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  1. Go here, download either aslains mod pack + xvm direct, or xvm only direct, mod pack+ xvm for sure has an installer that all you gotta do is point to where you installed WoT and it will do the rest, the installer also has preview windows for everything so you know what you are installing and its about as easy as it gets. Make sure you do a clean install. (If you mess up on something or wanna go back and change it, just do a clean install with the changes).
  2. Congrats Zeph! Now start playing CW's ya scrub Holy shit, you reforming 37th?! I remember them being a pain in our ass in the Purple Donut War of old lol
  3. All about that middle section, forget the north/south pushes, find a way to utilize that middle and you will find success.
  4. If you crew train its an easy choice, 1 tank you can crew train with (M48 patton with the M60) or 3 crews you can train with (62a, 140, 430 with the 907)
  5. I've used RealTemp and HWmonitor in the past (Still do when I am gonna do an overclock), both are good.
  6. I definitely enjoyed this weekend, different mentality in the players it seems, lots of teamwork (you're dead if you dont work together).
  7. Its quite amazing what a lower ping can do for you isn't it? Thats why I am happy I live in the middle of the US, I can choose either east or west without too much difficulty (20 ping in between them both).
  8. Not everyone is obsessed with W/R, which is why I don't give a damn provided it aint below 50% (if you cant make it past the half way marker tho, something is wrong.), you can win 70% of your games and I still will be unimpressed, just means you're careful of your tank selection, probably play the majority of your games in platoons and are quite lucky that you don't run into the tomato soup that is slowly taking over this game. Just as an example, 95% of my games are from solo play in pubs, if I cared I could slowly raise it, but I don't. W/R is a horribad base marker, which is why we don'
  9. Feel free to stop over in our TS and talk to Optical_Prycision, Animactus, or Inchon, we have quite a few guys who run tourneys later in the night, we never require CW of our guys but make it available to those that are interested and we are probably making our push onto the map tonight. The very least you can get out of visiting us is some new friends to platoon with at the same caliber as yourself.
  10. Definitely come check us out, you kicked my ass on El Haluf last night Yankee, was definitely impressed by your batchat play.
  11. Would appreciate the no poaching, especially since we are just moving under a new name without the previous commander who refused to relinquish command after the entire staff asked him to step down. As for the match, you guys definitely rofl stomped us, we overthought it and believed you would switch up your line up, thats the main reason we came into that match lightweight and at an HP disadvantage. GG tho o7
  12. Hahahahaha just noticed this today, yea definitely not an asian clan, mostly former Forge and Legion members, been getting people from all over lately tho. Wish I could have been in that fight, looks like our guys were kinda messing around with the tank selection (one of these days we'll take it seriously! lol)
  13. Had lots of fun with the tourney, hope to do something similar again in the near future. Good fights all around!
  14. Seems like a good thread to ask my question in, got the GS2 Touch right now, have heard good and bad things about the GS5 and would have to pay full price (600.00) for it if im gonna upgrade, worth it or not? Besides the usual, texting, calling and facebook, I do emails, and a ton of music playing (picture a 64gb SD card packed with 10,000 songs kinda playing) with it as well, plus plenty of apps.
  15. Unfortunately most blu ray players these days only recognize FAT32 (not exfat, specifically FAT32) for USB devices, so thats why I am formatting it this way. And the drive is 1.81 TB, so its got more than enough head room to clear the 2TB mark. Ended up using a free program called 2Tware FAT32format from download.cnet.com, worked like a charm and I recommend it.
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