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  1. So when looking at xTC im assuming a 50 means you are at the average damage per game. Yet when I pull up my type 59 it shows I am at 46 yet my dpg is well above the average, what is the reason for this, or am I missing something?
  2. Surely WG should have some statistic somewhere that tracks how many games you have played with and without premium? I also feel that while you may get a higher WR in a good platoon you would also a little lower average XP per win due to having to somewhat compete with other good players, so it would even out in a sense.
  3. I feel the best way to measure skill is by measuring average server base xp of a certain tank to your own average base XP of that tank. This would be calculated in a similar way that xTC is calculated except with XP. I realize that XP values for certain tanks have changed drastically over time which leads me to this question. Say for example in the past tank A had an average base XP of 500 and player A averaged 550 XP; now though tank average base XP for tank A is 550 and player A averages 700 base XP. Would it be possible to average all of these percentages together to create a skill metr
  4. So you are pushing towards a key flank, suddenly you notice that it is just 4 of you going to that flank and the rest of your team decides to camp or go to non important positions. Should you try to hold the flank and risk getting stream rolled by 9 of their tanks, or retreat and give up a key position on the map which will almost guarantee them a win?
  5. Definitely recommend giving platooning with him a try. He is easy going and fun to platoon with. He was also able to answer any question I may have had in a logical way that I could easily understand. In just one session I feel I have learned a lot about map positioning and the importance of always being aware of my surroundings. Can't wait to platoon with him more and Highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn this game better. 10/10 Also 10/10 would bang lol.
  6. I am currently barely blue recent and have been for the last couple of months. The main things I am looking to work on is initial positioning, I always seem to go to the same places with the same tank because I can somehow justify it in my head and I need help breaking this. Also working on when to take the risk and when not to. So a little about me: I'm 24 years old, kind of quiet but still chill and cool to talk to. I do have a mic and headphones as well and am ready to learn to not be bad@Tonks!!
  7. What do you do when your team does things completely bassackwards from normal? Im talking like half the team going valley on lakeville, going north on karlia, pushing on the west side on cliff, pushing 1 line on fisherman's bay. I'm not talking the whole team does it but at least 7 or 8 members so that the side that would typically stronger isn't yet the side the team is pushing is easily defensible by the enemy because there is not enough to overwhelm. What should I do in these situations?
  8. Im not a pro here, only a blue recent barely.(maybe could be close to purple if I didn't play on tilt so often and actually focused lol). Anyways here is some advice. Always begin with supporting the strong flank in some way, shape or form. Try to win that flank before your other flank loses. If the other flank is losing faster than the one you are on is winning try to support it if possible, If you are not quick enough to keep it from losing then try to accelerate your flanks progress. If you are on the losing flank, get out while you can if none of your allies are salvageable, if
  9. How does one be sucessful on prok when in an E-100 and arty are on the other team? Seems like they will constantly focus you and fuck the living shit out of you. This map should not be allowed for E-100's when there are arty.
  10. Right now I am trying to grind through the Chi Nu and it is a terrible tank, to me seems like a terrible remake of the rhm at tier 5. Good depression, decent gun, and shit everything else.
  11. What cancer tanks do you use in CW? Just the typical CGC, M53/M55, and batchat arty?
  12. How do you play the new sacred valley in a medium such as the type 59?
  13. I feel you guys, I have had about 2 weeks of bad play so far, I think it mostly comes down to evaluating yourself and what tactics you use. At least for today I have broken out of it with 10 games and 2.5k+ wn8.
  14. Hey guys, I have been stuck at around 1800 recent wn8 for about 1500 battles now. While 1800 wn8 is not bad I would like to be better. I feel like a lot of it is my inconsistency and possibly not going to the right places at the right time or not knowing how to adjust to certain situations. There are also days where I have high wn8s, over 3000, and then I have low days, around 1200 which I would like to get rid of the bad days. Anyways I'm going to post a few films so if anyone could give me any tips to improve that would be great or if anyone wants to platoon even better. Appreciate the h
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