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  1. And I am the opposite of both of you since I suck in generally at everything... In all seriousness though, Welcome to WOTLabs!
  2. Cracked 1400 WN8 and close to 1700 daily WN8. Thankyou WOTLabs! As the "Other" Forums, I hope you get nuked, or rabies....

  3. So several months ago, I came to realization that I wanted to seperate myself from the the rest of the tomato patch that is most of the WoT server population...around the same time I stumbled onto the forums here. It's been like waking up in a pastry shop where the good stuff is always available (for a fat guy like me, this is as close to heaven as I am getting ) The info here is great, informative, and well researched. I've tried to inhale as much as I can here and apply it to my gameplay. And I like to think that the turn around my numbers here http://wotlabs.net/na/player/shoes# is d
  4. This is a great article, +1 to you sir. I always had a general idea of how camo worked. But this really laid it out there for me. Thanks for the info
  5. You hit the nail right on the head with this post. IMO, the trend I have been seeing in gamers/games is that they want to work less for all the end-game goodies, and if they can't get them, or how to master not flying into the ground, then the complaint factory is fired up, and they flame the game into the ground. As far as WoWP is concerned, I've played flight sims since I was a kid, X-Wing, TIE-Fighter, Microsoft Flight Sim, and I never had as much of an issue learning to fly in them. But something about WoWP has me screaming at my cat and throwing my keyboard across the office, so I moved o
  6. This is excellent. I really enjoyed the articles from RBS. Everyone that has contributed articles has my thanks. Great info, clear and concise. +1's all around
  7. Commander: BiA, 6th Sense, Recon, Repairs Gunner: BiA, Snap Shot, Repairs, Deadeye Driver: BiA, Clutch Braking, Repairs, Smooth-Ride Loader: BiA, Safe Stowage, Repairs, Adrenaline Rush Equipment: V-Stab, Coated Optics, Vents Consumables: Large Repair, Med Kit, Cola This is my T57 crew as it stands at the moment. The choice for my 4th skill on my Gunner, Driver, and Loader may not be the best choices, but for lack of better alternatives, I went with what you see, and if anyone has a better suggestion for the 4th skill, I am all ears. I wish that instead of the Commander doubling
  8. Now I don't feel so bad now playing on a 32"....now I kinda want to go shopping for new screen....
  9. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2015363&CatId=3813 The link above is what I am currently using, its a Samsung 32" 1080p LED tv. Yes, 32" tv is probably overkill, but it also doubles as my regular tv for my man cave.
  10. Let's see... It's 1:14 am and I can't sleep (as usual)....check Sit down and cruise WotLabs for interesting new information tid bits....check Promptly lose my mind from reading by reading 1st post I click on....check Lol, in all seriousness, I love this site for information about WoT, but I find that this site is even better because of the large collection of people that seems to have just as much of an.....abnormal sense of humor as my own. Edit: Just noticed that my Recent WN8 just went dark green....Ya for me....trust me, its a vast improvement for a scrub like me.
    1. ViktorKitov


      Jove loves to cock around, dont worry.

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      Sweet Jesus, thanks for info...felt a stroke coming on

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      Im not saying he is wrong, but he is kind of like SS

  11. Big Tom Clancy fan, all his books are good picks IMO. But like a couple of others my library has a historical lean. Also enjoy historical fiction, the Patrick O'Brian series,they made a movie from the books, Master and Commander with Russel Crowe but really botched the movie...shocker. Also C.S. Forrester is a good author as well. Currently reading: The Crimean War by Orlando Figes In my "To Read" stack: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L Shirer A Traitor to His Class: The Privileged Life and Radical Presidency of FDR by H W Brands Partners in Command Mark Perry
  12. Yes, mentor gets switched out once it reaches around 50% into my next skill, so in this case, I picked Recon for my 4th perk, waited till it hit 50% then retrained so my commander looks like this now Commander: BiA 100% 6th Sense 100% Recon 100% and Mentor 50% I wait till I am well into a skill before retraining mainly because I don't feel like wasting gold to retrain unless there is a special like this weekend
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