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  1. Apparently put under Japanese premiums.
  2. Confirmed nothing behind the 177mm gun mantlet unless you hit the overlapping parts. Other changes include STA-1 gun depression buff to -10 and the HD model armor adjustments.
  3. To be fair that isn't too far behind the penetration of the 90mm gun on the BDR G1B tier 5 heavy tank. Plus when firing APCR it's only 5mm less than the BDR's.
  4. While not as large as an advantage (slightly worse APCR than 105mm, but you do gain DPM/accuracy), it is something that I've ran into during tournaments... so I'm not surprised to see people trying it in randoms.
  5. TL;DR This is just a T-44/100 with a 300 alpha 100mm gun. AP shell cost went from 252 to 370, and APCR from 11 gold... to 11 gold. That's about all the changes I can see. WG's originality with the Jagdtiger(H), Tiger II(H), Strv 81 and now this premium has reached new lows.
  6. Lower penetration value in boxes is the minimum penetration of the shell after hitting its maximum distance due to penetration dropoff.
  7. Just a note, this thing gets the 120mm thick lower plate of the Jagdtiger 8.8 (meaning damn near immunity to 175 pen guns)
  8. Urf... it's uh... It's a Centurion with a 254mm thick turret/235mm gun mantlet and APCR standard/gold. Flying the Swedish flag. Stats cards: Armor model: More 3D model pics: Gamemodels3d just updated an hour ago on this (since the opening post's timestamp) Other things on update: T-44/100M(?), T-44/85M, Jagdtiger/Tiger II premium thing, the Pz VII is just a VK 72.01K with a nerfed Jagdtiger gun, Mauschen and VK 100.01P are mostly what you saw from previous stats on it.
  9. You need to have more penetration than listed to penetrate armor, meaning Akizuki needed 20mm of penetration to damage tier 8-10 DD hull. The 19mm of HE penetration did exist, as before IFHE/0.6.0 it was able to damage the 18mm thick Hiryuu flight deck.
  10. Yeah... Looks like this season is basically world of premiums Sims/Belfast/Scharnhorst. Sims for being a straight-up god-tier brawler with near-VMF DD speeds and insane agility, Belfast IFHE for pretty self-explanatory reasons, and Scharnhorst because it's a cruiser with BB armor.
  11. Flametz


    It bow-tanks the same as the Iowa btw* Same 32mm bow armor. All the increased front bulkhead armor does is lower the distance the Yamato needs to close in to citadel through the bow. Honestly? I wouldn't consider buying it. Especially when my port looks like this...
  12. Atago for cruiser duels since it gets heal advantage and x12 guns with hard hitting IJN 203mm HE and better AP penetration than the Germans. Kutuzov if you like being the glass cannon/support guy in smoke melting some poor cruiser/BB under a hail of IFHE.
  13. If you enjoy playing Ibuki, sure. Naturally a high point captain entails easier grinding as you have more skills at your disposal. Personally I would continue grinding Ibuki (consider an Atago too) so I would have commander exp to spread to other commanders without ever having to play them.
  14. Sadly 105mm secondaries get normal caliber/6 rule This restricts HEAP effects to affecting tier 8+ DD (starts penetrating a la Akizuki syndrome) and tier <7 cruisers (ditto)... unless you find your 150mm hitting USN Fast BB decks often. After a bit of testing, that rule was actually incorrect. I amended it in my new topic where instead it's simply rounded up/down, and that you need a greater value to penetrate (same value is still a non-penetration)
  15. I'd like to point out that HEAP was nerfed back to 25% increase Meaning 150mm/152mm are excluded from penetrating 32mm of BB bow/deck armor of tier 8+. However, Mogami 155 HE is still in the ballpark to do so. Welp typo by WG.
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