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  1. Why oh why, after I finished 3 marking the T67 did I think it would be a good idea to 3 mark the Wolverine :notlikethis:

    1. Haswell


      Because you hate yourself.

    2. nemlengyel


      Continuing this trend of 3 marking US TDs, do you plan to 3 mark the T28?

    3. Cronk


      8 hours ago, nemlengyel said:

      Continuing this trend of 3 marking US TDs, do you plan to 3 mark the T28?

      I actually didn't hate the T28 and I played it pre speed buff, RRR right mouse left mouse, or occasionally camp depending on map, ppl don't expect to see the T28 pushing.

  2. Wow, so close, if only this had happened one win later it would been a hell of a coincidence.


  3. So should I get the 5A or 113? I mostly solopub, don't do CW, I'm not a unicum and probably never will be.

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    2. nabucodonsor


      5a is more similar to wz111111114. 113 is a bit wierd to me a strong sidescraper but a bit worse as a support heavium and is not really that good a bullying lower tier tanks.

    3. king_spaniel


      5a is the better tank, but that doesn't mean the 113 is bad either.  Depends what else is in your garage, but both Chinese heavies are generally regarded as good tanks, especially the 5a

    4. Cronk


      thanks guys, will be getting the 5a at some point when I have the credits, still a couple mill short

  4. I know people here think it's cancer and bad for the game, but is the Type 5 worth suffering through the Type 4 for?

    Really not enjoying this tank, way too big and slow, everyone pens you easily unless they are a tomato.

    1. Tarski


      My opinion: yes, it's a significant upgrade to the Type 4. I drove and kinda enjoyed the Type 4 before the big HE cannon was introduced (and before the new MM). The games where I was matched against IS-6s made the bad games worth it. But I was really in it for the Type 5. I was not disappointed: it's a silly giant box with good gun depression. Now with the giant gun the silly package is complete. When I play it right it makes me laugh. 

      ...but due to requiring 100% premium shells it eats up credits in almost any match where you take damage. 

    2. Balthazars


      In my opinion yes as well. I actually quite liked the Type 4, and the Type 5 is everything the Type 4 does except better (literally). The armour is better. The gun handling is better. The reload is better. You'll still get penned from the front from heat-spamming enemies, but you can't avoid that with flat armour, and at least with the Type 5, if you can hide the shoulder, you can angle enough to entice bounces reasonably predictably. I agree with Tarski, it's a fun tank for me to play - not too much thinking and lots of giggles, particularly when you land those hilarious penetrating shots.

    3. kolni


      Really depends, I personally think the carry potential and clutch stuff is close to zero meaning you really have to pick your fights and know beforehand how they're going to play out. 

      RNG is enough of a factor to make the gun roll anywhere from 700 to 300 seemingly out of the blue, so when you're in those tough spots where you actually need high damage HE rolls make it a lot less reliable for knowing what you can do and start thinking ahead again. 

      The 2key also destroys your chances of reliably tanking anything as every T10 that isn't an LT can pretty much go through it no matter how you angle, so baiting hits isn't reliable either. But luckily the handling and high alpha let you trade pretty well for small exposure times so there's where you outdo the heavies and how you start taking away in winning the trade game. 


      Aside from the fact that it's derpy as shit it's pretty fun to play. HE pen memes are always fun, and it's really a good tank for when you just want something to do but really can't be bothered to focus and super tryhard. 

  5. Thanks WG for putting my referred "friends" chosen line on track, 240 battle in 4 days in the Patton, T95E2 received, only took 1070 days from time of invite :feelsgoodman:

  6. Just noticed the M48 is on track for both Asia and NA. Guess you could say I see a Patton emerging :gaytroll:

    1. ThomChen114


      you might leave a deep im-Pershing

  7. How's the M46 these days? M48 is "on track" for my server and I have 2 accounts up to the tier 9. Looks like I might be playing a shit tonne of games in it for the next 2 weeks.

    1. Fulcrous


      it's still good. only thing that hurts it is the constant superheavy buffs that cuck its apcr shell.

    2. cavman276


      I'm loving it, but Like Fulcrous said, the APCR isn't what it used to be.

    3. kolni



      all games after 9.20, first 50 with a really shitty crew so DPG rised by almost 300 the last 100 games, will continue to rise

      certainly still a good tank

  8. What changed with WN8 recently? My XVM displayed WN8 jumped 60 points higher than wotlabs over the weekend.

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    2. Fulcrous


      God damnit. XVM is the scourge that needs to be eradicated.

    3. MacusFlash


      Pubs have no idea how WN8 works but yes, they do care much more than any filthy purple statpadderer and unfair plane player. I can't ready any non-wotlabs article or post about WN8 without asking myself "How the hell you can live without a functional brain and still breath and write such stupid things?"

    4. DirtyACE7


      @MacusFlash just get in touch with your inner pubbie and your brain will degrade on its own ;)

  9. So which tank did y'all put your 4 chan logo on this year?


  10. Why are the fucking window lickers on this server perfectly willing to waste credits and trash their hit ratio shooting the dirt at the start of the game. But unwilling to shoot down destroyable cover when a red tank is hiding behind it?

    1. garryallen


      Because the ground may be dangerous... it flips your tank

      in all seriousness they are probably waiting for someone else to knock out the cover so they can shoot the bad tank.... thats how stupid they are

    2. Fulcrous


      Why win when you can lose?

    3. garryallen


      because if you lose you are able to cry on the forums about unicum hax

  11. Interesting times indeed.


  12. I've decided that due to lacking the skill to ever be a unicum I'm just going to identify as one anyway. That's how it works right?

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    2. Archaic_One


      Please no bully new transunica friend

    3. sundanceHelix


      Eh if I give you all my WN8 and WR you would have >4k WN8 and >100% WR, so unicum confirmed. Is that how it works?

    4. bolagnaise




  13. Just realised the guy that plays Chuck McGill in Better Call Saul is the lead singer of Spinal Tap :awyeah:

    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      Saul is such a good show. :)

  14. Battleborn PC Open Beta live now.




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    2. HarshponeTheTanker


      I was too busy throwing my sanity at the T22 missions to notice. Thanks for the heads up!

    3. Valachio


      Played it.  Got bored really quickly

    4. Armatus


      I wouldn't have too much faith in Gearbox. They have a lot of good ideas, but implementation is an issue with their games. I played a lot of BL and BL2 then, and just picked up BL2 again recently, and they're just full of exploits/glitches/skills that don't do what they're supposed to/badly designed skills. That wouldn't be so much of an issue for SP/Co-op like BL, but for MP PvP? 

      I love Gearbox for the Borderlands lore/black humour and writing, not for their game design. And having played a few hours of Battleborn, it seems they've even managed to take the humour out. It might just be me but I didn't find Battleborn as funny as Borderlands.

  15. So I noticed over the last few days that Wotlabs is slowly turning into /pol/ for tankers. Maybe it's been happening for a long time and I just wasn't noticing, but either way.

    top kek

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    2. Cronk


      4chan taking it over and getting it shutdown was preferable to SJW's taking it over and getting it to sperg leftist nonsense.

    3. karl0ssus1



      According to /pol/, thats pretty much exactly what its been doing since MSoft put it back up. 

      Such glorious victory comrades.

    4. Cronk


      Wasn't aware she was back up, but either way the taytweet thing wasn't the only reason for making the initial observation.

  16. Salty scout is salty. Also recognize a certain well known wotlabber making a cameo in his clickmobile.


    1. ArrogantWorms


      What can I say, cancer compels me to sit in the back and shoot at sub 1k wn8.

      Also, that Elc challenged me to 1v1 him. I got to pick map, he got to pick tonks. My RU vs his IS3 on Malinovka. Two games before he decided that since he couldnt light or hit me, I was hacking, and he quit

    2. rojo180


      @ArrogantWorms You are a true hero!!!

  17. Just hit 55% (real) for the first time, spending time at Wotlabs has certainly played a part in the slow climb from 50%.

    1. Va1heru


      Nice work friend :D

  18. Is it May 19th yet?

  19. Just when I thought I was out... They pull me back in. Looks like I've been sucked back into playing on the SEA/VN2.0 server :( I'm some kind of masochist apparently.

    1. punishersal


      i bet that shit acted like nothing happened

  20. lol anyone got a spare WN8 pt I could borrow, on 1599 atm

    1. Eagle_Peak


      no stealerino wn8

    2. Cronk


      all good now, got it into dark green

  21. Super unicum day, 33 battles 72% winrate, 3600 WN8, 100% solopub, might have to retire now, may never see another day like this.

    1. Cronk


      Similar day today, but vbaddict has a habit of dropping games "randomly" but strangely the ones that dissapear are usually my derpiest ones, so it's giving me a rather optimistic estimate of my WN8

  22. Got 7 sets of vents (various classes) in my depot now, been replacing most of them with vert stabs, GLD's etc, I was such a noob lol

    1. adi


      Lol before I didn't even put equipment in any of my tanks except binocs and camo, even in my heavies...

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