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  1. 6k damage should be achievable in several of the tier 8 TDs on a really good game (I think I've come close to if not exceeded that a handful of times in my JP2), but will be easier in a tier 9 or 10 one. You probably want one of the top two guns (the top 128 or top 150, whichever works better for you, but for my money the 128 is one of the best guns in the game full stop) on the WT4 though. I've satisfied that one several times in my JagdTiger, which has the same 128, as well as in my T110E4. For the medium mission I forget what I used, but it's doable in a good tier 9 or 10 match. The primary is much easier at tier 6 (Cromwell or A-43 for the win) but the secondary is harder at that tier, obviously. Tier 8 might be the sweet spot, depending on what "clicks" with you, but honestly any of the tier 9 mediums would also be fine for it.
  2. From personal experience both are pretty rare. I've seen maybe a handful of T-55As (counting mine and two buddies of mine that have them; running T-55A platoons is fun) and exactly two Object 260s. According to that site there are only about 60 more players with FV 4005s than T-55As, which I think is hilaaaaaaarious.
  3. Three of the shots, including the initial fire, were into the same (as best I could, it's a Chinese tank) area of the rear side, the last two directly into the rear. The shots on the T34 were direct ass shots though. SerB is apparently displeased with me for some reason.
  4. Damn and blast. Have Incinerator 4 active, Himmelsdorf, in the T-34-1. Right at the start of the game I spot a full health IS-6 trundling across an opening, snapshot... lit him on fire. Okay, well, that's a good start. I put four more shots into the rear end of that damn IS-6 (and several into the rear of a T34) and nothing doing.
  5. It drove me completely insane. Forget about snapshotting; if you can't sit there and aim for 2 seconds, it feels like a complete crapshoot if you'll even hit the reticle.
  6. They have to be destroyed (red), and external modules (tracks and I think gun) don't count. The SU-152 with the derp seems like an ideal tank for that mission, although I probably did it with the JagdTiger myself.
  7. I don't have an A43, but the Cromwell is similarly salubrious for missions not requiring absolute damage. I finally caved and re-crewed mine only to get MT-15.3 within 5 games, after a few hundred unsuccessful tries with other tanks at tiers 6-9.
  8. http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/16290-individual-missions-a-how-to-guide/&page=68#comment-558037 The usual caveats apply -- this is thoroughly undocumented stuff, discovered via experimentation in a training room, and WG may (have) change(d) it at any time without notice, YMMV, etc. So, I didn't notice this at the time, as I had already done MT-2 for the T-55A... but when they redid MT-10 to be damaging shots instead of (IIRC) kills... someone was clearly not paying any attention whatsoever.
  9. Was playing a secondary account yesterday. Checked missions, noted that I hadn't done HT15 (just .1, but still) yet. Loaded up the VK4502B. In five games I satisfied the conditions three times. That tank is silly.
  10. Hm, it could be. I thought it tracers only showed in an arc along the gun that was firing, but between translation from Russian and translation from developer plus telephone game... there's a lot of ways for it to get muddled.
  11. Tracers also only appear if you are sitting in a 30 degree (or so) cone from their firing angle, IIRC. Bad paint examples below. In this example, you will not see a tracer, because you are too far away from the shell's flight path: In this example, you will see a tracer, as you are near the shell's flight path: So you not only need to be looking at the right place, you need to be sitting in the right place to successfully counterbattery. Maps where there are predictable arty setup spots with firing lanes largely towards the other arty's predictable setup spots are your friends: Prokhorovka, Abbey, Mines, etc. Maps where most arty sits in two corners and both fire at a third corner (oh hai El Halluf) are not your friends.
  12. Finally! After a couple of weeks of hunting high and low for higher tier TDs and missing the second kill by microseconds multiple times, I decided to just blow 800 gold* and acquired a new crew for my Cromwell. Only took me about 5 games before I got a Himmelsdorf Encounter tier 8 match, with 7 higher-tier TDs. They didn't really bother to defend hill, so we rolled through; I just stayed behind the main wave and shot gold at things. Killed the SU101 on the way down from the hill, missed a kill shot on the Sturer Emil but then managed to steal a kill on the JagdPanther. Crappy round, only 500 damage... but totally worth it: Now I can go back to playing whatever I want again! Yay! * 75% radio guy FTW!
  13. Oh, I wouldn't do it till the end, but if you're sitting fairly close to it, do something dumb and take some damage, for sure. If you're within 1k, drive off a fucking cliff or something.
  14. Yes, the HT-15 ones are easier if you lose (almost) all your hit points, as damage taken counts. Do it in an E100, that's 2700 damage before damage blocked or dealt...
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