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    Major Server Migration Completed

    Hello! As many of you probably saw, we had a big server migration recently. Here's the low down of what happened: As I have disclosed in a couple of posts, the database server ran into an issue where it ran completely out of space. The biggest problem was that the database engine we were using kept all the data in a single file, and that file could never be shrunk even if you deleted older records. This caused that file to grow bigger and bigger and bigger over time, until it took up all of the considerable space on that server (1.5TB). When there was no more space left, the database server would crash and the website would go down. Fortunately, I managed to work with DigitalOcean to secure a great virtual server which meets all the needs of the database and the website in a single server. This is a 12-core, 48GB RAM server with 1TB of SSD space. The next step was transferring all the data over. This took the longest time. All in all, the database totalled around 5 billion records, and after removing the inflated space from the database engine, clocked in at around 500GB. It took 3 days to transfer and import all the records into the new server, which now runs the latest versions of PHP and MySQL for better performance, plus it lets me clean up old records that aren't used anymore in order to reduce disk space, meaning there will always be space available. Not only that, but as the website and the database are now on the same server, there is no more issue with the firewall tables getting reset, a problem which, despite a LOT of research, I couldn't actually fix. This was one of the biggest causes of the downtime in the past, as the database server started refusing connections from the website server at random. All in all, you can expect WoTLabs to be MUCH more stable from now on. Thanks everyone for all the support!
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    I give up... (after 8 years)

    Hello all, After 8 years of wot, i give up. I started playing wot during the closed beta in augustus 2010 (so almost 8 years ago) and while i was often mad, the core of the game was so good, that all the small things WG did for the good or bad didnt change that much. The overall direction the game was goiing was also good so slowly the game grew more and more on me. This was the game i always wanted: tanks fighting tanks, without all the other lame ass crap** (except arty, arty was, is and will always be c****r) All i wanted (and did) was bashing random bobs in randoms while platooning with stronk pleyers. Hence i have been in 322 / 247/ FAME / 322 for 6 years, not for worthless cw trash, but for stronk plutons. Over the years WG showed the amazing abibility to: Make the worst maps in gaming history and despite rewoking some 4 times (cough *komarin* cough) still failing in making them playable Too retarded to fix the elephant in the room that killed the game as a whole (arty) Total lack of foresight when adding things you cant undo (tier 10 TDs and later on arty and light tanks) Toss in the fact the only person in the whole company with both common sense and real power was siderailed (our lord and saviour ) And the game never mananged to live up to its full potential. OP tanks were originaly always nerfhammered, to keep the average the average, and most ridiculous forum suggestion where ignored, and when they didnt ignore it, like gold ammo for credits, it lead to a shit show, which ofc took a year to fix (m4 sherman with 150 pen and 350 dmg anyone? etc etc etc. However despite all of it, the game roughly stayed the same: The real problems, gold ammo and arty got ignored OP tanks dont get fixed fast small all round improvements Yet, the past 2 years, it started to change. the core strengths of the game got slowly ditched: The menus / garage where updated, making it a cluster fuck of chaos, instead of a clear easy to read menu for missions (which the game always had!), the menu became worthless, i simply stopped following missions, too much work / clutter Historical accuracy got ditched, leading to fantasy tanks and bs armour models new OP tanks dont get nerfed, insead old models got buffed, leading to powercreep Due to the above, all tanks slowly become the same, they all got dpm and gun depression buffs, all tanks started losing weakspots The real changes, which would have totally revived the game, sandbox, never happened, while heavy tanks got better, they did it by buffing them, not by nerfing what makes them crap in the first place (gold ammo!! and arty) Toss in the awefull map reworks, and a physics patch which makes driving TDs a pain and the game went for me downhill fast and as cherry on the top, still tons of arty to ruin your game. The game is now back to square 1: camp 2 win, and you try? you die! It was fun the all the time i lasted, i think i never played a game longer as i played this one, but the game simply turned to shit because WG was unwilling to remove arty in 2012 and reduce dmg of gold ammo 20% in 2013. And now the player numbers slowly start to fall, ``forcing`` WG to milk the playerbase for as long as they can, ruining the game entirely (see all the new russian super tanks) I always said the only company capable of killing wot is WG, and for me they succeeded, after playing daily/ weekly from august 2010 till jan 2018, having 6 years of non stop prem account and playing more as 50.0000 games during those years, WG managed to make me basically quit. (i do have enough credits to keep playing for ever, but i probably wont even bother) Imo its a shame WG fucked the game up so hard, but so be it, i still got 6 months of prem left, so gonna play a bit. ps: perhaps the gold ammo changes + inevitable rebalance that will follow 3 months later will magically improve everything, but i somehow doubt that, ever since Serb left, WG never had the balls to really change something, they always backpeddled like coward weaklings... Wotlabs is also almost dead, so thats why i made a topic GehakteMolen, the biggest arty hater to ever play ps: something that always bothered me: unlike all the wannabe arty haters, my arty hate knows no limits** there are only 2 players who hate it as much as i do, everybody else i just pretending to hate arty. I never defend(ed) arty from scouts rushing in nor protect them in anyway way or shape, and the only reason i dont mass tk them is due to the ban system, anyone who helps arty win a game is a traitor for the good cause: trying to ruin the game for arty. All arty deserves is curses and friendly fire, they are the scrouge of this game and the reason everything is the way it is (open maps not working , heavy tanks badly balanced, TDs they way they are and so on and on). I also never platooned with arty (for 2 players i made and exception) and never told them gg or anything other positive (i thinkg, perhaps i made a mistake) what i always did do was report them for unfair play, untill WG disabled that feature, due to unicums getting falsly reported aswell.
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    This review is originally done for official forums and Reddit. While Wotlabs community is sadly dying, I am still loyal to this place, especially considering that my reviews and their formats originated from here . So I'll bring you the review here, as well. I copy pasted it from forums with some minor changes, so if the format seems crappy, let me know. Anyway, you kurwas, enjoy! The Polish line review Siema PL!!!!11 Since the Polish high-tiers were announced, my interest in this line immediately grew up. I adore high-alpha guns and slow, heavily armored tanks, especially if they look stupid and goofy. And that's exactly what the 60TP Lewandowskiego is. I already promised myself twice already that I would never make a "grind-marathon" like I did with Swedish HTs and French 2nd HT line back in 2016 and 2017, respectively. But I couldn't resist it. I had to get the tank ASAP and since I haven't done stuff regarding the "improved and expanded" Japanese tech tree in a long while either (although, slowly but surely I have been working on Japanese MT rework + 2nd MT line proposal, which is actually technically finished when it comes to all material, but there are things I want to improve and change on it. Don't expect it anytime soon in near future). Then test server came, I played more games in it than any other test server ever (this includes even the 9.10 test server that brought Japanese heavies). When patchday came, I grinded like a crazy. Literally non-stop. Ugh. I got the 60TP in Sunday - only 4 days after the patchday. I grinded all way from tier 5, although I did use free XP on modules and at one tank. And...here we are. Since there is going to a gigantic wall of text, a TL;DR is a reasonable option and I recommend to check that if you are not willing to sit and spend some time to read the review. Anyway, let's begin. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like I already said, I used quite a bit of a free XP on the grind. I skipped tier 1-4 entirely, skipped most of the stock grinds (only modules I grinded were the tracks of the tier 8 and turret + tracks of the tier 9) and skipped half of the tier 6 with free XP. However, other than that, I grinded the tanks without using free XP. I never played the tier 1-4, as lowtiers are well...lowtiers, I don't personally give a damn about them and generally haven't even featured them on some of my reviews, but I'll just say short impressions what I think about them when looking at their stats: 4TP: It's a tier 1. I can't even really rate it since tier 1 is such a mess and anyone has free XP to skip to tier 2, but it seems okay-ish for tier 1 so I guess it's something. 7TP: It has the biggest historical value of the line, but that's about it. Extremely generic overall, has pretty good alpha but pretty crap armor so autocannons will eat you from alive and it's not particularly mobile. It offers really nothing when it comes to gameplay so it's a pass. Weak armor without exceptionally good gun kinda hurts, though. 5/10 10TP: Much like the Chi-Ha. Has quite a bit better mobility but way worse gun (other than gun handling that is slightly better), worse view range and worse gun depression (although -12 is still great). It's playable, but it's mediocre at best. 5.5/10 14TP: Has two gun options - 40mm autocannon and 47mm single-shot. Don't use the 47mm, it's absolutely terrible - it's only a marginal improvement from the tier 3, which makes it just awful at tier 4. 40mm Pompom has good clip potential, but mediocre pen and awful aim time, especially compared to the Covenanter. In fact, this tank as whole is just a terrible Covenanter. Also the stock gun is absolutely abysmal - try to save free XP to skip past it. It has less than 40mm pen, at tier 4. Yes. 3.5/10 Basically lowtiers are bad and/or uninteresting so you can just skip through them if you want. You won't miss anything. 25TP KSUST II (tier V) First MT of the line, the 25TP is where the transition to later vehicles can be seen. It has good alpha damage, good gun depression angles and alright turret armor. It still has LT-like features such as high top speed, which gives it rather unusual combination of good top speed, high alpha damage and good penetration. Protection + Turret armor is surprisingly thick for it's tier. - Generally has no armor, hull is HE pennable - Awful HP pool like all non-premium tier 5 MTs. - Very large silhouette, easy to hit - Terrible camo for it's tier/class. Has around 10% base camo - which actually isn't that much better than Overall protection: 3/10 (very bad) Just like majority of tier 5 MTs, the survivability of the 25TP is awful. One mistake and you can die in seconds because of the low HP pool and lack of armor. Not just that, the 25TP is the longest of all tier 5 MTs and one of the tallest as well. Camo is also surprisingly bad for it's class. And while the 25TP has slightly above average armor for a tier 5 MT, it isn't enough to protect it from derps and arty (especially LeFH) pens, so it's easy to oneshot. Firepower + Above average alpha damage at 135. + Reasonably good penetration at 135 / 175. + Good shell velocity for a tier 5. + Great gun depression (-10) - Absolutely terrible aim time. - Bloom values are horrendous even for a tier 5. - Horrible gun elevation. Overall firepower: 6.5/10 (average) On paper, the gun seems really good. Good pen + good alpha, and the DPM isn't even that bad. It also gets good shell velocity and good premium rounds. Unfortunately, the gun handling is a gigantic let down. The aim time is abysmal, and the bloom is some of the worst in the entire tier. Since the 25TP is also very quick, the effective bloom is even worse. Combined with large size, the 25TP heavily struggles at close ranges because it takes far too long to aim your shot. By the time the you are fully aimed...you are most likely already dead. Because of this, the 25TP is forced to snipe most of the time. Fortunately, the gun isn't too awful at long ranges. However, while not bad, the base accuracy can be somewhat disappointing at long ranges. At least it has -10 gun depression, which nice. However, the gun elevation is +10, which is pretty awful. The gun is overall decent but a rather big disappointment because it seems very good on paper. Mobility + Very good top speed and reverse speed. + Great power to weight ratio, can hit +50 km/h on flat ground. + Excellent turret traverse speed. - Somewhat mediocre terrain resistances, which means that it will take quite long until the 25TP reaches the max speed. Overall mobility: 8/10 (very good) Mobility is great, among the best in class and very much like the T-34. It can reach positions very quickly, and relocate very effectively. It does have rather lacking terrain resistances so it still somewhat struggles to reach the top speed, though. However, going 50 km/h rather consistently makes it still more mobile than most mediums in the tier. Other - ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS STOCK GRIND - you need to gather 10k XP on almost unplayable configuration. Stock gun is the 40 mm autocannon with 52 mm AP penetration and 84 mm APCR penetration. Your premium round is worse than standard round of the Matilda IV and you see tier 7s. And you have to get tracks, turret AND then the 7.5cm to make the tank even remotely playable. And you need to grind almost 10k XP in that configuration. Nice meme. Equipment, crewskills, etc. Rammer + Vents + Binocs Rammer and Vents to boost gun stats, Binocs because the view range is lacking just like most other tier 5s, so running Optics is generally not optimal. 25TP is rather campy, anyway, so Binocs work just fine. GLD is a valid option over Vents, but generally the all around minor buff is more useful than aim time buff. You should get Sixth Sense ASAP, as the 25TP has poor HP pool so you WANT to know when you get spotted. Camo is also useful considering you are often sniping and it makes the crappy camo a bit less unbearable. Smooth Drive, Snapshot and BiA can make the godawful gun handling slightly less unbearable. How to play it I initially thought that you can play this tank aggressively - rush into ridgeline, poke and slap people for 135. However, I was wrong. The 25TP has simply too awful gun handling to this, and the durability is not good enough - you die far too easily because of the HP pool and huge size. Not to mention that while the alpha is good, you still have to shoot enemies multiple times. Because of this, you have to expose yourself way too often, so you can get killed very quickly. I figured out that playing this tank like a turreted TD is more effective, but accuracy and camo can be a letdown in this role. Still, I found that to be the most effective playstyle. The good speed allows you to take a position quickly. Abusing bushes is recommended, but keep in mind that that the 25TP is not a T67 so you are much easier to spot. Keeping the engagement as long as possible can somewhat fix this, but the accuracy can be somewhat wonky at these kinds of ranges. Fortunately, your penetration and shell velocity are quite good. If you see that there is nothing to shoot from your position, use your great mobility to relocate into another one. Of course, you still have a turret so a proper MT playstyle is "possible", it's just that it doesn't work as well and you need to be extremely careful with this kind of play. Generally at mid-end game you want to move up anyway to get some damage off. 25TP has very good mobility so this is certainly possible. Overall opinion about the vehicle Meh. I had rather high expectations for this tank, because it's really quick + has -10 gun depression + has good gun on paper. I didn't factor the huge size and godawful gun handling, so the tank was quite disappointing to me. It's just a tier 5 so it's not that big of a deal, but still. It's not terrible like some people say, it just can't fight up close at all. It's a sniper, or lets say, a crappy T67 with slightly better durability and alpha damage. It's not very exciting to play. Also WG, please fix the godawful stock grind. How the hell are you supposed to get almost 10 000 XP with a gun that has 52 mm penetration???? I understand that stock tanks have to be bad, but there's a big difference between "bad" and "nearly unplayable". At least the tank looks really hilarious. Overall rating: 6/10 (average) 40TP Habicha (tier VI) This tank is the perfect definition of "heavium". It takes attributes of medium tanks and heavy tanks and combines them together. ...the worst attributes, that is. I present you: the 40TP, or how I like to call it, the tier 6 AMX 65t. Protection + Turret armor is decently thick, can bounce lowtiers. + Frontal armor is good enough not to get HE penned and may bounce some lower tiers. - Frontal armor is flat; hull armor is quite useless against some tier 5s, and basically every tier 6-8. - Poor side armor, gets HE penned by derps, LeFHs and some higher tier large-caliber arties (so oneshots are possible). - Turret is flat, cupola is pennable by KV-2 HE and the turret roof is overmatchable by almost everything the 40TP faces so the turret armor is in reality very unreliable. - HP pool is fairly mediocre (750) - Large for a medium tank, easy to hit. - Mediocre camo. Overall protection: 4/10 (bad) Tier 6 MT's are not known for their protection. Most of them are flat out paper, and at best they have "troll" armor like the P43 bis. 40TP's protection isn't too bad for a tier 6 MT, but it's still overall bad. It won't bounce much at all, unless you're "somehow" facing tier 4s (I never saw them, unsurprisingly) and some tier 5s. HP pool is quite mediocre, especially considering most other big tier 6 MTs like Chi-To and VK 30.02 M packs +800 HP. Oh and poor camo doesn't make things any better. Protection is bad, but it's a medium, so it's all fine, right? Firepower + 240 alpha is very good for it's tier, best in class among with P43 bis. Can outtrade some higher tier MTs and LTs. + Reasonably decent penetration, which coupled with alpha does give a good punch for the 40TP. + -8 depression is solid; gun depression at least won't be problematic. - Poor accuracy. - Awful aim time and poor gun handling. This coupled with accuracy makes the gun atrocious at range. - Poor DPM and rate of fire. Makes the gun overall very unreliable. Overall firepower: 5.5/10 (below average) Alpha is always nice, you can outtrade most mediums and even some heavies at tier 6. 40TP's pen is solid, unlike on the P43 is (another tier 6 MT with 240 alpha), and also unlike the Italian, it's shell velocity isn't awful, although it's still not spectacular. However, the gun stats are a letdown - it's very wonky and can be frustrating, especially at long ranges, so it's best at close-range combat. DPM is significantly lower than on the P43 bis, which also hurts because the HP pool is poor, so you can get killed by tanks with higher DPM quite easily once they rush you. Alpha is king, but the gun stats are among worst in class so even with great alpha the gun is mediocre at best. Mobility + Top speed isn't too bad... I guess? - 11 hp/ton. Yes. 11 GOD DAMN HORSEPOWER PER TON. O-Ni, a giant fatass super-heavy with literally the worst camo in the game, has better hp/ton. Just let that sink in. - Top speed is a lie, realistic top speed is about 30 km/h. - Turns like a boat. Medium tank, you said? - Awful acceleration. Basically feels like a super-heavy when it comes to acceleration. Overall mobility: 3/10 (very bad) And this is what kills it all. The mobility. We are talking about a medium tank that randomly for no reason has HP/ton that is only acceptable on a very tanky heavy tank or TD. This mobility makes the other traits of the tank significantly worse in reality - the true survivability is very poor because it has no mobility to run away and it takes forever for the 40TP to relocate. It dies quickly when caught in the open as the armor, while good for a medium, is still overall poor. The poor HP pool compounds it's survivability even further. Similarly, the 40TP has the kind of gun that works well at close range and it would work well on either something that has good armor or something that is fast. Since 40TP isn't well armored, you would expect it to move well, but it doesn't. The gun just doesn't work on a platform like this most of the time, so the effective firepower is also awful. Other - Awful stock grind, EVEN slower when stock and it doesnt even get alpha when stock. - Poor view range. If it wasn't awful enough, it also has laughably bad stock grind. Since it gets the gun from the tier 5, it's arguably a downgrade. The 25TP would be a better tier 6 than the stock 40TP. Oh and view range is bad, too, because why the heck not. Equipment, crewskills, etc. Rammer + Vents + Optics or Rammer + Vents + GLD Rammer is mandatory for obvious reasons. Vents is helpful to boost the shitty accuracy and handling a little bit. Optics is preferred if your crew is very good and/or if you use food as well, since the 40TP, despite the poor view range, can hit close to max view range if you got everything. GLD is also viable since aim time is 2.7 seconds, which is just awful. Sixth Sense is mandatory like with almost every tank. Both repairs and camo are useful crew skills for the 40TP. Being able to repair tracks helps with survivability, but having camo can also be beneficial since sometimes you have no other options than snipe, and it's helpful just to make the shitty camo a little bit worse. Having view range skills and BiA is recommended if one wants to run optics and have reasonably decent view range. Because the top speed is okay and power to weight ratio is laughably low, running 100/105-octane gasoline is legitimately a valid option over fire extinguisher to make the mobility a bit more bearable. It's still by far the slowest MT with that...but at least you have higher hp/ton than the tallest tank in the entire game. How to play it If you have enough free XP, you use it to skip this piece of trash. If not, then try to play this thing like...a slow heavy with wonky gun, less HP and no meaningful armor. You can't play this thing like a medium or even like a heavium, just forget about that. Follow heavies, let them take hits, and poke only when they are reloading or are not focusing on you. This tank works best when you can use corners and just peek, shoot and retreat. Focus on tanks with poor armor, so you have to aim less and therefor expose yourself less. 40TP can just melt really quickly if it doesn't have cover, so avoid going into open areas. Using ridges can work, but arties can eat you for breakfast since you combine MT HP pool and HT mobility, and it doesn't help that the most dangerous arties in the game tier-for-tier sit at tier 5-6. If you get a match where you happen to meet tier 4s, you "can" play it like a heavy, but other than that...no. Support role it is. Oh and avoid KV-2/O-I at all cost. They can overmatch your side with AP, and the front is flat and can be penned by AP as well. Not just that, entire side is easily pennable by HE and the KV-2 can also pen your cupola as well with HE. Despite the fact the tank is terrible, it's rather simple to play, at least. Overall opinion about the vehicle Giant piece of fucking shit. It's a tier 6 AMX 65t. Poor hull armor, questionable turret armor, large size, gun that seems okay on paper but in reality flops hard because of the faults of the tank, and mobility that should be medium tank levels is barely better than super-heavies for no reason. Oh, fun fact (and small rant) - this tank used to have way better hp/ton on supertest at whopping 17 hp/ton. Hell, even the original supertest post had description "The tank is relatively fast as it can quickly accelerate to its maximum speed of 50 km/h and sustain it thanks to a power-to-weight ratio of 17.4 hp per ton." Other stats were more or less exactly the same as they are now. Why the heck it suddenly has godawful HP/ton for no good reason? This tank is literally balanced around the old HP/ton - if it had it, it would be a perfectly balanced vehicle. But it isn't. There's no way it would have been OP, not even close. Why? Simple - this tank is an intentional free XP pit. It's not an accident, it's BLATANTLY OBVIOUS. WG nerfed the HP/ton to make the tank sh*t and unfun to play, so people are more likely to free XP it. Not just that, it has an awful stock grind (also just look at the tier 5 stock grind and tier 4 stock gun). And as an icing of the cake, they put in a free XP conversion event right when the tree is released. This is the most obvious example in the game's history that you, WG, intentionally make some tanks worse just to make people free XP past it. Just no. Remember, greed is not good. I know you want money, but cmon. /rant But this tank is terrible. It's fucking awful, it's the worst tier 6 MT in the game by far and IMO a good candidate for the worst tank in the entire tier. At least Churchill GC has a good gun. This doesn't. Playing it reminded me from the same torturing experience that was the AMX 65t grind. Only difference is that it's shorter and it's not stuck in tier 8 MM, so that's something. To give a good perspective how awful this thing is, my DPG with Chi-To is 1200. Chi-To, IMO, is already one of the worst MTs in the tier. With this thing, my DPG is...900. I have higher DPG with several tier 5s than this thing. Jesus christ. Overall rating: 2.5/10 (extremely bad) 45TP Habicha (tier VII) First "heavy" tank of the branch, 45TP is somewhat similar to it's predecessor. It however gets an all around improvement, especially to it's mobility as the acceleration is now significantly better. In addition, 45TP has a gun with good alpha + pen, but poor accuracy and shell velocity, reasonably decent mobility with somewhat limiting top speed and armor that can actually bounce something. More or less a faster but otherwise notably nerfed T29. Protection + Turret is thick and well angled, can reliably bounce any gun with sub-180mm pen. + Upper glacis is well angled and can bounce lower tier vehicles. + Side profile is quite small for heavy. - Poor HP pool at 1200. Worst in class. - Hull armor is overall quite weak and is practically useless against guns with+170mm pen. - Very weak side armor, large caliber HE shells can pen it. - Turret is not perfect - 190mm penetration is enough to go through the area around the gun. - Somewhat prone to ammorack damage. Overall protection: 5/10 (below average) 45TP can bounce tier 5s, some tier 6s and if hulldown, tier 7s. However, outside from that, the hull armor is not very useful. Turret can bounce some shots, especially when hulldown, but some same-tier vehicles can still pen it. Side armor is just good enough not to get overmatched by most tanks, so you "can" sidescrape if you angle as little as possible. Other than that, though, the side armor is pathetic and some large caliber derps can still pen it. What hurts the most is the HP pool - 1200 is the worst in class. Japanese heavies can 4-shot, even 3-shot you with highrolls, IS can 3-shot you if he highrolls a bit (lol), and some hightier guns like 560 alpha 128/130 mm guns can 2-shot you with highrolls. HP pools also means that arties can wreck you rather quickly. Overall, the 45TP's armor can be bouncy, but is generally unreliable. The poor HP pool is what makes the overall survivability a letdown, especially for a HT. Firepower + Good alpha damage, outtrades any same-tier medium. + Above average penetration, enough to go through the front of the O-Ni + Reasonably decent gun handling. - Poor accuracy. - Awful shell velocity. This combined with bad accuracy makes the gun poor at long range. - Premium ammo has lackluster penetration compared to the standard ammo, giving only 30mm penetration boost while being APCR instead of AP, which means worse normalization. Overall firepower: 6/10 (average) Basically a slightly worse version of T29's gun. Slightly worse pen, worse shell velocity and gun handling (base values are better but the 45TP can't mount VStabs), for a bit better DPM. Alpha allows you to outtrade mediums and some heavies. However, 320 isn't amazingly special at the tier - there are other heavies with 320 alpha, and there are even some with 390 alpha. Penetration is at least decent and gun handling is rather decent so the gun works at close range, but is very mediocre at long range. All in all, the gun is suited for brawling and is very average for a tier 7 heavy. Mobility + Good power to weight ratio, accelerates very quickly and maintains the top speed reliably. - Top speed can be somewhat limiting; the tank would definitely go more than 35kph. Overall mobility: 6.5/10 (average) Mobility is overall fairly average for a heavy. It has great power to weight ratio and thus climbs hills well and has quick acceleration. Unfortunately, this isn't as useful as it is on paper because of the top speed. The tank is not quick enough to be a true heavium, hence why the high hp/ton is less useful in practise and the overall mobility is still fairly average. It has fairly average traverse speed and reverse speed as well. Other + Less harsh stock grind than earlier tanks. The stock gun isn't amazing but it's significantly better than what you had on earlier tiers. - Poor view range. - Can't mount VStabs like T29. Stock gring at least is easier than earlier tanks, though it's still not very good. View range, again, is lacking. The 45TP has better gun handling than T29, but since it can't mount VStabs, the gun handling is actually worse in practice. Equipment, crewskills, etc. Rammer + Vents + Optics (good crew) or Rammer + Vents + GLD / Binocs (bad crew) View range is rather poor so Optics is generally not worth it unless your crew is pretty good (BiA + at least one view range skill). However, first setup is no doubt the best if your crew is good. If not, run either GLD or Binocs. GLD isn't super helpful because the aim time is already rather good, hence why Binocs is an option. Combination of Rammer + GLD + Optics isn't recommended since Vents is just more useful than GLD because of the aim time. Basic heavy tank skills are recommended, I.E repairs, Sixth Sense etc, and camo is not useful at all. Get view range skills (Situational Awareness + Recon (Situational Awareness first!)) and BiA ASAP if you wan't to run Optics. Safe Storage is recommended because of the ammorack damage. How to play it Playstyle is relatively straightforward. Plays like the tier 6 (except it's actually capable of doing something). Follow more tanky heavies and support them. The 45TP does best when it has a meatshield that takes hits for you, since your own HP is limited, which means you have to use it wisely. Try to trade with tanks that have lower alpha than you. Don't really expect to bounce most of the time - armor is there just as an extra. Hulldown strats work well, but remember that you're not a T29 that can just go in, hulldown and bounce tier 9s cus lul T29. Your turret isn't that amazing. You can go with your mediums and support them, since opposing mediums are easier to outtrade than heavies. However, the 45TP has rather limited top speed. It can't really play like a proper heavium and the poor accuracy + velocity further hurts this kind of play. The 45TP can sidescrape, but only with extremely careful angling - overangle a little and you will get penned no problem even by lower tiers. When, and ONLY when you're top tier, you can play like a true heavy tank. The armor is very good VS tier 5s and some tier 6s, so you can just push and faceroll lower tier vehicles - just be careful with your paper side armor, since even tier 5s have no issues on penning it. KV-2 and Japanese HTs are still scary because your HP is low and your side is pennable by HE rather easily. Some hightier arties can pen your side and oneshot you, if they get lucky. Overall opinion about the vehicle Honestly, I expected another sh*thole but the tank was better than I thought. It's still not a great, though. I have rather mediocre stats with it (less than 1.4k DPG, although that is partially because of certain "complications" (such as playing on laptop during a cardrive without a proper table as well as disconnecting twice and doing 0 damage due to internet issues - I had over 1.5k which was my goal), but regardless, it's playable for sure. Ooor maybe it just felt good because tier 6 is just...awful. Regardless, the tank does need a buff to an extend - just buff top speed to 40 km/h and HP pool to 1350 or even 1300 and it's competitive enough. Overall rating: 5.5/10 (below average) 53TP Markowskiego (tier VIII) 53TP is a step-up from the 45TP. The tank is starting to be more like the higher tier vehicles - turret armor is now truly great, the alpha damage is starting to be especially notable and it has surprisingly good accuracy and gun handling. However, the 53TP retains the higher mobility of the 45TP - in fact, the mobility is actually improved. In addition, the hull armor is quite unusual to the line - the upper plate is weaker than lower plate. This means that the entire front is thick enough to make the tank completely immune to lower tier vehicles, but in return is quite useless against higher tiers. The 53TP is like a good mix of the IS-3, VK 45 02 A and it's premium counterpart, 50TP prototyp. Protection + Great turret armor, can bounce even tier 10s (especially when they don't fire premium). + Lacks the overmatch weakspot on the turret like it's main competitor, 50TP prototyp. + Turret is mounted very far in the front which enables you to reverse sidescrape when needed. + Lacks lower plate weakspot; front is immune to anything with less than 180mm pen. Excellent at bullying lowtiers. - Poor HP pool (1450). - Overall frontal hull armor is poor since most of the time you face tier 8, 9 and 10 tanks and they can go through it no problem most of the time. - Cupola is bigger than on the 50TP prototyp. - Side armor is still relatively weak and lacks the "blackhole" armor that many Russian tanks have on their sides - Rather tall and long silhouette. Overall protection: 6/10 (average) Frontal hull is very effective against lower tiers but lacks usability against same- and higher tier vehicles. Turret armor is great and can bounce even higher tier vehicles, which makes the 53TP very well capable of going hulldown. Turret is mounted very far in the front which allows you to poke corners effectively, or alternatively reverse sidescrape rather well. HP pool is lacking, though. This combined with long and tall silhouette means that the 53TP can die rather quickly if caught in the open. The survivability is an improvement over the tier 7, but it's still not particularly good Firepower + Great alpha damage of 420 blaze it .Can outtrade most heavies and mediums in the tier. + Great DPM, especially for the alpha. Reloads faster than the IS-3, even though the IS-3 has lower alpha. + Good accuracy. + Excellent gun handling for the alpha. + 122mm caliber allows it to overmatch higher tier Swedish TDs. + Good gun depression. - Somewhat mediocre AP penetration and poor premium penetration. - Aim time is rather poor, although it's better than other heavies with 390-440 alpha, and great dispersion values somewhat compensate it. Overall firepower: 9/10 (excellent) The gun is just amazing. You got great alpha, good DPM and good gun handling. You can not just outtrade people, but also out-DPM them. Outreloading and outtrading IS-3s is beyond hilarious. Gun has great snapshot capabilities as well, especially at close and mid-long ranges. Accuracy is good enough to reliably hit weakspots at close ranges, and unlike the 50TP prototyp, the gun rarely goes full potato mode. In fact, other than 20 less alpha (difference is barely noticeable since 420 alpha is still great), 53TP flat out trashes 50TP prototyp in terms of overall firepower. The only downside is (premium) pen which can be annoying thanks to tier 8 MM, but thankfully the 53TP has perks to work around with it and pen is way less problematic than what it seems like on paper, as long as you try to avoid fighting super-heavies head on. Mobility + Above average top speed of 40 km/h, just quick enough to play somewhat like a heavium. + While worse than it's predecessor, the HP/ton is still fairly decent and at least good enough to reach the top speed. + Good reverse speed for it's class (16 km/h), can get into cover pretty quickly. - Rather poor traverse speed. Overall mobility: 7/10 (good) Mobility is pretty good for a heavy. Top speed is among the higher end of the tier, and the 53TP has just enough hp/ton to reach it. 53TP can play like a heavium to an extend, although keep in mind that it can still struggle to keep up with many mediums due to the top speed. Reverse speed is also good, which allows the 53TP to retreat very well for a heavy tank. The traverse speed is fairly lacking, though, especially when compared to the 50TP prototyp. Other - Awfully long and tedious stock grind. We go back to torturing stock grinds with the 53TP. You need to research turret, tracks, a completely useless 122 mm D-25T clone, and only THEN you can research the top 122 mm gun. You have the 45TPs 105mm when stock, which while its not completely awful due to the improved gun stats, is still a bit lacking with only 220ish gold pen in current tier 8 matchmaking. Stock turret also has a lot worse armor than the top one so there's that. The 122 mm D-25T is literally worthless, it's inferior to the stock gun so don't use it. I seriously feel like WG literally threw the gun there to make the stock grind even worse, which would encourage players even further to buy gold and convert free XP. I mean, why else would they force you to research a gun that is inferior to the stock gun? Disgusting. Equipment, crewskills, etc. Rammer + VStabs + Optics or Rammer + VStabs + Vents. First two are mandatory on any heavy tank. As the 53TP has kinda average 370 m view range, whether you want to use Vents or Optics depends on your crew. With a poor crew, you struggle to reach good view range even with Optics, so you can just use Vents to improve gun stats. Optics is preferred once your crew is good enough, though. 53TP gun stats are already good, anyway, so Optics is generally more helpful than Vents most of the time. Repairs and Sixth Sense should be the first skills for obvious reasons. How to play it The 53TP is a very versatile tank and can pick up various roles depending on the matchup. There are some general rules in each one of them, though: use your gun depression and turret when possible, try to fight tanks with lower alpha and/or DPM and don't rely on your hull armor too much. When top tier, the 53TP's armor is actually quite scary and it can play like a true heavy tank. Unlike the rest of the line, the 53TP lacks lower plate weakspot - in fact, the lowerplate is slightly stronger than the upper plate. This means that the lower tier vehicles, especially tier 6s, are going to seriously struggle against you. In addition, your turret armor is great and while the side armor is still pretty poor, it is significantly better than on the 45TP. It is recommended to avoid sidescraping with this tank. Instead, just angle your front when fighting on corners. Your front can reach over 200 mm protection when angled a bit. Be careful, though, because overangling may leave your drivewheel exposed. The gun is absolutely brutal against lower tiers - you can 2-shot any tier 6 medium and even some heavies with a highroll. Good DPM and snapshotting capabilities further improves this trait. Most of the time you won't be top tier, however. The frontal armor is practically worthless against many same tier vehicles and especially tier 9-10s. With this in mind, most of the time you play like a 2nd line support heavium. The 53TP has rather lacking penetration, but thankfully, it's reasonably mobile. The 53TP is just fast enough to follow mediums (not really keep up with them, but at least follow them) to be able to play like a heavium. This combined with great gun handling, good gun depression and good turret armor compensates the lacking penetration to the point where it's a significantly smaller problem than it seems like a paper. Still, the premium pen is poor enough so that you are simply helpless against many tier 10 heavies. Generally you try to avoid tanks like Type 5 Heavy at all costs. The 53TP works best in ridgelines, where it can hide it's hull and expose it's turret that is strong enough to bounce even tier 10 standard rounds. You poke a ridge, shoot, retreat and repeat. The 53TP also has pretty good reverse speed so it can do this rather effectively. Furthermore, the gun handling means that you can snap your shot rather well, which is something the 50TP prototyp can't do very effectively. The 53TP works best against targets it can easily pen and easily outtrade with it's alpha damage, which is why it's very effective against opposing medium tanks. Not only you outtrade them, but you sometimes also out-DPM them. When fighting against heavies, the DPM is good to keep in mind. For example, you actually out-reload the IS-3, even though you have higher alpha. There are some heavies that have even higher alpha than you, but your reload is quick enough so you can easily put in a 2nd shot when they are still reloading. Keep in mind that your armor isn't very good outside from the turret and your HP pool is limited, so you have to rely on your gun to out-trade your enemies. Using heavier allies as meatshields can be very useful. The 53TP is just fast enough to relocate when a flank is collapsing. It can even snipe when needed. However, the penetration is somewhat lacking and the accuracy, isn't perfect, so sniping isn't recommended if it isn't mandatory. While the 53TP does have MT-like attributes, it still has bad camoflage like heavies generally do. It is capable of flanking stuff, but keep in mind that the traverse speed is lacking, so circling isn't really possible most of the time. Overall, the 53TP is a great, versatile vehicle. Tier 8 MM is harsh, but if played properly, the 53TP can hold it's own even when constantly matched against higher tier vehicles. Overall opinion about the vehicle First tank in the line that actually feels like a fun and competitive vehicle. Very comfortable to play for a tier 8 heavy. You get one of the most hard hitting guns in the tier but at the same time you have good gun handling AND good DPM. The gun is extremely satisfying to use even with the rather poor penetration it has. I feel like that in good hands this tank is actually stronger than it's premium counterpart. I do have slightly worse stats with the 53TP than the 50TP prototyp, but keep in mind that I grinded most of the 53TP like a brainless zombie during the night...so yeah :p. It's slightly harder to play because of worse armor and gun depression, but overall I would say it's a stronger vehicle. Which is great, since it somewhat confirms that WG is more or less moving away from the "slightly P2W" policy that they have had with a lot of tier 8 premiums introduced in last 2 years. Didn't keep it because I needed credits and tier 8 MM is still tier 8 MM...but this is one of the very few non-premium tier 8s that I could consider a keeper. And trust me, there really aren't many of those these days. I simply despise the tier 8 MM. Since they offered an extra commander for this tank...maybe some day I'll rebuy this thing and 3 mark it. Definitely a lot of fun, can recommend. Overall rating: 8/10 (very good) 50TP Tyszkiewicza (tier IX) Coming after the 53TP, the 50TP sits at tier 9. Oddly enough, it resembles the premium tank a lot more than the 53TP - both 50TPs have rather potato accuracy but great alpha damage and very similar armor layouts. Compared to it's premium little-brother, the 50TP trades extra gun depression at sides, great traverse speed and lower profile for being at a better tier, having a lot higher HP pool tier-for-tier and arguably having even more nasty alpha for it's tier. The 50TP is slower than the 53TP, which means it no longer can play like a heavium, making it a bit more dedicated as a trading hulldown heavy. Protection + Excellent HP pool at 2000. + Great turret armor, can bounce even premium rounds rather well. + Upper plate is very heavily angled and will ricochet basically every non-HE/HESH shell in the game. + Lower plate is strong enough to bounce tier 7s and some tier 8 mediums. + Exposed tracks, which makes the tank harder to track + damage at the same time since shooting the drivewheel most of the time results in a no-damage hit. - Driver's hatch weakspot is quite large and most tier 9 and 10s will go through it. - Unlike rest of the line, it has two cupolas instead of one. - Turret ring is exposed and a weakspot when angled, which makes sidescraping pretty hard. However, the turret is placed quite far in the back, which makes poking corners in return rather tricky. This combination makes the tank very awkward on corners. - Ammorack is prone to damage. Overall protection: 7/10 (good) The armor layout is very similar to it's premium little brother, the 50TP prototyp. Very resilient turret and auto-ricochet upper plate coupled with weak side armor, similar weakspots (cupolas, turret ring and driver's hatch). In addition, the 50TP gets 2000 HP, which is 3rd highest of all tier 9 HTs. The hull armor is more "troll" than the 53TP, but is also more unreliable - sometimes you bounce everything, and then next game it's just useless. The turret armor is great, but it has two cupolas that are bigger than on both the 50TP prototyp and 53TP, so be careful. When gun depression is used, though, the turret armor is very effective. What holds the tank back is the turret placement combined with the turret ring weakspot, which makes using the 50TP on corners a problem. It can bait a shot with its exposed tracks, but it's rather risky since you can still get tracked + damaged as long as the angle is right. Overall, the 50TP has holes on it's armor but the turret armor and HP pool make it rather survivable. Firepower + Excellent alpha damage at 560 - 2nd highest in the tier after the Type 4's 14cm gun. + Good DPM, especially for it's alpha. + High caliber of the gun allows the tank to overmatch Swedish TDs. + Good gun depression (-8). - Poor dispersion values and long aim time. - Sub-par accuracy. - Premium penetration is below-average, although it's better tier-for-tier than the 53TP. Overall firepower: 7.5/10 (good) The best feature of the gun no doubt is the gigantic alpha damage. 560 is the 2nd highest in the tier, with only the Type 4 Heavy having higher with the 14 cm gun. 560 alpha allows the 50TP to outtrade even many tier 10s, which makes it a force to be reckoned with. The penetration isn't special, but it's good enough to deal with the most targets the 50TP faces. In addition, the 50TP has pretty good DPM, having only slightly longer reload than 490 alpha heavies such as the E 75. However, the gun isn't perfect. The gun handling is significantly worse than it's predecessor, with aim time being longer and turret bloom in especial being much worse. It also has worse accuracy, which can make the gun rather unwieldy at even mid-long distances. Furthermore, the premium penetration is still somewhat lacking, which means that the 50TP can somewhat struggle against heavily armored targets. Fun fact - with the stock turret, the 50TP actually has significantly better bloom on turret traverse than with the top turret. Since this is only present with the 130mm gun, and as the bloom is identical to that of the stock 122 mm gun, I am fairly sure that this is an unintentional mistake. Then again, the Polish tech tree is full of suspicious things, soooo... Overall, the 50TP has punchy, powerful gun that can be very nasty at close range, but is generally a bit derpier than earlier tanks when it comes to the accuracy and gun handling. Mobility + Can reach the top speed and maintain it. - Poor traverse speed - doesn't have the amazing traverse speed like the 50TP prototyp. Overall mobility: 5.5/10 (below average) The 50TP is somewhat sluggish and it's mobility is just below average for it's class. Top speed, reverse speed and power to weight ratio are among the average in it's tier. Traverse speed is pretty lacking, though. The 50TP doesn't turn very quickly like the 50TP prototyp, which means it's easier to circle and flank. It can't relocate very effectively but can at least somehow do it unlike some truly slow super-heavies. The 50TP is quite average when it comes to the mobility, except for the acceleration and traverse speed, which are just slightly below average. Other + Can mount the 130 mm right away with the stock turret and tracks. - Mediocre view range. The stock grind is much more comfortable than the earlier vehicles. If you can save up ~60k free XP, you can get a tank that isn't that much worse than it's elited version. The stock turret is not perfect, though, as it has worse armor and the hard stats of the gun are worse (although weirdly enough, the turret bloom is BETTER). The stock gun has good combination of the stats like the 53TP, but the penetration is just awful at tier 9. Like most of the Polish tanks, the view range is below average. Equipment, crewskills, etc. Rammer + VStabs + Optics. or Rammer + VStabs + Vents. First two are a must on any heavy tank. The 3rd option is up to preference. Unlike on the tier 8, I actually used Vents on this one, since the gun stats are noticeably worse and I felt like improving those were more useful than improving the view range. Optics is still a perfectly fine option, though. Since the aim time is 3 seconds, GLD is also a valid option. Sixth Sense and Repairs should be the first crew skills, since the 50TP is a heavy tank. Smooth Drive + Snapshot are both very useful as the 50TP's bloom values are pretty poor compared to it's predecessor. View range skills are recommended especially if you run Optics to make sure you hit 445 m view range. Safe Storage is recommended as just like rest of the line, the 50TP suffers from ammorack issues. How to play it While there are still multiple ways to play the 50TP, it's bit more one-dimensional than it's predecessor. The 50TP is too slow to play like a heavium, and it cannot play mid-long ranges as well due to the worse accuracy and gun handling. With improved alpha and HP pool, the 50TP is more dedicated on the hulldown-outtrading playstyle. That being said, if you have the 50TP prototyp and have any idea how to play it, then the 50TP should feel just fine. The 50TP is literally like it but on steroids - it has very similar strengths and weaknesses, and the general playstyle is very similar. The tank is more efficient on ridgelines, where it can use it's turret armor and -8 gun depression. You poke a ridge, blast your opponent for 560, and you retreat. You can't snapshot like the 53TP, so aim a bit longer. Once you hit, though, it really hurts. Same rules apply here - try to focus on targets with poor armor and/or lower alpha than you. Fortunately, since your alpha is so massive, you can outtrade almost anything that is not a TD. Just like with any hulldown-based tank, arty is bane to your existence, so keep note where enemy arties are after firing you. The 50TP can work on corners as well; however, there's one glaring flaw that is also present with the 50TP prototyp: the turret placement combined with the armor layout. The turret ring seriously sticks out and it's rather obvious visually, too. It's basically impossible to hide when you sidescrape. Furthermore, both sides of the turret have a cupola, so there's no possibility of poking a side where you can hide your cupola. Because of this, the 50TP is a poor sidescraper and sidescraping should be avoided. The only case where sidescraping is recommended is when you fight tanks that can't pen your turret ring (tier 7-8s) or when you really have to bounce and then rely on your luck. On other hand, poking is tricky as well - turret is placed very far on the back. This can be especially awkward when coming from the 53TP which has the turret very far in the front. Because of this, it is best to poke when the enemy is reloading, or simply just trade with your own HP, especially if your target has significantly less alpha than you. When top tier, the 50TP can lead the charge, since lower tiers will struggle to pen you, sometimes even from the lower plate. Other than that, though, the lower plate should be always hidden when possible. It's huge and thus fairly easy to hit. The playstyle of the 50TP is fairly simple - it's clearly meant to trade with other tanks. It has great HP pool and huge alpha damage, with good gun depression and turret armor. It has just the right tools for this purpose. Overall opinion about the vehicle It's a good, capable tank. It's my best performing tier 9. Despite that, I didn't feel like it was super-strong or anything. I think the tier 8 is stronger tier-for.tier for sure, just because I consider the whole package to be better and way more comfortable. Just like with the 50TP prototyp, I dislike the turret placement combined with the turret ring the most about the 50TP. In fact, it's even worse with the 50TP, because the turret ring is more exposed when sidescraping. The gun's derpiness was rather annoying at times as well, but it is more than reasonable considering how brutal the gun can be in the right situation. I imagine this thing to be quite similar to the T30, just less polarized than it. Both have good alpha damage, good turret + depression but rather poor hull and derpy guns. That's the best comparison I can make, since the 50TP doesn't really play like any other tier 9 heavy. It resembles the ST-I, but in reality is completely different. It was still fun to play overall, just not as fun as the tier 8. Tier 9 is a quite good tier when it comes to both balance and MM, though. For most players, I imagine the 50TP being more fun and easier to play than the 53TP. If you are looking for a tier 9 keeper, this thing is not a bad option. However, I didn't keep it, since I needed the crew and credits for the next vehicle...and I just felt like the next vehicle is even more worth it. At least it's not a M103. Overall rating: 7/10 (good) 60TP Lewandowskiego (tier X) Crown jewel of the branch, the 60TP sits at tier 10 and is a naturally a logical continuation to the 50TP. It has a great HP pool, improved armor over it's predecessor, good gun depression values and passable but rather mediocre mobility. Most important feature however is the very meaty 152 mm gun with the highest alpha damage of all heavies in the game, tied with the E 100 and VK 72.01 K, and for such a big gun, it has surprisingly decent gun stats and DPM, which makes the gun very scary and very satisfying to use. 60TP fills the niche of hulldown-based semi-superheavy with a hard hitting, powerful gun. It can outtrade most tanks in the game, with exception of some TDs. Protection + Very high HP pool at 2600; 4th highest in the game after the Maus, Type 5 Heavy and E 100. + UFP is very well angled and will bounce practically everything. + Cupola and turret ring weakspots are notably less significant than on the 50TP. + Very strong turret armor, will bounce most things and it has very large areas that are immune to even JP E100 HEAT shells. + LFP, while weak, is small and not particularly easy to hit. - LFP is very weak, 183 HESH can pen it and even tier 8s can pen it. - While better than predecessors, the side armor is still weak. Overangling the tank easily results in penetration. - Retains the drivers hatch, cupola and turret ring weakspot from the 50TP, although they are significantly smaller and/or stronger. - Turret has very small holes which means 60TP's turret may sometimes (although rarely) get randomly penned even when hulldown. - Ammorack is prone to damage. Overall protection: 7.5/10 (good) 60TP is bulky and can survive for rather long. HP pool is excellent, which allows the 60TP to take hits even when it cannot use it's armor very effectively. UFP is strong and will bounce basically anything, which punishes poorly aimed shots. LFP is weak, but it's relatively small so it's hard to hit at long ranges. 60TP "can" sidescrape, but there are areas on the sides that can be penned with HEAT shells. Because of this, sidescraping should be done only when necessary (and that is when you have to bait a shot by yourself and you can't hulldown). Generally you can just poke and trade, especially against tanks with lower alpha. 750 alpha gun gives the tank fear factor which means that the enemy may panic and miss your weakspots when you decide to poke. Hulldown position is where the 60TP is the best. Turret does have some small holes, but overall the turret is very strong especially at long ranges. Despite the excellent turret, the 60TP is not as good at facehugging as it would initially seem like, as the 60TP has a driver's hatch and cupola weakspots. Facehugging is still recommended when you have no better options, though. Overall, the 60TP has a fair amount of weakspots and rather poor side armor. However, because of the great HP pool and turret armor, it's overall durability is no doubt respectable and it can survive for quite long. The armor layout rewards good positioning and somewhat intelligent play...which is something as many armored heavies these days have very braindead layouts. Firepower + Amazing alpha damage at 750, tied with E 100 and VK 72.01 K for the highest alpha of all heavies in the game (not counting HE). + Good turret bloom values, especially for a gun with gigantic alpha. + Relatively good accuracy and shell velocity for it's alpha. + Surprisingly decent DPM considering the alpha. + Great HE shells with good penetration (90mm) that allows the gun to function as a pseudo-derp when needed. + Very large caliber allows the 60TP to overmatch 50mm thick plates - this includes significant stuff such as big chunk of UFP of the Strv 103B. + Good gun depression and elevation. - Mediocre AP pen and poor HEAT pen. - While the DPM is rather decent, the reload is still pretty long. Bouncing or missing a shot can hurt a lot. - Rather long aim time, although good bloom values somewhat compensate it. - While the accuracy is reasonably good, it's not perfect and coupled with mediocre penetration, the gun can be somewhat wonky at very long ranges. Overall firepower: 8 / 10 (very good) This gun is just very powerful and no doubt the strongest feature of the tank. 750 alpha alone is a very strong tool on a heavy tank - 60TP can easily outtrade any medium and almost any heavy tank in the game, and even some TDs. One would expect other stats of the gun to be poor because of that - but that's not the case. 60TP also has good gun handling, relatively decent accuracy, velocity and even the DPM is relatively decent for gigantic alpha. The 60TP also gets really solid HE shells with relatively good penetration. They are strong enough to do a decent chunk of damage with non-penetrating hits, which allows the 60TP to function as pseudo-derp tank. Generally a well-aimed AP/HEAT shell is more rewarding than HE. However, HE shells can be especially useful in some matchups with a lot of heavy armor and long-ranged frontal engagement, such as Karelia. The only somewhat major downside of the gun is the lacking penetration, more specifically the HEAT penetration. This can make the gun somewhat let-down in head-on fights against other heavily armored heavies. HEAT shells may bounce from stuff like slightly angled E 100's turret and IS-7's angled upper plate, which are most of the time penetrated quite reliably by 330/340 HEAT. Among with that, the aim time is rather long, but it generally isn't an issue considering the good bloom, accuracy and gigantic alpha damage. While the reload isn't particularly bad for it's alpha, it's still long enough that misses or bounces can be relatively frustrating. Whenever the 60TP doesn't have to deal with super-heavies, the gun is just fantastic. It can be frustrating sometimes because of the lacking HEAT shell and long reload (missing our bouncing can be painful). Most of the time, though, the gun is pretty satisfying to use and is what makes the 60TP fun to play. Mobility + Better mobility than majority of the other heavies with this kind of HP pool. + Can reach the top speed and maintain it. - Rather poor terrain resists. - Poor traverse speed. Overall mobility: 5.5/10 (below average) Just like the 50TP, the 60TP is somewhat sluggish and it's mobility is just below average for it's class. Top speed and reverse speed are among the average of tier 10 HTs, as well as engine power. Traverse speed and terrain resists are pretty mediocre, though, so the 60TP feels overall quite sluggish but at least it's not dreadfully slow like true super-heavies. It can't relocate very effectively but can at least somehow do it unlike some very slow tanks like the Maus. Basically, the 60TP is a heavy tank and when it comes to mobility, it certainly feels like one. Other + Like most of the tier 10s, doesn't have a stock grind. - Inferior view range than most tier 10s, which means that it's harder to reach 445m view range without Optics. Unlike the E 100, the 60TP doesn't have a stock grind, so you get the 750 alpha gun right away. View range is worse than most tier 10s, which means that running Optics is generally recommended (the 60TP doesn't have major issues with accuracy, DPM or gun handling, anyway). Equipment, crewskills, etc. Rammer + VStabs + Optics. or Rammer + VStabs + Vents. First two are mandatory on any heavy tank. I prefer Optics since it's hard to reach max view range with Vents, and the 60TP doesn't have big issues with the accuracy, gun handling and DPM, anyway. The 60TP is a hulldown tank, so having a good view range can be particularly helpful. Vents is still a viable option at the 3rd slot if you don't care about view range, though, as all around boost is still nice. Since the aim time is rather long, GLD is also a viable option since the aim time is rather long but the gun handling itself is decent so GLD is overall inferior to Optics or Vents. Sixth Sense and Repairs are mandatory and should be prioritized over other skills. Safe Storage is recommended due to ammorack issues. View range skills are helpful, as the 60TP has below average view range. Smooth Drive, Snapshot and BiA are useful to maximize the gun performance. Since the 60TP has very big gun which means great module damage, running Deadeye could be considered to increase the chances of cheesy ammoracks, but not before more useful skills (basically anything mentioned before) are applied first. 60TP burns very rarely so running food consumable is a valid, rather low-risk option, as long as you can afford it. Since the HE is rather strong and can be helpful in some scenarios, I recommend to load a couple of HE shells. The ammo capacity is much lower than that of the E 100, but the 60TP still won't run out of shells very quickly. I personally run 6 HE shells, although running 4-5 is still reasonable if you're really afraid that you run out of the AP and HEAT shells. However, I recommend to load at least 4 of them. How to play it Playstyle is generally pretty similar to the tier 8 premium and tier 9 - a rather versatile, bulky ridgeline heavy with great alpha. Just like with the 50TP, playing the 60TP isn't all that complicated. 60TP works best at ridgelines. Just expose your strong turret and use your gun depression. Turret has some (albeit very small) weakspots, but the turret is very hard to go through when the 60TP is in hulldown position. Be careful with arty, though - 60TP doesn't take arty hits very well. Because on hulldown fights engagements are typically a bit longer, it is recommended to fully aim your shots whenever it is possible. You want to make your shots count, because your reload is long. 60TP has pretty strong HE shells, which means that it can directly take on other hulldown tanks such as Super Conqueror. Most hulldown tanks have much smaller guns which means much weaker HE shells, so a HE spamming 60TP will easily outtrade any other hulldown tank and eventually force it out of it's position. While the 60TP works best at ridgelines, it also can fight on corners rather effectively. It can sidescrape, better than most other Polish vehicles. However, it still has an exposed turret ring that gets rather easily penned by premium rounds. Because of this, sidescrape only when you're alone, you have to bait a shot and you don't want to lose your HP. Generally it's better just to poke from corners. If you have allied heavies with you, let them take hits if possible. When they are not focusing you or they are reloading - poke, slam them for 750, retreat and reload. After you have done this a few times, then you can simply just use your own big HP pool and just start trading. Your gun gives rather significant fear factor - a 60TP that suddenly comes out from corner will most likely cause panic on the enemy, which may make them miss. Nobody wants to take a hit from a 152 mm gun. You generally want to focus on targets with poor armor since the penetration is rather lackluster on the 60TP. The caliber of the gun is massive, which allows you to overmatch any armor plate that is up to 50 mm thick. This includes rather significant stuff such as the upper plate (except track links) of the 103B, sides of the Object 257, turret roofs of the opposing 60TPs, and sides of certain US designs such as T110EX-series. The poor HEAT penetration means that the gun somewhat struggles against super-heavies, especially when not at close range. 750 alpha + great HP pools means that you can still out-trade Type 5s like the E 100 can, though. However, E 100 has notably better HEAT, more HP and it takes slightly less HE damage, which means that fighting Types is a bit more challenging with the 60TP. Going to flanks where encountering a super-heavy is less likely is a viable option is harsh match-ups. Keep in mind that the 60TP is rather slow, so relocating can be tricky and crossing open areas is rather risky. When top tier, the gun is even more brutal - it deals more than 50% HP damage against most tier 8s, and the 60TP won't have issues with penetrating them either. HE shells are hilarious when top tier since they can oneshot some tier 8 LTs and TDs. Keep in mind that LFP is pennable even by tier 8s, however. Because of this, you can't brainlessly yolo them as easily as many other heavily armored tier 10 HTs. One thing to note is that the 60TP is not very heavy and it's not very fast, which makes it surprisingly disappointing at ramming. 60TP is still very powerful when top tier, just because of the brutal gun and great HP pool. Overall, the 60TP is a versatile tank, especially when you consider it's rather sluggish mobility. It can play both on ridgelines and corners. It can be a frontline tank, but it also can work very well as 2nd-line support vehicle. It has a couple of cool tools such as surprisingly good accuracy and good HE shells, which further improves the overall flexibility of the 60TP. Overall opinion about the vehicle I f*cking love it. That's all. I didn't have high expectations for the Polish branch when it was announced. My interest started to go up a bit when they made the first video about the Polish tech tree. I got truly hyped when the tier 10 was revealed. Something about both the stats and design of the tank was something that made me immediately hyped. I like silly, goofy heavies with bigass guns and I also like to have good gun depression. Not to mention the design is just 10/10 - it looks both awesome and retarded. Oh and it even can meme around with the HE. Absolute perfection. And then test server came - I wasn't disappointed. I played more than 100 games with the 60TP on test server, and I knew I had to have it as soon as possible on live server. That is exactly why I decided to powergrind this line so badly to the point I even grinded most of the tier 8 during last Friday night like a brainless zombie. Without the 60TP, I most likely wouldn't have grinded the line this quickly. I probably wouldn't have written this review, either. I find the tank very fun to play and I could just keep playing it forever. Well...that's what I've been doing past few days - I don't think I have touched any other tank outside from platooning . Of course, it can still bring frustration, because of long reload, armor layout, low penetration and ammorack issues. However, it is overall a lot of fun to me. It brings my weird satisfaction of playing a slow, goofy, armored heavy, yet it's surprisingly versatile and consistent. I've been looking for a fun go-to tank to play for quite a while now. O-Ho used to be my favorite go-to fun tank for a long while, but the tier 8 MM is too harsh to the point it's not fun to play anymore unless it's 3x O-Ho platoon or something. I think I finally found a new go-to vehicle to play with. I even slapped a Improved Rammer and Improved VStabs on it. It's a great tank. It's probably not very good in CW, because it's slow and has weak premium penetration, but if you are looking for a good pubstomper with a bigass gun, the 60TP is a great pick. The way to the 60TP is long and harsh - you have generic and/or crappy lowtiers, almost unplayable stock grinds at the tier 4 and 5, one of the worst tier 6s in the game and tier 8 stock grind that is pretty harsh and also ridiculously long - but it's worth it. For me, it's more than worth it. I would like to give it a higher rating, but I try to be as unbiased as possible. Even then, I think it's definitely a great, strong vehicle. One of my favorite tanks in the game for sure. I absolutely adore it. Overall rating: 8/10 (very good) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is the line worth it? It's a long and harsh grind. Lowtiers are between mediocre and terrible, tier 4-5 are practically unplayable when stock, tier 6 is beyond awful, tier 7 is not very good + frustrating to play, and the tier 8 has abysmal and long stock grind. The grind is certainly one of the worst in the entire game. That being said, the tier 8 and 10, when fully upgraded, are powerhouses and great fun. The tier 9 is also a capable, competitive vehicle. But are they worth the harsh grind? Yes... if you really like B I G G U N S if you really like the hulldown playstyle if you really like heavies in general and don't mind if your tanks are not amazingly mobile or if you just happen to really like/want Polish tanks for some reason If any of the points above are true, then yeah, it's worth it. I, personally, like big guns, hulldown playstyle and don't mind the speed at all, so the line was absolutely worth it for me. If you have free XP and want to use it on some line, this line is a pretty strong candidate for that. Terrible stock grinds AND some stinkers at low-mid tiers. This line is a great pick if you want to burn some of your free XP on something. If we go solely from the tier 10, the 60TP is a great, fun vehicle. I can't see it being very useful in competitive formats, but in randoms, it's a great pubstomper. If you're looking for a fun tier 10, the 60TP is a good pick. ------------------------------------------------------- TL;DR: lowtiers are skippable stock grinds suck tier 5 is meh, a fast Chi-Nu with even worse gun handling tier 6 is a giant piece of sh*t, skip with free XP if possible tier 7 is mediocre tier 9 is good tier 8 and 10 are great CAN WG STOP MAKING DEDICATED FREE XP PITS REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE o kurwa i like crayons That's all folks!.
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    Hello! Serverwide tank statistics are now available. On the front page you will now see an additional box next to the Server Stats with the top 10 tanks in average battles. Clicking the link below the list will take you to the full statistics page where you can sort and filter, as well as see a number of statistics related to the tank. "Complete Tank Statistics" will take you to the full statistics page: I'm still working on expanding this page to show graphs showing player preference by tiers, nations, classes, as well as the server's performance in each. Hope you guys enjoy it!
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    EDIT: Seems to be an issue with formatting in terms of spoilers. Unfortunately I do not understand why this is the case. If that could be fixed it would be appreciated. VK 72.01 (K) - The King of Heavy Tanks Introduction In a meta-game that has devolved from the historically dynamic gameplay of vision, flex, and map rotations to a primitive style of brawling in lanes and corridors, the relevance of medium and fast heavy tanks has severely diminished. As vision, flex, and map rotations became less important, the ability to survive, deal large amounts of damage in a single trade, and anchoring of positions has become paramount to dominating games. Many players still have conflicts as to which tanks reign supreme. The top 1% will argue that given the afore-mentioned parameters, the Object 277, Object 705A, Super Conqueror, 113 or WZ-111 model 5A are the optimal heavy tanks for this shift in the meta-game. I regret to inform you that none are correct. It is the VK 72.01 (K) - the King of Heavy Tanks. That’s right teamoldmill. Germans are #1. My Qualifications Literally the highest win rate by a large margin in the VK 72.01 (K) on NA/EU according to DPGwhores.com whilst having competitive DPG with the top 10 players and at least 150 games played (data is outdated on DPGwhores). No one comes close in terms of win-rate. At the time of writing the guide, I am currently at 240+ battles in the VK 72.01 (K) with a win rate of 75.83%.
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    Hello! As has been brought to my attention, the verification system is apparently faulty, meaning new users have been unable to participate in discussions in the forum for quite a while. I have done a complete validation of the system and I could find no fault. As far as I can tell, it's working as normal. However, as this appears to be causing issues, I have enabled access and posting rights to users in the default "Registered Users" category. Several functions, like rating posts, are still restricted to verified tankers. Cheers! Never Edit: I figured out why this issue happened, and we can thank IPS (the makers of the forum software) for it. Months ago, they introduced a "quick registration" feature and made it the default without asking. This quick registration screen ommits custom fields, including the mandatory "Server" field which the verification system needs in order to know which region to authenticate your account. As new users couldn't select this field, they could not verify. Fuck, fuck fuckity fuck. I have now enabled the full registration screen. Verification should be working normally again. This new access to unverified users will remain, unless we run into trouble. USERS WHO REGISTERED RECENTLY CAN NOW EDIT THEIR PROFILE AND SELECT THE APPROPRIATE SERVER, THEN PROCEED TO VERIFY AS NORMAL.
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    Hello! A new feature has been released on WoTLabs. Now you can see a detailed list of all the tanks that you played during the 24 hour, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days and Recent periods. At the last row of each column, you will see an option to show the breakdown for that period. Using this, players can identify problem areas more easily, allowing them to see exactly which tank is having the most impact on their performance. Hope you guys like it!
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    So, I went and did this for myself last year... And, since they're doing the same thing again, this year (II-V 100% off, VI 80%, VII 60%, VIII 50%, IX 40%, X 30%), let's see if anything has changed with the new nations. Please remember that all numbers will be what you net in profit unless otherwise stated. There may be tanks close to the leader/runner(s) up, but I'm using the rough rule of "close enough for Errants to mention", and not a hard and fast percentage for almost making the cut. Tier II - H35 - 2.1k - Still the winner, though the runners' up have changed... Runner(s) up - M14/41 @ 2.05k, and 7TP @ 1.975k. You also have the following all at 1.95k: Strv m/38, VAE Type B, Chi-Ni, LT vz. 35, FCM 36, Loyd GC, and UC 2-pdr Tier III - SU-26 - 26.5k - Unchanged Runner(s) up - Any other arty are 22.5k - 25.5k. Those vehemently anti-arty can lose out on at least 3k with the following: Type 91 @ 23.25k, Pz 1 C @ 22.9k, M15/42 @ 22.7k, and Chi-Ha @ 22.5k Tier IV - B1 - 92.5k - Unchanged Runner(s) up - D.W. 2 @ 85k, Type 95 @ 83k, VK 20.01 D @ 78.5k, St.Pz. II @ 78k, and SARL 42 or Luchs @ 77.5k Tier V - O-I Exp. - 222.5k - Unchanged Runner(s) up - T1 Heavy @ 217.5k, Type T-34 @ 215k, AT 2 @ 212.5k, and StuG III G @ 211k Tier VI - M4A3E2 "Jumbo" - 195k purchase, 487.5k sale, 292.5k net - Unchanged Runner(s) up - Churchill GC @ 289.5k, and Hellcat or O-I @ 285k Tier VII - O-Ni - 596k purchase, 745k sale, 149k net - Unchanged Runner(s) up - T29, IS-2, and 45TP all @ 145k, or Crusader SP, Chi-Ri, T-34-2G FT, and P.43 ter @ 144k So, for a total cost of 791k, you'll get back 1.5761m, or a net profit of 785.1k... Wow. Not that great, but making money. Again, we're already in the rabbit hole, so let's look at the higher tiers, and try to get the biggest savings (and see how much of our profit we lost)! Tier VIII - FV207 - 2.73m base, 1.365m purchase/sale, net 0 - Unchanged Runner(s) up (base costs listed) - SU-14-2 (2.72m); M40/43 (2.7m); T28 Prot., G.W. Tiger P, and AT 15 (all 2.65m); UDES 03 (2.62m); T32 (2.61m); 110 and 53TP (2.6m) Tier IX - 212A and Type 4 Heavy - 2.22m purchase, 1.85 sale, 370k loss net - Unchanged Runner(s) up (cost/loss following sale) - Foch (2.202m/367k); Obj. 704 (2.196m/366k); M103 (2.184m/364k); G.W. Tiger, Conqueror, Type 61, and Strv 103-0 all @ 2.16m/316k Tier X - They're all 6.1m, so 4.27m cost regardless. And if you're selling a Tier X... I dunno what to tell you, but I shouldn't be advising your actions. So, the new lines didn't shake up the best choices, but the ITL and PL tanks did make a showing, consistently, in the runner-up category. Might not be a bad option, in general, if you throw your discounts at either one of those lines. Assuming you've not started up them. Finally, we come to the reason I did this the first time, figuring where to spend my discounts on tanks I've not bought yet. Again, that shit will go into spoilers, because this thing is long enough as is.
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    Hello! As part of a larger update that will enable global tank statistics on WoTLabs, we can also now show the Marks of Excellence that you have achieved on your vehicles. In order for your Marks of Excellence to be displayed, WoTLabs will need to update your statistics, which can only happen after cache clears (usually after 12 hours after the last update) and if you've played one or more battles since the last update, so if your marks aren't yet showing up, this might be the reason why. Hope you guys enjoy it, and stay tuned for more!
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    Hello! So all that I'm gonna talk about here happened last night over a period of around 4 hours. This post is VERY wordy and somewhat rambly, so be warned. First things first, I'm working on a new feature that will let you see a "Period Breakdown" of each period, so for the period of, say, 24 hours, you will be able to see all the tanks that are counting in that column, along with each tank's individual stats for that period. But in creating this feature, I ran into a problem where there were massive discrepancies between the amount of battles that the Account Information method provided, and the sum of the battle count of your tanks. For instance, the difference between your overall battle count between the latest update and the one 24 hours ago might have been of 20 battles, but if took the battles played by each tank over this same period and added them up, the number would sometimes be different. Sometimes they were off by just a couple of battles, sometimes by 10 or more. This is obviously a great issue for a website that is supposed to provide statistical accuracy. I believe that what causes this issue is that not all of the methods of the API are updated all at once, so when the system grabs your stats, your overall battle count updated, but not your individual tank statistics. Again, that's just me throwing a possibility out there, I'd have to talk to someone who has access to the API to know for sure, and I have no idea who that might be. The way I fixed this was simple: We stopped relying on the overall numbers, and started deriving everything from the sum of each individual tank's statistics. That's what's used to calculate your WN8 already, so it's a logical step. As for potential issues, the only problem should arise in the fairly uncommon case where a tank takes a long time to be added to the API, so players would play several battles in a tank over a period of time that would all get lumped together under the "24 Hours" column once the tank's information got added to the API and WoTLabs could actually see what tank you were playing all along. But the thing is, this issue already happens! It's just masked because the numbers that were shown in the columns were based on those overall numbers which always get updated. The only place where you could see this issue happening was in your Average Tier and WN8 calculations, which several players have noticed and reported on this forum. WIth the now fully functioning system that automatically checks and updates tank information once a day and no longer relies on me checking for new tanks manually, this should be an even more uncommon case. With that fixed, the feature that allows you to see a detailed list of the tanks played during a certain period will be released very soon! Whew, that was a long one. Now, for the last topic of discussion: Why my Recent WN8 took a nosedive, and why yours (in very rare cases) might as well: Back in May 2016, we had to create a new table to hold all the detailed tank information (which is the data used to calculate WN8) since the original one could no longer perform its duty. The old table remained behind for historical queries, but as time went on and disk space became an issue, very old data started to be deleted, including those very old records that were no longer relevant... Or were they? Drama aside, if you're like me and you played very few battles between May 2016 and now, your Recent WN8 might have taken a nosedive. Recent WN8, as you probably know, is based on your last 1000 battles. When the system checked for the update made 1000 (or close to 1000) battles ago, it would take the timestamp and look for the tank information so it could calculate the WN8 for this period. However, if this update happened before May 2016, then there are no more tank information stored! This means that the system was actually using your overall tanks to calculate your Recent WN8, making them look very similar to each other, as was my case. The way this was fixed was to tell the system to ignore every update made before May 2016, and only look for those made after that point. If you played over 1000 battles between May 2016 and now, no problem at all! if not, then the closest update that has tank information available will be used. In my case it's my last 428 battles, which unfortunately encompasses the 370 battles that I've played in the past month since coming back to the game and sucking really, really bad. So yeah, RIP my Recent WN8, but at least it's not a lie anymore. That is all for now! If you made it this far, sorry for all the words. I really, really like to write. Cheers!
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    Hello! You can now see a complete breakdown of your WN8 by tank Nation, Class and Tier. Hope you guys enjoy it, cheers!
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    I give up... (after 8 years)

    3-5-7 combined with shit balance, increasing power difference between the tiers is a problem, and if there is something that will make me leave the game, its that. Arty is cancer but its always been there and unless it becomes somehow worse (which wont happen cus arty was so much worse in 2013 and earlier) it wont be the main reason to kick me out of the game. I want to highlight a recent big issue - the maps. These days, the maps are overall FUCKING AWFUL. This game always has bad maps, but 1.0 made it MUCH worse - Almost every map just got worse. There are actually just a few, literally a few maps that are kinda consistently enjoyable (and even then, you could get cucked if you play certain tanks - two some of the best maps in the game IMO - Redshire and Himmelsdorf, can both cuck you, Redshire north spawn is aids for non-fast heavies and Himmels is bad for paper TDs and LTs that lack good firepower, tho every map should not be completely equal for every tank class). Here is a few of poor map designs: - maps that are basically a corridor simulator (mountain pass, abbey) - maps that are technically not too awful otherwise but becomes a shitfest the moment it has too many arties (prokho, sand river, steppes) - maps that are clearly unbalanced (mines, live oaks) - maps that are overly campy (malinovka standard, prok with a lot of arties, erlenberg (lol still a campfest, but hey, its different now so is fine!)) - maps that heavily favor one class and puts some of them at disadvantage (a lot of the maps, but Paris is a good example because anything that isnt a heavy sucks here) The worst maps, that I would to call ”the craptastic four” are combination of those traits mentioned earlier. Its fucking insane how these maps even got into the game. I almost want to legit kms when I get one of these maps. Here we go: - Fishermans Bay AKA Shittermans Gay: Such a joke, used to be alright but now its fucking terrible. City is even harder to reach and push without dying, 1-2 line is also harder to push without dying. Everyone just go middle and its literally abusing a hugeass lane of bushes. The moment someone spots you from an awkward angle, you’re screwed. It’s super campy, its super boring and unfun to play, and it becomes twice as bad with arties. Oh yes. - Glacier AKA Gaycier: This map is hilarious. You got the north flank, that is fucking garbage - if someone goes to middle, you get spotted and there is legitimately no way to avoid it and get shot at if you play a heavy and try to go to north. Not just that, you cant push from north because of the campers. So north is trash, just trash. South takes forever to reach and push, middle is a clusterfuck with zero arty cover whatsoever, the aircraft carrier makes things even more retarded. It results in a super poorly made campfest map with limited possibilities to push and you get shit on by arty 24/7. Its fun only when ur playing a tank that is fast, has turret armor, has gun depression and when there isnt a single arty and next to no TDs. And like thats never gonna happen. - Province: This map can go fuck itself and everyone who designed it can also go fuck themselves. Its absolutely horribly designed in every metric. Everything about it is bad - its campy AND corridory, its hard to push and do anything, capping is completely impossible, arties can shit on retarded spots where they shouldnt be able, both spawns have most retarded superbushes where you can hide anything reliably so pushing is impossible there, and its unbalanced. More often than not it lasts more than 13 minutes. Woohoo. - Fjords. Its unbalanced as fuck, even after the changes. Its super poorly designed. Its unfun with pretty much anything. Its either a super awkward corridor where arta can shit on (only place where it can even do anything, and that is when it positions correctly), a risky area in the middle that works from the better spawn anyway and a crossfire camp hell at the north. It has every shittyness mashed into one deformed abomination puked by a crayon eating mongoloid into a napkin. The only good thing about it is that it looks really beautiful aestethically. I personally get so triggered about the maps sometimes. If they keep introducing maps like the 4 I mentioned, I can see myself quitting the game sooner than I would expect. That and 3-5-7 is really fucking awful and at this point should be just reverted into old one with a few good thing taken like classes being matched against each other, arta platoons removed and limited to 3. Man I love this game, it would have such a fucking huge potential but the devs are retarded ;__;
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    On Allchat

    Warthunder still has all-chat and it's amazing. So much salt even though i never talk. Wot all-chat used to be pretty lit as well. I miss all the rage about "invisible cheater" or people ranting about gold rounds and throwing out racial slurs (to which you could report with your platoon and get them chat banned) lol. People are way too sensitive over stuff said IN TEXT over the internet; which is pretty fucking sad. More screenshots to follow: Plus lack of all-chat hasn't stopped me or anyone else from talking shit regardless
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    Official forums are that way, take your shitpoasts there.
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    I own a defender and they can nerf it as much as they fucking want if it means the game becomes balanced again. Thats not called ripping people off, its called making the game fucking playable so it doesnt die and leave you with NO tank to play with.
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    "How would you stop this monster?" Fire the balance team
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    Whips the dust off his banning wand.
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    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    This is a topic instead of an update simply because there isn't a thread on it yet and sharing information could be good on these mechanics so was thinking that it could be a general thread for this mechanic in particular. I don't actually have anything of value to share besides some trivia on how they coded it. I was watching Niall play the EBR, and if you activate the boost mode mid-air your speedometer increases but you don't actually accelerate. Obviously you shouldn't, but it does mean that they used IRL mechanics of a speedometer similar to cars where your speedometer is linked to your tire rotation, and that the km/h increase is because the tires don't have resistance during flight so they simply rotate faster. Also, boost on aggressive slopes and you'll easily clear 50m in air, you can make it from the Glacier ship into the water on the south side which is over a 150m jump to clear. This is absolutely ridiculous. At range these tanks also move too fast that to hit a shot with a slow shell velocity (E 100, FV4005 and so on) in x8 sniper mode your turret either moves too slowly, your bloom resets because of how aggressively forward you have to aim to lead, or you have to aim in x4 because your lead has to be so much that you can't actually see the tank in x8, and close up your turret rotation doesn't hold up to catch them. More gamebreaks, at least you make arty players quit arty by yoloing them into quitting the class altogether since nobody'll be able to hit you for shit. On test server I've made it to arty alive and killed it without the enemy being able to shoot me while driving straight through them all with some minor turns. There's also supposed rumours (have yet to see any myself though) that using this to boost yourself on top of buildings can break the game and make you clip into them xD 1.4 will be the patch that kills the last shred of competitiveness the game had you get stupid stuff like this, on the brightside doing races on maps and trying to do certain flips is kinda fun, but this is game is not WoT anymore when these tanks come into the game
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    I don't mind one bit. In fact, I'll cheer and sing praises if they nerf Defenders and IS3As and I own these things, because I am a fucking stupid idiot, like everyone who got these things.
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    Bunch o' Fixes (Error 78 and Site)

    Hello! Fixed a bug that prevented tanks from being recorded to an account if there was no tank WN data available (normal in the case of new tanks where the XVM guys haven't added it yet). Fixed a bug in the forum where a database issue caused some threads to show a "78", "77" or "80" error. Edit: More fixes Fixed issue where Patrons would see ads on the website. Fixed issue related to adding new accounts on the Russian server. Added GPDR cookie notice to website. Bunch of random, mostly cosmetic fixes.
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    I'm playing T49 so I don’t get it
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    To prove that arty is hard to play I've decided to run two WoT clients of test server and simultaneously play two arty battles. Never again. I'm not a super human to do it one more time. That focus, this skill. I've almost shit my pants because of stress. Check video and please, don't do it to yourself.
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    Polish tanks wn8

    Due to the inflation of WN8-values in the recent years we decided to exclude polish tanks from the rating thus droping the global average wn8-rating back to what was considered "average" 3 years ago. This decision will most likely affect all newly introduced tank lines/premium tanks introduced after/including the polish tank line up until the point where the average WN8-level drops down to a more managable level. This way we will be able to make wn8 great again. -Fabunil, purple poaster/representative of the wotlabs WN8-commitee
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    "In its current state, the pref mm tanks often fails to ensure proper rotation between the top/middle/bottom of the list. Getting matched at the same position for several battles in a row slows down progression and degrades the overall experience for absolutely all vehicles. Unfortunately, simply tweaking the algorithm has proven to be impossible. We artificially lowered the probability of getting preferential Premiums in +1 Tier and same-tier battles. However, this created more problems by increasing the number of single-tier battles and waiting times for not only Tier VIII and IX but tanks tiered VI-X and we're too stupid to know how to fix it. So we looked into redesigning the underlying matchmaker rules to improve 3/5/7, 10/5, and 15 template distribution. This was to to prevent cases of spending 80% of in-game time in 3/5/7 battles at the bottom of the list. Now you spend every game bottom tier unless you're a BR. As you can understand, to find the optimal solution is simply... impossible! We simply can't and won't try anymore. We have already laid down a plan and work on the matchmaker has failed. We will give more information on how you can go fuck yourselves at a later date." Already wrote the article for them 6 months from now.
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    Pretty sure this is just a retired tank from Florida, which will drive 10mi under the speed limit in the passing lanes and curse you out for asking how their day is going
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    Newbie Here

    pm me
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    if only there was some way to look at win rate separately from wn8
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    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    It's like they finally added a vehicle branch specifically for the purpose of jumping the shark.
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    Quack kill sound effect for WoT

    So I decided to see how audio modding is with the current version of WoT and decided to create a small mod that replaces the crew voiceover for killing an enemy tank with this little gem. The inspiration for this was shishx, who uses this effect in his videos; however, he does not use a mod for that but rather adds it himself during video post-processing. Since I haven't been able to find any mod that replicates this functionality, I decided to create this myself and upload it here in case someone else wanted to have a few laughs as well. The kill voiceover is replaced for all nations. Especially fun if you're playing: Large boomsticks, esp KV-2 AMX 40 artillery In general sound modding seems to be pretty straightforward nowadays and the engine is quite versatile. quack.rar
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    Hello! As users of PadderBot may be aware, he has been dead for quite a while. To be honest, he was doomed from the start. PadderBot was a bit of a hackjob using mIRC and mIRC Scripting. While this is fine for a single-channel bot, PadderBot was supposed to be in multiple channels at once, and once you pass the 30 or 40 channel mark, mIRC starts to get bogged down quite a bit. Eventually it became too much for the poor IRC client and small Windows virtual server to handle and things went down for good. However, I've created a nifty little alternative if you still want to have statistics functionality on your channel. Using Nightbot, you can easily add a custom command that will grab the player's statistics directly from WoTLabs and display them on your stream's chat in the same way that PadderBot did. You can add the command by typing the following into your channel's chat: !commands add !stats $(urlfetch http://wotlabs.net/padderbot/?query=$(querystring)) After that, all you have to do is type !stats [server] [player] and Nightbot will return the player's informations. Example: Supported servers are: na eu asia ru And that's it! Hope you guys enjoy it! Also, there will be new things on WoTLabs going forward. Stay tuned.
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    Cancer fighting cancer as I see it. Both sides are ruining the game in different way, on the left side we have mentally 3-year olds who have no problem shooting both themselves and their teammates in the foot for a false sense of moral superiority while elevating the toxicity in the game to a whole new level while the other side ruins the game for everyone as WG to this day is still unable to introduce a mechanic that isn't completly braindead to use and completly infuriating to play against. The left side can be fixed by simply banning them from the game and the right side can be fixed by actually hiring some guys that actually care about the game instead of mastrubating during work hours, knowing WG neither of those things are going to happen. Luckily for everyone there is always the 3rd option called "Just play a different fucking game"
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    Mahou truly did gods work.
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    WoTlabs still the thing?

    Everything game mechanic-wise has already been discussed to death already and the only new mechanics introduced in the last couple of years were the swedish siege mode (basically forces your to bush wank), the arty stun (a different kind of annoying as fuck compared to the previous version) and the Italian autoreloader (or whatever it is called)(just a more flexible autoloader). Discussions about maps boil down to "Here are your 3 corridors! Pick this one if you got armor, pick this one if your are a bush wanker or pick this one if you want to die quickly!". Discussions about new tanks usually boil either down to "Tank X basically is Tank Y but with 10mm more frontal armor and .1 seconds better aiming time!" or "Press W, left click red tanks, win".
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    Golden pubbie moment... T95 asks in countdown if he's blue. He wasn't. Says sweet. Shoots a 45%er. 'How about now?' Love it.
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    WoT Only Premium Coming

    This game is finally one of those old MMOs where you haven't played in years... and when you finally log in you're immediately showered with a daily crate, the returning player MEGA crate, 2 special missions reminders, +300 Cow Coins, A Quantum bonus to gem rotations, and +30% to all prestige points for 24 hours.
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    So I played a few... -Physics vastly improved, no more fear of flipping. -Arty can't drown themselves. -No gold ammo spam. -Shitlords can't snapshot you at 300m due to accuracy decrease; bloom matters a lot more. -Environments are nice and clean instead of cluttered where it's hard to aim and move. -Lower aimtimes across the board feels better. -Can't get gold so there's zero pay to win factor anywhere. -Extremely fast advancement as opposed to painfully long grinds to equip vehicles. -Lack of crew skill variety means no grinding for eternities to have a competitive crew. -Buffs to TDs countered by decreased accuracy and lower zoom which makes long range fire less effective. -No battle stats screen after game means you don't have to see how abysmal every one actually is. -Lack of mods keeps everything even. Now, there's a lot I think is a bad idea. Arty's too strong, tank balance seems rough, and I'm not sure why they changed graphic engines again, this one seems like a big downgrade. But overall, pretty good patch with a lot of overdue improvements.
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    I can't help but see this as an attempt to try to contrast the old game with the new to remind every one of all the improvements they have made. The problem is so many of the improvements weren't improvements. The old physics where you were stuck to the ground were actually way better for gameplay because while they weren't realistic you also didn't have to constantly worry about flipping, falling, suicide bombers, or some fuck on your own team shoving you into water. 1.0 looked nice graphically but smoothing terrain made flipping even worse, while all the new eye candy crap littering the maps makes it harder to see and shoot. A lot of changes they've made really weren't better, they just made the game look better.
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    for you that have trouble understanding armor layouts of tanks, I have put together a small but helpful guide as to why your shells may not always do damage even when doing crits on low armor tanks! I have had to reroll 5x, and play tens of thousands of matches til I got hardly blue stats to understand the intricate system of armor in this game. Here we have a pubby pershing, a typical specimen of the game world of tanks. You as a slightly above average skill player think, oh boy lets get that damage! So where do you aim? lets aim at the lowest part of the tank and try to track him! good boy, you surely will track him and get your goodboy spotting points while damaging him. you fire, but oh no what's this? you not only didn't damage him, you didn't even track him! His track absorbed that module damage, and the shell had a trajectory below the actual hull of the tank. better luck next time fellow unicum.
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    Your list would be much shorter if you mark good players. Just assume everyone is an idiot until proven otherwise, because that's usually the case.
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    Rage post, nothing to see here. Played it enough to call it now: what a garbage map. The north is unpushable without a 2 to 1 turf advantage. If you try to advance past the center hill you're getting fire from the bushy hill TDs, the heavies in the center brick building, and long bombs from around the base all while fighting the tank on the other side of the hill in the open. Entire flank is a trap, once you go there you just sit and do nothing or you get bored, push, and die. Try to scout center and you may get some lights and do some useful work or you may just sit with your dick in your hand because, as per standard WG map rules, the center is useless so no one but the 45%ers who would never influence the match anyway go there. Enjoy the occasional retard yolo up the trench from the south flank where you now get to DPM each other until one of you dies for extra fun. Also, arty loves you 600m away without line of sight on them. Go south side and run into the church only to find another tank(s) on the other side and you've now prox spotted each other and can't ever move again, because snipers will barrage you instantly if you try. Get pinned down for minutes on end until some one relieves you or the other guy is stupid enough to try to go after you and gets killed by your snipers. Mop up is a Five Nights at Freddies jump scare game if there are TDs left because WG seems to have gotten over its fear of bushes and went nuts around the base with the paint brush. Typical game consists of taking lame peeking shots at each other until all the morons thin themselves out trying to be heroes, then pushing in with a numerical advantage, then getting that advantage whittled back down by all the bush wankers until one tank is left standing. 4/10 design, at least it isn't Province.
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    dont use xvm, dont support the biggest cancer that ever happened to the game and killed the competitive playerbase regardless for what use
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    Free Coaching Through Discord

    PM me if you want some coaching, I’m bored and my work projects are done until late August Through Discord, either live game if you have the bandwidth or just replays. 5K wn8 player for those who don’t know me My Discord will be provided through PM, as I just got spammed to shit by putting it out publicly xd
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    I give up... (after 8 years)

    I agree, the maps are absolutely the worst part of the game right now. The powercreep is bullshit, but it always has been. artillery is bullshit, but always has been and is less retarded than before. But I was playing the game, and I realized that I fucking hated every map except for like 2. Every time I get a map I say to myself "oh god, not this fucking map again"- except I say this for almost every map. The maps punish you for playing.
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    I give up... (after 8 years)

    The op new tanks was the final straw for me. Like don't get me wrong the Super conq was pretty bs when it came out but was fun to play I guess. Final straw for me was when the 268v4 came and out turned into the yolo you tank of choice and WG started contemplating buffing the fucking thing. Throw in all the P2W prems like the Defender, Patriot, Skorp G, etc and it's been fairly unpleasant to say the least. The arty changes were meh, at least you don't get oneshot anymore. However they really should have kept it so that they can't platoon with anyone, fuck em; if you wanna be cancer... do it by yourself. Haven't played since January and still don't plan on touching the game again.
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    First time today where the team is actually balanced and
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    Winrate Expecations

    I always found that the deciding factor in WN8/WR is whether you typically carry early or carry late. This is related to camping, but not always the result of it. Early carries (whether that just be enough early damage or more subtle moves like trading HP for map control, push inertia, etc.) tend to be much less rewarding for WN8 and can result in a pretty serious rift in the two ratings. My only advice here is to experiment with the pace at which you play the game and adjust to what works best for you. Realistically you want to be carrying as early as possible, but some players are just atypically good at carrying later. If your current style is what you think is best, just pay no mind to your WN8. I wish I could do more than just echo the usual reply to this, but WN8 is just a number.
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    The SP is really nice now, 202 base pen, better dpm, and it can sort of climb hills a little. My IS-6 on the other hand still has to retreat against most heavies it faces. I wish they would have left AP pen at 175 and given all the extra pen to the APCR so I could pen Type 4 and E-75 weak spots . . . The IS-6 gun handling buff is nice though, at least I bounce closer to where I was aiming
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    clan activities will actually do very little for you since the clan based game modes have very little with random battles in common besides the core mechanics what it does offer is players that are probably a bit better than you, a lot of players simply clan hop as they progress forward to keep playing with better players to learn new things but there are way more efficient ways of improving (and quickly) i'll just go over some basics grind up t10 and spam it, it costs credits but do whatever you can to support it because here is where the gameplay quality is the highest and where you'll learn the most always tryhard - it might seem obvious but treating every single random battle like your life would depend on it is something very few people actually do, if some bs happens it's gg go next and they start throwing which isn't always the case when it comes to your own performance, i've literally had a game in the e50m where i was 300hp within 2 minutes a ridiculous shitbarn pen and still ended up with 9k damage because the game isn't over until you actually die read lineups and maps, figure out some good opening moves based on these and once you do, figure out where to go next - doing this over and over makes you very quick at decisionmaking and eventually it comes naturally and you'll be (at least i am) able to tell what's going to happen in the next 2 minutes by just looking at what's happening now. it makes for very good practice of making use of the whole right place right time thing track shots - the most underappreciated thing in the entire game, always go for them if you can get them with damage, it's worth so much to blow a 90 second cooldown of a repkit because what you don't see is their module damage which really can make a difference when fighting - and if they get tracked without repkits it's literally gg they die for free and they won't be able to deal as much damage as they would being able to move even if they get swarmed the tank you're in matters less than what's happening around you - get comfortable enough at tank characteristics to never have to focus on tank specific things and simply get to situational reads asap if you do just those things and do them well, that's more of a quality player than 99,9% of the playerbase
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