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    That's right bois, I actually got off my arse and went out with this hot Dutch girl who's three years my senior. Here's how this went down, my thoughts in hindsight etc etc...

    So I matched this girl on Tinder about three weeks ago, I found out she's a pilot and her motivation to get there but other than that she's a mystery to me. I feel weakness in that, to this point I haven't gotten her to really open up & build a deeper connection - you know the type when you just "click" with a person instantly and it's all easy. I want that consistently with everyone I meet.

    So all of the daily life talk and getting to know each other and stories over text message out of the way. I picked her up at 1PM from her house, drove to the local forest //Areas where you can't do something are intense, conversational skills to a massive hit here, I feel as if first dates are so much easier when you know next to nothing about the person OR have something to do where we made small talk in the car, couldn't concentrate much as needed to focus on remembering the route and not crashing.

    I said something about women multitasking being better multi-taskers than men, she responded with some fact about how that's not true which I almost blew off with a "oh really?" that didn't go anywhere. //I should've asked her where she saw that or something instead. This immediately made it a little awkward as soon as we got out of the car. I shook it off and made a joke about it, grabbed her hip and smiled. Good, so at least I can get out of fucking awkward situations by touching. >___>

    We got in, started walking, made a little bit of small talk (nothing exceptional comes to mind), but I want to note how I never actually "got" to her, like a lasting connection. That kinda sucks. So we walk & talk some more, arrive at the café in the middle of the forest and I'm feeling like shit //Have some basic common sense and get a good night sleep/food before you go... Conversation will probably die out in the queue waiting for food, so I suggest we go and sit on a bench and talk for a little while...

    This turns out to be quite a bad idea, conversation is flagging and I outright say to her "what do you want to talk about" - facepalming in hindsight, I mean, just cos you can't think of anything to say, doesn't mean she has to know that. Being tired really fucks your ability to make conversation and I just wanted bed at this time. On top of this, I wanted to try this 36 question experiment on her - build connection and all dat, but no phone signal or screenshot. Poor fucking planning. This marks the low point in conversation I think.

    Anyway, we went to get lunch, I paid, it was shit, we laughed about a film we saw, I had a cup of tea (fucking miracle that I did).

    We start walking again, I literally feel like I just want to stop talking, cuddle up in bed and fall asleep... Sadly I'm in a fucking nature reserve. We're walking clockwise around this place, small talking, maybe even middle talking (I'm coining that phrase right now) & flirting a little. It's hard to be charismatic in this state. At one point I even suggest we leave early. Though I did get a free massage out of her too, I think she thought "WTF" when I asked her to do it. Just lol.

    We get to a map that shows the way out and I immediately U-Turn this, tea has kicked in, I want adventure. We walk back in the complete opposite direction, I'm feeling a little more energetic, leading her around (still making shit conversation but yknow.. whatevs, it's not what you say but how you say it). Come across a tree, she says I can't climb it... Nice bait, I do. I put her arm around my back and my arm around her waist and we walk. I suggest she climbs a tree, she's like "nah cba m8" until she spots a little twig that stands her maybe 30cm off the ground, she's grinning like she's a comedian when she climbs it. Conversation is good now, though can't remember the topics...

    We get to a point around a lake, I grab her hand, spin her around and we make some deep eye contact, I remember this 36 question thing that ends up with four minutes of staring into each others eyes and yes, we did just that. She set the alarm. At this point I so should've kissed her. ragrets m8. I also picked her up a couple of times to get to this point, she thinks that I think that she's light. She likes this.

    I should note this girl has a banging ass as we walk through the forest, like 8/8. I NEED to grab this at some point. We got onto the topic of her dancing, I spun her around once by the hand & she proceeded to teach me how to jive hahaha. Then there was another moment of deep eye gazing, another moment where I should've kissed her but didn't.

    We walk, I get tired, walk off the well worn path and go sit on a log. I want to note that as we're walking I make constant effort to touch her. So on this log she's higher up than me, I tell her that she's the man in this relationship & do everything a stereotypical girl would hahahaha. We talk about Dutch words, her jewellery and watches while I start getting really touchy feely with her. I guess she likes this. We get onto the topic of platting hair and then literally end up spooning like we're riding a motorbike... Except the handles I'm holding onto are her upper thighs and ass (tried to grab her ass once before, but she didn't like it, now however it's no problem... hey progress). Arguably should've tried to make out with her here, but cock blocked by flies and we moved on. This time on the way home (god I was glad I didn't bail early).

    She shows me some pictures on her phone, teases a little & tries to pull a tree branch on my head on the way out. We leave, I drive her home and pretty much invite myself in for some Dutch tea... Get cockblocked by another couple right as I was building tension with her in the kitchen... Apparently she doesn't want to show me her room Q___Q and I kiss her goodbye... Or rather, she has to study and nothing is happening with these two flatmates in the same room.

    She texted me after I asked her what she thought, got "I was happy to meet you :)", apparently this also means that she should unmatch me on tinder too, as she did hahaha... Idk, I'd like to go on some actual adventures with this girl I think... But ones a lot better than this.
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