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    Honest mistake!

    Honest mistake!
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    this mark was just ridiculously hard
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    I got my first tier 10 3-mark! Thanks goes to all of you here. I lurked around wotlabs for about a year, and then finally made an account when I wanted to ask a question that seemed to have not been asked yet. I love all that I've learned and continue to learn, and appreciate all the work and content you all have contributed. Special thanks to @CraBeatOff for taking time to platoon with me, being patient with me, teaching me things that I still strive to learn and master, and especially for introducing me to my favorite tank in the game, the glorious T49. You've helped me enjoy the game so much more than I could have on my own.
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    Do you EVEN 90?

    This tank is not good. It is however funny. Its the size of a tier 1, with the firepower of the pre 9.18 SP1C, and the hitpoints of a tier 7 tank. But, it has god tier camo, which means a little something, and you can at least do funny things with terrain. Replays http://www.mediafire.com/file/yn3qq0ep1oencz2/20180125_1527_france-F97_ELC_EVEN_90_22_slough.zip Protection/Durability Good 46% camo, 11% firing Tier 1 size - hide in all kinds of bullshit spots, invent cover on the fly, abuse terrain Bad Absurdly low hitpoints - 3 shots from almost anything and you're done all HE will pen, and arty misses splash hard 6 tons of weight means all rams/bumps HURT Mobility Good 70 kph is nice It's a LT - your mobility and size make for nice protection Bad Low hp/t at 23 Traverse on medium terrain is marginal, large turn radius Firepower Good 0.33 accuracy is enough Depression -9 and a comfy +13 elevation 45 x 220 ammo is enough Autoloader! (220x3 2.5 between) Bad: Handling, aim-time, pen, interclip Abysmal 1238 max dpm
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    Do you EVEN 90?

    Complains about Mauerbrecher selling like shit, releases ELC EVEN. Its like they got a grudge against their quarterly report.
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    Forum software will be updated next week to see if we can iron out all the bugs that piled up on it. Probably there'll be some downtime.
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    60 games on Sunday, 36 on Monday, marked in less than 100 games.
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    T-34/85 Dragon 1/35

    Hey all. Since the game still hasn't really drawn me in (only bought the T-10 back in anticipation of the free tank) and Overwatch is still fun, I have spent more time on miniatures. Sharing with you my progress with a T-34/85 by Dragon. Older mold, but it came with free soviet tank riders. Hope you like it and thanks for looking!
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    After playing ~100 games in the Mle 51, the M103 (some time ago, though), and the Conqueror, here is what I think how these tanks compare. While I can say quite confidently that they are basically different flavours of the same or very similar tank, much like what the T-10 and 1-4 are to each other, I do think that WG has done a good job (intentional or not) of making each of them unique. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ M103 (a.k.a American Conqueror, shit E5, should I skip the M58?) Pros Troll armour – hull is full of strong and weak zones next to each other, e.g. the larger part of the 103's front drivewheel is 250 effective. Although the 103 may not weather small guns as well as the 51, it's armour works (sometimes!) against Jagdzillas. Rounds corners by driving forward, poking, and bouncing return fire with drivewheel 340 pen HEAT: HEAT is a downside in many situations it is, but the raw pen this gun gets is just too good to give up, especially in an era of Japanese heavies, 320 effective weakspots, IKEA wedges and cykaconq cupolas. Hull sides: are preangled so will autobounce within a 20 degree arc (also not overmatchable unlike E5's 44 mm). Sexeh Cons Merely decent accuracy as opposed to 51's sniper rifle and Conq's railgun Merely decent snapshotter, i.e. not a Conq. Limited ammo cap TURRET ROOF UND CUPOLA (FULLCAPS FOR EMPHASIS) Turret ring (also why the fuck is the turret the size of the empire state building?) Not an ideal sidescraper -12 reverse speed (M53/55 senpai yamete) 1850 hp should I skip the M58? Verdict: It's different but worse. Pretty much a tank balanced for 2016 thrown into 2018. Still playable and armour works, but problem is that E5 line is heavily outdated as a whole. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mle 51 (French conq, French M103, loaded baguette) Pros Fast (40/15 and reaches it) Agile Can ram Easy to use armour profile BULLI: 260 ufp/220 lfp combo is dank against most Tier 7/8s and some 9s Good gun, best turret bloom + DPM tied with M103 Can overmatch STRVs with 127 mil 40mm roof armour No stock grind Cons Size, or should I say SIZE(that’s no eiffel tower) Side armour Rip when flanked Prominent cupolas Can't sidescrape 340 pen HEAT will rekt you tfw when you rush to your favourite hulldown spot only to find a T-10 with gold preloaded on the other side 380 VR 315 pen APCR not the most reliable Verdict: Very strong tank overall with holy trinity of armour, firepower, and mobility. However size and side armour issues means the tanks’ strength is limited by the degree to which you control the engagement – fortunately the tank is very good at controlling engagements. Tank is hurt more by high pen gold rounds than the other two, and is significantly worse when your team falls and you need to farm. Also gets fucked by STRVs Would make a decent Tier 10 if it had 300 more HP, wait, ohhhhh. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Conqueror (British M103, L1A1, Super Caernarvon) Pros Best gun (325 APCR, laser pointer accuracy, no bloom) also 120 pen silver HESH -10 gun dep makes it stupidly easy to farm people Best defensive tank out of all 3: reliable sidescraper, small cupolas with troll angles, hemispherical turret, spaced armour on cheeks, probably best @hulldown in Tier 9 after ST-I nerf Thickest side armour Most hp at 1950 400 VR Cons LFP Big, squishy (ammo) rack gets pummelled all the time Driver-san Can’t push against good players smart enough to ignore your tracks 17mm engine deck Verdict: The Conq is great at shitting out damage in fair weather or foul. It’s also the best tank for holding positions, and bridges the gap between a broken Tier 8 to a highly desirable Tier 10. However, the tank is a straight downgrade compared to the 10; suffers from chronic cancer focus, is pretty poor for pushing, and suffers from module issues. Play this tank when tilted. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ tldr Which tier 9 should I pick? All things considered, while all three tanks are reasonably strong in today's meta and matchmaking, the Conqueror sits on the only CW-relevant line, and is the most reliable performer without doubt. On the other hand, the 51 is fun and easily the best tank for solopubbing. Lastly, I don’t see much reason to play the M103 barring……aesthetic reasons.
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    Finally...... Mission completed! Reward: Vehicles added: T 55A (crew 100%) Slots added: 1
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    Once upon a time a man named Murazar once saw a high damage replay on youtube where a retard yolorushes a bunch of imbeciles in a 263. The following night he had a wet dream, a brilliant idea for a new great addition to the game that is called World of Tanks. He was he went to work on it soon after and turned his wet dream into reality but alas, as zealously as he was he wasn't a very smart man.
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    #remove jap heavies from the game

    #remove jap heavies from the game
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    got outplayed in a 1v1 because the t49 shot the ground next to the rock i was hiding behind and set me on fire
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    I want SerB back. at least he knows how to fucking balance the game.
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    Satisfaction... a 5k damage, 1.7k spotting (1,33k base xp) mastery badge tier-10 game in your T49, including a 800+ damage pen on a DeathStar who in the previous game was on your team and accused you of being a shit LT driver.
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    Obj 430U

    So if the borderline OP SConq and 5A is now the new standard for being balanced I think we crossed a line.
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    I want a rework of the skills. They talked about it over three years ago and nothing ever happend. Noone needs bs skils/perks like Signal Boosting or Relaying. On the other hand sixth sense needs to change so it is a default skill everyone has like it is in WoWs. And why not add some of the skills the console peasants have? Some of them sound rly cool •Silent Driving: Decreases the effect that movement has on your tank's camouflage factor by 50%. This Perk is more effective when combined with the Camouflage skill. or •Muffled Shot: Decreases effect of firing on your tank's camouflage factor by 25%. This Perk is more effective when combined with Camouflage Net and the Camouflage skill other are a bit stupid but at least more usefull than Relaying •Swimming Lessons: The amount of time your tank can survive underwater is increased by 50%. •Paratrooper Training: Reduced falling damage by 20% https://console.worldoftanks.com/en/content/about/game-guides/perks-skills-intro/
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    The worst part of watching the battle after you die is when you hear the tick of the camo net or bino activating on a superheavy.
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    I can't really see a way where this type of mechanic will be OP in the hands of the general players. This mechanic scales with foresight and map awareness which is something 90% of the playerbase doesn't even know about, let alone that there's a metagame. Scaling is perfectly viable, and while some tanks scale with micromanaging (russian mediums especially and in return turned very OP in the past) this is something you can't rush. The tank gets better the better of a player you are, so the mechanic is going to breathe new air into the game. This is an old MOBA concept that's been used for almost 20 years so unless WG finds a way to break the tanks completely with overbuffing then this should be fine. The tank displayed on the video looks like a very nice example of balance anyway, so I'm just hoping for the rest of the Italian tanks that follow the mechanic to remain the same. Some thoughts on the gameplay and mainly a T10 perspective. (Assuming 390 alpha 3 round drum with the same reloads as the T8 presented in the video for simplicity) Pros: (from the tank and mechanics, not gameplay balance) Being able to shift in between single shot for DPM and autoloading for clutch or cleanup is interesting. What's probably going to be the absolute optimal way of playing this tank is to single shoot throughout entire engagements until you either get yoloed or when the engagement is about to end and you can end up clipping a full clip since you're about to move to another engagement anyway so you've created a situation where your clip is the best way of making your EDPM as high as possible. People experienced with TVP should be really familiar with this already in terms of picking the right times to clip so your timing is on point before the next engagement. The full clips seem to be about BC 25t reloads long so there's another tank to think of how and when to time the engagements in a way so you don't lose out even if the Italians and the BCs don't really share other things besides that. This is related to the former one but not quite in the same way. It's also singleshot/autoloader related but cutting it out of from the black and white and greying the lines out a bit. The possibility of being able to take advantage of overcommitments. The T10 version of this is very likely to be able to solo pretty much any tier 10 short of the 2,5k+ HP targets. If someone is closing in on you, holding the single shot until they're fully clippable means that you're going to slap them for more than they can possibly give (this is the only broken aspect of the mechanic I can think of). Let's say the T10 follows the same reloads but simply with a 390 alpha gun (possibly 320 but 390 makes more sense for the sake of argument and since Italy is a NATO country to follow the trend of NATO guns) with a 3 round autoloader. 4 rounds would honestly be breaking it, and giving it worse reloads in general makes me consider the 3 round autoloader much more. 4 round could be possible with a lower alpha option but would still end up being worse for gameplay on both the playing and receiving end personally. That's doing 2-3 shots and then switching to the autoloader. Poof, dead. This thing is going to eat light tanks for breakfast and lower tiers for dinner. Just not rushing your autoloader instantly but deciding to do it when a longer reload won't gimp you, even if it's just talking about an extra shot instead of the full clip. Doing 2 shots worth and intentionally holding the third for an increase in DPM will surely also find itself worthwhile in certain situations. MT platform will allow the mechanic to be used very well due to mobility in terms of rotating and the few flanking options the game has left. Single shooting DPM isn't terrible. If you can live with poking every 10 seconds instead of every 6-8 you're going to be in an ideal position to farm up as much as possible before the engagement is about to end. Autoloader intraclip is good. I personally think this needs nerfing, intraclip should not be better than any other autoloader that isn't a Foch 155. This basically means that with some foresight and distance, a BC or TVP won't stand a chance against you. First shot on spot, second fully reloaded shot before they close the distance put in and then 3 autoloaded shots while the only gap where you don't have the advantage is the time for you to reload that last third shell in the chamber when they're currently clipping you. Slap some HP on this scenario and basically anything sub 1,6-1,8k HP is not going to be able to push you unless you're two shot or less. With this mechanic you're actually going to fare decently in steamrolls. Maybe not super well but you will always have the chance to clip out whatever you're shooting at and decide that the damage right there is yours and your team won't leech off of it for a quick damage boost on endgame. Speaking of endgame scenarios you're going to be king of the hill. Autoloaders still theoretically pose a bigger threat but they have the drawback of only being able to keep their gun in the game while they're reloaded meaning that unless this gets absolute garbage gun handling you're going to end up outfarming both autoloaders and single shooters on late midgame and endgame. Cons: Firing a shell will restart the reload process of the currently loading shell. This is a necessary drawback but also one that really sucks while playing. Going single shooter is the way to go for most of the battle in this, but when people poke on your reloads as important kills or simply overcommitments that you want to get your hands on, the time spent reloading the currently loading shell is wasted. It really sucks when you've waited 9 seconds but your target is about to go out of cover, so you've effectively spent 24 seconds reloading one shell. This means that firm decisionmaking of when the clip and when to singleshoot is important, as mixing both on a whim might just kill your DPM more than just autoloading all 3 shells right from the get go. Getting caught off guard. You're going to be just as useless as an autoloader that just started to reload if you get caught in the wrong places. You're risking to take hits with your first shell barely loaded, and firing it is saying bye even more to your DPM. The scenario will never work out in a favourable way. Not firing it is giving them uncontested free damage, and firing it is delaying your effectiveness by another 15 seconds. Ammoracks. If it follows the same rules as all the other tanks do with ammoracks (reload time doubled but intraclip is unaffected) then you're going to be less effective than a T-34-2 trying to outplay a hulldown IS-7. HE T8 bots are going to deal more damage Ammo rack durability and loader deaths is going to be a huge decider. If it's as common as other NATO tanks then wet ammorack is honestly a valid option if rammer isn't a possible equipment option. I'm not sure about the gun handling so I put it here, missing shots is just going to suck. So hard. All newer autoloaders have poor pen as well so I wouldn't be surprised if this gets 248/300 pen. If so then I'll be running full HEAT considering you can't switch shells without reloading your clip unless the it has a decent ammo capacity. And it should have at least 40 shells considering the type of gameplay you'll end up doing, but personally 50-60 should be more likely but who knows. Ammo count can definitely gimp this tank as well. All in all it benefits from both upsides of having a single shooter, and also an autoloader. At the same time it also features both their downsides, and it poses a unique trait with another unique drawback that getting accustomed to might trouble a lot of people. I'm personally hyped for this as it's the first time since the Grille 15 that I'll actually go on the test server and really try it out.
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    that gun tho

    that gun tho
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    Do you EVEN 90?

    Well considering the real one only had 2 crew, you have to fear for the third guy who is presumably hanging on for dear life on the outside somewhere.
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    Do you EVEN 90?

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    Karma is a bitch. IS7 player snapshots and pens my t95 superstructure to kill me. Next battle I also meet him, I snapshot his ufp and ammorack him for 2083hp.