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  1. rojo180


    So I haven't been around the competitive scene in pkmn lately would this be a good team set up I forgot to remove will o wisp from gengar. *facepalm
  2. So wait a minute. If I can do this in my AT 15 There is hope for me yet :3 My W key and 2 Key are ready :^)
  3. That's what I did with my Foch B. I'll have you know I had great success slaughtering kids who think they can push on airfield.
  4. That feel when the 430v2's gun didn't change at all.
  5. rojo180

    AMX 50 Foch B

    I clip most tanks still
  6. I'm curious if the rebalanced Foch will actually be good next patch?
  7. It was mildly disgusting spamming APCR out of this.
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