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  1. Tier6: Kv1s op heavium Hellcat op flex med -> flex because alpha lets it eat other meds corner fights, workable mantlet/aim lets it med range hillfight, so fast it can scout, if being a supercamo-d turreted sniper is not enough I don't think turreted TDs should be grouped with other TDs at all.
  2. you've never seen gold spam until you've seen a pzii platoon shooting pretty much all gold man the bleed...the bleed @@
  3. IRL aggro from siblings is killing my stats... can you please stop asking me stuff when I'm dogfighting? :mad:
  4. free exp is the true pay 2 win why play bad tonks?
  5. What we need is a special MM that puts 15 arty a side. Problem solved! (okay, maybe add scouts in to this MM lol)
  6. Why go "west" myself on abbey? Lets see: Driving VK3001H All 3+ t5 meds +kv1 pushing east. If they can't break though then I probably won't be able to help. (they don't have an AT2 that may require me dive and hatch snipe) If i'm to push hard for breakthough to happen I probably can't flex back fast enough against 3+ cappers. Another Kv1 plus remaining mobile tanks going center, I don't think center have complete view on cap circle with camo (not sure). It also means all base campers die to bush snipers from west. TD/arty camping base, mostly useless (with that many tank
  7. Thought processes don't work when the team is doing something crazy. Had multiple games on cliff where 8+ tanks decides to push/camp line 2, or beach party top tanks on south coast. When you get tomato teams on both sides, standard plays and deployment is meaningless. The only thing that could save the game from craziness seems to be gambling and it is hard to know what to do. The enemy team could make equal or bigger mistakes after all and sometimes one would win despite insane early deployment and subsequent movement. For example, today I had a game on abbey where 8 tanks went eas
  8. So I'll be stuck playing mid tiers for quite a while in my gold less world, and I am getting hammered by the sheer chaos. Standard tactics and deployments popularized here rarely works when the deployment and movement on both sides are weird and unpredictable. Is there videos and/or replay packs for unicum performance in tier5-7?
  9. stronghold = everyone should join clans?
  10. I am recently getting 42% at 130games for a certain tank ah well, my first tier5 arty it is. No idea how to carry with that thing at all.
  11. On the whole low/high tier thing: I think the proper way to look at it is to ask whether the player is learning something. I mean I am still playing lots of mid tiers and trying to get a 6th sense crew on every line going up and I know I am learning things and I can see it reflected in stats. For example in the past week I consciously practiced side scraping with autobounce angles and I learned a number of things about setting it up and likes and won a few encounters that I couldn't before, ones I'd disengage from previously. However just playing games does not always translate to le
  12. The ridiculous shell spreads (zero spread lasers at max range for some guns) in NF was what gave it individual skill. It make players better at aiming far more effective and make kiting and max range control very important. If spreads are wide as you'd expect from long range shots, team work and attrition would be the order of the day since it would impossible to two salvo an opponent from outside its weapons range. Also automated aircraft attacks in NF are bad since they don't attack at the correct angles and good players can dodge them when given a ship with good automatic AAA (manu
  13. Due to "reasons" I had to regrind the tank with a fresh account while it was my first tier 4 on my old account as well. The tank is terrible with a 75% crew and no credits for equipment/HEAT. The difference between a fully equipped tank's effective spotting range versus the opponent is like 100m (40m more view range, 60m more camo) and the effect is just huge. 75mm HE is also a terrible weapon that is very unreliable against Pziii or DW2s and likes, let alone anything higher tier. All those should add up to the terrible rap of the tank.
  14. Now I don't really understand the whole camo sniping with med at draw distance thing, however it appears to me that hellcats, roombas and likes are simply far far superior to any medium. Turreted glass cannon TDs gets better gun and better camo while trading some speed (not really, see T49/Hellcat/T25/2) and unnecessary agility. Just what is it that a medium do in long range combat that a TD doesn't, aside from some spotting range? (but if you are using draw, someone else is spotting) If you are actually not spotted, you don't even need a turret since you don't need to control exposure
  15. LOLLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Its glevon, well known in Eve circles for being retarded and a troll. If you read replies to his posts, there has been much rage~
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