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  1. Perfect! I tried google but somehow missed that one. I had to recreate the new account since it's an invite, not a bonus, but it worked perfectly. Thank you!
  2. I just created an EU account for lulz and to see for myself if the meta is different. Any codes floating around out there?
  3. So the tl;dr is: Spam expensive rounds, lose credits, buy credits, repeat. Is ANYONE really surprised by this? I feel a disturbance in the force. It's as if millions of players suddenly cried out and abandoned the game causing the empire to try one last desperate money grab...
  4. Remove XVM or make it part of the standard client. Reduce RNG's impact by: +1/-1 tier spread (with exceptions for scouts). Recognize that not all maps should be corridors and let scouts/TDs have their fun too. Oddly this is a request for MORE random rather than less. Remove arty completely. Make gun accuracy actually matter and obvious. A barely hypersonic 6 lb. HE round should never be as accurate as a 1500 mps 1.5 lb. APCR round. I think since this is an arcade game that shell velocity, penetration and damage is all that's needed. RNG also effecting accuracy is harmful and unneces
  5. I couldn't find a way to help everyone so I had to choose. If you haven't gotten a PM it wasn't you. No hard feelings I hope. Be well.
  6. Make that last sentence your personal motto and you'll go very far. A lot will depend on what kind of company you want to work for. Example: My company has been searching for 3 months for a data analyst. We're relatively small (300ish employees) and don't pay "well" but we're also flexible and look for attitude over experience. Having said that we can't hire someone with zero practical experience. We just don't have the staff to bring an eager beginner up to speed. When we find someone with solid SQL skill (proven by a live test with one of our senior analysts) we'll make an offer. We d
  7. Random is a bitch man, but it really is random as sooooooooo many have said before. It's possible to flip a coin and have it land on heads 1,000 times in a row. I've seen EXACTLY the same thing happen over my last several hundred games. I had an honest to goodness 54% recent less than a month ago. It lasted less than a week before the avalanche started. My last session (several days ago) I had 1700 WN8 and 38% w/r over ~25 games. I wasn't playing "badly" but I just couldn't carry hard enough. So I've decided MM can go fuck itself for a while. Take a break. It'll do you a lot m
  8. While I was mostly joking, and did put need in quotations... Some of the reasons are things like "try the top tier NA meta", "try out tank X to see if it's worth spending time to grind it" etc. So nobody truly NEEDS the account, but if I could potentially save someone hundreds or thousands of hours of time to find out a few of these things, it would be nice to be able to accommodate them if I can find a way. As for deserving it, several of the people who have PM'd me have helped me tremendously in this game, even if they didn't realize it. That's close enough to earning it to m
  9. ^^^^Mainly that this community is mostly made of people who are pretty fucking cool, and they're fellow tankers. The other side is I have a long standing personal attitude: I never loan anything to anyone that I can't afford to lose completely. I never have and never will. What it comes down to is that I give away the thing in question and if the person decides to return it some day, great. If not, /shrug. In this case I think I can always take back the account by "force" if necessary since I won't be giving control of the email account away. And the worst someone could do is s
  10. I need a trial separation from tanks. And some RL stuff is going to have me too busy to play for a while. However I have some premium time already bought and it seems a shame to waste it if someone else would like to dink around on a reasonably well equipped account with barely-green camo. NA account. Available to a trusted member of wotlabs (meaning I recognize you ). Tier 10's available: 110E5 E100 Obj. 140 Obj. 162 9's currently in garage: E50 54E1 Lorr. IS-8 Quite a few Prems: IS-6 KV-5 All the Berlins. Misc. mid/low tier stuff. No restriction
  11. So on a slightly different note, how do I deactivate XVM stats without uninstalling my mod pack? I use anfield's latest and like quite a few of the features. Credit counts, win rate, tank carousel etc. but since I re-upped on XVM a week or so ago, I can't NOT see this shit to experiment. I mean... look at my recent (last 7 days). I'm... it's just... I can't even... I'm losing games because I can "tell" I'm going to lose games. And I have win chance turned off. Completely. But I load in as bottom tier and my top platoon is all 46% vs. their top platoon which is a slew of mid
  12. Played about 20 games so far. Like: Graphics. It's a really beautiful game. Lots of good texturing, building/environment design, lighting and effects (mostly). Map design. They're intriguing and different. Lots of terrain features, destructible cover, flanking opportunities, workable firing lines. Tanky feeling. I've only played tier 1 and 2 but they feel... heavy, weighty, like multi-ton war vehicles. The little sputtering lawn mowers of WoT just feel like toys and I hate it. Don't like: UI. Over cluttered with no clear indications what sounds/activities actually mean
  13. I've been tinkering with the idea of trying to write a simple mod that reminds me to look at the minimap every X seconds. A popup and voice alert (maybe similar to 6th sense) to remind me because this is my single biggest fault. I have tunnel vision like a mole. Until then you can try this. I just decided to figure out how to do this and try it myself so I can't say if it will actually help just yet, but it's an easy beta test before I try to figure out how to write a mod. Maybe it will help. Copy/paste this text into a file. Save it on your desktop as "checkthemap.html". If you're
  14. I'm pretty sure MoE is a rolling scale. All the supercums playing this thing after the patch may be scaling it up making it harder to reach. Also, other things go into MoE besides damage. I think assist/track/spot and maybe even damage blocked may play a role. tl;dr: I think you got "balanced" by the sudden rush of deep purples picking it (back) up for a spin.
  15. Have all my +1's and a new subscriber. Oh how I wish something this informative and entertaining had existed when I first starting trying to learn how to play.
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