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  1. nothing better than a good old skaut maus with optics 130 games played but i couldnt get above 59% wr playing mostly solo
  2. this... actually, i dont see the reason a higher alpha on basically a similar tank should have more dpm than the lower alpha gun
  3. i dont know how wargaming balance departement handles things, but balancing the maus went off the schedule apparently. http://tanks.gg/wot/compare#t:maus.c:e-100.c:is-4.c:type-5-heavy.c:is-7 just compare it to other superheavies. it has the weakest dpm by far even tho its alpha is only mediocre, its the slowest and has one of the weakest frontal turrets. how can the e100 be this much better? i guess the type5 heavy is equally shitty as the maus. imho the maus needs buffs. i know its a 200t brick heavy with bad mobilty, but at least give it some stopping power with decent dpm to hold off some enemies. i cant believe that the average winrate of the maus on all servers is close to any other t10 heavy.
  4. nice statpadding @CarbonWard i sadly dropped to 4.6kish. but maybe i can catch up again im also rolling with vents, no need for optics if you have 420 blaze it dankrange
  5. since im already here i have to show my love for the m48 i hope i can somehow maintain that for 100 games
  6. and yea 907 is so much better than m60
  7. i like the simplicity, but only 3 from me because i think the watch hands are not my thing my current watch.
  8. when does the competition end and what is the shitty prize?
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