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  1. @Fulcrous May i present the Human Aimbot. Scream: this stuff is just from his matches this year (2017). So basically only 2 months.
  2. yea but he's not pro, the ana dude is. Go look at the current pro mcrees (iddq/surefour) and they just seem to lock on to peoples heads and blap them. edit: found one top 5 mcree players 2016
  3. even for overwatch thats meh, you want to see good overwatch aim go look at the top 5 Mcree players. Old video but during season 1 this guy was top 1 mcree world, he currently plays mostly soldier, but this is pretty nuts overwatch aim.
  4. hmm, how big is your mousepad? do you have a demo that has a lot of these bad aim moments so i can see whats happening. @Fulcrous That ana's aim isnt even impressive, it's pretty bad actually.
  5. do you have enhance pointer precision on? is windows sensitivity 6/11?
  6. @Zepherex Post T-54 nerf and no triple platoons, just me and assad double platted for 333 games. get a bigger samplesize, sub 100 game stats are weak.
  7. That dude falls short of http://wotlabs.net/na/player/banzaibonsai Why? because your EU shitter has 10k battles in the fucking tier 4 PZ B2 and has 45% WR past tier 6. Also there were a few NA players a while back (Garbad/Carbon/MaxL) that went out of their way to do high WR challenges, last i remember holding 90%+ was entirely possible for them in triple platoons.
  8. A+ in esea \o/ Rank G guys still shit on me tho. :/ and i can only hold 11 rws ;_; Must get to 14, i feel like a blue.
  9. What i see here - Couldn't get gud at CS:GO, coming back 2 tanks.
  10. so i broke my mouse, got a new one, tested it while smurfing, became a scout god apparently
  11. WHAT DO YOU THINK IVE BEEN SAYING FOR MY PAST 10 POSTS? Also yes i would have talked shit against your 4k recent. i had 4k recent, and still have 3700, and i play retard tanks like T95 and tog2
  12. http://wotlabs.net/sig_dark/na/TaziIon/signature.png
  13. he averages 8 battles a day, and has done that for 3 years? MM isn't fucking with you.
  14. Honestly a better argument is Exo_xd__Down_Mid Account created: 03.29.2013
  15. Tanks when they come out generally get values of the tank closest like it, in order to actually have expecteds for it you need data on how it performs on live server, so you'll get expecteds when they have a acceptable sample size to get it from.
  16. The only person capable of answering what server is easier is probably carbon because he's 3 marked so many tanks on both servers. Also EU is much campier.
  17. Problem 1. You're running xvm. Problem 2. wn8=/= good dpg. (seriously any moron can reroll to 4k+ just playing light tanks doesn't mean they are still 4k+ in tier 10s).
  18. and this right here, is why the patton and e-50 should stay the same. The fact that you are waiting for the expected damage to drop so you can play a tank you are ready to grind is fucking stupid. Just play the fucking thing and stop caring about this metric.
  19. without prime its a shitshow, prime relegates most hackers up to LEM+
  20. Prime or no? if no then yea that's pretty normal.
  21. It's more tilting when you barely lose to a spinbotter, because then you are 100% sure you could have stomped them.
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