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  1. What is it with top tiers firing HE? I had an Obj 268 lobbing them at my Tiger 2 the other day. Fortunately none of them penetrated.
  2. Jirowot10 with a giant flashing neon sign saying "BOT". Got stuck between a hill and a dead tank and went through the same set of repetitive motions, gun pointing at maximum depression the whole time. Couldn't possibly be more confirmed. If this doesn't result in a ban then WG ought to be ashamed of themselves. Just ignore me ranting at the start...
  3. It's 6.5 juta, which means 6.5 million rupiah, I think. Comes out to about $550 US.
  4. Fucking fail platoons. You shouldn't be celebrating that, JOC. You shouldn't be doing it at all.
  5. Good for you. I've been chastising people for using it for a while, sometimes feels like I'm the only one who cares (apart from the uncountable legions of rape survivors who don't speak up because they're too busy dealing with the flashbacks).
  6. Yeah, I agree with the intervention bit. I still think that average games per day over a time period is a better metric though, for the same reason that average speed cameras work better than instantaneous ones.
  7. Maybe averaged over four days or something to avoid the grind-fests. It might be theoretically possible to play 200 games in a day without botting, but to do it for more than one or two days is flat out impossible.
  8. Don't reroll on EU... http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/02/04/bots-introduction-to-the-menace/
  9. I'm shaming platoon 2 here, and by association the rest of their worthless clan (EK): All three of them sat down in the SW corner, refusing to either advance or come back to defend while the east flank collapsed and our base was capped. T110E4 singled out for being particularly useless.
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