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  1. Oh Rexxie - stop trolling already. Ok, thanks very much. This is a bit odd though. Who exactly needed the flaws pointed out to them? I'm sure all of us who know how the computation is done and why understand completely.
  2. I'm unsure who actually owns calculating these currently but the latest iteration of the expected damage has a pretty significant error for the E50 as it is listed as 4585.56. Imagine my surprise when I pull a 3 kill, 3100dmg round and get show a 889 WN8 for it.
  3. Until the late 80's, the primary in-use surface search radar systems on various classes of US Navy ships still used 1950's generation tubes vice transistors. When I went to school for them in '86, that was the backbone of your first radar system training - triodes and pentodes in the AN/SPS-10. Scary, looking back.
  4. I'm late to the party on this one but, unless the server damage calculation is really broken, I think it'll be very difficult to show that it is without a pretty significant investment of time and energy. As others have mentioned, it's all about what level of confidence you want in the answer. As a swag, I'd say doing 2 tests of ~400 shots each on the same gun should have the distributions end up normal and matched within 95% confidence, if the +/- 25% per shot is behaving as it should. That'd be enough for me, at any rate. More is always better, but if it's already looking reasonable
  5. Consistency, ahh how I long for thee. Below is an example of inconsistency from today trying to get my 5x done! Not really playing for a few weeks didn't help but that's not the root cause, for sure. Solo, I still tend to assume my team could possibly do the common sense thing and it gets me in trouble far too often. I hate playing passively and just padding damage and the only time I've been able to be consistent is tooning (which is all too rare, alas).
  6. The reality is that the vast majority of WG's revenue stream doesn't come from anyone who'd post on this forum so we're all effectively pissing into the wind. Such is the way of games, these days, and it's sad. It has never, and will never be a good random battles game. If their intent was to really have a serious, competitive and balanced game for everyone across the ability spectrum, they'd never have the MM functioning as it is, to start at the top.
  7. For which I thank them. Tiger 2 for me. Too much T10 MM and E75 is such a leap up.
  8. I don't disagree with anything you've said. I apologize if I was unclear but I guess I missed the point of why those graphs were fuel for the fire as I see nothing unexpected within them, from my position.
  9. Looks suspiciously like basic congestion or a router needing a reboot, to me. No middle-service provider to a backbone will be throttling, unless they want to lose their business entirely.
  10. I don't find it being gas on the fire, at all. It's a very small subset of the overall population and comprised only of people who know the tanks well, have solid crews, and play them to limit of their personal capability. Most of the scatter actually occurs when you get <100 battles in any tank and gets worse as you go lower - below 25 is so bad I excluded it as it was utter noise. Below is an example for the 183 early on in this thread, but all tanks T8-10 I've looked at follow the same premise. The ellipses show the boundary for 95% of data for that bucket. The blue fit lin
  11. Yeah I realized pretty quickly why you might've thought that. I'm OCD about learning and improving regardless of the context and there were so many resources available it was like drinking from a firehose. I'm also old and impatient so sucking for too long isn't a viable option for me. Part of that learning curve was "stop thinking most lower tier players know or care about the tier 10 meta". haha If not for stumbling onto the game via twitch back in February, I'd really have never paid it a second thought. When I first heard of it, it sounded so arcade-style that i never considered re
  12. Agreed and I've echoed this a fair amount. Anyone claiming that players who are aware and concerned about their WN8 don't play differently than they might if, say, WR was the heaviest weight is in serious denial. The biggest meta changes are rating system changes and map changes, which we're just really seeing. At the highest level I even have to question if meta changes could or should influence a tanks benchmark performance. For the majority of the game, the "meta" is random with random people going random places in each type of tank on every map on a whim. Just to be clear, I'm a
  13. Well, it was a bit crass, haha. After a game we were in that didn't go very well, I sent you a pm asking to toon as I was relatively new and learning but knew about you guys from watching Sela's stream. Your response was curt: "Stop acting like you're not a reroll. <click>" lol
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