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  1. Apparently, shooting an OTTER player because he's the only shot you have is XVM focus.

    1. Spartan96


      which one was it?

    2. Flaksmith


      lel 5LINE does xvm focus

    3. UglyBigD


      @Spartan96 Jurassic_

      and apparently 5LINE is pub clan confirmed

  2. Anybody want to do the tier 7, 3v3 "platournament" this tuesday? I'll set up the team

  3. The Cent AX is surprisingly good

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    2. UglyBigD


      What's the accuracy/bloom like on the m48, comparetively? It'd have to be pretty damn impressive to make up for the tumor. And im apparently bad at the Obj. 140 and can't make it work yet :brokenheart:

    3. no_name_cro


      CAX vs M48(equipment included):

      Weapon Handling
      Aim Time (secs) 1.97 1.78
      Accuracy 0.30 0.34
      Dispersion (moving) 0.11 0.08
      … (tank traverse) 0.11 0.08
      … (turret traverse) 0.10 0.06

      M48 has almost none bloom when it moves. But final accuracy is bit on the low side. Also M48 has 6,6s seconds reload with food, so that's almost STB levels of good. Only thing I can think of that CAX wins is speed.

    4. UglyBigD


      well, now I just need to credits to get the M46 patton and grind it 

  4. God, the skoda t50 is so broken. I love it

    1. Lowlife555


      it is indeed, re-bought it and started new crew abbc3007f1.jpg


  5. Thinking about making an EU account. Should I name it FriendlyAmericant, or FellowEuropeon?

    1. DHP


      FriendlyAmeriCunt ! 


      Uk will have a good laugh ! 

    2. Sergeant_Fgt




  6. I'm thinking about rerolling to EU for giggles and insurance in case the NA server goes kaput. Any invite codes out there?

    1. LemmingRush


      Honestly, EU is one of the most toxic servers there is. I would highly suggest using the chat off function 100% of the time.

    2. UglyBigD


      Yeah, I want to at least experience the "siema pl" for a week

  7. Isn't the whole point of a sandbox defeated by slapping it with a NDA?

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    2. UglyBigD


      Yeah, but I thought the sandbox's explicit purpose was for the devs to change stuff around in full view of the entire community - you know, transparency. Now it's just a larger version of the supertest. 


      And Malinovka was fixed with the changes. I see no continuity with the Campinovka of old.

    3. Roku


      I'm just pointing out that the purpose of the sandbox server is not defeated by the NDA because the only people at this time with relevant feedback are the ones actually on the server, which the NDA does not have an impact on since they just give their feedback to WG if they choose to.

    4. Assassin7


      I was hoping the sandbox would be like Battlefields CTE server, a dev server where heaps of people can go and test changes constantly and they can add and change things just to see what happens in a large scale environment without having 10 million people get buttmad over it, and see if it actually works or how it effects the game. before refining it and adding it to the full game.

      it seems that may be less the case in sandbox

  8. when wotlabbers click me I feel betrayed

  9. Why does it seem that every MAHOU player I see in randos has a massive chip on their shoulder? :fish:Like, Asassin7 is cool, but the others tell me to drink bleach.

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    2. Assassin7


      he went from PURPL to Fugitive.


    3. _Assad


      Because they're bad

    4. Fulcrous


      Not that purpl was any good.

      Enjoy your sheriffs btw.

  10. The 1v1 tournament is actually pretty fun.

  11. My feels when I'm having a hard time telling wotlabs apart from the official forums now

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      @Curo you don't make cancer posts tho

    3. How_Terrible


      Ugly J. BigD for President!!!

    4. RichardNixon


      Oh, I see what you mean. In before Triple_Sixes ban.

  12. I'm looking for a bronze/silver team. PM me if you'd be interested in recruiting this scrub.

  13. So, I'm gaming on an older (but not pathetic) laptop. I run at something like 50 fps when starting the battle, but it seems that when I get into actual combat the fps crashes to something like 10-20. Any ideas on how to fix this? 

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    2. UglyBigD


      My laptop definitely has heat issues. Unfortunately the was the case is made it's practically impossible to open. Would an exterior heat sink/pad work?

    3. avandelay


      A cooling pad can't hurt, but it might not help too much. I do run a cooling pad under my laptop. I don't notice too much of a difference in FPS between it on and off. More of a durability thing, in my mind.

    4. SoliDeoGloria


      I don't run a cooling pad, but my fps maintains stability, even with internals hitting 65+ degrees Celsius. Might be time to reapply thermal paste, as it does degrade over time and under wear.

  14. So, how much work is it to try for the T-22 without rigging? 

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    2. UglyBigD


      Might make a post about it, trying to round some people up

    3. Megrin


      hard on EU, impossible on NA.

    4. Wanderjar


      you might get 1 mission done out of 4 hour of waiting in pubbie queues.  in clan or group is pretty much the only way without wasting hours and hours of time for 1 mission that you may or maynot get done.

      find a group to drop with. at least then you have the numbers.

  15. I have returned...again. I'm basically MacArthur on a loop when it comes to this game

  16. silver league bound ayy

    1. TouchFluffyTail


      The AFK league.

    2. Haswell


      The league of socks

  17. So apparently Book GoT > TV GoT

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    2. UglyBigD


      Well, from what I understand, there's enough difference between the two for it to be worth reading the books.

    3. Tuco22
    4. Sabocat


      There's some major differences. Big enough that spoilers are not an issue.

  18. So I think the T37 is 50% ammorack.

    1. Evelyn


      For it to be so small and carry so many 76mm shells, I'm surprised it's not more.

    2. UglyBigD


      Also, I can't tell if its expected values are stupidly high or I'm just bad at the tank.

  19. What's the difference between me and you?

  20. So I hit an FCM from 400m while going sideways to him while autoaiming in a T30. Yossarian_PRO

  21. So, from my brief time in organized play, tournies/skirmishes > CW. Less drama, more gold.

  22. I countercarried against Pork. And killed him with gold ammo. I feel dirty.

  23. purple recent ayyyy. Now I just have to maintain it while not playing LTs

    1. UglyBigD


      I think it balances out since I was also playing the Panther, 3601, and Cent 7/1. lol.

  24. So I think that somebody just tried to use "typicall strat" as an insult in team battles. Wat.

  25. I just got fair and balanced by a wotlabber...I've never felt so betrayed.

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    2. deathmachine16


      Marine was clicking earlier today before he was balanced by the enemy 261 :^)

    3. Levenbrech


      I get it, sorry bout that...had a few

    4. Kewei's Dad
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