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  1. chat banned for a week for something i said in a dm with a friend about a 3rd party. no email sent explaining why.

    i opened a ticket and my response was that i was warned for the same offense so now i am being sanctioned. looked in my emails, never got an email telling me i was warned or chat banned.

    gg wg

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    2. hazzgar


      Remember where one global chat mod on EU banned people for using the word "oxymoron"? So yeah. WG chat bans...

    3. echo9835


      Chat ban hammer is being swung at random right now. A guy in my clan got chat banned when he had not played in a month.

    4. Strigonx


      My alt got chatbanned for " ping spamming" in an advance.....

  2. agreed that garbad being banned marked the decline of forum activity, the end of an era - HEAT > APCR, better in the current meta of thicc armor, i remember when APCR was king but i feel as if something changed and HEAT is no longer as ineffective on sloped armor
  3. world of tanks is a 1 vs 15 game in 2020 


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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      I miss being able to shoot the other 14.

    3. Kymrel


      Well, in this game it looks like 2 v 28, judging from the end-plate. But yeah, the quality of players is dropping like a stone. It's so easy to grind through that people get to the higher tiers in no time now and have learned nothing on the way.

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      Even players that aren't actually bad at the game are insufferable dipshits these days.

  4. the E5 is good now and let me explain why. i played 15 games in the E5 on test and averaged 4.7k dpg because the gun is that good now. E5 strengths over SC: Superior frontal armor profile IF you can hide the cupola More mobile by a fair bit Less susceptible to getting fucked by artillery Significantly better bloom values on turret turn (0.06 vs 0.10, the same as IS-7) SC strengths over E5: An extra degree of gun depression More accurate, slightly faster firing 200 more HP Depending on situation, a better turret. I say it depends because I have no problems dealing with a hulldown SC. the same is true for the E5 unless he's making it hard to hit his cupola. I didn't mention gold round because I personally prefer the E5's 340mm HEAT round in this current meta. against anyone with more than 3 brain cell the SC turret is easily penned around the mantled with gold. The E5 doesn't have this problem except for literal pixel shots around the mantlet. the E5 does however have a big fat cupola which is the only thing keeping it from totally replacing the super conq. fully kitted out (with exception of food which for some reason i can't add in tanks.gg) the E5 stats are: that's 38 DPM less than the SC, .09s slower reload, .2 less accuracy which is a lot but it has 0.04 turret bloom values which is godlike and 0.02 better (and .1 more accurate) than the king of snapshots, the M48. and now against 340mm HEAT which is all that's being shot at tier 10: TL;DR it still has the same problem it's always had sure, but if you can hide the weakspot your armor can't simply be swiss cheesed like the SC. not to mention decent mobility, a truly beautiful gun in the same league as the SC, and much better snapshot capabilities than the SC.
  5. clipping nerds for 1600 never gets old :trump: 


  6. I think the tank is still really strong given you don't get fucked by rng or artillery. This tank lives and dies by positioning, whereas something like an IS-7 can play wherever you throw it. Make a mistake? You will be punished hard. Poor hull armor, bad mobility, paper ammo rack, and finally lowish alpha that nobody is afraid to peak against. But played to it's strengths it is still great. Very nice gun handling, great DPM, fat chunk of HP, -10 gun depression, and a good turret. Obviously hull down and/or ridgeline it will stomp, supporting a push it will melt enemies with raw DPM, and it completely shits on anything lower tier. Your DPM and high HP means you will usually win when it comes to trading hits. I enjoy this tank, I enjoyed the 215b back in the day. Same gun more or less, but vastly superior platform on the part of the super conq. The performance I have in them is pretty far apart, with the super conq being nearly a tier ahead as far as stats go:
  7. ded



    no more screaming antics from the commander during cw 

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    2. echo9835


      When is the funeral and will Yolo jump out of the coffin to scare everyone?

    3. RC_Tank


      nobody would attend that funeral

    4. echo9835


      Not even Yolo?

  8. the state of the game right now is hilarious
  9. so my dumb ass flips in the 430 in front of a 183 and a 277. 277 bounces and 183 is on reload.

    a fucking t62a on our team comes out of nowhere, flips me back over, and tracks the 277 so he cant come after me.

    holy shit wtf total bro moment

  10. bonus codes from the "quiz", they will give you 5 battle rentals in whichever tank you choose:

    (can only pick 1 as far as i know)


  11. Object 140 is decent, used to be really strong but it's powercrept by tanks like the 430U. T-54 is amazing, do not skip. T-44 is good, but it's a tier 8 so up to you. T-43 is merely ok, but so are most tier 7s. IS-7 is strong. Is it the strongest? No, but it's turret is still among the best in the game. Still in the meta. The 257 isn't amazing, but it isn't going to give you a hard time, probably wouldn't skip. IS-3 is great, don't skip. IS is ok, haven't played it in years but it will more or less show you what to expect from the tanks in this line. 277 is very strong. It has all 3 of the qualities that make a good tank: speed/mobility, armor, gun (DPM, alpha, handling.) T-10 is great, do not skip, it's like a 277 at tier 9 but with less hull armor. 430U is very strong. Again, it has 3 of the qualities that make a good tank. This and the 277 are the best in the Russian tree, but the tanks leading to them are all either great or good, so there is no real use for fragments with these lines. The tier 9 430 is great, absolutely do not skip this one. Wouldn't bother with the IS-4, ST-II, K-91, or 705a, you have better things to spend fragments on.
  12. stock 50tp :eww:

    elite 50tp :gachi:

  13. Some really painful moments when this was stock, but hitting people for 600 is nice. It can alpha bully most tier 10 heavies which is a really powerful tool to have. Don't have enough games to give a proper review but I like it.
  14. Wow really? That's interesting cuz one of my friends, my mom, and I were all pretty sick right before Christmas. I got home from Orlando and gave it to them. I was in bed for a few days with a 102 fever and upper respiratory symptoms. My mother had it worse, it settled in her lungs and played out exactly how COVID-19 is in high-risk patients (which she is.) She had her flu shot, but I didn't. Interesting tbh
  15. damn it these e100 changes make me wanna reinstall. 311mm on level ground, and you have to realize the e100 is taller than almost every tank so it's even thicker in actual gameplay. the biggest problem the e100 has is that any retard can press 2 and lolpen.
  16. Knowing when to quit is really important. I can't tell you the number of times I've had a bad game, gotten pissed off, and then tried to power through it only to make the mark drop even more. Play and then take a break, go do something that isn't world of tanks until your head is clear.
  17. hiding my stats is the only thing i give a shit about i'm in my full health 277 and there's literally a 5A with 100hp next to me, who do you think both arty shoots? i checked afterwards and the 5A had 47% wr
  18. lmfao loaded into a game with half my shells in the 277 because im retarded and poor


    4.5k and a fadins is a lot better than i was expecting, this tank is retarded

  19. i actually really enjoy steel hunter. i don't know if it's because i generally don't give a fuck about this game anymore or not but holy shit i find myself actually having a great time playing it lmfao

  20. at the end of the day i really dont care if its rigged tbh lmao, if someone is good enough to win >60% then they'll still win with this conspiracy
  21. Could be true, maybe (probably) not. The thing with random (randomly selected players) is that it can give you two shitty matchups in a row, because it's random and it's not like hey lets give this guy a good game now. I think it's Spotify that had to implement a less random shuffle because people complained about getting the same song twice. Most games are pretty evenly matched. You have mostly average players who don't significantly contribute positively or negatively to the outcome of the match, they're neither good or bad. Yeah they'll have an occasional good or bad game, but it isn't consistent at all. Consistency is what separates someone good/bad from someone average. Take someone with 45%, they're consistently in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing, and if they're in an important vehicle it puts the whole team at a disadvantage because what if this is the guy that should be holding a flank or pushing? Then you take someone with 60%, they're consistently in the right place at (usually) the right time, and again if they're in an important vehicle this swings things in their teams favor. TLDR - the point I'm making is that if you're good or bad, you will consistently influence the outcome.
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