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  1. The XVM win chance prediction algorithm seems to be something that is still mysterious to a large number of players, so I thought it would be good if I shed some light on it. Plus, I'd like to get some discussion started on how to improve it. I've broken it down into multiple formulas. 1. Win Chance formula This formula calculates the win chance of your team from the calculated weight of each team. The win chance cannot be higher than 95% or lower than 5%. 2. Team Weight formula Here we can see that the Team weight is just the summed weight of each individual pl
  2. I miss the visual flair the sigs on the side had. I thought they added a lot to the look of the forums. So, I made a userscript to bring back some of that without bogging down the servers with extra requests. it doesn't have all the information that's in the sigs, but it's lightweight and looks pretty. Here is what it look: And here is where you can get it: http://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/6504-make-wotlabs-tanker-stats-sexier
  3. So, I've been looking into the XVM win rating algorithm. So many things about it just seem wrong to me. For one, it takes the amount of battles played on the account into consideration. Everyone laughs at wargaming for doing the same thing, but I guess no one really looked into the how predicted win rates were calculated in xvm. Also, a tier 8 light is being weighted the same as a tier 9 heavy. I'm going to be making a post in the mathematics section about it pretty soon. I'm new to LaTeX, so it's taking a bit to get that stuff together.
  4. Yay, something on the forum I can contribute to. High CPI(DPI) is very bad for tracking. It introduces noise to the mouse sensor, and it causes variable acceleration of the sensor dependent on speed. Don't give in to marketing hype. Find the native resolution of your mouse sensor and use that as your CPI. You will enjoy much better mouse performance. To avoid this being asked of me, here it is from a senior engineer at logitech. Counter Strike has always been a game where the pros prefer low sensitivity because fine aiming is more important than fast movement. This
  5. First, I would like to thank you for being a big part of making me a better player. I remember having a 48% WRand sub 500WN6 when I was just over 1000 games played. Your advice isn't falling on dead ears. Some pubbies do listen. So, I was reading this thread: And the OP said this on the second page. That just seems blatently wrong. If you balance tanks for idiots, you'll end up with a boring game with little room for skill or improvement, or you'll have tanks that become overpowered in the hands of skilled players. The latter scenario just means padders will use those tanks l
  6. Hello everyone, I wrote a quick userscript to add WoTLabs signature images to the official forums. It only works for NA currently, but I'll add support for other regions later if there is any desire for it. No need to copypaste names, now you can measure e-peens and sort out if someone is bad or just stupid with ease. I recommend greasemonkey on Firefox and tampermonkey on Chrome. Without further ado, here is the script // ==UserScript== // @name Statify Official WoT Forums // @namespace BocajSretep // @description Adds WoTLabs stats to the official forums // @includ
  7. I just can't stand people like SS. The anti bigot that is just a bigoted. He's a homophobe (well, technically dragaphobe) as well. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/05/12/kubinka-museum-situation-followup/#comment-148406 Some excerpts:
  8. Hello, I heard about the WoTLabs through the Wot subreddit. The information on this site has been invaluable to my improvent in the game. I just earned my first Pool's medal tonight, and I would like to thank all the unicums that post on this forum for the wealth of knowledge I have been able to consume. Special thanks to Garbad for his module and skill guides. I was using binocs or vents instead of optics on my mediums, and that change has brought major improvements to my gameplay. I look forward to improving my own skills, and with the help of this community, maybe I'll be purple one day
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