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  1. Wow.. Just 5 hours ago Maria became a category 3

    1. DHP


      Heard it became a Cat 5 on the radio this morning.


      And it just hit the french islands well they had a previous cat 5 barely two weeks ago.. 

  2. .56

    oh ok


    1. TheChang


      That's the only gift tank I've regretted selling

  3. History Channel Documentary Just “World of Tanks” Live Stream


    The documentary featured several bold claims that have proved controversial in the historical community, such as the reason the Germans lost World War Two was due to “fucking Russian bias,” that late war German tanks were so strong they could take on modern day tanks and that the vast majority of tank drivers were thirteen-year olds on Xbox Live.


  4. :kjugh:


    1. Rexxie


      damn i want that

    2. RC_Tank


      i feel like i'm on dialup again

  5. d32b983c3d7c4f7984e0328e7f9b2691.jpg

    252U worth $49, or am I better off with a patriot?

    1. Medjed


      Tank that bypassed IS-6 in brokeness is pretty much worth the money i'd say....on the other hand i don't support giving money to WG for the same reason that they are shitting on the game balance with tanks like that

  6. FZT9qM9.jpg


    First triple MOE. It's not much compared to the numbers people here put out, but it's progress :D

    1. BPX



    2. Driftin


      I learned long ago not to compare yourself to others. Do your best for you. We can't all be great at everything. 3 MOE is solid playing on any tank. Grats

    3. MacusFlash


      @Driftin Except ELC AMX. 

  7. e8H47Ku.png

    Most dynamic 50 seconds of my life.

    I hope I get this guy on my team tonight.:gaytroll:

  8. i'd rather deal with occasional one-shots than this

    I dont know how I feel about stunning

    1. crapcannon


      Just played and got stunned by arty. Looks like a med kit might need to be a necessity now. At least a small one so you can un-stun your driver so you can at least bail out till the 'stun' period is over. 
      I was playing the T-44 and speed was noticeably reduced after getting stunned.

    2. Matross


      I called it... I foresaw this coming.

  9. 18 days on the Fury

    lol, "it'll never be sold again, get it now!", may as well sell the Type 59 at this point, full retard


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    2. RC_Tank


      I actually felt kind of glad I purchased it, having a tank that's pretty rare and all, that was one of the big selling points of the tank. :feelsbad:

    3. megaflex4000


      I'll be surprised if they're not doing a special (read: expensive as fuck) deal on the Type 59 by next christmas.

    4. RC_Tank


      $100+ for a tier 8 wouldnt surprise me at all

  10. 261 On Track?



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Errants


      PFFT, not even 200 hours?  Filthy casual.

    3. RC_Tank


      i'd spend more time in the game if I could :(

    4. Errants


      Too lazy to screenshot and upload... but you can find me on Steam: Errants

      You've Played: 555 Hours
      Last Played: Tuesday

  11. 45% guy tells me how horrible my gameplay is because I didn't try to hold off 5+ heavies in my IS7, and instead fell back to where I had support and finished the game with 7k damage and 4k assisted.

    "fucking pussy damage farmer"

    World of Tanks -- the game where you're verbally abused by your team for carrying them

    1. Medjed


      That shitter probably needs half a day of playing to get to 7k dmg dealt

    2. Archaic_One


      That conversation belongs in name and shame

  12. A category 5 hurricane has to be one of the most eerie sounds ever..



    Also uploaded to YouTube..


  13. Alan Rickman :(

  14. All faults aside, I'm enjoying this tank. 560 alpha coupled with 1350 shell velocity is fun.



    1. TAdoo87


      I kinda like this tank too. :fat:

    2. DirtyACE7


      I want this tank too and intend to grind to it once I got the Maus.

      I also love the way it looks. It just has this sort of retro-futuristic look. Like something you would see in a Fallout game.

    3. Errants


      So, I Aced my Tiger P, finally, on the revisit. Should I finish working for 3 MoE on it, or promote the crew up to the Tier X for the on-track?

  15. All the people complaining about how artillery can't defend itself under the changes WG is proposing for the sandbox is funny because these same people have played a class that you can't defend yourself from (unless you want to take your gun out of the game [passive play])


    "but but but muh alpha"

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. RC_Tank


      Im so buying a T49 if this goes live. I dont even care if I get shit on, if I can ruin an artillery players game then its worth it.

    3. nabucodonsor


      Dont they drown themselfs anyway?

    4. ThomChen114


      maybe WG might want to look into and reconsider some of the crew skills as well as the other equipments that could use some rework.

      spall liner is probably gonna be a must for slow heavy tanks (might also mitigate the bullshit HE derp of the Type 4 and 5 Heavy tanks?)


  16. almost had a stroke


    then realized it was that bug


  17. Alright, I have 180k in free XP and like 400 boosters for free XP. I want to grab the 215b before it disappears and I don't have a lot of time to play.

    Where is the free XP best spent on this line? I'm fine with skipping a tank.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. RC_Tank


      If only I had a clan :feelsbad:

    3. GloriousPotatoes


      Or aren't on EU... we got one hell of a XP/Free XP thing going on from the 23rd to the 26th


    4. Assassin7


      Oh rip, 

      You can join random pubbie strongholds you know. Could try that

  18. am I supposed to be able to edit this?


    1. Assassin7


      I think you need patron^2 to do that. So ima guess probably not?

  19. As if my week couldn't get worse, the "cone" for Irma has tightened around Florida as a direct hit becomes imminent.

    Time to evacuate, I'm not chancing a direct hit from a category 5.

  20. Beautiful gun on a not so beautiful platform, 215b 3 marked


  21. better to have 'Horizontal Stabilization in Sniper Mode' disabled/enabled?

    same with 'Dynamic Camera'

    i've always thought i used dynamic camera but saw today that it was disabled. enabled it and couldnt notice any changes?

    1. Assassin7


      with it disabled, if you turn the tank in sniper mode the camera will follow it,  if its enabled the camera will stay where you are looking. 

      horizontal stabilisation will have the camera stay stable when moving over rough terrain, in sniper mode when enabled, but when disabled the camera will bounce around with the tank when you go over bumps and stuff. 

      basically, enabled the camera will stay stable where you are looking, no matter where the gun/tank is facing. with it disabled the camera will follow the gun

    2. RC_Tank


      that makes sense, guess I wasn't paying attention, thanks!

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