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  1. Basically this. I just happened to think to myself about the good 'ol days and decided to come browse the forum, about how it goes for WOT, even though my friends have started playing a decent bit more, with Ali actually doing tournaments and such, I think WG started sponsoring them again? Still feel no drive to get back into the game, and I'm kind of glad. Spent way too much time and money when now I can 420 quickscope people in FPSes/other games and actually enjoy it. Farming damage in WOT became a "If I don't farm, I get mad" and super high damage/kill games became "Meh, hooray".
  2. On the contrary, I actually played this game again the other night, making a record of three times in one month! Before that you were lucky for one in two months for five whole minutes at best. I seriously dislike what the game feels like now and how annoyingly over co-ordinated everyone is. They see you, they hold W until one of you is dead if you're even a tank down and all just focus you. Sure, this is actually how to win as a team usually, but it's no fun getting shit stomped after two shots of damage because 5 fools all w keyed at you and probably all died themselves to your teammates Th
  3. People still post here? My god what year is it?! I've tried to play a game here and there of wot but I always get bored/annoyed too quickly. Sad awoo. All the tanks I loved for whatever reasons feel like they are no longer that tank I once could enjoy. Some tanks feel stupidly stronger than I remember too.
  4. I still don't know why I was never posted on there, I tk'd him, insurrectional, and Whiskey MANY times even before I changed my name/sold my account and probably called them more than a few racial slurs. I wonder if they ever attempted to dox the infamous Brap, who seems to be responsible for everyone's net cutting out after they trip over their Ethernet cord and especially dumpstering exposingwot itself :^)
  5. Oh look, the guy who runs a website where the first three replies to every shitpoast he makes are him talking to himself on three different accounts is here LOL. Still pretending you aren't using atleast three different accounts to post verbal diarrhea on the forums and your own god-awful website? Should get our boi brap to lay the smackdown on your blog site again :^)
  6. You must be new here. I guess it's not completely dead then :^)
  7. Like, honestly. It's kind of depressing :^(
  8. A shame a shitty company had to have controlling stocks of this game, obsidian could've done amazing things
  9. Did you ever see anyone who glitched their T62A sport into team trainings? We had a couple people on NA who did so, it was pretty funny. 100% unharmable unless they flipped over, then they'd die.
  10. Yay! Lets throw a huge party and get wasted
  11. Oh hey, the guy who sold a bunch of shit on my alt account, go back to being dead. As for all chat, I miss it. Rarely feel like chatting at all now *shrug*. Can't say hi to people I know on the enemy team
  12. :rage: WOOF


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