo advantage (0.875*8 = 7). This translates to anywhere between 30~40m of spotting advantage for the LNES user. This works differently when foliage is taken into account because you need to know the total camo before doing spotting range calculations.
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    What (not) to buy

    ST-II is dogshit and abandons everything that makes the tier 8/9 enjoyable (decent speed/turret/pen). it has one gimmick and thats the double shot alpha PZ.VII is a shitty VKK Foch B is a one trick pony that gets to sometimes clip things but then usually dies for it. AMX M4 is trash, never understood how they fucked this one up so bad coming from the tier 9. Low HP, weak turret face, weak shoulders (no side scraping), and the only gun worth using is the big gun in which case ur pen is bad. 4005 got nerfed pretty hard, it can still shit on people i guess because alpha/hesh lmao. but its not very enjoyable to play and the FV 183 is better CS-63 is a very mediocre medium with a situational gimmick as its selling point. play the Leo 1 instead which is basically just better in every way. ive personally never had an issue with the badger, i mostly just play aggro and tend to pull good games. (avg dpg is 3700). i guess i can understand why some dont like it, its armor while not bad isnt as immune as say an E3's nor does it have fuck you TD pen. but overall ive always managed to make it work.
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    Now that I'm back I really want to find time to update this, but it's a bit of an undertaking & I would feel a lot more confident about doing it with a unicum that could give input. I could also just post them here as I make them & gather some feedback that way. Either way it's going to be pretty slow, but Okeano did a pretty nice job with this and it deserves some TLC. I'm just stretched a bit thin right now so commitment to rewriting this entirely solo is probably not a great idea.
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    just gonna... uwu

    just gonna... uwu
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    What (not) to buy

    For what it's worth: Buy: 1. 60TP - it's an armoured heavy with 750 alpha so you'll probably like it. Seems like your type of tank. 2. STB - as you said, the rebalance has made it arguably one of the best tier 10 mediums in the game currently. I don't have one, but it seems strong these days so it's probably worth a try given you've not played it in a long time. 3. 277 - it feels like a side-grade compared to the T-10 because in-tier it is not quite as good, but it's still a solid fast heavium with a pretty darned good gun so can be fun. Don't Buy: 1. FV4005 - because fuck that tank.
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    What (not) to buy

    The Object 277 and WZ-111-5a are both competitive in pubs and are viable CW tanks. I have both, and the 277 is probably better because it is faster and has no real turret weakspots. The STB 1 is the poster child of "balance by gimmick". It has impressive paper DPM, good on paper turret armor, and is somewhere in the middle of the pack as far as speed goes. It also has a patented super annoying suspension gimmick , its gun functions like a slingshot, and the turret armor isn't great once people start shooting gold at it. It is one of the strongest tech tree medium tanks, its just also powered by gimmicks and frustration these days. The Shitbarn is a bad joke, but the punch line is killing tier 9 medium tanks in 1 hit. As for the tanks to avoid the foch B is the inferior foch. Both Swedish tanks on the list have derpy guns with bad premium pen, so in today's meta they just are not that good.
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    tanks.gg added equipment!

    tanks.gg added equipment!
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    Purchased: The Object 140 successfully purchased. Spent credits: 4,270,000. only took 7 years time to not play it
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    Equipment 2.0 Builds

    Technically im the slow-slug expert
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    CS 52 LIS (Fox)

    this tank has 252 base pen change my mind
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    This is the first non-spambot thread I need to lock since.. 2015? Ah, nostalic.
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    Hey guys. So as title says I'm not that good. 1500 wn8 is my absolute max in t8-t10 50% wr. I got so tired of my bad performance that I dropped down to t5-6 where I suddenly get 60wr and 3k wn8. I feel so lost and passive in high tiers but in low I totally feel when and how to shoot push and snapshoot. At least that's how I feel. Is this difference normal? And how can I fix it. I have thought about the early damage. It's like in high tiers I completely forget that and when I go to my "usual" spots that works in low I get punished in high for 80% of my hp. Which just makes me want to afk. I am so frustrated in high tiers for not even being able to do my own hp in dmg. Nowadays I feel like 2k dmg in my 907 is a good game...... You get the issue. And just want to add, I've never had much more fun than when I play low tiers in wot since I started playing back in 2011, should I just say bye bye high tiers and actually just have fun in low? My inner warrior spirit wants high tiers. But it just makes me hate the game atm. Please help
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    You're probably in a similar position to where I was about 2-3 years ago so I am speaking from personal experience. Here a few things I did. Critique your gameplay. Harshly if you have to. I did this mostly in battle, but the best players will often watch their own replays to figure out even the smallest mistakes. Look for the big stuff first. Where things went wrong. When you lost HP for no good reason. When and where you die. Look for consistent factors over multiple battles. Never blame your teammates for consistent mistakes. You are the only constant factor over any significant number of battles. Accepting this now will help you grow as a player. Shitty teammates cost you games, but not enough to make a dent in your win8/winrate over thousands of battles. Play for fun. I know this is pretty typical, but most players play worse when they are angry. Angry players tend to play more aggressively, take bigger risks, and generally make easily punishable mistakes. If you're mad at tanks, take a break. Try 3 marking a tank. 3 Marking isn't just something unicums do. It is an excellent learning experience. 3 marking teaches you consistency so get out your favorite tank and push yourself in it. Get out of your comfort zone. Kinda the opposite of above, play tanks you are not super comfortable in. If tier 9 or 10 isn't your thing, try it. You may find a tank you love and you will learn a lot by playing in tanks that push your limits. Ammunition choices. Shoot ammunition that will work. If you see a superheavy, shoot gold at it. Don't waste your time trying to hit the hatch on top of a type 5 when you can press the 2 key and go right through the front. Glass TD asking for a paddling? Hit that sucker with HE and get some extra damage. Shooting the right shell at the right time will greatly improve your damage per game. Learn armor models. some tanks have really easy to exploit weaknesses or complete BS armor schemes. Tanks.gg is a great resource to learn armor models and compare stats of tanks. Finally be patient. It takes time to improve. This is a lot of what I did. It took years to drag my stats out of the green and into the cyan/teal zone, but it isn't impossible. The first 10k battles I played I was a red shitter, but now I can play at a sub-unicum level with enough coffee or alcohol. If you're into watching livestreams, there are a couple of really good threads on good streamers to watch and @kolni (a washed out WoT god) recently started streaming.
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    Gee, it's almost like you haven't been reading what Rexxie and I have been writing.
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    You are not arguing against the fact we are purples; our defense is not "we're four times a good as you, so your opinion doesn't mean jack". Our defense is that, statistically, you are wrong. I don't give a shit that you're a yellow or that I'm a purple. Please head over to vbaddict's or wot-news' "tank" list and check out what it has to say about scouts. It tells me that scouts are worse that any other class save slot machines. Logic tells me that if you are the least influential class, you are the most irrelevant class. I don't see what else there is to say on the matter, as it seems really hard to argue against hundreds of thousands of matches worth of data. If you want to try to do it, godspeed. I'm just under the impression that all that's going to happens is that you'll move the goalposts around.
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    First of all, it's WN8, not WIN8. If you're going to argue about it, at least call it by its correct name. Secondly, are you seriously arguing with better scout players than you about the value of scouts? You haven't played an LT over tier 6 and yet that makes you qualified to comment about them? And lastly, when did ANYONE bring up WN8 prior to you. As for that fantasy scenario you've constructed, it sounds pretty in theory, but it breaks down in practice. The STATS (and if you had read Rexxie and my rebuttals, you'd know we're talking about more than WN8) support that assertion. Stop spouting horseshit.
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    Imagining Rexxie's posts in his voice = cuteness overload fainting On a serious note, I'm assuming you guys are talking about tanks that are pretty much dedicated entirely to being a scout, IE many light tanks, rather than just a tank that *can* scout but can very easily do other things, such as the batchat or other fast mediums?
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    It's actually statistically verifiable; light tanks are impotent. Most of their "power" comes from the fact that they are matched up against other scouts. Among other things, this allows a poor player to basically bench themselves by ensuring that the enemy team has an equally useless player on the other side. It's always best to have your worst players be in scouts (and artillery), since what they actually do in a match is mostly irrelevant. It's also logical that any kind of "where to go" guide for scouts would be poor, given their fluid positioning. Any real map guide for scouts would instead have a list of spots and what they're used for, not "go here, and not here" like Okeano's does.
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    Nope! El Halluf is almost entirely just the brawl. No one else matters, you just need a guy or two elsewhere to dissuade people from rushing into the base and attempting an arty raid or backcap. You will almost never see a team win the brawl and then lose the match afterward. These guides are not for scouts at all, mostly because scouts are entirely irrelevant vehicles.
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    Equipment 2.0 Builds

    i still find this overly amusing
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    Sometimes horseshit sounds like truth. Granted. But other times, Scout light the map and people pay attention and it makes the difference between winning and losing. If proper tactics are being employed, then scouts matter. I know some of you unicorns are so jaded about pubbie games that you can't see beyond the notion that "all pub matches are chaos". But that's not always the case and it's certainly not the case in any kind of organized team play.
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    I agree with your 2nd paragraph to some extent. Scout movement is very fluid and writing a map guide can be very difficult. Though I don't quite understand how the value of an excellent scout player escapes you. All I can imagine is that you fail to see statistical value in anything but what feeds Win8. I think Win8 is an excellent measure for Heavy Tanks, TD's, and Artillery. Even mediums to a large extent. So - if you're living purely by the 80/20 rule of Win8, it makes a certain horse sense to push it. But the fact remains that good scouting can turn it around. I've seen it happen repeatedly.
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