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  1. MAHOU is the nicest clan NA, proof right there!
  2. The IMBO group has a good mix for specialized activities, for example LIMBO does everything but CW with a high standard. If you want some place fun to play stop by our TS, we do it all. Don't trash the leo when Dman is around though, he'll be sad! TS
  3. Hey Theaty! Joined the IMBO family I see, solid group although JIMBO is my fav because of that eye candy Toro
  4. ANVIL, part of the Forge Gaming Community, is recruiting highly motivated and skilled players for clan wars and tournament competition. Our criteria: Overall rating of ~1700+ (Or a recent WN8 of ~2000+) Min 4 tier 10 (commonly used CW tanks) Available 4+ nights Able to use Teamspeak Able to follow instructions and take orders Willingness to learn and grow. TS: If you feel you meet or exceed that criteria, go to www.forgeclan.com and fill out an application. Stop by our TS and look for Tallnob, Ghostbob,Sammy, PapaIvan or any officer. Successful applicants will be offered a position in one of the longest running and most respected gaming communities on the server. We suggest potential applicants play with us before making a decision. We are looking for mature, friendly individuals who want to be part of a community. Bring beer and I can guarantee success. No Coors.
  5. Can't argue with JIMBO, I have a man crush on Toro, but if you like we're also recruiting www.forgeclan.com. TS info and reqs on the main page, feel free to drop by whenever for a chat. We have a few old TESLA/SHCKD/VOLT guys floating around.
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