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  1. Hey there brother! 80s-90s US Army vet here, I'll platoon with you anytime I'm on. Just add me and invite away if I'm online. I have to warn you, I play mostly high tiers and am a tank collector and not very good at this game. I don't really have anything below tier 6. I love to grind lines. I took a long break and I am just coming back.
  2. I'm down, at T8 US BB, T6 US CA, T5/6 all other BB lines. Hit me up if you want to scrub it up with me.
  3. I downloaded it and gave it a go. Seems super shallow and I did not enjoy it at all. I'm already spread too thin with other games and RL shit so I'm not sticking with this game. GL everyone who is enjoying this, it's not for me.
  4. Wish I could app but I don't have the battle count nor any tier 10s.
  5. I was going to do that but I really want to play clan wars but no clan will take me without a tier 10 and more battles. Reading up on meta and what is expected to do well and or needed in clan wars leads me to grind the Soviet / German cruiser lines. I am doing well in both I think so I'll probably stick with them, Soviet being the primary. I only really play games for the endgame content. I don't want my first tier 10 to be something that a caller does not want or a ship that will drag the team down. I started with American BBs because I'm a huge WW2 naval buff/fan and did shit i
  6. I will always shoot a DD if I think its a shot I can make. I do delete at lot of them or at least chase them off. I'll also try to support BBs on my team when I can with AA fire or chasing off those pesky DDs. Otherwise I'll cap or defend cap as much as I can without overextending. When I do shoot at BBs, I try to start a fire or two then move to another target. Sometimes the BB will repair and waste the CD but if not the damage will tick for quite a bit. I try to support my teams DDs as much as I can but often DD drivers seem to have a suicide pact with the opposing DDs. I still
  7. This I don't understand. I have a high recent win rate but not so much with the personal rating. All of my recent battles, and most overall, are solo. Should my WR be driven lower than my personal rating running all solo battles? Edit: Almost all of my recent battles are in cruisers. Due to most of the personal rating system being based on damage does the class you play have a big impact on the personal rate and less on the WR?
  8. Yea, I don't get what CV players see in this gameplay. I play a little in low tier pve only but I can't see playing it in pvp matches. It seems like you play against the other CV player/s and if you win you just shit all over the other team but if you loose you lost the game for your team, gg.
  9. IIRC, he was ordered by the President to leave long before he finally did. And again, IIRC moving into Bataan and then onto Corregidor was the war plan at the time. It's been a long time but I read several books on the subject and I will have to go back and refresh.
  10. I love them both but I guess the 4 if I had to choose Although, if I'm not mistaken, the 3 will never be two tiers down and neither will ever be two tiers up. Is this statement true? If so then maybe the 3 is the keeper.
  11. I am on the tier 5 (real life sucks!) but I have kept the 3 and 4. I think I will more than likely keep them all but we will see. I am loving them all so far.
  12. Surprisingly, I am loving this line. It just clicks with me so far. I was hating the tier three then I went and read a few guides and watched a few vids and it just works for me so far. Lets see if it keeps going in this direction. I hope so because I am enjoying these ships much more than BBs. Up to the tier five atm.
  13. I've played this thing a few times tonight and I think a Dasiy BB gun would citadel it... Is the whole line like this?
  14. Yea, I am going down many lines atm but the Colorado is my high water mark so far. Tried CVs a few times and did not get them but I am trying a little again and doing a bit better this time around. Cruisers are also being played here and there as well as destroyers. I just haven't really stuck with WoWs that much but I plan to now that WoT is putting me off so much lately. Ranked grind for better equipment is really killing it and the super duper premiums are kind of a drag as well. I also don't want to artificially boost my wr but I do want to division with solid players to tell m
  15. Yea, I stopped playing this mode a few days ago. I got a slow start due to real life and such and was playing with a bunch of yellows and worse. It was so bad with all the camping and non team play I had to quit. I did not find this mode fun at all. I'm too bad to keep up with the big dogs and also not good enough to carry the pubbies so I bowed out early.
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