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  1. Maybe they will buff the stats , l mean it cant get worse that now.
  2. l wonder if they will do this or its just the same old WG lie but lets hope they do make those changes and save this game before its too late .
  3. Well time to see how many patches l missed.

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      mission set 2.0 which forces arty missions, and as a result has increased arty play to the point where you are almost guaranteed 2-3 per match no matter the tier.

      Polish tanks which are mostly trash aside from the tier 8 and 10.

      and currently there is a free tier 8 premium marathon for the caern action X British heavy, which has brought out the worst of the worst and condensed them all into tier 10 resulting in some of the the best and yet worst all tier 10 games you have ever had.



      Should be fun then haha thanks :popcornkitty:

  4. Seems like someone managed to make MeltyMap gun sight work for this patch , any chance you plan on adding it back?
  5. RIP Poshy l will miss you bro, may you be happy up there :(

    1. KruggWulf


      I know he's smoking the finest green and shrekin' the shitters somewhere. But I know if he's able to in whatever afterlife there may or may not be, he'd be watching over us and silently encouraging us to push forward in life no matter what path we take. I hope that at the end of our hopefully long and productive lives, we get to see him again when we too make the transition to wherever we might go when we pass.

  6. https://www.twitch.tv/akulav_na Birthday boy go watch.

    1. AkulaV


      Thanks friend :) Went well for the first 6 or so hour with 68% WR and 4400 DPG... then rip 5 bad games in a row.



      hehe could have been worse :awyeah:

  7. They will just make it like wot or close to it with balance 2.0
  8. Dammmmmm why didnt l see this thread before... Anyways as for @AkulaV playstyle l can say its one of the most aggressive ones you will find on NA which l have been part for almost 2 years . You see players like Luna have this idea that their playstyle is so good that none can match it when in fact its just a wn8/dmg padding one but when they play with other unicums they rage quit after 4 battles since they cant keep up with their aggression or their skill level. So its simple Luna cant play with other unicums unless he can use them or out dmg them which he has never been able too thats why he
  9. Come back in 2018 maybe then they will add them lol
  10. Yeah it sucks it took me awhile too get used to not using it (l felt like l couldnt aim for shit) but now l got used too. Its been like 4 years or so using Sela's modpack and never regret it
  11. That was a choice in my case since l have the M48 which is better then M60 so why have it , 907 and E6 already have them (better then M60 in my opinion) , so that leaves me with VK,M60 or 121B too pick, take away 121B (121 or any other med is better then the 121B) so end up with VK (which l like ). But thats just my opinion in the end is all about what you as a player like
  12. At least you get it, my heart is not the same without Meltys ......RIP.
  13. As much as l hate it saying this , 1 arty per team max it can work but no more then that.....
  14. Yes l have, been rekt by arty since day one playing this game so l know how it feels , remove arty and you will see double the amount of players online.
  15. Besides 907, E6 everything else is garbage so why wouldnt you pick the VK even if they dont buff it still better then M60 or 121B.
  16. lol this was a good one , we need it sometimes just for a change
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