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  1. Not our fault the recruiters are lazy/inactive as all get out....
  2. You could come check out Foxey, we have a few other BT guys you might know, and we are always running Strongholds and toons. Good luck in your search!
  3. Oh wow, thanks for the recommendation Luna. I might be starting to change my mind about you
  4. Any chance on Foxey again? Good luck with your search.
  5. I miss you a lots :3

    1. Toomstone357


      Getting on alright in your new home?

    2. Spartan96


      eh they're not as fun save for a few people. FOXEY is a fun place.

  6. *says its updated, but plsgo is still on the PETCO friends list* Okay...
  7. Yeah, come find me in Petco TS someday, I'll be messing about in the Foxey section obviously
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