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  1. Neighbor gave us a box of 4 kittens and said they're about 2 weeks old.

    Naming them is going to be difficult - going by my WoT name shows I'm awful at names. I need your help, suggestions?

    If anyone wants to see pictures, I'll try and get some decent ones with my potato camera.


  2. Test server is really interesting. EU guy turns blue, gets annihilated - RU guy turns blue, someone from US shoots him, US guy gets annihilated.

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    2. ZXrage


      Nothing happened :(

    3. RC_Tank


      I wish I could play right now, I want to see what they reply with, although I probably won't understand it

    4. Levenbrech


      yah...that sums up my experience on the test server

  3. the unfortunate part about the server merge


    is that i can run into this piece of shit now

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    2. secret65123


      Here are the videos of him vs. Fv215b


    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Well that was... something. How do you pen a 215b ONCE.

      Also HE best ammo

    4. Fulcrous


      1 hour ago, SchnitzelTruck said:

      Well that was... something. How do you pen a 215b ONCE.

      Also HE best ammo

      Scorpiany's "angling" there was something I expect to see out of some red-rated shitter.

  4. Suggested Maus consumables? Nearly have the Maus researched and was curious.

    On the E100 I run double kits and AFE. Commander has Jack of All Trades so when a crew member dies (not that often honestly) it's not so bad. Having double kits has saved my ass tons of times, whereas lack of a medkit hasn't ever screwed me.

    My question is, how is crew member knockout and module damage in the Maus compared to the E100? My crew is approaching their 3rd skill which will complete Jack of All Trades. Also, is 3rd too early for BIA? I plan on pushing pretty aggressively so I'm thinking double kits?

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    2. Zinn


      To be fair, your post raises a good point because going beyond max VR normally isn't really worth it. There isn't a vision meta any longer, so you benefit more from merely moving forwards in your average tank. However, since the Maus is slow as shit, it may help with that extra spotting since marks are a mix of DPG and assistance damage and thus you at least want to make sure everything in brawling range counts as your spotting.

    3. RC_Tank


      Since I don't have BIA (yet) would it be better to run optics in place of vents until the crew has BIA?

    4. veitileiN


      i'd say yes, but you need to spot aggressively tho otherwise it wont be worth it

  5. Realizing that someone you were going to start a life with cheated.. saying it hurts is a really big understatement.

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    2. kreigermann


      Just to add here.. something that helped me during those times was to go do something different.

      -I quit playing video games all together for several months and focused on working out, ran my first triathlon, and got into power lifting.

      -I had some money saved up so I took a trip to visit some friends in a different state.

      Change something up for a bit, it really helped me.

    3. RC_Tank


      9 hours ago, Daerlon said:

      Sorry, that sucks. But better to find out now than 5+ years from now...

      That's the happy ending here, I'm happy I didn't get married to someone like this.

      9 hours ago, TheMarine0341 said:


      cliche' but true: Better to find out now than later when kids/home/jobs are involved. If you both decide to stick out, you're going to need serious counseling as a couple.

      We were very close to getting a place together. I can't stick it out with someone who does that, everything we ever were is done because of her decision to cheat.

      6 hours ago, kreigermann said:

      Been there more than once... it really sucks.
      Echo what both Daerlon and TheMarine said... and I hated hearing it at the time but in hindsight yeah.

      Sorry to hear that man, nobody deserves to go through this. Sooner rather than later is the silver lining here.

      6 hours ago, Errants said:

      Condolences, mate, been there myself. Fucking sucks... but, there is the brightside that you're forewarned, now.

      It does. I ignored so many things I shouldn't have, moving on from this I'll be able to spot and deal with red flags earlier.

      6 hours ago, orzel286 said:

      I hate situations like this, where I can't really say anything (un)funny or insert some really lame pun. :/

      There's always another day, maybe you'll find someone who'll be worth it and won't cheat?


        Reveal hidden contents

      Gotta admit though, I'm glad I'm a wizard, I'm immune to this painful stuff and I won't be seduced by anyone EVER since I know all the counter-spells.


      I'm still holding out that there's someone out there, but I'm going to focus on me for a while.

      6 hours ago, Dr_Hilarious said:

      Really sorry to hear that. Just don't be afraid to go all-in in the future based on this bad experience!

      I won't, I know I did love her and I still think love is a wonderful thing.

      5 hours ago, Action said:

      It hurts now but it will get better :( sorry man. we all have been there... Listen to Blinded by the lights from the streets, drink some(a lot) jägermeister and cry... do whatever helps man. give it some time and then lok to the future. life goes on. im talking from expirience

      That's a great song, thanks. I'll see where I can get that locally. Life does go on, it's a funny old world.

      4 hours ago, Hellsfog said:

      As others have already said, it's a terrible feeling but better have it out now then years from now with  kids involved.  I wish I had better words of comfort other than it could have been worse and you'll recover.

      It could have been worse for sure, we were very close to getting a place together.

      4 hours ago, kreigermann said:

      Just to add here.. something that helped me during those times was to go do something different.

      -I quit playing video games all together for several months and focused on working out, ran my first triathlon, and got into power lifting.

      -I had some money saved up so I took a trip to visit some friends in a different state.

      Change something up for a bit, it really helped me.

      Yeah I haven't felt like playing anything lately. I'm going to hit the gym and use the anger to my advantage. Changing things up is a good suggestion.


      Thanks for the kind words and suggestions guys. I suspected it for a while and honestly I'm just numb right now. I'm just dreading when the happy memories will start rolling in.

    4. BedakCoa


      Might necro status update, been trough that with first girlfriend xD after some "kgb" like digging, found out that she've been cheating and *** around with bunch of dudes. Thank God that I can instantly "unlove" someone, she got kick out of the house next day. Not attaching to any other person ever. Good luck mate.

  6. Piece of shit birchgun on our team shoots me and says "ur my bitch spot for me"

    oh really?  :awyeah:


    as soon as i figure out how to take a sample from the replay, i'll make a GIF of me pushing him around


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    2. dashnog




      >I hope he isn't born in the same year as me

      >or else I'll kill myself

    3. KruggWulf


      @dashnog LEL 14 YEAR OLD AHAHAHAHA

    4. dashnog
  7. gg


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    2. Dodge94HUN


      Thank god I did not install WoT yesterday. I was bored as fuck, but I decided to play stupid games on my phone rather than install this cancer game. What a fucking great choice I did :damn:

    3. M4A3E8sherman


      names pls?


    4. RC_Tank


      50 120, bomberkid700
      waffle, Minto626
      JPanther, RedRoker3
      Lorr, NoGhostHere

      i'd blacklist them

  8. Alright, I have 180k in free XP and like 400 boosters for free XP. I want to grab the 215b before it disappears and I don't have a lot of time to play.

    Where is the free XP best spent on this line? I'm fine with skipping a tank.

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    2. RC_Tank


      If only I had a clan :feelsbad:

    3. GloriousPotatoes


      Or aren't on EU... we got one hell of a XP/Free XP thing going on from the 23rd to the 26th


    4. Assassin7


      Oh rip, 

      You can join random pubbie strongholds you know. Could try that

  9. What the fuck is up with the IS6 MOE right now? I walked away, came back in and saw this


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    2. leggasiini


      Same with KV-5, but its bit less significant. Had quite useless battle with it but MoE jumped by 4-5%.

    3. ZXrage


      I played 1 shit match in the T32 and I immediately jumped to 3-mark, the new MM means that HP pools are lower I guess

    4. SaintLaurentius


      oh yeah, just moved my mark on the IS-6 from 93-->100% with 1,3k damage game

  10. I'd like to get into clans. Where would 3600/63% recents land me on NA?

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    2. Zepherex


      If you're interested in doing evals. We have the points of contact listed on the clan page. Just be aware recent wn8 means about as much as dogshit.

    3. flare_phoenix


      I recommend evaling with zeph, I've only ever got like 3 games with him before he ragequits :doge:

    4. Enroh


      13 hours ago, Assassin7 said:

      Dont quote me on this, but even with green overall mahou would probably eval you. We care about recents and current performance, not how you played 10K games ago (that was basically bananas own words)

      I dunno what our reqs are atm though so yeah

      based on that i would maybe get into meow too :doge:

  11. when you're anxious as fuck about making a call and then the feeling afterwards when the call goes really well and you feel like an idiot. :doge:

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    2. DirtyACE7


      Oh yeah, those kind of situations can be pretty nerve wracking especially if you are not the social type and more introverted, or perhaps have social anxiety. This kind of describes me because I have some anxiety (and also more of an introvert) when it comes to social occasions but some days are better than others and it helps to put yourself out there as often as possible to make yourself feel more comfortable in those situations, no matter how difficult it may feel. It will improve many aspects of our life, especially dating/finding a partner if that's what you're looking to do.

    3. RC_Tank


      I've always felt a bit introverted and have always had anxiety, but I'm doing exactly what you said and putting myself out there more, and it's working even if it's slow.

      Overall I feel a lot better than I did a couple years ago, but still have those moments where I just want to hide in a hole somewhere.

    4. DirtyACE7


      Yes, I hear you! It is certainly a process no doubt but you just have to keep at it. It's something that comes more naturally to some people and for others it takes some work but it's well worth it, believe me. It definitely has a lot more benefits than drawbacks. Keep it up dude and good things will happen:)

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    2. kreigermann


      I’m more impressed that all the “ AKA saonima “ names haven’t been forced to change yet. LOL

    3. Tman450


      53 minutes ago, hazzgar said:

      @Tman450 how long have you been on wotlabs? Skill is good but not even close to the best. 

      Longer than you have, and I never claimed skill was the best player. he's not.


      I said he's more impressive than just linking to a stats profile of a player that only plays good tanks (like, say, the 5a or Sconq)

      Because he plays literally every tank.


      also ranked 73 on EU is pretty close to the best (72 places behind him actually)

    4. hazzgar


      @Tman450 don't get me wrong he is impressive. I'm just saying when you want to show a much better player than someone why did you choose the most popular superuni not the best one? 5000dpg over 100 battles on any tank impresses me more than playing good in a bad tank. Even I sometimes gel with a bad tank and get 65%+ wr despite being at 60-61 recent. 

  12. Do ~6k in E100 -> team dies on other flank, I get rushed by like 6 tanks and die. Generally how it's been tonight, winrate in the poor beast is suffering (68% to 54% in one night). What to do in situations like I described? Just bought it and nearly have 100 games, I want to fix this before I ruin the stats in it permanently.

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    2. galleri


      Sorry RC :( And take OTL's advice, cheap mic!

    3. Gashtag


      I play better without a mic and I'm generally good at reading situations - don't attach yourself to stats/WR, it's a pointless endeavour, especially when soloing, you need to be consistently poltto to maintain 68%. Treat every situation as a learning experience & get to his level, you CANNOT permanently ruin a tanks stats, only if you don't play it. Learn to play well, understand that you get shit streaks sometimes (you'll be rewarded at a later time for these) & t...

    4. RC_Tank


      Will probably buy a mic so I'm not handicapping any platoons. Thanks Gashtag, I'll try not to focus so much on the stats - I think it made me play worse by being angry at them.

  13. Achieved blue 60-day (just barely). I know it's nothing compared to everyone else here, but it's a huge milestone for me. I'd like to thank everyone here for being awesome and helping scrubs like me get better.

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    2. 1m9j9s3
    3. SWG112


      I would not discount blue so much. Top 10% is nothing to be ashamed of, au contraire. Cheers to you :)

    4. RC_Tank


      Thanks everyone, I hope I can someday contribute as much as everyone else has. I agree, blue has got to be my favorite color on the scale.

  14. So I bought back my 140. I don't know what it is, but I'm so much more comfortable in this than the T62a. Maybe it's the extra degree of gun depression, but I'm just performing way better.

    Shame the poor thing has 48% winrate and 1.9K dpg from when I first bought it.

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    2. Assassin7


      Ive never found the 140s turret to be bad enough to justify losing everything else that it has over the 62A personally. 

    3. kolni


      It comes from the low profile, almost every tank is taller than the 140 so unless you are using your depression there's almost always going to be a 180mm effective part right on the frontal part above the gun, close up it's a very easy shot. The 62A turret remains unpennable unless you've pretty much flipped sideways and people shoot it then.  

      The 140 turret is still good, but knowing you won't get penned is a very useful thing to have. Same thing obviously applies from baiting corners where the 140 is just miles, miles better with its UFP as it can give ricochet angles where the 62A can't. 62A gun also feels slightly better, might be bias but my 62a crew is by far worse than the 140 crew (3 skills vs 6) but it's still better at connecting midrange for me

    4. DeItacu


      Both are very well balanced tanks,

      Unfortunately well balanced tanks are not very good in this meta :(

      I will be taking 907 / 430U over these anyday 

  15. Circling the last tank alive (E-75), he's on ~200 health, I'm on ~1,200. "Allied" T92 hits me for full health, calls me a noob, and then suicides instead of continuing to cap (was on ~75 cap points) to "smite me".

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    2. kolni


      I was finishing off the last enemy tank, a CGC, I bait him to shoot and he goes down to the water (North - Sand River) I head down, shoot him once, notice I'm too deep in the water and starting to drown, slowly backing up and friendly arty hits me for 1400 HP, tracks me so I drown FML

    3. jackquerudo
    4. RC_Tank


      And then people wonder why so many people hate artillery...

  16. XVM wasn't working for me, I thought I'd just quit for the day. Played a few games and noticed something - I wasn't raging at my teams and I was actually having "fun" again.

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    3. Shifty_101st


      I run only vanilla now.....I don't know why I didn't do it sooner

    4. RC_Tank


      Me neither, much more enjoyable now

  17. Need 5 million for first tier 10 (Object 140), tips for grinding credits and not losing my mind, as well as how to efficiently grind credits?

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    2. Kitten


      that's cos you suck at it Pity

    3. KnobbyHobbGoblin


      1) Join a good skirmish team

      2) Convert gold to creds because you'll make so much from skirmishes there's really nothing else to do with it.

    4. Errants


      I use my T34, which I find enjoyable, and just swap to the IS-6 when I've derped and gotten the T34 blown up.

  18. Finally unlocked my favorite tank: Researched:E 75 researched. Undistributed experience spent: 154000  Free Experience spent: 0  - now I just need to get the tracks, turret, and the gun... no way I'm grinding it with the 88 (never got the 105's)

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    2. TheEmptyLord


      Did you really play through the Tiger II without unlocking the 105mil? o_o

    3. deathmachine16


      You can, gold spam is okay plus better dpm on the 88 but I liked the 105 more

    4. RC_Tank


      I liked the ROF on the 88, it allowed me to bully low tier tanks, while still being able to get two or three shots in while 122m guns reloaded. Another thing I loved about it, I'd high roll and do ~320 and the enemy assumed I had a higher reload, which allowed me to get some funny kills.

  19. what a fucking good mechanic


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    2. _Dean_


      E5 too weak, needs a buff

    3. RC_Tank


      in a way it's good i did get clicked, 215b probably would have gotten clicked if i hadn't

      he carried really hard, ~8000 damage and over 3k assist

    4. _Dean_


      Look at it this way. If you didn't get clicked you could've carried instead of the 215 and had 8k damage yourself.

  20. what's this new thing where people shoot at your gun at the start of the match? I've had to pop my repair kit 3 times now from this shit

    it sure as hell looks intentional, they aim at your gun and fire into it

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MAJEST1C


      You should just shoot that vk and teach him a lesson 

    3. saru_richard


      have not seen it so far at NA west... is this a EU thing?

    4. Greatspank


      One guy gave me this response, "sorry im using mousepad" :notlikethis:

  21. M46 KR worth it? Anybody regret buying it, or are you glad you did?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ickus


      Looked up the stats earlier today, it has 20 less frontal turret armor than the Pershing which made me avoid it. Better in most other respects though so up to you.

    3. Nehkcist


      love mine, sold pershing cuz obsolete. Dank depression and otm accuracy master race. also valid apcr shells

    4. Flametz


      Pretty good. Only has a 114mm gun mantlet compared to the 200+ on the Pershing but dank premium creds and SH viability make up for that.

  22. Should I make a furious attempt at grinding for the VK 45.02B before they remove it? Is there enough time? Would have to start at tier 6, but the armor of this beast is something I really want to experience...

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    2. RC_Tank


      I have the 128mm from the E75 so that will probably help a little.

      Yes that's true, but the armor profile of the existing tank is amazing, the lower plate of the replacement will probably be weaker (haven't looked at much info on the replacement)

      I guess I'll go for it considering I have probably all of the guns unlocked for the line

    3. Terrachova


      It is worth it, provided you get a decent map for it.

      The problem you'll run into though is in tier 10 games - everyone will just load gold, and auto-aim. Pens quite easily, often with even a good angle in many cases. T10 TDs are most guilty of this... I don't think I've ever seen a case where one *wasn't* firing gold out of their 300 AP pen gun.

    4. Nicook5


      Yes. One of my favorite lines, although I haven't gotten the maus yet.

  23. Noticing a delay from when I press a key (W,A,S,D), to when my tank actually moves. Normal? Or is something wrong?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. RC_Tank


      Seems to be just moving the tank.

      Thanks though, probably just my ISP, pretty unhappy with them lately.

    3. RC_Tank


      Ping stays at ~70 on good days. Last week, it was jumping to 999 constantly, not just on WoT either.

    4. csbassplayer


      Could also be packet loss. I had issues with that a few months ago (again ISP) when my ping was normal.

  24. All the people complaining about how artillery can't defend itself under the changes WG is proposing for the sandbox is funny because these same people have played a class that you can't defend yourself from (unless you want to take your gun out of the game [passive play])


    "but but but muh alpha"

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. RC_Tank


      Im so buying a T49 if this goes live. I dont even care if I get shit on, if I can ruin an artillery players game then its worth it.

    3. nabucodonsor


      Dont they drown themselfs anyway?

    4. ThomChen114


      maybe WG might want to look into and reconsider some of the crew skills as well as the other equipments that could use some rework.

      spall liner is probably gonna be a must for slow heavy tanks (might also mitigate the bullshit HE derp of the Type 4 and 5 Heavy tanks?)


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