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  1. So I bought the tank at the weekend and absolutely love it, it just seems so flexible even the armour seems usable only played 10 or so games but most of them have been wins and apart from a couple of derps (read clickers and 183's) I've been getting respectable dpg as well. If they gave it a top speed/rate of fire buff it would be down right OP (or maybe I just don't know what OP is having played almost exclusively british tanks )
  2. I've just unlocked this tank, still debating if I should get it considering it'll be my first T10 I only play solo and I love my 7/1 (definitely my favourite tank in the game)
  3. I think 4202's got HESH for both Prem and non-prem that's why the pens so high, same as the Conq and 215B, Maybe a fire rate buff would be on the cards?
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome guys (and the links, I'll have a good read )
  5. Hi guys, I've played a couple of thousand battles and am still Bad@Tanks but getting serious about improving my stats (and having more fun while I do it). My numbers are slowly improving and I'm winning more than I lose but I still have a lot to learn from the experts.
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