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  1. There's an old story about how they tie down elephants.

    You see, elephants are huge. They could uproot any post and snap a rope like dental floss. They can crash through bamboo cages like tissue. So how do you keep something like that from wandering off?

    Well, you start young. A baby elephant is too weak for any of that. Tie a rope around a leg and stake it down and your elephant is fixed in place. Of course, they test the rope, they try for a couple hours and then realize it's hopeless. And they grow slow slowly that it never occurs to them to try it again. By the time you have a fully-grown elephant, you can easily stake it down with a rope it could easily snap, because they've learned that the rope is "untreatable." They're choosing every minute not to break that rope, and don't even know it.

    1. Sergeant_Fgt


      interesting nonsense lel
      should try that with kids :trollface:

    2. Medjed


      That is sad.

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