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  1. KruggWulf


    I still don't know why I was never posted on there, I tk'd him, insurrectional, and Whiskey MANY times even before I changed my name/sold my account and probably called them more than a few racial slurs. I wonder if they ever attempted to dox the infamous Brap, who seems to be responsible for everyone's net cutting out after they trip over their Ethernet cord and especially dumpstering exposingwot itself :^)
  2. KruggWulf


    Oh look, the guy who runs a website where the first three replies to every shitpoast he makes are him talking to himself on three different accounts is here LOL. Still pretending you aren't using atleast three different accounts to post verbal diarrhea on the forums and your own god-awful website? Should get our boi brap to lay the smackdown on your blog site again :^)
  3. You must be new here. I guess it's not completely dead then :^)
  4. Like, honestly. It's kind of depressing :^(
  5. A shame a shitty company had to have controlling stocks of this game, obsidian could've done amazing things
  6. Did you ever see anyone who glitched their T62A sport into team trainings? We had a couple people on NA who did so, it was pretty funny. 100% unharmable unless they flipped over, then they'd die.
  7. Yay! Lets throw a huge party and get wasted
  8. Oh hey, the guy who sold a bunch of shit on my alt account, go back to being dead. As for all chat, I miss it. Rarely feel like chatting at all now *shrug*. Can't say hi to people I know on the enemy team
  9. What are the expected values on the WZ-113G FT (tier 10 chinese td)? Ground that line out a while back and started playing again, however yasenkrasen is telling me a 3600 damage game with 1 kill and a couple spots is only 2188, and wotlabs shows abysmal values. I'm not sure if targetdamage charts are accurate or if it doesn't specify amount of kills necessary.

    1. Tman450


      Nobody plays it, so IDK. Could be unreasonably high due to that.

    2. Audax_Bellator


      WZ-113G FT frags 1.056 damage 2144.152 spots 0.635 , I forgot how the multiplier works for unicum level


      Never mind x1.34 for unicum according to my quick search, but I'm on a mobile and its a bit clunky with fat fingers. That puts damage at around 2900 which seams awful low

      Source: https://modxvm.com/en/wn8-expected-values/

    3. KruggWulf


      Then yasen must be way off

  10. :rage:WOOF

    1. Pinkamena_Kerensky


      Keep talking like this and someone's going to take you home~

    2. KruggWulf


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    2. KruggWulf


      T100 has super camo too, so maybe he thinks he can make it work like a turreted bush-td :^)

    3. simba90


      Had he returned to base to fight the t-44 or was he 'lucky' enough to still be within one square of the spawn when the t-44 arrived.

    4. KruggWulf


      He ran away as soon as he realized what I was doing when I shoved him out. Called me an "Amerimutt" LUL. Then I popped a cap in his nazi bitch ass

  12. Fine, you've secured the 2nd to last spot on the boat, right between Endo and Ali. However, supahotfire took kevin's spot and due to space and weight restrictions, he was voted to be cast overboard and will have to take another straggling refugee boat to the EU server, lest he drown amongst the sea of NA stagnation. Anfield barely managed to catch a spot in time, squeezing in between some random EU caster who apparently had mistakenly purchased a 1 way ticket to the NA server previously and our beloved Yankee of -G-.
  13. I was making a joke when I posted that, I already have an EU account (two, but one is a reroll I gave up on when assad gave me access to his account he doesn't play on EU since I can't be arsed to maintain stats while grinding lines). Personally, I get 120-140ish ping from Texas, which is central technically, and I know east coasters and people with fiber can get under 100 ping. It's very playable, and in the past has been very smooth with practically no packetloss despite getting massive packetloss to the NA servers at times with 30 ping LUL.
  14. All aboard Krugg's refugee boat! We're going to EU, bois n grilles.
  15. Garbad still plays, speaking of talented shit talkers. Though he's all chill now which is weird, or atleast was the last few times I platooned with him a few weeks ago. All the 15 y/o weebs who were in clans like buneh and many unheard of clans back in the day are now in the 'top' clans and do most of the retarded shit talking. It's a sad sight to see :^( All of the clans except for -G- which suddenly got a lot better or so it appears recently, have taken a HUGE decline. Somewhat due to people leaving for other clans. VILIN is still shit, as usual, and OTTER is back but god awful and get bullied by mahou, youjo, etc while huck spergs out in slack. About it, really :/ bulls revival when?
  16. Trying to 3 mark a Type 64 LUL Padding is hard :^)
  17. streaming some cod WWII and maybe more tanks (was aids after a few games so I stopped) https://www.twitch.tv/kruggwulf

  18. Lowe can be much more aggressive than it used to be capable of due to the great turret buffs, the gun depression buff (and massive elevation buff), it's speed/engine power buff, etc etc. It's a nice tank now. Also got an armor buff on the top plate (not sure about the lower plate)
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