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  1. Who would be shooting the lfp at close range. Not even reds do that.
  2. Its a good idea, but if you will be hinging on WR too much. You must put in a maximum WR cap. For example, Zakaladas and Straik. They both have a good percentage of solo pub battles and their wn8 and all other stats back this up. But their recent Wr is around 66% to 68%. And that should be the cap for WR. As anything higher is seal clubbing or min/max tooning. Or min/maxing in some other way.
  3. Neatoman is fairly average, and it seems that great players, such as yourself; skew xvm win percentage significantly. What I am taking from all this. Is that if you are a average player. It is very accurate, but for any outliers. It becomes quite inaccurate.
  4. pcpartpicker.com Great place to start. And as for my recommendation, it would be to go with a 4670k, then later when you have enough money. You can upgrade the GPU. The reason why I picked the 4670k is because of the great performance per core, and we all know that WOT only utilizes one core. You will se the biggest improvement from that.
  5. E100 takes top honor. The is4 sucks because of the crap front armor, it will bounce side shots all day long, but any front shots will pen, making it very unreliable.
  6. cccpivan


    I really want to play it. It looks really fun, but just because it is associated with EA. I am very wary of it. I'm just thinking that if I buy it, it will be 60$ for a buggy game, pretty much 60$ down the drain.
  7. Thanks, took a quick gander on it over on curse and couldnt find it. Ill take a closer look tomorrow.
  8. Well when I was in my amx 50 100 in a t10 battle. I am loading my gold drum first. I come up on a t44 and fire my gold rounds at him. Into his side actually, then he starts complaning about me firing gold at him in chat. I will not change my 50 sec drum just for him. Now if I am in something else and I already have a gold round loaded, I will fire it and not wait. Just my 2 cents as I have seen an uptick of people complaining of gold rounds in chat. By the way, what is that mod called. I am interested in running it for a bit.
  9. Why has no one brought up the weather changes? Has it already been discussed? If weather conditions can decrease view range, I believe this can be one of the largest game play changes in a while.
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