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  1. Why oh why, after I finished 3 marking the T67 did I think it would be a good idea to 3 mark the Wolverine :notlikethis:

    1. Haswell


      Because you hate yourself.

    2. nemlengyel


      Continuing this trend of 3 marking US TDs, do you plan to 3 mark the T28?

    3. Cronk


      8 hours ago, nemlengyel said:

      Continuing this trend of 3 marking US TDs, do you plan to 3 mark the T28?

      I actually didn't hate the T28 and I played it pre speed buff, RRR right mouse left mouse, or occasionally camp depending on map, ppl don't expect to see the T28 pushing.

  2. Still waiting for somebody to rebut my assertion that 2MEKE are the new KELLY
  3. MRW people say this is going to be good for scouts.
  4. There's a beta invite code out now for anyone interested. PLAYTWA Can input it via the tanks portal as per other codes and you will get an invite sent to your email addy. Played two games, you get PvE only for the first 2 or 3 tiers, seems interesting, as per above it's basically WoT except you control 3 "armies" at once in a top down RTS type game. The tier system, unit upgrades, consumables and economy etc appear to be WoT clone through and through. Oh and they have artillery so....
  5. There's really not much of a gap at all, I'd disregard it and just focus on overall improvement at the game.
  6. There's Relhax which took over when Odem Mortis stopped doing theirs, it's just Aslains with a different skin though basically.
  7. Wow, so close, if only this had happened one win later it would been a hell of a coincidence.


  8. So should I get the 5A or 113? I mostly solopub, don't do CW, I'm not a unicum and probably never will be.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. nabucodonsor


      5a is more similar to wz111111114. 113 is a bit wierd to me a strong sidescraper but a bit worse as a support heavium and is not really that good a bullying lower tier tanks.

    3. king_spaniel


      5a is the better tank, but that doesn't mean the 113 is bad either.  Depends what else is in your garage, but both Chinese heavies are generally regarded as good tanks, especially the 5a

    4. Cronk


      thanks guys, will be getting the 5a at some point when I have the credits, still a couple mill short

  9. I've bought 3 x Pref MM tier 8's over the years, IS-6, Super Pershing and Type 59. Of the 3 the Type is the most played by far, it's the only one I find tolerable to run in the current state of the game. Would be great if they gave the IS-6 some love so I can find a reason to take it out more.
  10. Never gotten anything higher than 2 marks before as I'm a casual shitter that never plays a tank often or consistently well enough. Decided to try and get my first one. Yeah it's only a tier 5 and one of the easy ones but gotta start somewhere right? Gonna do a few more of my favorite 5's then work my way up.
  11. Yeah something in a windows update did it I suspect. Even broke my Realtek Audio Manager to the point I couldn't even get it to open. Had to find the folder and run RtkNGUI64.exe as an administrator just to be able to change that setting.
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