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  1. Still trying to decide what to trade the T34 for. The pickings are slim for in-game prems. Everyone says the FCM 50t is bad, but on paper it looks remarkably similar to the STA-2. The STA-2 gets two more degrees of depression, and a little better mobility, a heat round, plus it is smaller and therefore a harder target to hit. All important things. But the FCM gets limited matchmaking, which is a pretty big deal. Judging the FCM as a medium, it appears similar to the STA-2 on paper. Anyone who has experience with both have any thoughts?
  2. I'm facing a similar dilemma. I've had a T34 forever and hated it from day one. I can't stand the ponderous speed and the sludgy reticle. I can play it, but I never enjoy it. I tend to like faster meds or lights. I loved the FCM 50t for the 60 rental games in it, but I wasn't great at it. Plus I hear it has been power-crept into nothingness since then. So I'm left with the SB-2 and the M4a1 rev. The rev seems too slow to enjoy. Am I wrong? Should I get the SB-2? Should I get the FCM even though it costs a ton more? Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. A friend of mine has been playing nothing but his Rheinmetal Skorpion. His WN8 shows as "0" for the last week and last 24 hour scores. Is there an expected value missing for the Skorpion? I wouldn't have noticed this if he'd been playing other tanks, but since he is playing it exclusively, the number is 0.
  4. At the beginning of the game, knock over any buildings in your cap circle that might provide cover later in the match for your opponents while they cap your base. Then anyone on your team coming back for reset has clear shots. The map for Highway is a prime example. If a flank collapses and the other team fastcaps, you need the buildings down to reset, but folks rarely take a second at the beginning to destroy the opponent's cover.
  5. Quick question about the 1000 game stat here at Wotlabs. How does the program decide the number of games for the 1000 game stat? Sometimes it's 1015, sometimes 998, etc.. What triggers it to "rollover"? I would have thought it would be a straight 1000 game stat. Not complaining at all, just curious.
  6. Westfield - 29 Pearl River - 31Karelia - 32Live Oaks - 30Siegfried Line - 10Lakeville - 19 Malinovka - 35Mittengard - 15 - 3 = 12 Crummiest low-tier map. Loved Province in the low tiers.Murovanka - 31Port - 27Province - 28Prokhorovka - 12 + 1 = 13 Great map, lots of options and something for every class of vehicleRedshire - 36 Ruinberg - 21 Fisherman's Bay - 18 Northwest - 31Hidden Village - 15Steppes - 34Serene Coast - 27Swamp - 18Tundra - 12 Widepark – 27Cliff - 27Fjords - 24Highway - 18 Himmelsdorf - 33Dragon Ridge - 29Ensk - 20South Coast - 31Overlord - 16 Arctic Region - 27Sacred Valley - 15Severogorsk - 12Kharkov - 15 - 3 = 12 Never warmed to this map. Erlenberg - 25Sand River - 28El Halluf - 14Pilsen - 19 -3 =16 Pretty one dimensional and favors heavies too much. I pretty much like all the maps left.
  7. Maybe do one more poll with just the top two options from this poll as many folks have had a change of heart?
  8. Is there a place to look up MM weight for individual tanks? And I'd throw in the T-34-85 in the pile of better tier 6 tanks.
  9. We have finally arrived at a point where I own 75% of the tanks remaining. I'm still not going to vote. Cause I'm not very good at tanks after all. You are welcome.
  10. I love that each color rolls over at 100 point intervals on the 650 scale. So 650 is my vote. I'd also like a black spot for under 100 to show bots more clearly. Thanks for all the work.
  11. FLORB! 19,170,776 silver gained! Bought the tier 9 Patton and the T-10 before the site went down. Now anxiously awaiting its return to see what the future holds.... No matter what happens, thanks for sharing Florb! Later edit: Site is back up. I still have my tanks and money.... Logged in for a friend who is at work and the one tank I "removed" no longer had the huge selling price. So, it looks like those who got in on this get the silver, and those that didn't aren't going to get any... But someone else should try as I can be totally woodenheaded sometimes.
  12. You are "required" to rank each one. Is this what you want? I don't plan to vote because I don't have enough tier 10s but I suspect others will who haven't played them all. So you will get a bunch of opinions based on other opinions instead of personal experience. I love the idea of this and I'm not trying to denigrate anyone's work.
  13. WZ 111 1-4: 30 Skoda T 50 : 49 Conqueror 25 M46 Patton: 34 T-10: 48
  14. I quite liked the M103. I suspect some of the dislike for it stems from folks rushing through it to get the winner of the Tier 10 elimination thread (the t110E5) some of whom may not even have upgraded the gun in order to save time. My experience in tier 9 and 10 is limited so I won't vote in these, but I really enjoy hearing almost everyone's thoughts.
  15. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. - Confucius
  16. Just wanted to climb out of the shadows to say that this has been a really interesting, informative and entertaining thread. In addition to the amusement of the horse race nature of picking the best tanks, I've learned a great deal about the mindset of folks who play a lot better than I do as they explained the reasoning for their choices. I've learned here and I'll try to apply that... I'd love to see one final poll to see if a consensus forms on which tank went too early (I suspect it will be the 140 because of the previously mentioned 140/62a feud but what do I know?) So thanks. And now it's back to being a (mostly) silent blue.
  17. I love the t-34-85. I bought the Rudy and I love it too. I can't tell any difference between them play-wise, but I'm a teal shitter. I do notice however that the Rudy is a great little earner, and I'm more likely to be liberal with the gold rounds while driving it... I also notice that if you are concerned about wn8 farming, or 3 marking, the Rudy has a considerably larger expected damage value. So if you care, that might make the t-34-85 preferable. I play both. They are my favorite tanks to play. All-rounders that do everything pretty well. My stats on each are almost identical.
  18. This is great. I have a pretty woodenheaded question though... How do you tell which spawn is #1 and which is #2 on VB Addict?
  19. To avoid clan invites, join a clan that doesn't do much. I like to drive around solo, but I don't want clan invites all the time. I belong to a cousin's clan. It has 4 or 5 members. I never have to do anything and I never get spammed invites anymore.
  20. Thanks. I always hear HE is the way to go, then I fire and bounce. It's SPREM for me going forward.
  21. Resetting cap with HE question. Where should you aim? Do you aim center of mass and risk a bounce? Or do you aim at tracks for the crit hit reset?
  22. Missions question. I've gotten 4 female crew members from the first mission. I've done Heavy, TD and Medium missions in the first set with secondary condition and I'm working on getting Light with secondary condition so I can unlock the Stug and move up. I'm also reluctantly doing the SPG missions, but I've only done about half of them. I'd like to get the additional female crew member from the SPG missions but I also want to move up to the HTC missions. Here's the question, If I unlock the Stug and this unlocks the HTC missions, can I still go and do the missions for the Stug with SPGS so I can finish them off and get the 5th female crew member? Or once I open the HTC missions does that prevent me from going back? Thanks!
  23. Hiya JimJim. I'm planning to apply to Kimbo unless you talk me out of it. I'm a guy who has played mostly solo (though I do platoon with two real-life friends with 800 wn8 rates occasionally but it is unorganized) and I'm finding I crave some organized play. I'd love to try strongholds, tourneys and I suspect that platooning with folks better than myself would improve my play a lot. I'm not the most gregarious guy, but I'm friendly and drama free. Should I mention you when I put in an app? Let me know if there is anything lacking qualification-wise.
  24. I don't mean to sound like an idiot, but it is what it do best... My question is, "Does the term "snap-shot" imply an auto-aimed shot or merely a shot made on the move with an unsettled reticle?"
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