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  1. Just had a great game in this tank, around 6k spotting damage, and unfortunately didn't even used the gun as much. Everything about this tank feels right, especially the consecutive shots you take(without waiting for the reticle to get smaller), they all seem to go right where you want.
  2. Nice! I will add you and msg you when I'm online. Thanks for the replay, I learned some things with it and my understanding of where to go in that map with tanks like the leo has improved quite a bit.
  3. Hello Wotlabs. I really need some help with my tier 10's. I can't seem to do well with the leo 1, i'm not sure how to carry with it since it has 0 armor, I try to snipe but teams just collapse. I would also like to understand better how to use the t57 heavy efficiently, It seems that it has such an incredible potential and every battle I enter with makes me feel like i'm not using it adequately. Is anyone up for platooning and mentoring for couple battles?
  4. Yep, I got this when blind shooting.
  5. Yep, shooting outside of draw range, I thought it had this connotation for everyone, sorry.
  6. Hello wotlabs, so I just had this game on campinovka in my indien panzer, and I stayed at my base just sniping. A couple of tanks were outside my draw range, and so I ghosted them, is this a really viable tactic or it was more luck? I even managed to bounce off of their arty from across the map, which I thought it was pretty cool, any advice appreciated. I usually do this in my Indien because of the large ammo count and the rof it has. Ty Replay- http://wotreplays.com/site/753722#malinovka-sianix-indien-panzer
  7. The only reason I did not emptied my clip on the is3 was that there were several other tanks there, and shooting the is3 through the other side of the rock would get attention from them. I think that if I stayed in there I would get rushed by 6+ tanks and just died there...?
  8. Hello wotlabs, I am here for a while just searching for improvement and now I decided that I should post a replay just to make sure I am doing the right thing. Since this is my first post I decided to do it here and not in the french tanks subforum(?). Now I know I shoudn't have tried to hit that ISU-152, but other than that, what else should I have done different/better? Thank you all in advance. http://wotreplays.com/site/678764#hidden_village-sianix-amx_50_100
  9. Sorry for being a little off topic, but where did you got the map image? It rendered perfectly on a mobile device. Ty
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