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  1. damn it these e100 changes make me wanna reinstall. 311mm on level ground, and you have to realize the e100 is taller than almost every tank so it's even thicker in actual gameplay. the biggest problem the e100 has is that any retard can press 2 and lolpen.
  2. Knowing when to quit is really important. I can't tell you the number of times I've had a bad game, gotten pissed off, and then tried to power through it only to make the mark drop even more. Play and then take a break, go do something that isn't world of tanks until your head is clear.
  3. hiding my stats is the only thing i give a shit about i'm in my full health 277 and there's literally a 5A with 100hp next to me, who do you think both arty shoots? i checked afterwards and the 5A had 47% wr
  4. lmfao loaded into a game with half my shells in the 277 because im retarded and poor


    4.5k and a fadins is a lot better than i was expecting, this tank is retarded

  5. i actually really enjoy steel hunter. i don't know if it's because i generally don't give a fuck about this game anymore or not but holy shit i find myself actually having a great time playing it lmfao

  6. at the end of the day i really dont care if its rigged tbh lmao, if someone is good enough to win >60% then they'll still win with this conspiracy
  7. Could be true, maybe (probably) not. The thing with random (randomly selected players) is that it can give you two shitty matchups in a row, because it's random and it's not like hey lets give this guy a good game now. I think it's Spotify that had to implement a less random shuffle because people complained about getting the same song twice. Most games are pretty evenly matched. You have mostly average players who don't significantly contribute positively or negatively to the outcome of the match, they're neither good or bad. Yeah they'll have an occasional good or bad game, but it isn't consistent at all. Consistency is what separates someone good/bad from someone average. Take someone with 45%, they're consistently in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing, and if they're in an important vehicle it puts the whole team at a disadvantage because what if this is the guy that should be holding a flank or pushing? Then you take someone with 60%, they're consistently in the right place at (usually) the right time, and again if they're in an important vehicle this swings things in their teams favor. TLDR - the point I'm making is that if you're good or bad, you will consistently influence the outcome.
  8. does this mean i have to install tanks again so i can get stupid dpg numbers e100 doing 1060 lmfao yes please
  9. Thanks for keeping this place up, by far the #1 resource for tanks. I definitely see a difference with speed too.
  10. Have some cash to spare, interested in a 50TP since the Polish tree looks really fun so far and I need a good credit grinder other than the Lowe.

    I enjoy the game but I don't want to drop $50 when I could buy an entirely new game for the same price or even a new pair of Chucks.

     Who has one and was it worth the price?

  11. Call me petty but I received 0 gold from Y0L0 for attending CW for multiple days up until 1 AM some nights, while people with similar attendance received 1500.

    Any NA clans have a spot for a 3500+/61% recents permabad? Clan drama is getting old.


    1. Errants


      Loved to win there, hated the management. Good luck on a new clan.

    2. TheChang


      Come eval at -G-

  12. That's a good fucking meme. They had this masterpiece during Christmas, subtle but hilarious:
  13. Before the stun mechanic I had no issue dropping medkit for food. Absolutely do not do that now. With BIA and rammer/vents, your reload/DPM will be 7.18s/3,341. Add food and we're looking at 6.89s/3,485. If you want to make the investment, an Improved Rammer will kick it up to 6.69s/3,585. If you run food drop the AFE and run a Firefighting directive like nabucodonsor said. The Super Conq is an exceptional tank, maxed out you have the HP and firepower to seriously impact games.
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