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  1. The failed logic here is appalling. I don't need to play arty to know its bad for the game and that I despise it. I also don't need to start robbing and shooting people or doing drugs to know that I dislike murderers, thieves and drug addicts ......
  2. just about to unlock the Conqueror and really wondering about how vital it is to immediately free exp top turret and top gun? Top turret looks weaker than stock and view range is the same. Normally I'd say screw it but the difference is 80k free exp.
  3. I'm feeling it That's pretty much what I've had to do and go back to just running the lines and types I want to work on. WN8 has especially taken a beating in this as I actually trotted out some lights and arty to my infinite regret...
  4. take the blenheim and the beaufort and chase those enemy fighters around or you could bomb ground targets at lower altitude if you wanted... those things are troll against enemy fighters at that tier
  5. massive lag and very high ping there tonight; on US server at least
  6. Well if we are going towards more heavy armor/ high alpha, doesn't the use of gold spam make it more about high alpha and perhaps mobility?
  7. In the end, these are games and games are supposed to be fun.... If the author wants to put effort into a game to improve, win more and thereby make the game more fun; more power to (h)im/er/it etc. I find it more fun to win than to lose and suck so I'm right there with him. If folks, for whatever reason, want to pop a beer and chill and enjoy the game win or lose; then they are weird and bent, but that's their choice as well. I don't think rewarding the 2nd choice is productive as they will do what they do without regard to rewards anyway now won't they?... that's my take
  8. Taz's scout section has a maps component that I've found useful for most tank types http://tazilon.net/maps.html
  9. An error occurred You have reached your quota of negative votes for the day I'm going to come back and neg you for a few days... just for fun..because there is no good reason not to.. k
  10. actually I was able to make the Churchill VII do well also. Really enjoyed the BP as a result and just having a blast in the Caernarvon. Not far from Conq now edit: Garbad; please work this line, really. It could use some strengthening sure but it can be made to work and I know you could bring the right kind of focus to it.
  11. please do more of these. Format and information provided are clear and concise. Not too busy nor too sparse. Very good and well written, easy for even a nub like me to grasp +1 Amen, I'll join in burning a candle or two in thanks
  12. I would be very interested in an article or series like that. +1
  13. Certain greens will sometimes give you that. I've had that "accusation" leveled against me as an "elitist" on a few occasions despite how bad I still am. edit: thank you for doing this and yes, blues and purples do get focused quite a bit. I've especially noticed that when platooning with clanmates and others. "cleanup, purple down on aisle ??" is a pretty popular response I've seen in random and clan platoons.
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