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  1. Started playing the SU-100M1, I quite like it

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    2. Cunicularius


      its a pretty gud brawler, i think its better than the Su12244

    3. Rexxie


      su-122-44 best brawler NA, su-100m1 is worse but it doesn't need to brawl, thing has a laser accurate gun for snippleys

    4. WulfeHound


      First battle with the LB-1C: ammo racked a Leo Proto. Thank SerB for Deadeye

  2. Quite happy with tonight, had the greatest increase in WN8 just from this session compared to the past couple of weeks

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    2. WulfeHound


      For what tanks?

    3. adi


      not sure but there's a bigass table:

    4. WulfeHound


      That explains it. I mainly played tanks that had their expected values lowered from v18 to v19

  3. I thought the KV-85 was nerfed

  4. Managed to bring my w/r in the Jagdtiger from 22% up to 36%, now onwards to 50%

  5. I seriously need help with the Jagdtiger.

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    2. Xen


      why bother playing it at all? the line ends at the JP2. JT is crap, Jpz100 is cancer

    3. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      occasionally, it's the team, but I always see you say it's the teams, which makes me wonder

    4. Shifty_101st


      I'm like you wulfe, I LOVE the JT, but it is pretty team dependent. IMO, the best way to play it is with a platoonmate, but if you have to play it solo, get hull down as much as possible. That, or you need to be 2nd line 100% of the time till it is time for you to start taking hits and brawling

  6. Got the Jagdtiger, now if only teams were decent (1/7 for battles in it, with 6 losses in a row)

    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      try doing a triple toon with an ST-1 or E 75 to back you up, and an E 50 to flex back if needed

  7. 10 games from 10,000, recently got the highest daily WN8 I've ever had (2852), and I'm really liking the Jagdpanther II (got the 1st MoE on that as well, in addition to the second on my SU-122P)

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    2. rojo180


      JP2 master race

    3. FreddBoy
    4. AGMx


      btw wulfehound chillax over my first reply it's time we become friends

  8. So close to dark green WN8

  9. Jagdpanther II get!

  10. Oh god I had Volkscom on my team jst now

  11. Played a couple games with the 105 on the Jagdpanther, switched back to the long 88

    1. no_name_cro


      both good guns. I personally like bigger punch.

    2. spencer
    3. WulfeHound


      I liked the higher alpha, but the slightly higher DPM of the long 88 (and better accuracy) means it's a more comfortable gun for me

  12. Researched the long 88 and played a couple battles in the Jagdpanther. I love it, nearly as much as my SU-122P

  13. Got the Jagdpanther, need to get enough free xp to get the long 88, 105, and suspension. Then I'll grind for the Jpanther II

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    2. Haswell


      The JP is perfectly serviceable with the 88.

    3. prolix


      Sadly, the SU 122-44 just owns the JP in almost every single aspect.

    4. FreddBoy


      JagPanther I found has good DPM with the 88, but alpha is lacking. Aim time is shit on the 88, but the accuracy is great. It really is a preference to which gun you find works the best for you.

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