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  1. So as an AFK member of previously fantabulous AWFUL, what can 5LINE offer a WOT-winning quitter like myself?
  2. It's your general attitude over the past several days, but sure.
  3. He also neglects the fact that the people playing in that game were thrown together purely to get some Fame. Our "strat" that "wasn't bad" was literally pinged on the map and the caller made a mistake to push cap instead of crushing your IS3's down low. Congrats on your win though, and stay classy.
  4. I don't understand how you can like the T54 more than the 430 v2 these days. The 54's armor is nothing to consistently rely upon, whereas the 430 v2 can legitimately be played like a heavy. The other benefits of the 54 seem pretty marginal in comparison (gun depression and full turret).
  5. Meh, firing an unloaded gun is never very effective. My face when reading ballin's post:
  6. They have the attitude I was looking for regarding clan wars. Garbad explained the philosophy of -G- quite well in his thread, so I'll just leave it at that.
  7. _Nordic very rudely removed my Clan Council tags last time I was there. It was hurtful, such bulli.
  8. It's okay, I still have my own channel in TS last time I was there. Edit: Can confirm, still there.
  9. Didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped, but eh...literally anything is better than strawberry jelly Dany.
  10. If I get bored between CW battles tonight I'll rig something up.
  11. Actually on Saturday night they tried to get you into some games but you were AFK. Like sr said though, you can pretty much get into games from 8-10PM the rest of the week and will probably be in the top 2500 without much problem. Edit: I also formally request that you go back to your MLP avatar, or at least switch to any other GOT character.
  12. I legit thought this was a funny troll by Relic until this post. Now it's just disturbing and sad.
  13. Sounds good. I saw them but I have been busy this week so I haven't had the chance to look at them. I should have some time tonight and I will get you some feedback. Edit: I am a terrible person and didn't get to it this weekend. I just wanted to let you know that I didn't forget about it, I just got busy with the campaign and whatnot.
  14. I bought the american premium package literally the first week I started playing. I played a lot of tier 8s and rushed up the lines as fast as possible. My stats were predictably terrible, but after the first ~2k games I actually started becoming fairly competent. More important than anything I think is your personality. I think it was CarbonatedPork that pointed out that having an internal locus of control is pretty critical to success. People that naturally lean that way (imo) will always be able to learn quickly through experiencing things first hand the Kewei method. Regardless, learning is always going to be person dependent, but at least for me the Kewei method worked. The Crab method seems like a lot of effort, but it looks like it could be effective. I personally always mentally review what I could have done better either right after I die, or right after the end of a match. I don't think I've ever watched one of my own replays though.
  15. I heard that Mort was the officer responsible for chipping BIMBO's target, confirm/deny?
  16. The game I saw you on Fisherman's Bay is a prime example of why YOLOing people based on stats is a terrible idea. Your team's arty shot 6 times at me and spent who knows how many minutes just staring at my arty safe position waiting for shots. Your KV-5, JT, and Chi Ri all super YOLOed me only to die without damaging me at all. I'm not entirely sure what your JT88 was trying to do, but he started to YOLO me then just sat in the open and died. All told, your team threw away 4 tanks completely and 6x arty shots to take half my HP (all from clickers while I was getting into position). Had they simply ignored me, your team would have had won the town and had strong support in the middle. I would have had a much harder time trying to poke against your entrenched base campers while you would have been able to sweep the middle from the town. They basically took a great chance to win and flushed it down the toilet for literally nothing.
  17. Like Crab said, you seem to blame your team for a lot of things instead of thinking about how you can use them. I don't currently have time to go through replays but if you PM me a couple I'll get back to you with reviews.
  18. It depends on the time zones you all play in. Last campaign when AWFUL was LIMBO we spread across all three time zones. That translated into some pretty late fights (1am EST).
  19. I tend to prefer seeing either an average game or slightly above average game. Outstanding games can be occasionally useful, but from what I've seen a lot of those outliers are caused more by what the enemy did than by the player's actions. Seeing a replay of the enemy driving in front of your gun at reload intervals isn't exactly going to be useful. The potato games are usually pretty straightforward as to why you died, so there's typically not much to say. That said, you can learn something from almost any game. What I typically ask people to do is just play a 5-10 game session and send me the replay's for three of them.
  20. If you send me a PM with the replay links I will watch them and critique. I will also try in-game mentoring if necessary but lately my play time has been restricted so replays are typically easier. I will truly miss yelling at people to push, it was my favorite part of calling. RIP _Nordic when the next campaign hits.
  21. I don't think I've ever PMed someone after a battle. Probably once every other session some shitter PM's me with a wall of text that's good for a chuckle. If the mood strikes me I'll troll back to them for a while hoping to get more material, but usually I just say "Well said!!!!!..." and go to the next battle.
  22. John Daly is my fucking hero. Set aside the glorious mullet and the cigarette in his mouth as he swings. The man was unabashedly hammered every time he played. You've got to admire a guy with his priorities straight.
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