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  1. They are open, but once you learn the map's firing lanes and to keep an eye on the minimap at all times you learn to work around it. Random battles are pretty static/predictable, but Frontline is quite dynamic, so you have to do a lot of guessing as to where the enemy might be. I love this mode, but it makes me sad that it took WG 7+ years (and a different studio) to make what the game should've been all along.
  2. Defenders definitely have the advantage. The best tactic I have seen for winning on attack is to sneak past the defenders and destroy an objective before the defenders notice.
  3. I'm getting back into WoT and WG was nice enough to greet me with this! Frontline is hella fun. Any tips on how to farm/win?
  4. Apparently, shooting an OTTER player because he's the only shot you have is XVM focus.

    1. Spartan96


      which one was it?

    2. Flaksmith


      lel 5LINE does xvm focus

    3. UglyBigD


      @Spartan96 Jurassic_

      and apparently 5LINE is pub clan confirmed

  5. Is the VTU bad enough for this?
  6. Anybody want to do the tier 7, 3v3 "platournament" this tuesday? I'll set up the team

  7. The Cent AX is surprisingly good

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. UglyBigD


      What's the accuracy/bloom like on the m48, comparetively? It'd have to be pretty damn impressive to make up for the tumor. And im apparently bad at the Obj. 140 and can't make it work yet :brokenheart:

    3. no_name_cro


      CAX vs M48(equipment included):

      Weapon Handling
      Aim Time (secs) 1.97 1.78
      Accuracy 0.30 0.34
      Dispersion (moving) 0.11 0.08
      … (tank traverse) 0.11 0.08
      … (turret traverse) 0.10 0.06

      M48 has almost none bloom when it moves. But final accuracy is bit on the low side. Also M48 has 6,6s seconds reload with food, so that's almost STB levels of good. Only thing I can think of that CAX wins is speed.

    4. UglyBigD


      well, now I just need to credits to get the M46 patton and grind it 

  8. You're lucky. If that was my A-44 it would've also been racked from full hp
  9. God, the skoda t50 is so broken. I love it

    1. Lowlife555


      it is indeed, re-bought it and started new crew abbc3007f1.jpg


  10. Pubbies never look at post game because they already know that they were top contributor
  11. Thinking about making an EU account. Should I name it FriendlyAmericant, or FellowEuropeon?

    1. DHP


      FriendlyAmeriCunt ! 


      Uk will have a good laugh ! 

    2. Sergeant_Fgt




  12. That said, I would bet that anybody's stats would go up if they shot more gold. It's pointless to argue about it all though, given that that's all about to change soon.
  13. I'm back into the game, but most of my time goes to WGLNA these days. Still, feel free to spam away!
  14. UglyBigD


    Fires might be bad, but I have a feeling that the magazine will be even worse.... I'll see myself out
  15. Nice experiment! Now if only there was a way we could confirm that its the XVM stats alone, and not the gameplay, drawing the fire. Correlation != Causation
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