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  1. @Fulcrous May i present the Human Aimbot. Scream: this stuff is just from his matches this year (2017). So basically only 2 months.
  2. yea but he's not pro, the ana dude is. Go look at the current pro mcrees (iddq/surefour) and they just seem to lock on to peoples heads and blap them. edit: found one top 5 mcree players 2016
  3. even for overwatch thats meh, you want to see good overwatch aim go look at the top 5 Mcree players. Old video but during season 1 this guy was top 1 mcree world, he currently plays mostly soldier, but this is pretty nuts overwatch aim.
  4. hmm, how big is your mousepad? do you have a demo that has a lot of these bad aim moments so i can see whats happening. @Fulcrous That ana's aim isnt even impressive, it's pretty bad actually.
  5. do you have enhance pointer precision on? is windows sensitivity 6/11?
  6. @Zepherex Post T-54 nerf and no triple platoons, just me and assad double platted for 333 games. get a bigger samplesize, sub 100 game stats are weak.
  7. That dude falls short of http://wotlabs.net/na/player/banzaibonsai Why? because your EU shitter has 10k battles in the fucking tier 4 PZ B2 and has 45% WR past tier 6. Also there were a few NA players a while back (Garbad/Carbon/MaxL) that went out of their way to do high WR challenges, last i remember holding 90%+ was entirely possible for them in triple platoons.
  8. A+ in esea \o/ Rank G guys still shit on me tho. :/ and i can only hold 11 rws ;_; Must get to 14, i feel like a blue.
  9. What i see here - Couldn't get gud at CS:GO, coming back 2 tanks.
  10. so i broke my mouse, got a new one, tested it while smurfing, became a scout god apparently
  11. WHAT DO YOU THINK IVE BEEN SAYING FOR MY PAST 10 POSTS? Also yes i would have talked shit against your 4k recent. i had 4k recent, and still have 3700, and i play retard tanks like T95 and tog2
  12. http://wotlabs.net/sig_dark/na/TaziIon/signature.png
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