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  1. Hello - I’m a green player from the ASIA server who spends inordinate amounts of time in WoT being a father of two teen sons who love the game as well. One is a purple at 19K battles and the other a blue in 6K battles In my family, computer games are one of the main means of bonding. We’ve been through a lot of strategy and FPS games in both consoles and PC’s. WoT has stuck the longest and will continue to do so. For us, enjoying WoT is about winning in public matches - platooned or solo I’ve just signed up yesterday but would have to confess that I have been benefiting from the quality of the content of this forum for some time now. It is refreshing to move away from posts that condemns the player base, RNG, MM, etc. For once, here is a forum focused on educating how to improve oneself. Thanks all for this forum and for the purples/blues who take the time to educate others to be better I am needing to improve, likely too late to become a purple but at least keep up with my sons. About a couple of weeks ago, I embarked to playing solo exclusively for awhile as I’ve realized that platooning with my sons is decelerating my learning process Cheers