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  1. You Are Mean I Am Entitle To Opinion And You Are Not Because You Pretend To Be Horse Not Human It Is State In Bible (Christian Islam Jew All) Man Have Dominion Over Animal And It Is So You No Opinion

    1. orzel286


      > You Pretend To Be Horse Not Human

      Bronies everywhere man!

    2. PlanetaryGenocide
  2. StarWars Where I Come From It Is Indeed The Insult 'Nerd' If You Nerd Then You Cannot Physical Strength And No Useful Intelligence It Is Just 'Star Trek' And Not Good To Use In Life Will You Trivia Of Couch Potato Save You From Famine And Soldier Invasion???

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    2. Archaic_One


      FFS I need to quit smoking weed during the day . . .

    3. kolni


      i think i need an acid tab to understand this

    4. PlanetaryGenocide



  4. This man is delusional. Take him to the infirmary.

  5. You Are Just Not Allow My PERSONAL Opinion That The Lord Has Given Me So You All Shut The Beep Up Because I was Voice Mine Nobody Disagree When You Say What People Want To Hear But Different Opinion It Is Sudden 'Troll' Because You Not Others Saying The Truth Like It Is Of Internet Is Dual Edge Swords

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    2. Haswell


      Idiots exist in order to make normal people appear smarter.

    3. Errants
    4. Wanderjar


      @simba90 because thats how you know hes serious and not just caps locking it. shows he cares  :triggered:

  6. A good way to troll, is not to troll at all. People don't despise you, then. Unless, you burn a building full of stuffed animals, then people hate you. 

  7. What the fuck guys, why do the statuses extend my page to two times the length of the forum sections and members on the left?

  8. Why is everyone still saying 'panzer vore' ?

    1. Assassin7
    2. Wanderjar


      "Panzer Vore" has a very different meaning than "Panzer Vor" :minidoge:

  9. I've gone deep enough into Youtube, finally quality content.

    1. Ham_


      I've gone into youtube and QuickyBaby recommended using binocs and net in a SU-122-44... eh

  10. I decided to go on Twitch for the first time in a year or two to see what was popular, and wow there were so many streams of girls just playing games while looking slutty...

    Twitch trying to become the next cam girl site or something? lol

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    2. Haswell


      There's a market for kissless neckbeard virgins and horny teenage boys.

      I call boob shows effective marketing.

    3. hazzgar


      I love how the gaming community is on one side "ugh that supermodel has pointy elbows" and on the other "it has bobs, vegana and plays gaem? gieb moar"

    4. orzel286


      @Haswell I'm a kissless neckbeard virgin and I find 3d pigs disgusting. :doge:

  11. Someone with your user image who's also from New Zealand, hmmmm. QOAGGvh.png

    1. Assassin7


      grats, you found me xD

  12. The fuck did I just find...

    Browsing Youtube at 4 AM never fails to amaze me.

  13. Curling is one of those Olympic sports you watch because nothing else is on, and then somehow end up getting hooked on it.

    Who knew sliding rocks on ice could be so entertaining?

    1. CraBeatOff
    2. kolni


      Pretty sure parents make their kids watch it in the hopes that they practice brooming around the house :doge: 

    3. Errants


      I think @CraBeatOff is advocating sliding children on ice...

      Which I'm down for.

  14. 1.0 test patchnotes:

    • Object destruction has been improved using the Havok® Destruction technology (displayed only at the following graphics settings: High, Maximum, and Ultra).

    About time, only took them how many years?

    1. DirtyACE7


      It's on a five year plan comrade.

  15. I see people congratulating me on my German 1 marks so often... It's weird. 

    1. Action


      congratulations for your 1st marks :novadoge:

  16. Merry Xmas WoWS players! Can't forget about you guys.

    Because Xmas doesn't directly reference 'christ' or whoever that guy thinks he is.

  17. It's hard to tell the 90 and 76 apart.


  18. Is he really that desperate?


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    2. CraBeatOff


      6k is 4k if you're playing tier 6 lights. Plz.

    3. PrinzEugen478
    4. HowitzerBlitzer


      @PrinzEugen478 You can ask Scorpion guy for an invite to his server, the channel's real and you'll see it. He's actually trying to get more people to join the server.

  19. Just remembered I had this screenshot of E 25 camo at work... h2mLLFu.jpg

    I was only half in the bush, someone got behind me, and didn't spot me.

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    2. DHP
    3. HowitzerBlitzer


      Optics give more than enough spotting range for my needs, and with the limited gun traverse I end up moving my hull a ton anyways. I found I was rarely using the binoculars, so I swapped them for optics.

    4. Fulvin


      I just run binocs, because 500+ viewrange with 18% camo when shooting is fair

      might switch vents for camonet because then I get 24% camo when shooting

      :doge:  41Hq2Mb.jpg:doge: 

  20. Just heard NCIX went the way of Tiger Direct... RIP another computer hardware retailer I grew up with. Guess I'm stuck with Newegg or Amazon now.

    1. Fulcrous


      NCIX was only being used for in-store pickups pretty much. They couldn't make a sustainable profit with the way things were going. Plus a lot of their shit was ridiculously overpriced.

    2. Haswell


      I used NCIX only for their in-store pricematching, since they tend to go a bit lower than the matched price so I can get around their ridiculous pricing. Nothing too special really.

  21. With that new customization system, black tanks will now become obsolete. 

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