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  1. That is truely Justice ! LOL
  2. Being a former "red baddie" I would like to speak on my experience about being one. I seen the game from a link a friend sent me about world of tanks and this guy was explaining how to get xp and credits fast! I watched the video it was a guy who had a T-25 and explained out to buy it etc etc. He said just do this go out and "yolo" and do as much damage as you can with this tank and the after you die, leave the game use another tank you have rinse and repeat. He said dont worry about losing and all that its easy to make up later on after you get enough credits and xp to buy other tanks. I
  3. You still see them just not that often. I wish they would sell the damn thing so I can buy it
  4. The 105 without question but seriously the 105.
  5. I do not use it, it does that bug thing with turret rotation time to time.
  6. Its what happens when you solo, you will lose and lose often. But, its nice to see people pushing the limits of tanks in a solo format. /cheers H5S Side Note: After reading about the Panther and Panther II I am just going to free xp to the E 50
  7. Not that my stats are that great, but they are improving keep this in mind. This is what I think when I see someone with your stats or better in amx 50b meh we can take them out easy on reload. I see someone with your stats or better in a bat chat - I say to myself well farm as much damage as I can before they destroy my team. I fear the STB even less than I do the 50b. While those all are great tanks I am just giving you the mindset of what most people I have seen in group chat and what I personally think seeing a great player in those tanks.
  8. I pick you - 1. leo 2. T-54 3. Bat Chat 4. STB 1 Last but not least on my list ----- 5. E100 sexy box!
  9. I would like to add to this posting. I find it hard to get groups with people on the level of play I am at now. I doubt most of you remember my posts early on joining this forum officially, but I was VERY RED. No need to hash over how and why I was because I don't want to bore you with the book I would have to write here. Having said that I have learned from my mistakes ( still do ) and yes I still go potato at times to be clear on things. The forums and watching streamers has helped greatly and at times some people who visit these forums toss me a game or two invite time to time as well.
  10. You can make a profit if you don't shot to much HEAT in this tank yeah, but why risk the chance of not penning most tanks.
  11. Im just getting started with this tank and already not pulling in a good WR...sigh My WN8 is ok honestly with the tank but, how do you force yourself to stay back and not do nothing?
  12. +1 for this cause its true the funny thing is a bat chat came in on me one time and in all chat goes SUPRISE BUTTSEX and circle of death came shortly after that...sigh.
  13. Sela is the biggest damage farming whore. I watch his stream often as I am sure some of you do. He will pass on a kill shot to get more damage. He's done it many times.
  14. Talk to them and ask. I clearly do not have great stats, but I am improving. I know most unicum's are toon'd up often, but drop a player a bone time to time and help them? I know a few have done me that favor and toon with me time to time and give me tips etc. I don't want to put those people on the spot but, the clans they are from are Vilin, -G-, and CHAI. I do rage at some tards, hell I have even been that tard more than I care to admit, but sometimes just asking goes a long way.
  15. LMFAO +1 just because of the lul's
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