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  1. Santa Cruz CA. Terrarium like climate. Ocean to the west and mountains to the east. Prevailing sea breeze brings fog in the morning. Warms up in the afternoon. Cool in the evening. Beach to mountains in half an hour. Surf to ski is a 4 hour drive. I remember walking to work and hearing someone describe it as "another relentlessly beautiful day." Caveat, not so much in years with el Nino. San Francisco and Oakland are not too far. Monterey and Big Sur to the south. San Jose to the east. Big music scene. Farmers markets and fresh food everywhere. Salmon fishing is sea
  2. Congrats! Is this going to impact your youtube channel?
  3. ^^^ Completely this. How far away are you shooting with the Fuso versus the Cleveland? Be sure to look at the dispersion for all the guns before deciding on play style. Some ships have to play closer or accept less than 30% hit rate. If the game is going to be vicious and short sitting back and sniping with a BB is not going to win the battle. Get the accuracy module rather than the rate of fire module where appropriate.
  4. I think he's saying that the tank is like a box. If the shell has to go through the armor to get inside the box does it have to go back out through the armor to get out and damage the tracks.
  5. Bottom tier in a T-150, north spawn on Fiery Salient standard with arty. I went middle (E5) and managed a couple of hits before being too slow to get away from arty. Where should I have gone? We had 2 good Cromwells [Thugz] playing middle. As soon as I was gone they were over run.
  6. Adding 1, those middle of the night times when they can't sleep. Carry them, sing to them, dance while holding them, read to them. The tired will pass but the memories will be with you forever. Congratulations.
  7. Timely thread for me too. I just moved into the 13 75 from the 12t. So far liking it much more. Went through the 12t over the 3x weekend which was probably a mistake. The 12t just felt too sluggish to me. The gun was fine but staying out of trouble was beyond my skill level. Starting on the 13 75 using the enhanced suspension to allow mounting the top gun. Have the second engine and even config'ed like this it's more maneuverable than the 12t. So far very happy with it. Vents, optics, and will be eGLD once I can get rid of the enhanced suspension. Crew is ~80% camo but comm
  8. Consider which tanks fit the crew the closest. The Mammoth/E5 crew is your basic 4 man with no radio operator. I put mine in US mediums because it was the closest fit.
  9. Based on what other people on this forum suggested I used http://pcpartpicker.com/ You can have it check compatibility. Strongly suggested.
  10. Shooting the last tank on our cap. Stop, thinking the battle was over, when there was actually one more enemy tank left aaaaaand BOOM When new to the game not knowing there was a reload button. Shooting off the rest of a clip whenever I wanted to force a reload.
  11. The MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB Twin Frozr V Video Card did not fit in my case (Antec Solo). I mistakenly did not put the case into PC parts picker which would have (I think) avoided the mistake. Any suggestions for a card that's less than 10" deep? Running the system now with my old geforce 650 graphics card and it's already performing much better than it was.
  12. The attack vector for this was through a flaw in Adobe Flash. That's harder to protect yourself against.
  13. Thanks. Think I wanted it to be the 30.01 H but more. Have to take it for what it is.
  14. I've had this tank lingering in my garage for a while. Decided to work up the line to at least the E 75. I need around 30k more XP to unlock the Tiger 1. Remembered the Waffe 0725 as being great on this tank and on the vk 30.01 (H) when I last played them. In fact kept the 30.01 (H) because it was so much fun. I am finding that the 36.01 (H) with this gun is now painful to play when mid or bottom tier. Just can't get the shots to hit weak spots. I thought the accuracy nerf of 9.6 was not supposed to affect high accuracy guns when fully aimed. The shots aren't far off but far en
  15. Python yes. Java maybe. C++ no. C++ is just to detailed and unforgiving to be a good learning language. Learning any language syntax isn't that hard. Learning all of the libraries necessary to get things done is a lot to remember.
  16. @Hudstr22 Case has 2 intake fans with cleanable filters and a 120mm exhaust fan. I've got the exhaust fan on temp variable lead. Will watch for high temps. @Fulcrous Only chose it because it was the 1866 was the same price as the 1600 MHz RAM. @CheesyHoney Like it. You boiled it down to the necessary. Will have to add Windows as current PC is running 32 bit XP. Will definitely strip the aftermarket cpu cooler, not going to overclock at all. Have to think about the RAM. 64 bit Photoshop likes a lot of memory. The difference in HDD speed between the blue and the black will be
  17. I've been playing WoT for a bit over a year now and always on the bare minimum graphics settings. That's really stale and it's finally time to bite the bullet and upgrade. I read through the other posts here and from that derived what looks like a sensible upgrade list to me. Keeping the following Antec piano black ATX case Corsair HX 750 modular power supply Monitor AOC 23" IPS 1920x1080 Keyboard Mouse Steel Series Sensei Pro Replacement parts list http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3XG4mG I am trying to keep this under $1000. Is there a less expensive video card that would be workab
  18. Might just be timing. I noticed that WoT has been taking a long time to shut itself down. Watching it in task manager (Win XP) the memory would slowly decrease before it shut down. My suspicion is that it was taking a long time to write something to disk. I save all replays, have XVM installed and upload info to vbaddict. Any of those could impact the shutdown time. For task manager make sure you have 'show processes from all users' enabled. If you already do, weird.
  19. There is an auto-aim mod in Aslain's mod pack. Not sure if you mean by "that auto-aim" some specific mod.
  20. I found that if I bought short terms of premium I felt compelled to play even when I didn't really want to. Results were bad for fun, for improving, and for win rate. I bought a tank package with some long term premium and had far more fun with it. Happiness factor makes the long term packages worth more to me. Will buy a year-long package next time it's on sale.
  21. I am a very mediocre player so take this for what it's worth. My suggestion is think about what your team is trying to achieve and how you can help (pause for laughter to die down). Where can you be useful given what is happening on the map. Prok and variants are some of the clearest maps for map control. You are trying to hold sections of the middle of the map to get cross fire onto the enemy team. If you have advance scouts be far enough forward to shoot what they spot. Keep them alive. The only issues with the Jackson are that it's sluggish and open topped, arty susceptibl
  22. I get the message "This video is private" when trying to view it.
  23. ARL V39 is the SAu 40's prettier cousin. I didn't mind the ARL V39 because of how much better it was than the Sow.
  24. PepperMill


    I am a mediocre player at best. Have a 59% winrate in my T-25. It's a capable tank. Play to its strengths and you'll do fine. It does turn like a truck. Plan for that.
  25. I found all the French heavies (I am only as far as the mle 45) need snap shot and smooth ride. The aim times are bad and many of the guns have bad bloom too.
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